Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Girls' night out

How old were you when you went to your first gig? 

I grew up in a small rural town where the last bus home from the nearest live music venue was about 8pm, far too early to facilitate independent travel after a gig.

Hence I didn't see a live band* until I went to university at age 18.

My eldest daughter had her first experience of live music last night, when I took her to see Girls Aloud at the Sheffield Arena as an early birthday present (she's 11 next month.)

I have to admit I really enjoyed it!

Girls Aloud may have begun life 10 years ago as a manufactured girl band put together from a TV talent show, but they have made some cracking pop music, and their live show is well-produced and entertaining.

Did we dance?
Oh yes we did!

Eldest didn't seem too embarrassed to be seen with me, though that may change...

She now understands some of the unwritten laws of seeing live music.

The doors never open on time; the band always come on late; and they rarely play for as long as you would like them to (unless they are Bruce Springsteen). 

It was really endearing to see her getting her coat on, ready to leave when the band left the stage, not realising that they would be returning for the inevitable encore. 

But then if it's your first concert, you don't know these things!

Girls Aloud in 2002, the year Eldest was born.

And now.

My own Girl Aloud, 2002 and now.

(She wants you to know she's in her school uniform, not dressed for the concert, OK? She looked cooool.)

We are both a little ragged around the edges and baggy under the eyes after a late bedtime on a school night!

1960s Tricosa maxi skirt - antiques and collectables centre
Cardigan, vest, bangles, necklaces, faux fur, leather bag and hat - charity shopped
Boots - Ebay
Scarf - blog swap gift from Sophie

It's great to be able to do stuff like this with my kids. 

My mum would no more have taken me to a gig than flown to the moon (not a criticism of her, no one's mum took their kids to gigs at age 11 in the mid 1970s, at least no one I knew).

I'm not sure whether Girls Aloud have had much success outside Europe, but if you like a bit of girlie pop, here are both their first and most recent singles.

The Sound of the Underground is my favourite, but Eldest insisted on Something New as well.

There's symbolism in there somewhere.

* The Q-Tips, if anyone remembers them.

What was your first gig?



Max said...

I saw the sugarcubes (aka bjork) at the maze bar in sheffield when i was 15, it was SO exciting, especially the everyone believing you were 18 part! I still remeber what i wore-a fifties gingham dress (i must have looked about 12!)
with monkey boots, and being gutted mum was asleep when i got home (i could have stayed out later!).
I have heard off girls aloud, they are bit spice-girls-esq? I shall probably like them if they are.
Yay for cool mums that take their kids to concerts!

Helga! said...

My parents took me to see Slim Dusty when I was 11.He was an Australian Country performer, and it was at the Cootamundra Town Hall, was out in South West New South Wales, where we were living at the time! My next concert was Duran Duran in Sydney when I was 17.
I think it's awesome you took your girls along! I took a friends daughter, can't remember how old she was, to see Transvision Vamp at the Chrsitchurch Town Hall, and we had a blast! I used to love going to big concerts, but can't really be bothered anymore; I'd rather wiatch it on dvd!!!
That skirt is SO fabularse, darling!

Emma Kate at Painted Style said...

Well of course she looked cool! She has a very cool mum!
My very first gig was Donnington Monsters of Rock Festival in 87. Mud, unconcsious people lying in mud, flying bottles of wee and very loud music. How could I not get hooked?
My daughter came to the recording of a rock video aged about three. She pissed the band off by crying and saying it was too loud. Oops. We decided to leave.

Miss Maple said...

My favourite colours! Mustard cardigan and beret and a plaid skirt. That's so beautiful!
You're a really cool mum to go to a concert with your daughter. Wether my mum did that with me nor I did that with my daughter. Must I feel bad about that? Maybe it's a compensation that I attended several vegetarian cooking classes with her when she decided to eat vegan or vegetarian. But of course it's not the same fun as going to a concert. I think you did it right and maybe my daughter will go to concerts with her daughter later.

freckleface said...

What a lovely thing for you to do, she will remember it always. And it sounds like you had a blast too.

I lived in the country and we always used to go and see bands in village halls. When I was 16 my boyfriend at the time took me to see Georgie Fame at a local pub! Ha! After that it was friends' bands, and festivals.

One of the most memorable was Elvis Costello playing solo, acoustic at the Colston Hall in Bristol. We were all seated. Doesn't sound auspicious, but he was mesmerising. One man and his guitar.

Lovely outfit btw. xxxx

Emma Kate at Painted Style said...

Oh, I didn't answer properly. I was 17. xx

Connie said...

You are such a good mom!!! I took my daughter to her first concert Britney Spears. I had to promise not to dance. My first concert was when I was 18...Bonnie Raitt and Doug Kershaw the Ragin Cajun. They came down out of a helicopter into a rodeo arena in the middle of the mountains in Montana. Lots of pot, lots of beer, lots of tipping over of outhouses. It was awesome!!!!!

Ivy Black said...

My very first ever gig would have been Ike and Tina Turner when my mother was pregnant. That doesn't count really though. I went to see Nine Below Zero when I was 13...my friends and I lied about our age.
I'm glad you and your lass had such a good time. I love a good gig.

Patti said...

What a great story, and a wonderful memory for you and your Eldest (how cute is she?!). I don't remember my first concert, but it was most certainly not my mother who took me! Maybe my worldly cousin Joanne, two years older and so cooooool.

Lucy Nation said...

My first gig was Liverpool band Cast at the Royal Court when I was 14. I was trying to act all nonchalont but it was well exciting for a little Britpop kid! It's lovely that you're taking your daughter to her first gig. I plan to do the same as soon as Miss 5 is old enough. I'm not sure where her musical tastes are going as yet. She used to say Florence & The Machine were her favourite but at the moment it's Gangnam Style! I think I've said this before but your eldest is so undeniably like you, what a cutie xxx

Frocktasia said...

I'm sure the band put on a great show that they gave your girl aloud a first gig experience to remember.
As a kid I was always dragged along to folksy music gigs where my parents would sit on a blanket all day drinking beer and putting the world to rights.
In my early teens I went to loads of gigs at Grona Lund, which is an amusement park in Stockholm. I can't for the life of me remember which one was the first cause it was so cheap that you would just go along to see bands that you didn't even really know. The ones that stick in my mind are Bob Geldof & Ziggy Marley. I think I had just turned thirteen.
Love your fabulous maxi and I need one of those cable knit berets...xXx

Louise Mc said...

Your daughter looks just like you. My first gig was Boyzone (ahem) I would have been about 12 or 13 and my mum took me. Xx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Aww good on you, can we expect to see you tangerined up and with big bouffy hair soon? Cos after all, 'You're worth it, pet'. Not sure about Cheryl's new tattoo although 'Call the Shots' is one of my guilty pleasures ;-)

I think my first gig was Extreme in Cardiff when I was about 15. Or maybe Little Angels. Some dodgy long haired sorts anyway. I went to quite a few gigs as a teenager, although I guess my first live music experience was when I was around 3, there was a folk/world music festival in my village every year and we always went.

Rose&Bird said...

Loving the mustard and plaid! I hope I'll be cool enough to take the kiddos to gigs when they get to that stage! Happy early birthday to eldest. Not sure you could count it as a 'gig' exactly but my first live music experience was the Radio 1 Summer Roadshow when I was 15, Jon Bon Jovi was the main act which was great at the time as I was quite into them at the time.

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Girls Aloud. Mmmmm not a fan. But then I'm off to see Justin Beiber (for the second time) next week with my daughter. Jim was going to go but he's starting a new job that day so I've got the pleasure. She's insisting that I listen to the albums so that I'll know all the songs *raises eyes to heaven*.

My first "gig" was at Earls Court to see Rod Stewart (I know!) when I was 14. This was closely followed, a few months later, by Elton John at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane if I remember rightly. This was in the days pre punk, you understand! xx

Gracie O'Tripp said...

I was in my forties and I took my daughter. Sarah McLaughlin and it was an outdoor affair at under big oak trees. Wonderful experience. Her taste in music was not always so "mellow". First and last concert but I have the memory.

thorne garnet said...

Grateful Dead, Winterland in San Francisco, 1971, 16 years old. Oh, did I mention I hitch hiked with a girlfriend? We lived in a small town about 50 miles away and we got home....3am. Damn, that makes me sound like a wild one.

Anonymous said...

Oh I bet that was smashing fun. A what a great bonding thing to do together too. My first concert was the Eagles and Linda Ronstadt when I was about 16 (1976). My mom actually let me go out with an older guy. I believe he was about 22 but we were just "friends" from the ice chalet hang out. Well, unfortunately he got me home a little late and my mom actually waited up for me. When she heard his hot rod pull up out front she flew across the yard in her night gown and plucked my little ass out of that car and spanked me all the way back to the house while my friend burned rubber!! Never forget that one!
I took my daughter to see Green Day several years ago. She went straight from school so she had a bike lock in her backpack. They took it away and wouldn't give it back, even after the show. Ergh!

Sheila said...

My first real concert was Bryan Adams in 1983 (I was 16). I want to take my oldest niece (she's 13) to a gig - I'm waiting for something she'll think is cool to come to town!

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Can't remember which was actually the 1st-- toss up between My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult (1st contender) or Circle Jerks
Around '89 and I was about 13 and all of our parents were way cool about letting us go to concerts. We would either get rides with our boyfriends or have our parents drop us off. It was awesome. Too awesome. No way will my girls be going to concerts by themselves or anyone else but another responsible adult at that age.
Looks like you had a great time and I am so looking forward to that stuff with my girls!!!! I love this stuff :)

Val Sparkle said...

I am amazed that Girls Aloud is still together - good for them! It's like Posh and Becks still being together, and having four children - they might be REAL people! They deserve respect for their commitment.

Back to the subject, my first concert was when I was 15 (1972) and the line-up is hard to believe now - it was a triple bill with Yes as the headliner, the first opening band was Wild Turkey, and second was Black Sabbath! Crazy, huh?

Jean at www.drossintogold.com said...

I grew up in a very sleepy town so, like you, I didn't see a live show (other than classical) until I went to college. Although I almost went to Woodstock. Now THAT would've been something to remember. How very cool you were able to take Eldest!! My kids grew up in clubs because at that point in time I was singing in the band. It truly was a lifetime ago! Someday I'l post pics.

Love your outfit, especially the maxi, of course. :-) xxxooo

Kylie said...

My first concert (this is embarrassing) was Adam Ant. I'm trying to work out if I was 16 or 17 and I really can't remember. I went with my friends from school and we all wore knicker-bockers and frilly shirts. My best friend's sister caught the drummers stick. Thrilling. Anth has taken the girls to a couple of concerts, Annabel to see The Foo Fighters is one that springs to mind. Is eldest into vintage like her Mum?

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I've never heard of Girls Aloud. Sounds like a smashing night. Loving your touch of mustard with that wonderful skirt. My first concert was a heavy metal band from the USA when I was 11. I was scared stiff & my ears were forever scarred, but it was fun. Xx

Camelia Crinoline said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I don't remember what the first gig I ever went to was but I do remember feeling so grown up when I went to a music festival in another city with a friend when I was about 16. I love your mustard cardi and hat. The coat is fabulous too.

Trees said...

I have to say - seriously you are the BEST mum. My mum would have NEVER done that. My first gig was in Auckland at an all day music festival called "The Big Day Out" when I was 15. I went with 2 other girl friends and we stayed with my friends Auntie & her family and my mum was basically beside herself about the whole thing, insisting I don't drink any strange drinks or go anywhere with some strange people (you know, because I'm an idiot). It was the BEST time EVER!! I do remember Girls Aloud - but I think just because they came out here when I was at uni flatting with a bunch of guys and they all thought Girls Aloud were awesome, nothing to do with the music though :P

Fiona said...

What a cool mum you are, glad to hear you had a good time. Can't remember when my first gig was, think it may have been Elton John in the mid 80's at Wembley Arena where my boyfriend's sister worked and she got us cheap tickets. I do remember it took us an hour to get out of the bloody car park!

Indigo Violet said...

Lou Reed, New Zealand, August 1975!

Anonymous said...

My parents are very conservative, they enjoy go to bed early and hate the crowd, if they were from a tv series they could be in'Downton Abbey', so I wasn't surprised at all when they refused to take their underage daughter to a Sonic Youth or Nirvana concert or even worse send her with 'somebody with a car licence' to see them...My town is small and so everything happened somewhere else and I had to wait until I went to University as it happened to you!
So my first concert was Tricky in 97 or 98, he was great and I used to listen to his music a lot, it was the trip-hop era, I didn't use drugs, but his music was romantic and it was cool to go there by bus and hitchhiking with my first boyfriend!
I still enjoy nightlife and in few years I'll be happy to take my daughter to her favourite concert, even if it could sound as Nirvana to my mom!
You are the best in the Universe and your daughter is very lucky and coooool!!!
Love xxxxxx

Wean said...

Well done you ! you're obviously considered a 'cool Mama' ! I love the mustard colours in your oufit, you did your girl proud.

Melanie said...

You are such a great mum! I'm glad you had a good time.

I was sixteen when I went to my first gig, it was at the Town and Country Club in London and I saw a little known band from Chicago called Enuff Z'nuff, I was in awe of all the people around me! My mum literally forced me to go to a local pub which played rock music when I was sixteen to see if I could meet a nice guy with a motorbike and tattoos, so there was no fear of her disapproving :)

Nikki @ Penelope Cat Vintage said...

I was 17 for my first real gig - the Manic Street Preachers. It was my 18th birthday present to A as he was a super-fan but had never seen them.

My mum would never have taken me to a gig, mind you I can't blame her because I was a mad Boyzone fan when I was younger :)


Vix said...

You are the coolest Mum ever! I can imagine how excited she must have been - and please tell her that she looks cool in her school uniform.
I mentioned my first gig on my last blog ...freaky, eh! It was the Stray Cats supported by Screaming Lord Sutch at Birmingham Odeon in 1980, I was 13 and I'd won the tickets in a competition run in the local paper.
Mum wasn't too bothered about me going (Liz and I were picked up and dropped off by her Dad) but was horrified when I got home splattered with blood - part of Screaming Lord Sutch's act was to throw pig entrails into the audience when he performed Jack the Ripper - smashing!
Love that maxi and beenie ensemble, snug as a bug and sexier than those Girls Aloud bunch!

Style Sud-Est said...

My first gig was classical concert, my mom is a classical pianist- I remember it so clearly-

Nice of you to take your eldest, cool Mom you are!


grunge-queen said...

Does Mr. Dressup count as a gig? (he was a Canadian kids' entertainer who had a TV show with these two puppets, the semi-creepy Casey and his silent but cool dog, Finnegan). Ok, maybe not. Probably seeing the Canadian band, The Spoons, at a local fair - that was a big deal. But the gigs just got better in the late teen years: Stevie Ray Vaughan (a couple years before he died); Pink Floyd; Bowie, ahh the memories!

So great you can do this fun stuff with your girls; I bet they had a ball. I don't know this band but the hubby has introduced me too a couple girl-band pop tunes (Push the Button but the Sugababes is the rather infectious one that stands out).

You look great, as always - love the coat and the purse! xoxo

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Although the idea of seeing Girls Aloud is my personal hell, Im so pleased that Eldest and you had a great time! My first gig was Pentangle when I was 12, still one of my favourite ever bands. I love your mustardy cardi and top with the 70s pub carpet skirt... that's not an insult, I love pub carpet patterns. Or maybe upholstery from a Lada? The yellow beret also looks really pretty. Ah... Silver fox, I'm such a fan of hers, she always looks stunning on you. xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

What a cool mom you are Curtise!!!
Plus I am loving your maxi outfit!!

I lived way out in the boonies growing up. My first gig was "The Runaways"-first band with Joan Jett & Lita Ford among others. I was UNDERAGE (16) with a fake ID.
Saw Heart that summer among others.
Good Times!!

señora Allnut said...

So pretty maxi plaid skirt, and love that color combo with the mustard cardi and beret, so nice jacket and bag!
I was fifteen when I saw a local rockpunk band and I was delighted with their badass attitude!!

Anonymous said...

Love the mustardy colours on you.
My first concert was Deep Purple in Birmingham. I was 16 and went on the train with some friends who were a bit older than me. I was so excited.
Great to take your daughter to her first concert. That'll be lovely for her to remember in years to come.

Secret Squirrel said...

What a lovely thing to do together - my first concert was Take That (hee hee), I went with a friend and her family, and later I went to see Boyzone with my Mum, but I was in my teens by then.

You looked suitably rocking for the concert! Mustardy yellow is a beautiful colour on you.

Vicky Hayes said...

I LOVE your outfit today Curtise. A long tweedy skirt - it's just so Miss Jean Brodie and I love how you've teamed it with the yellow cardi and hat! I've never been much of a gigger (more of a giggler really) but I did go to see the Communards once by mistake... Glad you and Eldest had fun. Vicky x

Forest City Fashionista said...

That is so cool that you went with Eldest for her first concert! My Mom would have never taken me to anything like that, not that any bands ever played in the village that I grew up in...like you, I didn't see my first live band until I was away at university, and I don't even remember who it was. Did you take any photos of what the two of you were wearing?

CityScape Skybaby said...

Same as Lucy Nation, my first gig was at the Royal Court in Liverpool, I was seventeen and it was The Smiths. I was determined to get into the scrum in front of Morrissey but once I was in it I had to struggle out of it again because I literally couldn't breathe. The girls were all getting crushed, all those delicate male Smiths fans weren't so delicate when their hero was in front of them! I never took my daughter to see any groups and I wish I had, we'd plans to go and see My Chemical Romance when she was about thirteen but it never happened. But if Pulp ever tour again she's going to come with me and her dad I think, and a bunch of her mad friends. She's seventeen now so she goes to see groups with her friends now, I think her first gig was her friend's band, she's so much cooler than I ever was, I never knew boys in bands. It sounds like you and your eldest had a fantastic time, Sound of the Underground is my favourite Girls Aloud song too. xx

bonsaimum said...

Love your outfit. My first concert was Abba and that was only because a friend got me in. I remember it being very loud. Glad you and your daughter had a great time. :)

The Style Crone said...

I admire how you parent your kids, and this is just one example. I have danced with my daughter too! And as usual, you do all of this with great style. Every maxi that you wear tops the one before it. I love the color combo.

I don't remember my first live music experience, but I have seen many of my favorites over the years. And will continue to do so.

Sacramento Amate said...

Love your girl aloud, and your fabulousness, dear Curtise.

lovesjetlag said...

My first gig ever was the Police in January 1984 just before they split...I didn't tell my parents I was going, I was 13, I told them I was sleeping over at my best friend's place

Krista Gassib said...

Better late than never and my first concert was Def Leppard a band from your very own Sheffield!!! I was convinced I was to marry Joe Elliot! I think you are a really cool mama for taking her to her very first gig! Since there was wild abandon with your dancing it was as it should be a total blast! You look happy and warm in this sweet yellow sweater and cap and the maxi skirt, well it's your trademark! Love that eldest wanted to make sure we knew that was her school uniform...point taken!!!

karensomethingorother said...

I was 13, and a friend's dad drove a bunch of us to Toronto to see Platinum Blonde. Whilst there, there was this guy in the row ahead of us, wearing a short-sleeved white leather jacket, hot pink, skin-tight pants, and Peter Pan boots. OH, and fingerless gloves. He had his hair bleached blonde, and all spiked out, and when his friend called "Hey Tony," and we learned his name, we all swooned.

I'm so glad your COOL and super cute girlie had a nice time, and that you did as well :)

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Your gorgeous wee lassie will never forget the night her scrummy Mum took her out to see Girls Aloud - that's like indelible ink on her memory:). What a darling you are to take her along and have a jump around! Bet her mates were right jels;). I was banished from concerts, even if they involved going with my much older sisters etc. Boo. So my first experience of getting sweaty and pushy was Tina Turner in 1985 at Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland. I probs would have preferred The Police, but they played when the ban was in place:(. xoxoxo

joyatri said...

You are the coolest mom. I hope your kids know this.
I saw Cat Stevens when I was 15 in 1976. I had to beg my older brother to go so that I could go. I was so excited that I screamed and cried hysterically for first half hour he was on (like those girls you see in films screaming over The Beatles). I saw Yusuf/Cat Stevens again in 2011 but I didn't scream then.