Friday, 12 October 2012

Teal appeal

I have mentioned before that I seem to be susceptible to Colour Rut.

Hmm, I'm having another attack...

Yesterday on the left, today on the right.

Brown and teal are good together.

Fabulous make up!

Kingfishers look good in it too. 

Kingfisher blue and orange, mmmm...

I weathered the various Scottish dancing/Prime of Miss Jean Brodie/"is it Hogmanay?" comments with equanimity. 

Yeah, right. In my head, I was being sarcastic as fuck.

1960-70s Balmoral Scottish-made wool tartan dress and boots - Ebay
Tights, poncho, brooch and bangles - charity shopped
Jabot-front blouse - jumble sale 

In keeping with the colour scheme, my friend Robert, an avid Poole pottery collector and expert, sent me this beautiful little dish this week. 

Isn't it pretty? Thanks, Rob!

I bought this dress half-price in a Karen Millen sale in the late 90s, I think.
 It has been a favourite but I haven't worn it in ages, and considered putting it on Ebay.

I think I'll keep it, but wear it as a day dress, rather than keeping it as a going out frock.

Let me show you the neckline - sequins and velvet to frame one's magnificent decolletage!

Karen Millen lace dress - retail (sale)
Tights - charity shop
Shoes and 1960s vinyl shopper - Ebay
Royal Worcester china brooch - car boot
Flower brooch - gift from Eldest
Necklace and chunky bracelets - gifts
Green beaded ring - handmade gift from ever-colourful Krista

I read lovely Jean's post this morning on drossintogold, and was very taken by her sensuous, sexy, tactile descriptions of the textures and fabrics of her outfit. 

Of course I like to look at the photos my favourite bloggers share, but have I mentioned how much I love to read well-written, thoughtful, funny posts which showcase my friends' brains as well as their beauty?

Hearing an authentic voice and personality through prose; being engaged by the thoughts, opinions and experiences described; sharing gentle humour, corruscating foul-mouthed sarcasm, or ribald naughtiness; luxuriating in the generous wit and warmth of friends...

The blogs I love are so much more than frocks, shoes, makes, or photo opportunities!

Keep doing it, darlings! 



Miss Simmonds Says said...

Ignore those comments, that dress is gorgeous!!I'm so jealous of it. It looks stunning on you. I love all this teal and brown, it looks great on you. The spider web-ness of the Karen Millen dress is perfect for Autumn too. I love grey poncho, it looks adorable! And I love all the other details - the brooches and the ring Krista made you! xxx

Kylie said...

I think yours is one of those brainy, well written, funny, witty, authentic, sometimes a little bit rude, blogs you write about Curtise. Love your work (and your frock today x

Sacramento Amate said...

Brilliant stuff, Curtise. You are a true example of what you describe.
Have a grand weekeend.

Lucy Nation said...

Wow, I love these outfits, but my favourite has to be yesterdays. I don't really understand why you got all those comments to be honest (anyway, Miss Jean Brodie is a pretty good choice of style icon IMO) I just love pinafore dresses and those tights make the whole thing pop. I do like teal and brown but I've shied away from it since it became in the in colour scheme to do your house in a few years ago. Everyone seemed to be jumping on the bandwagon (that's what happens when it reaches the asiles of Home & Bargain!!) Kingsisher and orange, now there's a colour combination I can get behind!

I agree with the others that you are a great example of the type of blogger you describe xxxx

Ivy Black said...

Ignore 'em. They know nowt. You look delicious in teal and brown. I adore teal,and you can't go wrong in teal tights. Teal and orange is doing it for me as well.
You are a fabulous blogger keep on doing it!

grunge-queen said...

Love the lace, Curtise, and the prep school chic look! I think people who make the other comments must be jealous of your originality and verve. I love that you dress according to you, not anyone else! BTW I think I need to inject a bit more foul-mouthed sarcasm in my blog - sometimes I feel like it but I hold back, teehee. :) Have a lovely weekend. The skirt in the post below ROCKS.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Lovely dress, it has to be a keeper. Teal is such a joyful colour.

Catherine said...

I love the check shift and gorgeous poncho! I know where you're coming from though, I wear barely any colour during Autumn or Winter. Mustard or berry is about as loud as I go! xo.

Vix said...

It's only a rut if it's boring and you'll never be that! Love that sweet tartan frock and the posh, boob-enhancing Karen Millen number (far too lovely for best!) That poncho rocks and that Poole trinket dish is a sweetie.
How poetic were Jean's words this morning? She should write our eBay listings!
Have a top weekend, sexy legs! xxxxx

thorne garnet said...

lace dress is a dream, you better keep it! The plaid number is pretty. too.

Nikki @ Penelope Cat Vintage said...

I love the pinafore dress - just the sort of thing I need for Winter! The Karen Millen dress is lovely too, very pretty and spider-webby. Gorgeous.

I do love to see lots of photos but like you, I really appreciate what bloggers write - it gives so much more insight into their lives and I'm a nosey bugger. I'm a big fan of wordy posts, as you've no doubt realised and I love your blog for all the reasons you've mentioned and more :)

Nikki x

Anonymous said...

Definitely keep that dress Curtise! It fits you beautifully and is a great color on you. All the way to the perfect shoes you are richly and divinely dressed. I think I need to shop on ebay more often. I also need some breasts. ;)

kaffesoester said...

Today's outfit is a clear winner with me - I love it! The colour of the dress is beautiful against the tights. The shoes are making me really jealous! I hope I get to see them again soon.

I just read Jeans beautiful post too - and I thought of you when I saw her fabulous boots! You're both second hand professionals!

Letting your personality shine through on your blog is one of the aspects that makes your's so different from the top tier blogs, and more interesting too! In fact some of those blogs only have pictures, nothing else! How entertaining is that?

Megan said...

Gorgeous tartan dress! I love it with the lacy blouse.

In the second outfit I covet your shoes and dress. It's a gorgeous knit pattern.

Krista said...

Teal is totally looking good on you and your attitude always brings me back for more. You said it sweet sister, frocks are lovely to look at but it's the real tid bits we get that make it all that more enticing. I love getting to know all aspects of a person, we are so much more than pretty faces!
HAve a wonderful weekend!

Annie said...

That colour combo really suits you. I love the tartan dress and poncho.

I think your personality shines through in your blog, and I always look forward to reading your posts. I'm looking forward to meeting you in the 'real world' some day too :)

Annie xx

Style Sud-Est said...

we will keep blogging dear Curtise do not worry about it! we love your blos as well and all your funny stories, toughts and remarks!

I love the teal color but you know me i would have paired with green, red or orange but it is me!

I love that dress looks very nice on you, why do you want to toss it out or did i miss something?

Take care my friend

Ariane xxxx

señora Allnut said...

lovely color combos, and fabulous teal inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous!!Another perfect match I'm astonished!I love the Kingfisher so much (strange that there's no P word pet today!)...Both the outfits are beautiful, I like the tartan school girl one with all my heart, but also the Karen Millen dress looks great,the blue lace is lovely!
Have a great weekend!
Love xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Ah TEAL-- my favorite color!! and I must say you ate ROCKING it in both outfits!!
As a proud Scot--what's wrong with tartan?? I LOVE yours!!

Fiona said...

I'm quite partial to a bit of teal myself, wish I looked as magnificent as you though! Love the Miss jean Brodie look, you look rather saucy in the first shot and the pinafore and jaboty blouse are made for each other. btw is your wardrobe gargantuan? Excellent close-up's, love all the texture and detail. (just miffed that you posted your sedum pic before me!)
As for the blogs you mention, I read yours for all the same reasons plus the hilarious photo's of you in your nightie! Oh to be so brave.

Rob said...

Glad I got the right colour on the dish for your Curtise, though not sure there's a colour that would clash with you (I can just picture you chringing as I type) xxxxx

Melanie said...

Good thing this dress is above the knee because that makes it good for the flying helicopter kick, a wicked martial arts move, which is just the thing for slobber-mouthed comments. You look gorgeous in both the Karen Millen and the pinafore - those colours are wonderful. Jean's post was like Nigella Lawson except with clothes.

Trees said...

This colour combo suite you so well! You look fabulous - especially in the wee Scottish frock:)

Indigo Violet said...

Teal/turquoise and brown as a colour combo came into fashion a few years ago and it was a revelation to me, as I used to be a hater of brown. Now I realise that paired with a bright like hot pink or lime green or teal it can be amazing.
Was it coincidental that Vix has just done a post on beige, with a pink lurex crimplene dress? I think not.
Thanks for your fab pictures and words.

Connie said...

Curtise. I feel like you're one of the most popular girls at school. People will always be jealous but you are popular for a reason. Everyone wants to hang out with you. Teal & brown, yeah, Baby.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I get asked if it's St Patrick's day whenever I wear green....I can't believe people think it's strange to wear green just because! I love both outfits....that Karen Millen frock is gorgeous. The fabric & neckline are sumptuous! And I LOVE the tartan frock, it looks so good with that poncho too! Xx

CityScape Skybaby said...

I love these outfits Curtise, that grey poncho looks so soft and cosy and it's just perfect with your lovely pinafore and boots. Your lace dress reminds me of one I've had for years too, it's black lace with silver through it and I always think I'm going to get rid of it but I keep hanging onto it.

I agree with all you said about loving blogs Curtise, it's definitely about a whole lot more than just looking at pretty photos. Every blogger I love here has a really distinct personality and lots of facets within that personality that I love seeing little flashes of through their blogs.

You definitely are one of the bloggers I really look forward to reading, there's always a lot of humour but also a lot of sense and also generosity and kindness in your blogs and comments. xx

Jean at said...

Brown and teal ARE gorgeous together!! You could keep that theme going for a long, long time and never exhaust the possibilities. I love both outfits. That Karen Millan dress does have lovely framing qualities, and you deserve to be framed!!

Thank you so much for the link to Dross; I was startled when I saw it and very touched. I feel the same way about my blogging friends, too. I love the personalities as much as the style. XXOO

Jean at said...

P.S. You are a stellar example of which you speak!!!!

Misfits Vintage said...

Well, as per usual I am far behind and everybody has already said exactly what I want to say - but far more eloquently! You look absolutely BEAUTIFUL in both outfits - i love the jabot blouse (I had never even heard the word jabot until I met Helga!) and the gorgeous pinafore - and with the lovely cosy poncho and those fab boots too - you are super stylin'! And the other beautiful dress does indeed frame your magnificent decolletage exquisitely! You are a superstar. LOVE! Sarah x xx

bonsaimum said...

As always the lace dress and shoes are gorgeous. Witty and elegant - a good combination. :)

silvergirl said...

love that plaid dress!!
those are two of my favorite color combos
my bedroom is done in those colors

his_girl_friday said...

I love the way you put things together.

Diane said...

I love all of those outfits. Teal and blue go very well. You look fab x

Secret Squirrel said...

Fantastic colour pairing. My favourite risposte to a rude comment about colours I wear is usually something to do with it occurring in nature. Other comments, like you had, I just ignore.

My colour obsession at the moment is either bright turquoise blue or dark emerald green.

Gracie O'Tripp said...

I love that dress and the paring with the sweater is really nice. Great color combo and the shawl with the plaid is wonderful. I can't wear wool...much too hot and it itches.

Rose&Bird said...

Gotta love a bit tartan, you look great in both outfits! The little Poole dish is sweet, I have a small Poole collection, mainly 50s stuff, but I'm trying to complete a Twintone collection as well.

Caroline said...

I have a few Fürstenhofer Poole plates. Not as stylish as yours!

That Karen Millen dress is gorgeous. Suits you so well. I agree with Vix, it's only a rut if it's boring, otherwise it's your signature colour!

Camelia Crinoline said...

Teal and brown is a fabulous combination. I love your tartan dress. Ignore the silly Scottish dancing etc comments from less stylish people. You look great. xo

karensomethingorother said...

Teal and brown--who knew? You make it so stylish, of course, Curtise. Loved the poncho, and loved your sexy dress too.

Lynn Dylan said...

It is NO WAY a rut with you looking like that! Teal looks great on you! I agree with you about the well written, interesting reads we find in blog land. It's not just about fashion!


Nici said...

I love your skirt! So retro!
Nice style!

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

What a lovely combination to be "stuck" in - it's beautiful on you! And ditto on all the smart, smart SMART awesome internet ladies, like you! And I adore your poncho and texture collage too!

Kitty said...

Argh...whatever thoughts I can't put into words, well I no longer worry, because you my dear have the eloquence to do it for me.xx.

Forest City Fashionista said...

I may have to steal your phrase "Sarcastic as Fuck". You can charge me if you like ;) I love your outfit and Teal and Brown together ROCK! Adore the little plaid jumper and the Karen Millen dress, which makes a great layering piece, and yes, the neckline directs all eyes to your fab cleavage - Excellent!