Monday 11 November 2013

Armful of moss


Funny creatures, aren't they?

Seldom Seen and his friends seemed to enjoy the birthday sleepover, with its zombie movie, snacks, XBox games, and a ridiculously late night.

They all chose to sleep together in the living room, lined up on the rug like sardines in a tin, with a motley collection of pillows and cushions, sleep mats, quilts and sleeping bags. I can't believe they were comfortable, but I left them to it.

A Stern Voice was eventually required to get them to settle down and go to sleep. I do a good Stern Voice.

I seem to be gearing up for activity.

I've been planning our school's Christmas fair again, sorting the posters, put a notice on our local online forum, sussed out an ad for the events column of the local paper, been to buy the gifts for Santa's grotto, and set dates for more shopping, cooking, and gift wrapping. I won't be able to help on the day this year as I will be working, so I feel I should do as much as possible beforehand. 

And I start work at Debenhams next Monday.


1960-70s Tricosa herringbone/lurex maxi skirt - antiques centre in Matlock
1970s suede jacket - street market, years ago
Orange top - jumble sale
Cardigan, 1960s vinyl/tapestry bag and bangles - charity shopped
Boots - Ebay
Necklace - gift from Gisela

The weather is distinctly autumnal, and so am I today.

I love how my garden goddess appears to be carrying an armful of moss.

I feel the same way. But I am trying to view the various tasks and responsibilities on the horizon as opportunities rather than burdens.

It's only moss might be my mantra over the coming weeks...

On Saturday evening, we all went out for a Chinese meal to celebrate Seldom Seen's birthday;

Dim Sum for the Dim Son.

The food was delicious.
Littlest tried her hardest with chopsticks.
I blame Miley Cyrus for the tongues.

So that's me.

I feel a bit.. oh I don't know - on the cusp. 
Of something new. 
And it's a good feeling, albeit a slightly daunting one. I'm going to be busy, and I am essentially a lazy arse, so we will have to see how that plays out.

Thank you so much for all your good wishes and encouragement - I really appreciate your support.



Krista said...

I also love how the statue is carrying that moss, let's just say it is that time of year. I know the feeling Curtise when there is so much on the horizon and well isn't this just starting to become the time of year when you really want to just chill. You look like you do a good stern voice and an autumnal beauty all at the same time. How you do that?

The boys sleep over sounds pretty cool. I still remember how happy sleep overs made me as a kid. I bet your house is fun! Why I don't think men change too much more as they age, a lil xbox, zombie movies and food, hell I'm into that!

You will love all this change once it gets rolling. It's the anticipation sometimes that is a bitch. Your family montage is pure joy to me. Look at all those happy faces! I'm sticking my tongue out now.

Sending you a big hug!XXXOOO and a bunch of my love

Krista said...

and check that bitches FIRST!

Anonymous said...

You're looking autumnal, warm, lovely and prepared.......prepared for new adventures. I know what you mean about the feeling of being on the cusp. It's exciting to think what may lay ahead.

Happy birthday wishes to seldom seen. X

Fiona said...

Yay, it's finally happening. Mind you they don't deserve you with all that fannying about they did. Boys birthday parties..yep I remember them. I was most appalled that some guests licked their plates. (they were only five) Dim son, surely not? Never mind Littlest, you're not alone at not being able to master chopsticks. Never did persevere with that one, I like my food hot! Enjoy your last week of SAHMing. Btw gorgeous suede jacket. xxx

Melanie said...

Dim sum for the dim son? Bwahaha! Although I know he is surely a spark like his mother. And my new mantra will be, It's only moss. Ha! So many gems here today. And topping it off is your own self looking fabulous in your autumnal wear in the garden, rather regal. I love that swirly whirl of the anticipation of goodness that can't be pinned down. I know you'll shine at your new job.

Vix said...

It's rather exciting though, isn't it? I bet you'll love every minute of it and the male customers in Debenhams will be all over you like a rash!
Loving the outfit, it's a real effort to dress when it's so miserably dull, the orange top and red lippy really pop and look fab (hark at Gok Wan).
Love the night out in Dim Sum and the sound of the sleepover. I'll send Jon next year, he won't appreciate the zombies or X Box but he'd love the snacks and being shouted out!
Love you! xxxxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

I bet you do a good Stern Voice! I love your description of them lined up like sardines in a can. I think I would lose my mind if I had a herd of 10 year old boys in my house overnight, which is probably why I don't have children :)

New things are scary, because you don't know if it will be something that will be a positive addition to your life, or something to make you tired and frazzled. I'm thinking this will be a good thing, but if you hate it, you're not stuck there. It's only Moss - I like that!

Sheila said...

Another fabulous piece of 70s leather! Love the lurex in the skirt - such a pretty autumnal outfit.

Nervous/excited for you and the New Job! You will be amazing - they will adore you.

Unknown said...

They are going to love you at your New Job!
I Think you are an amzing woman and im so sure that you are the best mum!
Looking really great!

Patti said...

I love the armful of moss! It makes me miss our cottage where plants did all sorts of interesting things. Your outfit is delightful too, all Fall-ish and ready for the Next New Thing. The store is so lucky to have nabbed you. xox

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Oh God, they're all at it (kids I mean) with that silly tongue face AND they were doing it before that Miley Cyrus one so I don't think we can blame her for that, unfortunately. Good luck with the job. I'm so excited for you! Xx

Helga said...

An armful of moss. Rather apt!
I'm so excited that you're about to start your new job!!! You're going to be FABULARSE, my darling! Selling mens panties like there's no tomorrow!!!
O my, sleepovers! I expect your stern voice is wonderfully terrifying! I like to think I do a good one, but then I haven;t had your experience! I bet those boys talked of little more than farts and poos. Dim sum is always a winner, and indeed, Miley Cyrus has a lot to answer for with all that tongue action. I'm pretty sure she's letting us know that she's feeling experimental.
Slinky outfit, and that BAG!!! That's also a covetable bag.You've got too many, I might have to help you with that......lurid lurex! How marvellous, and it's like diagonal's bloody lovely, and you've made the orange pop with that top.
Loving YOU!

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

You will be awesome! Don't worry about it. Enjoy your last week of freedom! Don't work too hard for the PTA. Have some 'me' time. xxxx

Sarah Jane said...

Yay, congratulations on getting the job. It never seems real until you get a start date. What department are you on? Looks like you had some lovely family time recently. I don't think having 3 kids allows you to be much of a lazy arse but I know what you mean. I consider myself one lazy lady and working does get in my way! I like your armful of moss philosophy xx

Unknown said...

Such great news about the job - I wish you success and fun. Glad you got through the sleep over. We did one this year for my sons birthday and put up with giggling and shenanigans all night until they exhausted themselves with silliness. Hope you get through all your busy stuff. It sounds like you are super organised .XXX

Unknown said...

do you know you look absolutely gorgeous in that outfit! really just gorgeous! hope the cusp is great and all new adventures are exciting xxxx

freckleface said...

Your hair's looking a lovely shade of red our Curtise - perfect for the season. As is your outfit. That's a fantastic skirt. You can't tell from the photo that it's lurex, but that certainly gives it a frisson.

Ooh yes, you are on the cusp and that's good because it's what you wanted. Well done for making it happen, it would have been easy to do nothing, but you didn't. Are you going to have to wear a uniform? How are you going to make bloggy get-togethers and go to Chesterfield market? So many questions, so little time.

Dim Sum = yummy. Dim Son = funny. Bless her, littlest for her noble efforts. It does take a while to get there, but if she's like her mum, she will in the end! xxxxxx

Peaches McGinty said...

the cusp of something new is a great expression, it is exciting starting something new, a little bit nerve-wracking but ultimately fabulous, it is a good feeling - the tweed skirt and outfit is gorgeously regal and your bunch are fabulous! quite right having fine fun in a restaurant!it is the only way!
think you are a legend having the sleepover, we have another next week...feck - you have done a fearsome amount of work with your organising and extras..sit down and relax, and have a drink!x x x

Miss Maple said...

Your garden goddess with moss is great. Also I like your autumn outfit cause this long skirt seems to be a warm outfit for chillier days. Looks very cosy.

Angels have Red Hair said...

Boys ... they are definitely funny ... somewhat smelly ... creatures. The one thing I have learnt about sleepovers ... is that they involve very little sleep.
You look gorgeous in your autumn colours ... redheads can really work those warm tones ;0)
Good luck with the new job ... I'm sure you will be Men's Wear Manager in no time :0)

silvergirl said...

oh you are making me miss those sleepover days so much
i just loved them and especially listening to all the silliness at the breakfast table the next morning about the night before

Tamera's Craft Palace said...

Ah I remember sleepovers--a living room full of little girls!!

You look gorgeous and I can imagine you using your Stern Voice!!!

I hope your first day is wonderful!! Sounds like you will be busy busy busy the next few weeks!!

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Dim Sum for the Dim Son....oh, that is hilarious. You really do have a gift for making me feel like I'm sitting with you at the pub or in the kitchen...easy chat rolling of our tongues.

Bit of a meh week over here, and your post has cheered me immensely.

If we don't see you before next Monday...all the best on your first day!

Unknown said...

I'm so in love with that outfit! Adore the colors period, and especially on you. How pretty you look, and what a slim little waist you show off! Long and slim! Can't beat that.
Dim Son! Awwww, nawwwww...! Stern voice, indeed. He'll clearly get even and will deserve a little revenge!
You are about to become a Captain of industry and the last word on Men's style at Debenhams. Make very sure they know that. Perhaps not on the very first day ...
What a lovely Christmas the kids will have!

two squirrels said...

Oh oh Curtise....I am so sorry to be only saying this now.....but well done sweet....I am so super excited for you.......a new job. You will be amazing!!!!!!! Oh oh I wish I could be there on Monday.......'Now madam do you have some midway, y-front white cotton men's underpants???'....snigger.
Wow just loving this fabulous autumn truly are the best maxi skirt wearer.
Do you have a uniform for work?
Happy birthday to little Mr.
Love v

CityScape Skybaby said...

For someone who describes themselves as lazy you achieve an awful lot Curtise! Your job seems so real when you say you can't attend the school event because you'll be working, you and Lucy make me feel like I should get off my arse and think about a job, I've got a few more years until Jake starts school then I really will have to do something. Seldom's sleepover sounds great fun, if a little exhausting for you, I think as a parent you get used to existing on little sleep anyway! My daughter is the worst, the first time a boy was talking to her at her window I thought "Ah how romantic, like Romeo and Juliet" but now, after endless nights of it I'm like "Shut up and go home!" I'm sure you'll make the best of all these opportunities and will be great in your new job, looking forward to hearing all about it! xx

Unknown said...

You always seem to do loads so I am sure your new job will just fit into your life style and you will be fine its an exciting new chapter for you :-) Love your outfit you look so gorgeous and cosy. Glad the birthday sleep over went well your children will have such lovely memories when they get older. Have a great week, dee xx

Indigo Violet said...

Good luck for your debut at Debenhams and I hope it doesn't curtail your chazzing activities too much!

thorne garnet said...

Damn,you a little busy? Love Dim Sum, I have to go to the big city to have it.

Annie said...

You look fab, Curtise. Autumnal but vibrant! Your hair really suits you that colour.

I'm so happy you got the job at Debenhams. I know Christmas is over-commercialised, but it's still a fun time to be starting work in a department store I reckon.

Hope you can still make 29th though! xxx

Ulla-Marie said...

Last post - black. This post - brown (both Beautiful). I guess that your next post will give us grey? Autumn mood?

Allison said...

that stern voice may just come in handy at the new the dim sum shots....bloody miley cyrus. that girl has a lot to answer for! x

BellaBean Vintage said...

Congrats on the new job - how exciting - can't wait to hear all about it. The sleepover sounds perfectly boyish and not my cup of tea so I'm sure they had a hoot! Loving the herringbone maxi - you look delicious!

Louise Mc said...

I've missed so much. Good luck for your new job. How exciting. I think you will be great. Xx

joyatri said...

You hardly seem the lazy sort with all the moss-wrangling you've been doing. I hope the new job and change in your routine proves fun and exciting and not a burden.
I love how even your sober autumnal outfit has a bit of sparkle.
Am I the only one who noticed the handsome gent in the dim sum pics??
See you soon, I hope!

Jean at said...

Makes me think Be Careful What You Wish For!! But really it sounds wonderful. A change of scenery with the Debenhams gig, adding that much more to do over the holidays. You'll be juggling 10 balls instead of eight, but somehow I know that even if you drop one here or there, everyone will survive. Change is good, and inevitable. I can't wait to hear your take on it all.

Oh, those sleep-overs!! So much excitement and sweat. The memories last forever, for everyone. The restaurant must have been so much fun!! Jan commented on the gentleman in the photo...?

Finally, I particularly like this autumnal outfit. The '70's leather trimmed suede jacket is superb!!

LOVE YOU!! Good luck on Monday. :-)

Anonymous said...

Those colours really suit you & I do envy your suede jacket.
I expect you are much more organised than me but I didn't have a pair of suitable shoes for work - I am a big fan of bright coloured shoes as you know - so I had to buy some. Not a great idea when you're on your feet all day...
I hope it goes really well for you. xxx

Unknown said...

Congrats again! and don't worry you will adjust - It will take a while but you will adjust -
Now you will have to think about work wear don't you? Will you show us what you wear to work?


Pennyblossoms said...

Ooo, you're cruel!...dim sum for the dim son! Ha ha!
And stern...think we need a voxpop of your 'stern voice'!
Good luck at Debs...I did enjoy my time with them a[art from the arse of a dept manager and the store manager. Arseholes, both of them. But the job was fun and the other staff were good. And hopefully you'll get a decent discount too!
Z xx

bonsaimum said...

CONGRATULATIONS. Wohoooooooooo!!

Rachel said...

Busybusybusy! Just fit time in for chazzing in between (for you!) and writing beautiful posts (for us!) and it'll be fine. Also I would wear the comfiest shoes you can, your feet will thank you at the end of the day.

I remember slepovers. I think it is the illicit thrill from not sleeping in your bed, and eating naughty food! Xxx

Unknown said...

Aha - that's where the armful of moss thing started. I knew I would catch up with it eventually and it would all make sense. And it does.

You are so gorgeous - I look so frumpy and dumpy in brown and you look so svelte and glamorous. It must be voodoo.

A very belated happy birthday for Seldom Seen.

Love, Sarah xxx