Sunday, 28 October 2012

My palpable, lithe otter of memory

The kids broke up for half term on Thursday, so we were all able to go out and about on Friday when my sister and mum came to visit.

Well, naturally one wears vintage for a trip into rural Derbyshire.

1960s Kenrose dress - £3, Chesterfield flea market
Kenneth Cole New York suede boots - £7.50, Ebay
Faux fur stole - gift from suitcase rummaging Sarah

We headed off to Hathersage for lunch, then on to the Chestnut Centre at Chapel-en-le-frith, an otter haven and owl sanctuary.

In my book of favourite animals, you can't get much better than that. 
Unless there were tigers as well.

The elusive otters made their appearance at feeding time.
Fish supper!

I couldn't get any decent photos of the owls in their enclosures, but there is a fabulous variety at the centre. And pine martins and a Scottish wild cat too.

Here are some other wild and untamed creatures frolicking in the autumn leaves.

The colours were stunning.

I had nothing much planned for Saturday, so imagine my delight when I received a text from my lovely friend Lucy, who happened to be in town.
 Impromptu blogger meet-up, yay!

It is testament to my huge affection for Lucy, and my ability to quash the grumblings of my ego, that I am posting this photo of us. She looks stunning. I look like I have forgotten to brush my hair, put make-up on, or otherwise smarten myself up. 

I blame the charity shopping (there are 7 on Ecclesall Road, as well as a couple of vintage shops in the area) and my hat trying-on activities.
And I may have had a drink or two by this stage...

Lucy and Ben are the most delightful, funny, interesting couple. It was really generous of them to let me gatecrash their time together, and I could happily have stayed in the pub getting steadily more drunk, and talking an increasing amount of bollocks about the Trade Union movement, kids, relationships, blogging, writing, Wales, Sheffield, and following wherever the conversational gods led us.

Till next time, Luce and Ben - cheers!

(I bought a few things too.
They will get their own post later.)
Brooch - another gift from the divine Ms. Misfit
Is it really bad that I bought these Kenneth Cole boots on Ebay at the start of the summer for a bargain price - then completely forgot I had them? 
It is naughty, I know, and a sign I have too many boots...

For the literary-minded among you, the post title comes from this beautiful poem. I love it.

So now I need to catch up with all your blogs, as I am woefully behind, and have no wish to fall foul of my own pet peeve, bloggers who post but don't comment! (I have others, I may confess them at some stage...)

Hope you have had a great weekend in your neck of the woods!



Vix said...

What a fab post, you looking gorgeous, wildlife, the kids frolicking in the countryside and an impromptu appearance by Lucy and Ben! Something for everyone, you'd never piss us of despite the posting without catching up (I've only just managed to, three days away makes for a huge backlog!)
I need to see more of those Kenneth Cole boots, are they GREEN?
I'll get you to spill more of your pet peeves over a bottle of bargain Wetherspoons vino in a few days time, don't you worry!

Anonymous said...

There was a very autumnal feel to your post today, the leaves the frolicking, owls & Otters and the good company and the pub...perfect way to spend these chillier days and by gum doing it in style in that wonderful dress. And I think you will be forgiven by all for your pet peeve, as we are all guilty of it at some point and somtimes there just isnt anything to say..

Can't wait to see what purchases you made and I hope you have fun with the kids this halfterm. It is my first with my eldest and Im scared already as Ive got used to him being at school xx

Louise Mc said...

Otters are by far my favourite animal, I get quite exicteable if I see them, I really want a pet one lol. I love your frock, and how wonderful to have that impromptu meet up with lovely Lucy. A great weekend indeed. X

Secret Squirrel said...

The garden pic is lovely, your neighbour's tree (weeping willow?) really goes so well with your dress. I expected that is the reason they planted it... !

Connie said...

What a gorgeous day! I loved every bit of it. And that's a new one for me and I think I may have had a hot flash while reading it!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful outfit! You should show off the boots a little more the next time you wear them. I would love to see them! I'm so very jealous of all your charity shopping and can't wait to see your loot!


Sacramento Amate said...

Wonderful finds, and you look so wonderful to take the children in style, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Helga! said...

O,baby,you look super gorgeous in this frock! It's a fave.I love the bits of turquoise,and doesn't it go well with that lovely stole?!
Ha,no shame in forgetting you had those boots,I forget about shoes/handbags/frocks on a regular basis!
I adore otters!SQUEE! You got some brillant pix of their adorableness!I SO want to squeeze one,the little cuties! Totally my fave animal,after cats.And I find them kind of catlike...whata splendid day out!
And then meeting up with the beautiful Lucy!SQUEE!How bloody SPLENDID!

Ivy Black said...

God, you look stunning! Close up of those boots please!
I love that poem. I haven't read it in years and years.
I am counting down the days now flower...cannot wait!xxx

Fiona said...

What a fab time you've been having Curtise. The otters are beautiful (I loved Ring of Bright water) and the LB's look as though they are having a top time. I haven't heard that poem before, thanks for educating me. Lucky you having another blogger meet up this week, have fun and don't forget your camera. xxxxxxxx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Gawd, it's not fair! Lucy may have a teeny edge with the brushed hair thing in that one photo but you look pretty good in your heavy borrowed pelt (am I paraphrasing really wrongly?)

I have been slightly guilty of getting behind with my commenting, I do mean to, but my bloody posts take ages in themselves, and I follow a gazillion blogs [also I have been conducting an affair with another part of the internet recently, have developed a major and worrying addiction to fan fiction]. Will try a lot harder!

Did I mention I love your dress? And otters of course. I'm especially fond of sea otters, who carry a favourite stone. I consider that accessorising.


Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Haha, yes, am completely mangling poem, why would an otter have borrowed anything? Ignore me!

Vicky Hayes said...

That is a gorgeous outfit Curtise - I have a bit of a thing about blues and greens together. And what a lovely time you had at the Chestnut Centre. Gorgeous colours and otters too - do you remember the wooden otters in Bourton Park or were they put there later when you'd left the area? I have a brooch very similar to the one Ms Misfit sent you that I got from the last vintage fair in Buckingham town hall. Have been trawling the chazza shops for a shirt to wear it with but I don't get out much! Vicky x

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh you are absolutely SUBLIME in the divine maxi, daring - I LOVE the colours and silhouette on you. AND HEY THERE'S LUCE!!!! And OTTERS! Oh, this is such a wonderful post of so many of my favourite things... I will probably sing now...

Love you!!! Sarah xxx

Kylie said...

Derbyshire looks lovely and so do YOU Curtise. And what about Lucy, that woman is a stunner! Lovely you two should meet up over a glass or two.

p.s. making an Owly for youngest x

Jean at said...

This outfit is divine!! I need it for a floral post that's nagging me!! You look gorgeous, as do the otters and all. The children are precious, too. Wish I could've seen your mom.

Have a wonderful week and don't stress...about anything!!!!

Lynne DeVenny said...

You look fabulous in all your photos, Curtise. What a fun weekend you had. Can't believe you forgot new-to-you boots. I would have been dying to give them a spin! That stole pulls everything together, and is so sexy!

bonsaimum said...

OMG, that dress is magnificent!!! The brooch is beautiful. The otters are too cute and I would have needed restraining to stop me jumping in with them for lots of cuddles. As for too many boots--what--you can never have too many!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Scrumptious frock on you dear Curtise. LOVE the print. You look gorgeous in the blogging buddy photo. I think it's near impossible for there to be a bad photo of you. Xx

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Great photos and thoroughly enjoyable post with a poem thrown in. Excellent stuff and you both look lovely in the picture of you and Lucy.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful poem and inspiration for this amazing weekend reportage!
Here the rain stuck us at home and I really missed to walk into a romantic autumn leaves carpet, the colours are my favourites of the year!The otters are so sweet too!Your maxi dress is beautiful and I like the black stole on it and your gray cape and hat!
Your blogger meet up sounds lovely and Lucy is stunning in her purple fur!
Have a wonderful week!

Sara Clemente Alonso said...

Hi dear!
Love so much you're blog, follow u :)
My account is without pic, with name: sexy_paige_cucu.
Hope u follow back :)

Lot of kisses.

delia hornbook said...

Well i have to say you look gorgeous in that photo with Lucy as you always do and Lucy and Ben look like such a sweet couple its always nice to catch up with friends i think the times on the spure of the moment are sometimes the best :-) Love the photo's of the otters and the children the colour of the trees and leaves etc are stunning at the moment they almost take your breath away. Im so excited about meeting you later this week :-) see you soon, dee xx

Style Sud-Est said...

That was a perfect weekend - Nature and friends and happy kids can you ask for anything else!

I love the color of your frock Curtise, right up my alley very pretty-

Ariane xxx

kaffesoester said...

That is one amazing dress! You look fabulous in it, and your hair always look great, even after a few hats and pints!

Is there some sort of fence around the otters? It looks like they're all free. They're so cute, almost as cute as the kids, but not quite! It looks like you all had a great time at the Chestnut Centre!

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Dress= amazing!!!
I heart your posts! x

Dawn said...

I always get a chuckle out of your posts. Untamed wildlife and then a pic of your little ones. Haha! I must say that this dress and faux fur is one of the prettiest looks that I have seen on you. The color, the softness of the photos...just lovely Curtise. Green is really good for you. Anyway, glad you got out and met up with some friends. I can't believe how much vintage you find, I'm going to buy mostly vintage when I begin to shop for clothing again. I admire your dedication to wearing it. I must first wear all the vintage dresses that I own. have a great day! Always nice to hear from you. dawn suitcsae vignettes xo

Lucy Nation said...

This post is fab. So much good stuff. Those photos of you and the kiddos are gorgeous. I love the one with you in the poncho, the backdrop is stunning. Thank you for linking to the Seamus Heaney poem. I'm not familiar with his work but I really enjoyed this. I hate bloggers who don't comment too. I know it can be hard to keep track of every single post but some don't even bother trying, and they wonder why they have so few followers!

PS. I haven't stopped chuckling over that "ball or ae-ro-sole" sketch you posted the other day. I keep laughing to myself like a slightly disturbed person!


Forest City Fashionista said...

Owls and otters and blogger gossip and charity shopping, oh my!! What a lovely way to spend a weekend. I try to get caught up on everyone's posts just before I do one of my own (then everyone feels guilty and comes over to visit me...)

CityScape Skybaby said...

That dress is one of my favourites I've seen you in Curtise, it really is lovely and it only cost you £3.00, what a bargain! Love how well the little brooch goes with it too. And I'm constantly finding clothes and shoes I'd forgotten I had, there's so much stuff here things get buried under it all.

Otters are one of my favourite animals, I love their little paws like cartoon character hands, their little faces, that funny little noise they make and how they look when they come out of the water. Love the pics of your kids having fun in the woods too, it's great when they get the chance to just run around free
I've only just started following Lucy's blog after finding her through you ladies here so I'm looking forward to reading more. It looks like you all had a fantastic time. xx

Anonymous said...

Very stylish! Love the boots and the dress too. Good thing there weren't any tigers - not sure the otters would have liked them much.

Krista said...

Curtise you can rock a maxi like no other and I love the little bit of fur from the sweet Sarah. I'm pretty sure I have these boots in dark purple. Do they kinda have a big stitch in them? I just wore them with a purple and orange maxi~ I thought to myself the outfit was very Curtise:)

The day out with your very own gang looked fresh and fun and I can't believe Lucy and Ben were tossed in too. Don't you just love the unexpected adventures!! Being down is half the game and you seem always ready to hang out. The picture of you and Lucy put a big smile on my face and I stared at it for a while, you are both beautiful! Luce...I love that purple sweater and your smile! More blogger fun this week. I am jealous and wish so much I could be there to chat drink and shop.
I'm off to read this poem now:)

Vintage Coconut said...

Lovin the dress, I think it's the shades of green calling out to me.
The Otters are so cute. (I then sort of got reminded of the piece of sashimi I ate yesterday) and .... lost my train of thought for a moment. (I am not really a fan of raw fish but it came on the side of my spicy California sushi. *lol*
But I suppose if raw fish is the Otters cup of tea then it's okay with me. I love owls too!!! So I am right with you and littlest. We have some at a wildlife park here and I swear I could stare back at them for hours. *haha*

Coco Bolinho said...

hello, what a lovely post:)
I loved your blog!
Wan to follow each other?
thank you:)
new post on my blog:

Miss Simmonds Says said...

ARRGHHHHH I'm so bloody jealous that you two got to meet! I want to be there. Did you remember to ask your Mum about her family? I bet we are related, we're both so fabulous. That dress is amazing, it should always be worn with that fantastic fur stole. Looks like you had a fab time in the peak district.
Thanks for sharing that beautiful poem and I'll see you very soon!! xxxx

angie said...

Seems like a great day out with kids family and friends plus drinking and shopping.What more can you ask? I like your haircut and how you matched the boots with the dress.I'll be following for your next day out!!!

Trees said...

This frock is just PERFECT on you! I love the colour.

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

What a beautiful dress and boots, Curtise! Amazing print, collar, and silhouette, so perfectly accessorized with the gifted brooch - you are spectacular! Lovely glimpses of the wildlife and dear friends.

I am glad there are other naughty boot ladies in the world. Thanks too for The Otter poem - so great!

Anonymous said...

Trying to catch up here, too!!
OOOOO Otters-how cute are they??
LOVE the dress!!

Melanie said...

Love otters! Also weasels, but they are elusive little things .. not that I see otters on a daily basis you understand!
And that is a lovely outfit xxx