Thursday, 31 October 2013

You stood in the bell tower, but now you're gone

Where better to go for Hallowe'en than a Victorian graveyard as the late afternoon sun fades to dusk?

Littlest wanted to dress up - those are sequined devil's horns, in case you are wondering...

Sheffield's General Cemetery has featured on my blog before (here) but I never get tired of visiting, it's a beautiful and atmospheric place.

The pink chalk scrawl behind Littlest reads; Religion is a fairy tale for frightened children.

My two favourite ladies.

I'm short of words tonight.

I've just found out that an old friend is very ill in hospital. I feel a bit shell-shocked, and very worried.

Silk blouse, suede waistcoat and bangles - charity shopped
1970s velvet maxi skirt - gift from Sarah
Boots - Ebay
Feather headband - gift from Vix

And for the first time in my life,
I keep the lights on,
To ease my soul. 

Hope you all had a deliciously spooky Hallowe'en.

I'm off for blogger meet-up fun tomorrow in Nottingham - can't wait!

See you soon.



Kylie said...

Oh Curtise, I hope your friend will be okay. Take care x

Angels have Red Hair said...

Well isn't that just the best place to visit at Halloween. Love that your vest is getting another showing ... grey/navy, have you decided yet?
So sorry about your friend ... hope all is ok.

Fran said...

Wonderfully dreary day for an old cemetary visit. Hoping the best for your friend.

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Hope your friend is ok... life is such a strange roller coaster. And the shit can be really shit can't it?! An old friend died on Monday. Only 35 years old and leaving 3 little guys behind. And an adoring husbo. Horrible and heartbreaking. A sobering thing to be sure.

Anyhow, much love. x

Sheila said...

Sending good vibes to your friend, Curtisse!

Wonderful outfit, love the suede and velvet. Thank you for the pictures of the graveyard.

Connie said...

This cemetery is so beautiful. And you look lovely and appropriately gothic. And the children look ethereal. All good wishes for your friend.

Unknown said...

I'm very sorry your friend is ill ... there's been a lot of that this year, hasn't there? For all of you, I hope your friend is better soon.
Lovely trip to the cemetery ... so beautiful, and pretty much defines Gothic, in my mind! Ours are so much different here. Many of our southern graveyards have become the victims of a sort of nasty rural habit. Families once decorated the graves with living flowers and plants. Here, and nowadays, they put freaking gaudy "silk" flowers on them, as real plants are too much trouble to take care of. Plastic, fabric-like stuff, tatty and cheap. Not my favorite tradition.
Anyway ... the kids look like they're having a great Halloween. You are a vision in cool grays ... pretty textures ... those feathers were meant to go in your bright hair. Love it all.
Have a wonderful day out in Nottingham!

Trees said...

Beautiful photos - I just love old graveyards, so much history. I love the flowers in your hair. I hope your friend is ok? Sending positive thoughts xoxox

Ulla-Marie said...

So strange. Two Days ago I got a call about a friend of mine who is very ill aswell. So sad! This friend of mine used to be Frida and I used to be Agnetha (ABBA of course!)Don't know how this will end ...

Your hands are so Beautiful and I do love your Nails, rings etc.

Unknown said...

What a beautiful (and spooky!) cemetery. All my love and good wishes for your friend and you.XXX

Peaches McGinty said...

Gothic graveyards are such interesting places, your lovely lot are a delight, and you have a Victorian vibe that is most becoming - I'm so sorry to hear your friend is ill, I send my love and hope all becomes well again x x

Fiona said...

How fab that you took the LB's to that gorgeous gothic cemetary, that first pic taken through the railings feels very spooky indeed. Did you manage to avoid the trick and treaters last night? So sorry to hear about your friend, life sucks more and more as one ages, it seems.
Thanks for the blast of the delicious Kate, evokes teenage memories of listening to her LP's over and over. Hope you have a great day in Nottingham.

Miss Magpie said...

I hope your friend is on the road to recovery.

I never tire of wandering round churchyards (in the right direction of course!)

Have fun tomorrow.

Patti said...

Curtise, I am sending positive thoughts to you and your friend, I hope she is on the way to recovery. Your children are completely adorable, and you are a star in your fab headpiece! xoxo

Unknown said...

I love those pictures of the cemetery, and the ones you've posted before. And your outfit is perfect for a little grave-site-seeing. I just read a post on the House Crazy blog about an old mental institution in Danvers, Massachusetts. It was a beautiful old building - shame about the associations.

I hope your friend will be okay. Be strong.

Anonymous said...

Love your photos & your outfit - perfect for Halloween.
Hope your friend gets well very

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Lovely photos. I do hope your friend will be okay. xxxx

Tamera's Craft Palace said...

{{{{{hugs}}}} hope you hear better news about your friend!!
I ADORE old cemetaries and your's is just AMAZING!!!
You look fabulous slightly gothed up!! and of course the kids are adorable as always.
Kate Bush SQUEE!!!

Krista said...

Oh how I would fancy a stroll around this picaresque place. Our graveyards are just so new to be very interesting. You all look sppoktacular!

I'm sorry to hear the shocking news of a dear friend Curtise, I'm sending you a big ole hug not because it will make you feel better but because I love ya!

Señora Allnut said...

you look so delightfully victorian, dear lady, you're gorgeous, love your headpiece and your pretty vest, and all that fabulous bijouterie!!
wish your friend gets well soon, sorry for those bad news!

The Vintage Knitter said...

A post with a Kate Bush lyric and video? Now that's a sign of supreme musical taste!No-one can out-Goth Kate in the Hammer Horror video.

Hope your friend will soon be on the road to recovery :-)

Forest City Fashionista said...

I am sorry to hear about your friend, and am sending you a hug, and wishes for her recovery.

I enjoy hanging about in Cemeteries, especially the ones in Europe (Highgate and Pere Lachaise are my favourites). I just loved Kate Bush when I was in my 20's - still like her but her music doesn't speak to me as much as it did back then.

Kelly Jackson said...

Thoughts and well-wishes to your friend, Curtise.

I never tire of looking not your lovely cemetery pics. I thought of you when I scoped out my local cemetery. Alas, it's a cement-ensconced block of true dreariness. :(

I love your Old World look here. Hope you find lots of goodies at the meetup. I have no doubt you'll have a roaring good time. Xoxo

Diane said...

I love the old cemetary - I think we are going to try and get on the next walk/talk. It is such an interesting place. Great photos and outfit as per usual. Sorry about your friend - I hope they get better soon. It has been a bad year for it - I blame the "13" in the year xxxxx

Jean at said...

The location shots are so evocative!! I love visiting places like that, letting my imagination run wild, envisioning people long gone etc. Then to have the children along to pull you firmly back into the here and now. They're precious.

Your denim jacket/maxi skirt outfit is a winner for me. I just wish I could tag along. I need friends like you closer by, what with kids, funky clothes, and intelligent conversation.

I hope your friend will be alright. Sending much love your way. XXOO

freckleface said...

Hope there has been some improvement with your poor friend, so shocking at his age and given how fit he is.

I love that photo of your three with that poetic quote scrawled in the background. That cemetery is fantastic of course, and you look amazing. Really Edwardian. You would fit right in in Whitechapel circa 1900. Possibly conducting a seance?

Great to see you yesterday, have you tried on all your things yet?! xxxxxx

Vix said...

I do hope your poor friend is recovering, what a horrible thing to happen to someone so young....
That picture of the girls peering through the branches and those three cheeky grins are just lovely. that cemetery is such an elegant place, I can understand why you love it so.
I'd forgotten about the insane feathery thing, it's perfect with your glam goth outfit.
Didn't we have a fab time in Nottingham? I'm about to go through the blurry photos and see if there's anything I can use - the perils of accepting offers from drunk men in bars!
Love you! xxxxxxx

silvergirl said...

Loving these pictures
Looks like a very cool place to go
It also looks kinda creepy, but in a good way
Have a great weekend

joyatri said...

That cemetery looks quite spooky in the autumn with the fallen leaves.
So sorry that your friend is not well. I hope everything turns out fine.
Can't wait to read about yesterday's blogger meetup and see what treasures you all found.
I've booked my train ticket to Walsall for the 29th, so see you then.

Unknown said...

Such great pictures. I love your jewelry.

Helga said...

You look FARKING amazing!!! I love this Victorian look, you pull it off (!) beautifully!!!
So sad to hear about your friend, I am sending healing vibes....
I've just been admiring you wenches at Nottingham...dammit!
Loving YOU and your Halloween fabularseness amongst the graves....!

BellaBean Vintage said...

Sorry to hear about your friend I hope they make a speedy recovery. I do love a cemetery and you look stunning as always! Five go feral in Nottingham looked like a hoot. xx

Veshoevius said...

Awesome photos! What a cool place to take your kids on Halloween. They must have been very proud to go trick o treating with such a glamorous mum! You look fab! Love the feather fascinator! I do hope your friend gets better soon xx

mispapelicos said...

Great shot Curtise.
Your children are growing sooooooooo much.
Have a lovely Sunday, dear friend.

bonsaimum said...

Hope your friend gets better. :)

Rachel said...

Best wishes to your friend, I hope it all works out.

Recognised some of those gravestone designs - they also feature in my Dilapidated Victorian Graveyard! The draped fabric over an urn, and all the ironwork. Beautiful xxx

Cordelia Earle said...

Hugs to you to pass on to your friend.

Beautiful photos.


Dawn Elliott said... you picked the PERFECT place to hang out on Halloween - I want to go!!! How lovely and eerie, at the same time. Love the scrawled quote about religion and fairytales...your daughter's simple devil costume...and your svelte outfit that includes the ever-perfect denim jacket.
So sorry about your friend. Can't wait to hear about your bloggermeet!

Unknown said...

Your first shot of the graveyard is amazing, great composition, it defines the whole atmosphere or what to come -

Hope your friend is ok and will make it -


Unknown said...

So v. sorry to hear about your friend, I sincerely hope they are on the road to recovery.

Your photos of the cemetery were lovely; I adore Gothic architecture and some tombstones are works of art which you really captured! Loving the velvet maxi skirt too - perfect!
Again, my best wishes for your friend, here's to a speedy recovery x

Annie said...

I hope by now your friend is recovering, Curtise.
Those cemetery photos are really gorgeous. When I come up to Sheffield I want to go there!
It was fabulous to see you Friday, what a fantastic day we had. I haven't got a blur-free photo! Looking forward to seeing you on 29th, maybe we could meet at New Street station?
Annie xxx

Melanie said...

I already know that your friend is out of intensive care. WHEW! Not because I'm psychic, merely slow. It's a jolt to the system.
I love the history I see in these photos. There's no real approximation for that here in the colonies, which makes me sad. At least we have other distractions. I am reading The Woman in White, this cemetery fits the theme so well.

Unknown said...

so glad im playing catch up backwards and have already found out your friend is doing better! HUGS X the pics of the kids are fabulous, love those sparkly horns...mmmm wonder who she takes after x