Sunday, 17 November 2013

Playing with prints

Another busy week has flown by, with plenty of random things in it to enjoy.
Always a joy to wear this favourite dress again...
...and my favourite sparkly beret too!

I know, I know - I've worn the dress and cardigan together before.
Who cares? I like the combination!
Chesterfield flea market came up trumps with a large Gresley mixing bowl; I've been after one for ages but they are always so expensive, so I was pleased to find this one for a fiver.  Didn't everyone's gran and mum have one of these? Mine did.
And I can't resist funky 1960s ceramics, especially when a big serving plate like this one was only a quid on Joe's stall!
I always carry a tape measure in my bag. I can usually tell by measuring if something will fit me so I don't have to worry about trying on.
 I managed to drop my little measure the other week, and the metal tape sprung out of the casing like a Jack in the box, so I was pleased to find this rather elegant engine-turned replacement, complete with inscription.

I wonder what Mrs M McCalman thought about being presented with a tape measure to mark her membership of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators in 1973?
I hope it wasn't a sexist gesture, intended to remind a professional woman of her housewifely duties...
What else has been happening?
Littlest and I met up with my friend Sue and her delightful kids yesterday.
After some playground fun...
...we all headed to a Print Fair at St. Mary's church, organised by a local artist, James Green
There was beautiful work on display, most of which I would happily have taken home with me, but I just bought some cards.

James is one of our school parents who sells his brilliant work here , if you fancy a peek.

I hope he won't mind me showing you the lino cut he has done of our school; it's lovely.
Town was busy, lots of Christmas shoppers. 
We have been debating how to do Christmas this year, and talked to the kids about trying to cut down on the commercialism and consumption. Much to my surprise (and pride), they agreed! When asked what they liked best about Christmas, they said spending time together as a family and having a traditional Christmas dinner, and they thought that putting a limit on the cost of presents was OK. 

So that's all good.

1960s Davisella maxi dress, boots, and 1970s beaded bag - Ebay
Denim jacket, tie cardigan, beret, pendant and bangles - charity shopped
Hair flower - gift from Sarah
I am always highly visible when I wear this dress, so it seems perfectly suited to Patti's fortnightly gathering.

See you soon!



Krista Gassib said...

A dress that gorgeous deserves many outings! I find myself looking at the calendar and going is the year really almost over??? Your kids have good heads on their shoulders to say that their favorite part of Xmas is family time, especially when there are so many things to "want".

Instant Milk said...

Super cute outfit! Love the hair piece!


Liz said...

Od dear, that presentation tape measure was surely not a good idea! Love the bright colours in the dress.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Tami Von Zalez said...

THAT is a cool print!

I learned a trick from a thrift shop worker re whether a skirt will fit or not. If the waistband doesn't meet when you put it around your neck, it won't fit. It works. I swear.

Rachel said...

Lovely goodies from the flea market! I had a bowl just like this one and I gave it away! Can't believe I did that now lol!
I love the lino artwork, I wish I was that talented. Have a great week Curtise xxx

señora Allnut said...

it's a really pretty dress, so I love to see you wearing it once more, and also love your shiny beret, it's absolutely You!
hurrah for visibility indeed!

Helga! said...

That lino cut is astonishingly detailed, I love it!
I carry a tape measure too, only mine is an ugly modern one and I often forget I have it on me anyway! I love this "new" one, and I don;t think sexism as remotely considered in 1973, really....I think it took a while to be fully comphrehended...gawd, the 70's were so blatantly sexist, but oddly that's one of my favourite things about the decade, looking back. I'm just lucky I was too young to get it, as I suspect I would have been very fucked off by it!
Bloody love that frock, with the cardi-you can wear it until the cows come home, baby! When you're onto a winner, stick to it! I especially love the sequin beret. Yumcious!
I am in denial about the closing of the year.......

Melanie said...

The tape measures is wonderful! I've never seen one that's inscribed before. I can pretty much eyeball to see is something fits but I'm wretched guessing sizing for other people.
As for your divine self - absolutely winning combination which should be worn again and again and again. Sparkly berets, of course a fave with me too.
And I love how your family makes decisions together, smart decisions too.

Angels have Red Hair said...

I can safely say that's the most glamorous tape measure I've ever seen. Perhaps it was the gift for someone that has everything ... or perhaps she just really needed a tape measure.
You're looking gorgeous as ever . Nothing wrong with wearing the same thing ... when the royals do it we say they are wonderfully frugal ... don't we??

Sandra said...

we had a similar conversation with the kids, they have a budget,they reacted well too, it does make you proud! wearing fabulous frocks a lot is the right thing when they are awesome!! the tape measure is a good idea (and that is a beauty) and the cutest pic of the littlest, she is too too cute! stripy tights like her Mama! are you starting work tomorrow? if so good luck! you'll be a star! x x x

Val Sparkle said...

I love that big bold bright beautiful print! Gorgeous colors, and very visible. Who cares if you've worn it before? To me the concept of always wearing something different is odd. If you like an outfit you should wear it often!

I've just ordered some gifts and cards from UNICEF and another Fair Trade organization. I'd really like to avoid all the usual trash that only supports CEOs and shareholders. Christmas should be about relationships, not things. How lovely that your kids have their priorities straight!

Patti said...

I love how your kids got right on board for a less-commercial Christmas! They have good sense and compassion too, like their mum. I truly hope the tape measure wasn't the sole thank-you for, say, thirty years of Mrs. McCalman's loyal service : > Thanks as always for linking up to Visible Monday xoxo

Fashionista said...

Gorgeous outfits, I am a fan of repeating something that works, why not? Cost per wear and all that. A tape measure is a wonderfully useful thing to carry around, I have two in my handbag, a dressmaking one and a little pink stanley tape for furniture/rugs/etc. I always feel a bit sad when I happen upon inscribed items, that no-one close to the inscribee (yes I did just make that up) wanted to keep the item as a reminder. Having said that, I leap upon anything that has my initials.

Kylie said...

I love James's linocut and will pop over to look at his other work in a sec. I also love your new tape measure (it might come in handy at your new job - inside leg measurements and all that...)
Annabel has already stuck her Christmas list on the side of the fridge, thankfully it's not an impossible one - its only taken her 16 years to work out she'll never get a pony! I love your kiddo's attitude toward the big day. Am thinking I better get a move on re Littlest x

Kylie said...

James's work is beautiful. I love his Sheffiled linocuts, especially No. 3 and Terraces.

Janey G said...

just totally lush! i would wear that every day if i looked as good in it and yes my mum had exactly that mixing bowl xxxx

Trees said...

I love that dress and hat combo! If it looks fab wear it a million times I say, we don't all have the money/space for a million outfits (if only!). I must say, you are raising some fabulous kids there. I was reading an article in the newspaper here that the Archbishop if Canterbury was asking people not to focus on the commercialism of Christmas so much, although I'm not a religous person at all the good Archbishop speaks the truth on this one. Funnily enough he said Christmas should be about the same thing - spending time with family and friends xoxox

Anita said...

lovely blog :)

Tamera Wolfe said...

James lino print is fabulous!!
You look amazing as always in that fab maxi!! Kudo's to the littles for wanting a REAL Christmas and not a commercialized consumer crapfest!!

joyatri said...

Such wonderfully conscientious kids you have there! I'd be wearing that groovy maxi often, too. The print is so happy.
I checked out James Green's work and particularly like the donkey prints.
I need to get a tape measure as well, I forgot that I used to carry one all the time. Thanks for the reminder.

Camelia Crinoline said...

It's way too early for xmas stuff. I'm not ready but it's everywhere. I can't be doing with all the commercialism and decorating and carols because I'm a grinch. That dress and cardigan look great together so why wouldn't you wear them again?

Emma Kate at Painted Style said...

I couldn't agree more about Christmas. I've warned mine that she can get one present from us. I did find a nice second hand board game that I've stashed away for her though, so that'll make two. Kids just want family times and a bit of your attention so board games are perfect.
My mum had a few of those bowls. They're so nostalgic.
That print is wonderful and what an attractive school building. xxxx

Delia Ryder said...

I love your new serving plate the design and colours are gorgeous and I also love the tape measure Wow it was meant for you to find it now I expect it wasn't appreciated back in the 70's as much as it will be now. Bless your children they are so right family time is defiantly best at Christmas time and more important than the cost. You look gorgeous as always, dee xx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

You and the garden statue were meant to pose elegantly together ... one would not be the same without the other. The shadows are getting longer aren't they my lovely? The evenings must be drawing in now, yet you still have clear skies and Littlest can still play in the park with her mates. You and that maxi were meant to be Curtise, you have my permission to post pics of you wearing it every week! Oh and the sequinned beret of course. I desperately need a new baking bowl and I've been after a Gresley for years! I'll betcha Mrs McCalman "had" to give up her job as soon as she signed the marriage certificate ... that was how things were done in the public service back then and no doubt other institutions. xoxo

Mrs C said...

Stunning color and print on the maxi and this is the best way to do fall layering, brilliant!


freckleface said...

Favourites are meant to be worn over and over again, that's how they earn the title and the wardrobe space. It is a worthy favourite, too, just love that print and the way you've styled it.

Your kids have got sensible, thoughtful and mature written all over them. I admire that approach so much, I can't tell you.

I love the idea of the tape measure, never thought of that. And I love the history of that one you picked up. The world was a different place in 1973. Married women were just coming back into the workplace. I sometimes wonder about feminism though. After all the fighting for equality, so many women get to work full-time and still do all the other stuff on top.

Q really covets a baking bowl like that one. Good old Chesterfield! xxxxx

Carina Rosenholm said...

Great outfits and combos' you love should be repeted and worn often if they make you feel gorgeous -wich you are!!

Vix said...

That gorgeous frock demands multiple outings, it's an absolute beauty. The sparkly beret is divine.
I love James's lino cut, the colours are fab, wouldn't it make a fab fabric?
Love that you've discussed Xmas with the kids and their sensible opinion. No surprise, having you, the voice of reason as their mother, though.
No home is complete without a Gresley bowl!
Hope today's going well!
Love you! xxxxxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

That is a very fancy tape measure, but a very odd gift to mark someone's membership - I wonder what the men got?

That is one of my favourite dresses of yours and always makes me smile to see you wear it. Your kids have obviously acquired a sensible, thoughtful streak from their Mom - I love their answer to the question of what they liked most about Christmas. Very refreshing considering what I hear from some children. You've done a great job!

Dawn Elliott said...

Where to start??? I LOVE the maxi dress and I think you should wear/post it however many times you want to! I'm delighted with your children's sense about Christmas commercialism!!! I simply adore the block print that you posted - WoW! Last, but not at all least...I think that fiver is a GREAT word!

Ariane Lasalle said...

I love your family decision about x-mas - I wish it was the same around my crowd - The grandkids are way to spoiled - Anyway, the family X-mas dinner remains very important for all of us -

Love the tape measure idea, i never thought of that, i will have one in my bag for now on -

Lovely outfit and i think you are starting work today?

Have a great week


Diane said...

Lovely lovely lovely post - I think you'll have a better Christmas spending less. My best times have been when I was skintest xxxx

Vintage Coconut said...

Dress, cardi & beret are a wonderful combination. Love the mixing bowl. I have a hard time passing mixing bowls up. I hope my future home has a big 60s style kitchen so I can buy all the bowls I come across. *hehehe*

I think we will be doing the same sort of thing for Christmas around here too. I will be looking for the best sales possible!! And I will be trying my best to only get Christmas décor from the thrift shops & second hand. (Except I do need to buy a new set of Christmas tree lights as mine broke last year.)

Marla Robinson said...

That is really an adorable maxi.

Jean at said...

You know, Christmas gets a lot of bad press these days, but I have to confess I'm a softie for the magic it engenders. I agree with you and the children about how to celebrate, dialing back the commercialism, and celebrating the family with a wonderful meal etc.

I can't help getting excited when I see the lights and decorations come out, not so much in corporate displays, but on the small houses and local shops. I love the sense of festivity. I hope to embrace the feeling of sacred moments, although I'm not a hard-core Christian.

Every tradition has sacred holidays because they are essential to our wellbeing. It's important to slow down and introduce awe into the experience of life. I love the way you are incorporating these moments.

You look fabulous as always. Love to you and the family!!!!!!!!!!

OP SHOP MAMA said...

I think I am in love with that dress..
That tape measure is damn cool, despite the bizarre choice as a gift for instituted administrators/secretaries!!

That's funny - laST Weekend I took some long-legged late-day sun photos like that.. was just about to try and get them in a gif.

Jan Graham-McMillen said...

Can't see dresses like that often enough! It's still beautiful and you look amazing in it, as usual.
But the context is different every time you wear it, and after all, it's not the dress, it's you we want to see and enjoy!
What an odd thing to award Mrs. McCalman.
I have always thought your kids are amazing, know I know it. As a kid, I would not have been so great! Food and family were the best, but oh, the prezzies were great. Lovely children, and it could be because of their fabulous mum!

Sheila said...

Christmas so soon! Thinking of you today starting you new job...I found a Debenham's label at a thrift store yesterday and was instantly transported.

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

You are raising fabulous children Curtise! I look forward to reading about how you celebrate the season.

Me thinks that you've had your first day at work. I do hope it went well!


Edie Pop said...

I really love your dress and I'm sure that once you have a winning combination you can wear it everytime you want!I really enjoy to have a walk on a sunny day through your photos and James Green's art! His prints are really beautiful!
Have a wonderful week!
Love xxxx

Olga Rani said...

Lovely finds at the flea market! The print of your dress is amazing, no wonder you want to wear it again and again. I too love bright colourful prints and have many dresses that I wear repeatedly.

Olga Rani said...

Lovely finds at the flea market! The print of your dress is amazing, no wonder you want to wear it again and again. I too love bright colourful prints and have many dresses that I wear repeatedly.

Fiona said...

Who cares indeed? It works and it's a fab cheerful print, just what we need on a drab winter day. Oh I say, Mrs McCalman sounds frightfully important doesn't she ? It's a v. posh tape rule, I have a nice Bakelite one that Regan gave me and one out of a cracker that are small enough to carry around but invariably fail to remember them.
Isn't James' lino cut, the bizz! I'm sure he'll sell loads. Top marks for the kids, they're not daft....Christmas dinner and playing silly games with family is what it's all about, if you're lucky. Top scores at Chesterfield as usual. xxxxxxxxxxxx

Van said...

Your mod dress goes perfectly with the fall backdrop, beautiful :)

silvergirl said...

love these colors and can you even say the word secretary any more????

Connie said...

I know. I've been absent. But I just spent the past half hour meandering through your most recent posts to catch up. Curtise, I usually just read them one at a time as they pop up but viewed one right after the other they paint the most elegant picture of your life. Seriously. Just beautiful. BTW. So thrilled that Debs came to their senses. Christmas cash. Yay!!!!!!

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh man, THAT maxi is one of my all time faves! Quite Pucci-esque and such MAGNIFICENT colours on you!

Love yer face,

Sarah xxx