Tuesday 5 November 2013

Rain didn't stop play

I'm late!

I am woefully behind with my posting and commenting, due to an increasingly sluggish internet connection which finally gave up the ghost altogether at the weekend. 

But thanks to a delightfully chatty BT engineer who sorted things out this morning, I am back online, and back in the game!

Last Friday, I met up with delicious blog buddies Vix, Tania, Annie and new friend Serena for a day out in Nottingham. It may have rained all day, but that didn't dampen our spirits, our vintage shopping enthusiasm, or our ability to talk and laugh for England.

Hopkinson's was a treasure trove of all things vintage and retro.

Vix looked absolutely stunning in this hot pink psychedelic maxi, and we found her doppelganger on the wall.

That hairdryer is the model my sisters and I used growing up in the 1960s and 70s.

Cocktails and exchanging gifts in Wetherspoons are now a blogger meet-up tradition, and we all did very well!

1970s cheeseboard and stainless steel pendant from Vix
Tights, notepad and butterfly brooch from Annie
Book, beads, bangle and 1970s red blouse (on which everything is arranged) from Tania
Handmade soap and card from Serena

This was from Vix too...

... a homemade 1970s-does-30s maxi dress with my favourite angel sleeves - it's a perfect fit and I love it!

Oh, and Tania made me the tote bag from cool 1950s barkcloth.

Blog friends - actually, I'm going to stop using that term, these women are my friends, pure and simple - are just fantastic!

So although the day was wet and dreary...

...we had a brilliant time, especially in Baklash.
If you haven't already read Vix's amazing tale of meeting the owner, Eve, 30 years ago, then check out the story here.

And Tania's take on our day is here.

My treasures;

1960-70s Cat Ballou deer print cheesecloth dress
1960-70s Mackerness green lurex dress
1970s navy print maxi skirt
1970s C&A towelling maxi dress
(all stuffed in one bag for £10 from Baklash)
1960-70s black/silver lurex maxi skirt (Hopkinson's)
Happy, happy me.

We found nothing to get excited about in here, just identikit rails of checked shirts and denim, but the sign looked great.

A final drink and chat, then a mad dash for my train.

Yes, all these years of travelling by train  and I still manage to wander off to the wrong platform...
I jumped on to my train home just in the nick of time.

But even if I'd missed it and had to pay again on the next one, it would have been worth it!

Meeting up with these wonderful women was a joy.

As is joining in with Patti and friends for Visible Monday.

And now I am going to catch up with what's been happening during my enforced blogging break!

PS. Thank you so much for all your concern and kindness regarding my poorly friend. He is out of intensive care and the future is looking much more optimistic. His life was saved by someone doing CPR until the ambulance crew arrived - makes me think about doing the training myself.



Anonymous said...

The trials of technology - what did we ever do without it?

It looks like you had a fantastic meet-up in Nottingham, and found some lovely "stuff". I hope Vix bought that picture of herself - it's so Vix!

Your dress is lovely, especially with those bangles picking up the turquoise color. And you have some sun!

Shaheen said...

I've never been to Nottingham, and your day out there - even though it was raining has put it on my list to visit one of these weekends, and I want to visit these places you have, esp. the shop. Loving your Maxi,and meeting your lovely friends through your blog.

Vix said...

That dress fits you perfectly, I'm so glad! You look gorgeous in the sunshine, where on earth did you find it?
Didn't we have a fabulous day? I can't believe how quickly the time went. You took some great photos, too - the least blurry of the lot. You've managed to capture some of Nottingham's grandeur, wasn't the Zara building gorgeous? Can't say the same for those white ankle boots in the window!
We scored big time in Baklash, nothing will ever compare!
Delighted to hear the news about your friend. I should do a first aid refresher, it's a timely reminder!
Love ya! xxxxxx

Debberoo said...

So much fun, its almost obscene, almost. What did you think of Nottingham?

I was never any good on the trains, always on the wrong platform, wrong train. Do you remember me requesting a single return for our trip to London? Bless! Now it seems soooooo much more confusing with all these different Railway companies.

Yep, we had that hairdryer too, I remember it as being very heavy and there often being the smell of burning.

So glad to hear your friend is doing better and major props to whoever provided CPR.

Sheila said...

Angel sleeves are the best! You look spectacularly gorgeous in this dress. What a blast with a great group of friends! So envious that you have so many cool bloggers near.

Peaches McGinty said...

isn't it awful when the internet stops? glad your back Missus, and great news about your friend.
I do love these meet ups, you all find amazing places, those clocks are too cool and the portrait of the Vix doppleganger is uncanny! it's the perfect dress for you, an angel sleeved maxi fabulousness! lookin' good!! x x

Unknown said...

The photo of you all ... a big bouquet of English Roses ! Lovely. Would have given an extremity or two to be there. Someday. Before we're all too old!
Knew something was up when I wasn't seeing photos of the gathering, instantly. Vix had it covered for all your newsfans, and I was glad it came off in such great style.
Sorry for your internet probs... you know it's because of the Mercury Retrograde.
Speaking of Vix, she sure knows what looks fabulous on you! Elegant shape, that dress, with you in it. Just lovely. How marvelous to have a friend in the business who can dress you!
So happy to hear your friend is on the mend. Fingers and toes crossed.
Everyone should know CPR.
(Did you ever hear from Debenham's ... if you have not, they don't deserve you.)

two squirrels said...

That is one fantastic dress from Vix.....you look gorgeous in it Curtise. Oh the internet thing drives me crazy...we have so many problems......living in the whop whops has it's issues.
You guys must have the most incredible time together....we all wish we were there too.
Much love to your friend......it is amazing how a simple act by one person can be the difference of life or death.
CPR is so important.
Sending a much love to you to....love v

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Whoa, amazing dress from Vix, and her doppelganger indeed! How wonderful to gather and treasure hunt with such glorious friends, and from the hints I am beside myself with excitement to see your treasures. Deer print!!! (I was totally inspired by you when I had to get the dress in my most recent post) All best for further positive news in your friend's medical situation, xoxoxoxoxo

Melanie said...

A blogger meetup with presents? Gimme a drink! I'll sing ya a song! I watched Cabaret the other day and thought of you all through it.
What a fun day. There's nothing like running for a train to make you feel you've DONE something. Your dress from VIX is a dream. Glad you're back online, Ms Bowles.

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Nice to have you back Curtise! I had read Vix's recap of your blogger meetup and have been looking forward to seeing your photos too. You really did well at Baklash! And lucky you. You seem to always find clothing that fits you perfectly. I can't wait to see the deer print dress on you! And! You look just like your daughter in that last photo. So cute!!!

Helga said...

OMG, the deer print frock!
BLOODY technology! It's a bastard pain! So glad you're back in the room! I've been dribbling over you biatches hanging out at Tania's and Vix', and was eagerly awaiting your post.........AARRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHH!!!
The glory! teh fun! The frockage! The SQUEES! One day, ONE DAY I shall partake. Look out.

Ivy Black said...

Good..yer back! Fab meet up, love and I'm with you on blogger friends...I always refer to you lot as my mates and dropped the 'blogger' bit ages ago. I think the loveliest thing is that we might not all get together for ages but when we do, we all pick up where we left off. Brill it is.
Love your haul and the Vix dress. She's bang on as ever and you look proper lush.
Glad to here your friend is better. CPR is flippin' handy. I always do first aid courses at work and they are worth doing.

Forest City Fashionista said...

There you are! So glad you are back up and running, so to speak. That dress from Vix does fit like a dream.

Another envy-inducing blogger meet-up! Looks like you and Vix both scored big time with the 10 quid for a bag at Baklash. I love the Cat Ballou label - It is also the name of a movie starring Jane Fonda and Lee Marvin that I remember from my childhood.

I have found that I have stopped referring to the women I've met through my blog as my "blogger friends" too because they really have made the crossover from the internet to my real life. Here's to dear friends, no matter where they live!

Patti said...

Glad to hear your friend's health is improving! Your day in Nottingham (is that where the infamous Sheriff is from?) looks like a blast. And I really like your finds, esp the dress you're wearing - those sleeves are feminine as hell. Thanks for sharing all the glee with Vis Monday! xox

Unknown said...

are you kidding me £10 for all that! wow! what a fab time it looks x

Señora Allnut said...

hurrah for blogger meetings, they're always delightful and funny and you look so fabulous ladies chatting and thrifting and drinking!! pretty gorgeous!
Obviously, I love your dress!

Diane said...

You've totally found your soul mates there. What fabulous times you have. So glad your pal is improving. It makes you think. xxxxx

Fiona said...

Hey you're back! Thank heavens, would have had withdrawal symptoms if you'd been away any longer. Love your happy snaps of the best of days and now you have an OBDD...can't wait to see you in it. Great news about your friend.

Angels have Red Hair said...

Well, well looks like Vix has done a bit of artist's modelling in her past ... that's an uncanny likeness.
You have the best shops over there ... makes me green with envy.
So glad to hear your friend is improving. Everyone should know how to do CPR ... you just never know when you will need it ... sign me up too.

Unknown said...

Im so so jealous of your Blogger met ups! Looks like so much fun . Love that dress on you beatiful Curtise!

Anonymous said...

Wow, so happy to hear that about your friend. My hubby is trained annually in CPR and teaches me important techniques, but I still feel that I need a course to really internalize it.

Welcome back to blog land. How frustrating to have such a bum connection.

So nice to read about your meetup. I read Vix's account and marvelled at her blast from the past.


freckleface said...

Hurrah! You're back. Better late than never ;) Well done BT.

So glad to hear about your friend...let us know how he gets on?

Do you know, I saw that dress when it was handed across the table, but it didn't look anything like as amazing before you put it on. You have totally brought it to life and it looks wonderful on. Sexpot.

That painting is Vix's doppelganger! Even the make up's the same. Baklash was the GIDDY LIMIT! xxxxxx

Kylie said...

Gorgeous frock and necklace from Vix, and you're spot-on, she is the spit of the girl in that painting.
You all look like you're having so much fun together. I would love to know what gorgeous Tania and Vix are laughing at in one of those photos? You in a risqué Halloween outfit?
I'm glad to read the news about your friend - I hope he continues to recover quickly x

Allison said...

so many goodies and such lovely gal pals to share them with! rain? what rain? x

CityScape Skybaby said...

I somehow managed to miss your last post Curtise so had to go back and read it, glad to hear your friend is doing better, I seem to have reached the age where friends and family are having health problems with horrible regularity and it's a sobering thought every time.
The pink writing on the church wall made me laugh, you have very thought provoking vandals round your way. And onto this post! We have lots of internet problems due to our old pc and I find them both maddening and a blessing in some ways. I rely on the internet for so much now, but the enforced break is good for us all I think. Well not for Pat, he doesn't give a monkey's about it anyway, but the rest of us like it a bit too much. But without it I would miss out on seeing you lot on the rampage in Nottingham, looks like you all had a great time as usual, Baklash sounds fantastic! xx

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Hooray! I'm always slightly (very) jealous seeing you lot and your fab meet- ups. So fun. If I win the lottery, I shall make a guest appearance!!!
So glad about your friend. x

Indigo Violet said...

Finally, an OBD dress! And a tree-hugging minx!

Unknown said...

What a wonderful day with fabulous friends! Talking of friends, I am glad your pal is OK. I have to update my CPR and first aid training each year for my job and I am actually getting to the stage where I might actually be confident to use these skills if, god forbid, I had to. I hope I never have to use them but am so glad that I might be able to help someone if the need arises. You look stunning in that frock. That style suits you perfectly!XXX

Vicky Hayes said...

That dress is very you Curtise! What a lovely day out you had and what lovely things you came back with! There's a better class of chazzing shops north of here (although it doesn't stop me hunting and gathering of course!) Glad to hear your friend is doing better. Vicky x

Miss Magpie said...

Looks like you had a fab day out and that dress is gorgeous, Vix has such a good eye.

It's always useful to have the first aid skills there, you remind me mine are woefully out of date.

Unknown said...

I'd kill to be part of one of these blogger's day out!!! I enjoy to have found so many friends through my blog, but the best part is to meet them in person!The dress you are wearing here makes you look like a goddess, Vix really knows what we love! All the shops and the places in Notthingam seem fabulous, can't wait to see you wearing your latest treasures!
Love xxxxx

joyatri said...

What an incredible dress Vix gave you! It looks like my favorite color (what I call 'raisin') and with the touches of turquoise, well, it's simply stunning and you look stunning in it.
Can't wait to see the deer print dress on you. Thanks for showing the Cat Ballou label. It's so much fun.
Glad you had a stellar time in Nottingham. I'll have to put it on my list of places to visit one of these trips.

Rachel said...

It looks like you had a fab day shopping Curtise. Lots of lovely goodies too. How lovely to spend the day with friends shopping and drinking cocktails! Perfect! How lovely to exchange gifts, such a nice idea! :-)

Tamera's Craft Palace said...

do the CPR training Curtise--you won't regret it!!
What a fantastic time ya'll had and I am SO JEALOUS!!!

The new maxi dress is just gorgeous on you!!!

Krista said...

So happy you are back and that your friend is going to be ok. CPR saves lives for sure. I should learn it too!

I have to say that I am getting so mad at that big ocean that separates us, this looks like one of the best days out and I'm sure I could justify a plane ticket if I can stuff all the frocks I can fit in a bag for a tenner!

I really do envy how small the UK is and that you ladies make such an effort to get together. I love you to pieces and the two new faces look happy to be right there!

Serena said...

Hello Curtise! You weren't as late as me about getting something together! Love the post and love seeing the dress. It looks gorgeous...more to follow I imagine, as much purchasing took place....it took me a day to recover, ha ha! Was so lovely to meet you. Many laughs were had by all. Can't wait to see you at the next one! Xx

Jean at www.drossintogold.com said...

Oh Curtise!! So much to comment on here. First, when you mentioned the tech guy coming in, all I could think was you looked HOT in that dress!! But I'm guessing you weren't wearing that then? :-) Probably a good thing.

The Nottingham gathering is making me sooo envious. All these fabulous ladies, the goods, the setting. Who cares about the weather when you have the warmth of like-minded friends?

I'm glad to know your friend is better, too. I don't know how to do CPR but I agree with you: it's a skill we should all have.

Love you!!!!

silvergirl said...

Love the shape of this dress
All of that colored glass ware is calling to me
Why do your thrifting outings always look like so much more fun than the actual ones I experience???!!!

bonsaimum said...

Looks like you all had a great time. You have great shops there.As always you looked a million dollars :)

mispapelicos said...

I am so jealous not to have been with all of you, my girls but Vix tells me that you thought of me when you saw some clothes and shouted: sacramento, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
Much love, dear Curtise.

Olga Rani said...

When you are in a company of charming people the nasty weather will mean nothing, it will not spoil the joyful atmosphere. Glad for you guys that you had great time together. And it is always exiting to exchange gifts. Love your new dress,it has nice fitting and lovely print.

Unknown said...

Ah Internet, i tell you when it works it's so great but when not working, you curse! I curse!

I saw all the posts, video of the fabulous event!
Isn't great that you can all meet like that, shop, laugh, drink - I have been e-mailing with a few Canadian Gals, so great! - I never expected that from blogging, it's pure joy



Dawn Elliott said...

You have the most wonderful adventures! So glad to read about what you did with your bonafide friends (who happen to blog), and the all the treasures you guys found.
What a haul! This kind of day would be on my top 10 list for the best ever!!! And by the way, you look so cute in your new maxi dress, too!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Forgive me for my delayed comment.....I do love seeing posts about your blog buddy dates. Just makes me wish I was a local, & I could join you. That maxi from Vix is divine on you. She knows you so well. Your purchases have me drooling....a deer print dress??? Can't wait to see that one, & I LOVE the print on the C&A frock. I hope you have a spectacular weekend. Xx

Unknown said...

Wow backlash looked amazing I would have loved a moouch in there their prices seemed cheap to. Love those 2 biscuit barrel tins £4 nuts. You look gorgeous in your dress from Vix, glad you all had a wonderful day. dee xx

Rachel said...

Sorry for delay in visiting, my phone Would Not Play while I was away.

Serious bit first - do, do, do get first aid trained. I am a first aider and am constantly shocked by the people who don't know what to do in an emergency. It is so important. You won't do anything wrong, and you won't get sued for lifesaving efforts /off soap box. I am so glad our friend is on the mend.

More jolly - didn't you do well! Does Vix have your measurements?! That dress fits perfectly. And what a lovely day that sounded like. Nothing like being around like- minded souls xxx

Trees said...

I am woefully behind in my blogging right now and I have no reason! :P I really wish I could join your ladies meet up sometime, you always have a blast!

Trees said...

I am woefully behind in my blogging right now and I have no reason! :P I really wish I could join your ladies meet up sometime, you always have a blast!

Annie said...

I'm only just catching up now Mom is out of hospital. What a brilliant post, it brought back happy memories. Cow had some good denim and woollies, but it just couldn't compete with Baklash.
The dress from Vix looks amazing, a perfect fit!
Look forward to seeing you soon. xxx