Thursday, 4 October 2012

I'll try not to sing out of key


They are great, aren't they?

Real life, online life, old, new, human, feline, I love them all!

While I was ill in bed, this one was my constant companion.

This is Willow. 

Although we never call her that. Littlest took to calling her Willsy Pillsy, which has stuck, and now we all call her Pills or Pillsy Potter.

Apart from when OH calls her Pillock, because he thinks she's thick.

She isn't, she's just a little fragile and needy. Aren't we all, sometimes?

While we are talking cats, meet the new addition to the household...

Lovely Em of Ivy Black Chat knows I love all things feline, so she sent me this handsome boy to join the gang! And the blue flower ring too.

See, he fits right in.

And dear Terri of Rags against the Machine has been kind enough to send me a parcel of vintage treasure.

A feast of 1970s delights! 

Fabulous spotty day dress, amazing velvet and lace maxi dress, and a spectacular tapestry maxi skirt.

Thank you, Emma and Terri, I am really touched by your thoughtfulness.

My weekly routine is usually quite a sociable one, but since my hearing problems have continued, I am really struggling with talking to people. I am OK one-to-one but as soon as there is any background noise, I can't hear much.

Which means I can't do my usual voluntary work in the classroom at school, even chatting to other parents in the playground is tricky, and a night out in the pub is impossible.

That makes me a little sad...

But it also makes me truly appreciate my online life and friends. 

It doesn't matter if I can't hear you, I can read your blogs and email!

1970s maxi dress - Ebay
Wool poncho, hat, bangles - charity shops
Clarks riding boots - retail (ancient, almost forgot I had them...)
1960s vinyl/wicker shopper - vintage fair
Flower - retail (sale)

Green beaded bracelet - swap gift from Milan-loving fashionista Sacramento
Green button bracelet - hand made by my dear friend Joanne

Friends make life so much better!



Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Oh no, I'm sorry to learn you're still having problems, have you had any indication from the doc as to when it's likely to get better? You have some very handsome cats though, both real and decorative.

My children have the same kind of convoluted nicknames as your cats! I used to have a rabbit called Willow, although my mum would always shorten it to Wills, which sounds rather hooray henry now, looking back.

Love the patchwork effect collage of all your outfit details, very effective.

Online friends are wonderful, although I have felt rather bereft recently as some from my early days have stopped posting, and I can't reach one of them at all. Emailed several months ago but no reply, guess that is just something that happens sometimes.

Hope you're feeling properly better soon x

Krista said...

Willow or Pills :) is gorgeous, those green eyes! Whenever I'm sick Peetee is by my side, ok he is anyway, but isn't it nice not having to even brush your teeth around them.

I'm sorry you are still having ear issues, that is a bummer. When we came back from the UK I was fighting a cold and totally conjested on the flight home, it took my ears 3 days to pop and for those 3 days I could barely hear, I can't imagine dealing with that for much longer- poor thing.
I'm happy to hear that you have us - you do!

I'm loving all you pressies too, the kitty and ring from Em and all the beautiful vintage bits from Teri too. The print of your skirt is fantastic and I also love your poncho.

I hope you keep getting better!

Vix said...

Ouch! I'm sorry your ear is still troubling you. Hope it's all better soon or we'll have to go the the rough Wetherspoons where they don't play music and we can talk quietly!!
Terri and Ivy did you proud. How happy the new kitty looks with the other beasts and Teri's 70s collection is truly wonderful, I'm very envious!
That skirt fits a treat (and I have the same hat).
Willow is a beauty, OH is just jealous she loves you the most! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kylie said...

And you've got a lovely beret to keep your poor old ears warm and cosy Curtise.
Funny you mention Willow being your sick bed companion, our pooch did the same thing. In fact, it was the first time I let him in our bed. He's taken over now - much to my husband's disgust.
Take care x

Forest City Fashionista said...

I'm so sorry to hear that your ear is still causing problems - I've been deaf in my left ear my entire life so I know what it's like to have your hearing compromised. You look smashing in your fall tapestry and knits; how lovely to get parcels of joy! I'm loving the variations of the cat name, "Willsy Pillsy" is my fave.

Gracie O'Tripp said...

Love your Willsey and your outfit. I understand your hearing difficulties. I think I have always had the problem of hearing in a crowd. I don't know how many times I have just smiled at a comment someone has made at a party or other noisy gathering because I could not understand what they were saying. Asking people to repeat gets bothersome. It makes one dread such gatherings. Hope your hearing gets better.

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

What treasures are our friends, and what treasures they send in kind thought and parcel, wow! The maxi skirt from Terri is amazing.

Sorry to hear of the ongoing ear issues - I struggle a lot with background noise at the best of times, such a pain.

You are looking marvellous in any case - that mustard hat is darling, and I love your whole outfit, each piece is really special, beautiful print on the dress. Sometimes I really really miss having a kitty-friend, especially that sticking-close when you need them. xo

Fiona said...

Sorry to hear you are still a bit 'mutton' Curtise, although some people would argue that it does have it's benefits. (can't hear kids fighting, OH moaning etc, but I'm sure that doesn't happen in your house anyway) You look so pretty in your poncho and beret and Pillsy is a picture too. Looking forward to seeing you model your latest vintage treasures.

Lou said...

I don't know what I'd do without friends! Sorry to hear your hearing isn't 100%, always a shame to miss out on a trip to the pub. I adore your bag, and the blue flowery ring is so me x

Sissy said...

Oh I am so into fringed shawls these days, and yours is a beaut, the whole look is fantastic! Hope you're feeling better soon, sweetie...

Connie said...

Such a bummer that your hearing is not up to par. We'll get you back up & running. I just know we will. Meanwhile, you look pretty damn good. You really do that 70's thing very well. So nice that you have such sweet friends and your dear little kitty buddy. My dog, Pancake, has been my nap companion. I love to watch him dream about chasing rabbits. Hysterical. BIG HUG!!!! I love your positive comments on my blog. <3

Melanie said...

How would could the Earth spin without cats? Willow is wonderful. I have to say that your sphynx look a bit stand offish.

Uh-oh, those dresses Terri sent you are gorgeous!!! Hee! I think the left one says Paris again? And I love your gold hat with that lime(!?) flower. Very, very cool pairing. Love the photo montage too.

Again, I'm so sad about this temporary crimp but hopeful for your recovery soon. At least you look awesome!!!

Lynne DeVenny said...

No nights out in the pub? Oh, what rotten luck. But you sound like my DH, who is 80% deaf in one ear. We can forget conversing if there's background noise. Hopefully, your hearing will return soon.

Curtise, you just get more amazing all the time. Of course I am besotted by the long fringe, and the jewels (pronounced joo-wills 'round these parts). Terri's parcel is so lovely and perfect, as is your new kitty.

Hugs to Pillsy. Sasha Jane would like to meet him. Unfortunately, our other cat hates her guts. Yikes.

Secret Squirrel said...

Hi Curtise, thanks for coming over to mine and saying hello! I am sorry to find out you are having hearing trouble. I usually need to lip read when out and about in noisy situations. It didn't get worse and worse, as you describe, I think it just began to bother me more when I finally went to the doctor.

I love the fringes on your shawl. It says cosy to me.

Anonymous said...

You look totally adorable in that mustard hat! I wore a hat today too. And is your ear problem from the recent sinus/vertigo problems? My right ear is still ringing and I noticed I'm constantly saying, "huh?"

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Hope your hearing comes back soon. I love that outfit - so cosy.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

this is such a lovely post - cats really look after you when you need it. I love your outfit, the colours are quite subtle but very effective and not wishy washy. I hope you're feeling and bit better and the deafness goes by the time we next meet. I love all your gifts. I'll see what I can pick up at the jumble that might cheer you up xxxx

Anonymous said...

Oh hunnie, so sorry to hear that you are still having problems with your hearing, hope the doctors get it sorted out for you soon. But I have to agree with you on being thankfull for online friends, as I dont have real friends that I can see very often and it is through blogging that I still feel connected to others.

Your outfit is amazing, I have always loved shawls and the hat looks warm and snuggly. I would never of thought to wear at maxi at this time of year..but I am now inspired and I am on the lookout xx

Helga! said...

Cat names evolve over's a wonder they don't have personality disorders! or maybe they do?! Willsy Pillsy is just gorgeous!Bless her little paws for being a constant companion during illness.Bugger you haven't quite got your hearing back yet,how bloody annoying!You look scrumciously Autumnal,however,that beret truly rocks,and the funny slit on that shawl has me fascinated! I love shawls, I have a whol;e case full of them...somewhere! I just stoppped wearing them for a while...
Yay for goodies! Ivy and Terri are wonderful,can't wait to see you rock those 70's numbers!
Love madly!XXXXXXXXX

Rose&Bird said...

Sorry to hear you've still got problems, thank god for the Internet! Love your outfit! Especially the dress and the flower (unusual colour). I think animals know how to keep you company when you're ill x

Joyatri said...

Willow is so sweet looking. She looks a bit like the cat I was taking care of for the past month. So glad that she has kept you company.
Not being able to hear properly is really isolating, isn't it? Not only do you have online friends, but you have online friends who send fabulous presents! That tapestry skirt is fabulous as is the print on your maxi dress.

bonsaimum said...

I hope that your hearing clears up soon. Willow is absolutely gorgeous, what a sweetie. It doesn't matter how bad you feel, they brighten up your day.I must say your hat is lovely, the colour is so warm and goes perfectly with the wool poncho. I hope Willow does not knead on your clothes, mine does if I leave something on a chair and I am forever wearing thready hairy clothes. Did I mention I do LOVE that hat colour??

Melanie said...

I hope you feel better soon lovely. I had labyrinthitis once which gave me awful vertigo xxx
What a sweet kitty cat.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh honey you look an absolute picture today ... the flower on the poncho is completely divooooooooon with the maxi and I'm completely in love with your yellow knitted beret, reminds me of the one Stacey of One Owl Obsessed Oddity fell in love with this winter. It looks like my love affair with knitted berets will continue into the UK winter:)). I often wondered while you were ill whether you had any softies to cuddle up with and Willow sounds like she was the perfectly sensitive companion. I'm so glad you've been treated with gorgeous gifts, especially ones you can wear on chilly days. The Phoenix has the same hearing problem except it's from nine years standing in front of a deck-off Marshall stack playing funk bass and hypnotising girls with his lovely package. Not sure if the hearing loss is from feedback or the screaming. Two arse-squeezes for you! xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

thorne garnet said...

No fun not feel good. My kitties also like the snuggle up when I'm ill. Love the knit hat, so much so I do believe the one I make last year is similar. If it ever cools off enough to wear it this fall, I'll wear it. Yes, it's october and my a/c is still coming on. My sweaters are crying from lonelyness.

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

OH no, poor you. Again. Bloody ears. Hope they sort themselves out soon. What lovely gifts you received. Love the cat especially. Gorgeous outfit today, Curtise. The poncho is fabulous on you. xx

Anonymous said...

Well--you look marvelous for still being a bit under the weather!!! What awesome goodies you've received to cheer you up!
I have a cat figurine collection, too. although now that molly is gone I'm pretty much ignored by the other two. They prefer the hubster to me. PFFFFT on them cuz I have the doggies (who are smaller then the cats-LOL)

Sacramento Amate said...

Sometimes we have to be ill in order to apreciate what it feels to feel fine.
You look so glorious, my dear Curtise.
Have a grand weekend.

his_girl_friday said...

You look amazing. I love the shawl!

kaffesoester said...

Willow is such a beautiful creature, her eyes are amazing! On top of that she's a faithful and caring friend! I want a cat too!

Your colourful outfit is gorgeous! The flower and the hat are a great combination, you could even wear the hat with a flower pinned to it. I love the flower pattern of the dress, I wouldn't be able to stop staring at it if it was mine!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you're not feeling good. Hope you feel better really soon.
Your 70s parcel looks fabulous.

Annie said...

Sorry to hear your hearing problems are still continuing. Sometimes these things do drag on, and it's a real pain. I really hope you are better soon.

Your dress and poncho are gorgeous, and just right for this sunny but cool weather. And your cat is so pretty!
Annie xx

Jean at said...

Oh I'm so very sorry!!! It's hard to be confined and I hope you'll be all better SOON!! I agree with you about friends. They're definitely an essential part of any healing process. I'm sure you feel better having such lovely (and loving!) gifts to adorn yourself with.

I gasped when I saw the closeup of the print of this dress-it's gorgeous. I also love the combination of textures and proportions, the leather boots with the knit shawl and hat, the wonderful flower pin, bracelets etc. Well done!!

Vicky Hayes said...

Aaaah! Nice to know you appreciate your buddies. That hat looks great with the fringey hairdo! I went deaf in one ear once and it really did make being sociable very difficult. Vicky x

CityScape Skybaby said...

Willow is an absolute beauty with a lovely name too. Pets are very comforting when you're needing it aren't they. I remember the cat I grew up with, Trixie, would always sit and nuzzle me if I was sad and when I was pregnant our dog Dixie wouldn't leave my side, she was like that with my friend Alexis when she was pregnant too.
I'm sorry your hearing's not right yet Curtise, I'm a bit deaf so I always struggle in noisy situations and I know what you mean about it being great to have online friends where hearing isn't a problem!
Love you in this outfit, it's very soft and pretty and i love your knitted hat, that's the only kind of hats I do because my head is too big to fit into most hats.
And hurray for lovely prezzies, can't wait to see you posting pics of your new outfits.
Hope you continue to feel better. xx

Misfits Vintage said...

I SWEAR I commented here the other day!

I love this outfit - the poncho is so yummy and cosy looking - I love the fab skirt - the hat is bloody gorgeous on you and I ADORE all of your bangles and bracelets.

With love from your Number One Fan,

Sarah xxx