Thursday, 18 October 2012

Let's get ready to jumble

It's been a busy old week.

We are having another jumble sale at school on Saturday, an event which seems to have been designated my baby.

The posters are up, the online publicity done, and the requests for donations and cakes for the cafe made.
The volunteers have been recruited and allocated their duties.
The donations are forming an impressive mountain.

Setting up will happen tomorrow afternoon, and the fun starts at 10.30 on Saturday morning!

Given that all the prep is in hand, I should turn my attention to the really important issues.

What shall I wear?

1970s peasant blouse - Ebay
1970s skirt, tights, shoes, belt and bracelets - charity shopped 
Cape - flea market
Pendant - car boot
Hair flower/pin - retail (sale)

Blue flower ring - gift from Em
Check out my Amber-inspired leg shot!

Random collage of garden loveliness. Just chucking them in there since the flowers match my skirt.

Littlest and I checked out the competition at a massive Scouts jumble sale last weekend.

Despite there being an enormous amount of stuff on offer, there was remarkably little I wanted to buy...

Best find?

A vintage St. Michael angora/wool blend hat for Mini Miss Marple.

And another pomander for my growing collection. At 10p, it would be rude not to.

I found some great 1970s children's books too.

1972 Dick Bruna Christmas Book.
Sorry for the "C" word...
But look at the spray tans on the Holy Family and those Wise Men!
The book isn't in the best condition so I may cut it up to make Christmas cards.

Illustrations from a story book.

And my favourite - Uncle George seems a little over-dressed for a trip to the beach, but I love his sharp suit. Do we feel he may be a little camp?
This sadly wasn't bought at the jumble, but from Chesterfield flea market.

A 1970s Scottish-made wool coat. 
It's in perfect condition and looks unworn.

Vintage label love!
My mate Joanne bought it originally, at my insistence, but she feels like this in it.

Needless to say, she doesn't look anything like a sack of spuds in it, but there was no convincing her, so I bought it from her.

I am fondly hoping to channel a young Ali MacGraw*...

...which may be a tad over-optimistic but as long as I can avoid any root vegetable comparisons, I will be happy.

* This spelling looks so wrong to me but I have checked and it seems to be correct!
So my dears, wish me well for Saturday, and let's hope there isn't too much of this...

Mel's cartoon never fails to make me smile!



Anonymous said...

Adorable shoes Curtise, wear those for sure. I also love this feminine blouse on you with the pendant over it.

Nice ending with Melanie's sketches. Sounds like you're going to be super busy this weekend. Cause you know, everything you were too busy to do Saturday will now get pushed to Sunday.
I wish you luck, prosperity, energy and success this Saturday.
Don't eat too much cake. ;)

Vix said...

Cool cape, Curtise, and that skirt is rather lovely, too! That peasant blouse is gorgeous! I love Mini Marple's hat, I remember those very well but don't think I've ever seen one in red before.
I wonder what kind of trip George usually takes, he's looking a bit flushed there.
That coat is very Ali MacGraw, I might be tempted to swap the belt for a leather one, show off your gorgeous shape a bit more.
Have a fab jumble and make lots of money. It's ours again next week and I had the call for our help again. Better be fighting fit by then, I reckon that's where I picked up my lurgy in the first place! I recommend a Haz-mat suit! xxxxxxx

Max said...

Now this outfit is up there with my faves, great colours and texture. I suspect you'll be able to carry off that coat with your height and i bet you have a plethora of scarves to chose from. You'll be great advert for your wares i'm sure x

Connie said...

I was always pegged for volunteer things at school, too. It was annoying at the time but now that the kids are grown I kind of miss it.....I have so much less to gossip about! Your little Miss Marple is ADORBS!! And don't we all need an Uncle George in our life?

Krista said...

Rumble at the Jumble! God how I wish I had the chance to go to just one of these when I was over there. These sweet red shoes kinda make me weak in the knees and I do love this cape of yours! Littlest one could not be any cuter in that swanky hat, I love how the underside is the same color as the part on top.

Your morning routine along with all the other Mum's made me realize how good I have it ;) The grass is never greener ~ Mum was right. Have fun this weekend and I hope it's a raging success!

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I love your posts, they always cheer me up and I needed cheering up today.
Love Story is one of my guilty pleasures. Love it.

Trees said...

Best of luck for your jumble sale! I hope everything goes wonderful for you. I love that kiddies book about Christmas, that would make fabulous Christmas cards. Don't worry about mentioning the "C" word - we got an e-mail this week at work advising us it was 67 days until Christmas, so its time to book Christmas leave nooo......

Lou said...

I adore the pattern on your skirt, so beautiful! Enjoy your jumble sale, I'm sure you won't be able to resist picking up a few bargains too! x

Sacramento Amate said...

I wish I was coming over, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Secret Squirrel said...

I wish you good jumble karma! (if you have time when not organising?). That coat is lovely. It is important to dress like films - I got my last job channelling The Talented Mr Ripley in my interview outfit! It was the outfit, I'm sure... over the answers :-)

Anonymous said...

Lovely cheerful post; I feel much happier for reading it. Hope the jumble sale goes well. Love the '70s skirt & blouse.

Anonymous said...

Whatever you wear i'm sure you'll be the most fab looking lady there!!
Love this outfit--and I'm thinking of marrying those shoes!!

The coat is gorgeous--so chic and classic!

Anonymous said...

Good Luke with the jumble sale it will be fun I'm sure.
You look a picture in your garden, and by the way you have such beautiful inspiration in that garden with all that odour and floral.

Love your scout jumble sales especially all the kiddie related stuff.

Sissy said...

You always come up with the most interesting combos, and that coat is def Ali MacGraw, too cute and I had to add the movie to my netflix queue...thanks for the post, and have fun at your jumble!

Helga! said...

Well, don't you look all set for some sleuthing!You may need to steal back that Miss Marple hat!!
Fab shoes!
O,jumble time again!Bugger you've been roped into organising again,but you don't seem to put out.I do hope you have first dibs?!What to wear is, of course, VITALLY important.I expect you will look spectacular!
Um,Uncle George could almost be Uncle Quentin! (5 Go Mad In Dorset)He's likely got mescalline in his pocket,ready to PARTAY on the beach...
Ooo,the trench is rather glam,and ALSO perfect for sleuthing!Is there a theme here, or am I making it up?!
Love you!
Hope the jumble is a riot! (Not literally, although that could be amusing if you get yourself a prime viewing position)

Rose&Bird said...

You did such a great job last time, I can see why you got picked again! Love the hat and the books. Good luck for Saturday, I'll be off to a scouts jumble myself!

lucy joy said...

You're the hardest working PTA volunteer in showbiz! And, undoubtedly the most stylish. You'll be faced with the jumble sale task forever now, even when you're a grandma, and you'll be cantankerous, bitter and scathing, yet super cool with a filthy humour!
Littlest threatens to steal your thunder, especially with that wistful pose, I do love a good hat.
Your photography is getting better by the week, almost hard to believe you used to pose indoors now.
Coats, hmm. Already bought 2 this year, I can't help it. Sack of spuds/shit is a look I regularly pull off, but I keep buying belted wool coats. Can't wait to see that one.
Good luck with the preparations for the jumble sale, wish I was coming.

Lucy x

Pearl Westwood said...

I really love getting to have a nosy at other peoples finds, you got some great things. I havent seen a pomander for years I must keep my eye out for one.

Diane said...

I just love your posts - they are just full to bursting of everything!! Good Luck for Saturday - I love a good Jumble Sale rummage! xxx

kaffesoester said...

If you're in charge of the affair doesn't that mean you get to choose first from all the treasures?

The skirt and shoes are gorgeous! The pendant on the blouse is lovely too, and your legs shot from the Amber-angle are fantastic! You have to wear those shoes on Saturday! Maybe you want to bring a large bag as well?

Your garden really is amazing, the flowers are beautiful! We've had a few frosty nights, and all the flowers have gone completely!

thorne garnet said...

Good luck with the sale. Sell lots of treasures.

Pretty flowers and a kitty!

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

I'm liking the illustrations from the kiddies' books and loving the idea of making cards (note I'm not saying what sort of cards) from the Dick B book.

Good luck on Saturday and have fun! xx

Lynne DeVenny said...

No rumble at the jumble? How very

You look ravishing. I love meandering through your posts, ogling all the lovely details, and even vicariously shopping cool vintage secondhand finds with you. I love the Miss Marple look (so jealous of anyone who looks good in hats :) and the kitteh.

Dawn said...

I decided to visit you because I needed a dose of what you might be thrifting. I have been crafting for days and have not gotten dressed except for my work uniform. We just switched to uniforms which are ghastly. Anyway, love your red shoes. This weekend sounds like fun, I have to work. I would have bought that 70's blouse from the thrift. I love blouses like that...a real sucker for 70's wing collars too. I crack up when you refer to Mrs. Marple or is it Miss Marple. I have to look her up. I just love the name. Great hat on your daughter. Have a great one Curtise...enjoyed my visit. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

Misfits Vintage said...

Oooh I love this outfit - the skirt is magnificent and the blouse is FABULARSE and I adore the CAPE! You and Mini Miss Marple should be on the moors, looking for smugglers and eating slabs of chocolate and lashings of ginger beer! I remember that Dick Bruna book. Best of luck with the jumbo - hope you make a motzah! Love you more than smooth criminals! Sarah xxx

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Haha that cracks me up - mr. Camp dressed up at the beach!

Lovely skirt and I LOVE your daughter in that marple hat... gold!

Hope you get some pre-jumble scores!

bonsaimum said...

Hope you sell lots and lots at the jumble sale. I must say that the vintage hat you aquired for mini Marple is divine- a beautiful shade of red. Now speaking of red--THOSE SHOES OMG............ It's a pity I live so far away because I'm sure if I spotted them within my field of vision I would be forced to rugby tackle you for them!!!!

Anonymous said...

Best of luck with the jumble sale. I admire you for taking it on.

The peasant blouse is a cool pairing with the skirt. And can't wait to see you model the "ali mcgraw" coat.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Splendorous outfit...I love the colours & your accessories. I do hope the jumble sale goes well, & you come home with some new goodies. Love the Miss Marple hat. If anyone can look like Ali Macgraw it's you....Super svelte & always stylish. Xx

Anonymous said...

The Jumble sale sounds great I'd love to come and have a rummage with you!I have a similar skirt and I forget about it until now and I really like it with the belt and the white blouse, so now I have a ready- made outfit for the weekend, I'm so tired that this could really help!
Your finds are always great and that st Michael hat is perfect for your daughter she looks like a doll!
The books are amazing too,I love the C*** one very much and I fell in love with uncle George (but maybe I'm hopeless)he's stylish everywhere!Your new coat is cool and after the Ali Mac Graw's pictures, I'm sure that you'll wear it in the right way!
Are you in the Mel's cartoon? Brilliant!!!

delia hornbook said...

Looking gorgeous both you and little Miss Marple bless her that hat really suits her ;-) Good luck and have loads of fun tommorrow im off to a jumble sale to hopefully might find a little bargain or two. dee xx

Debberoo said...

Oh I had that Christmas book!!!! Well I'm sure it was officially my sisters but I remember those pictures so well, loved it! I also love the other books you got, I too have a huge love for children book illustrations.

Good luck for Rumble in the Jumble, its awesome that you do this for the school. They don't seem to go in for jumble sales as such over here. Lots of yard sales but never seen a jumble sale I think the closest thing is a Tag sale but its not the same. Er, right well after that sharing that scintillating piece of information with you I'd better get the smalls on the school bus. xxxxxxx

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Curtise!!! I am honoured by your mention of me as an inspiration - thank you so much! Beauty of a leg shot. :)

You yourself are a vision of garden loveliness, but hardly random - I am in love with your capri, skirt, purple flower, flower ring, and flower bangle, and necklace - gorgeous!

Is it wrong that I find the Xmas book totally hilarious? I love it and Uncle George as well. Wishing you grand jumble sale success. xoxo

Miss Simmonds Says said...

oh I just love rich red, purple and blue together so much! You look fantastic. The cape is gorgeous too, you've got a great figure and all those clothes do wonders for it. I'm most jealous. I love your new coat, I'm sure you'll look nothing like any kind of collection of root vegetables in it. Littlest looks great in her hat and those story books are fab, what else did Dick Bruna do? I'm completely in love with the illustration of the rabbit flying over the fox - it reminds me of Kit Williams. Uncle George is hilarious, can't think who he reminds me of, some tv/film star

Fiona said...

Love todays outfit Curtise espesh the groovy skirt and pendant. Hope mini Miss Marple likes her hat, I think she looks very cool in it. No surprise that you have been designated Jumble Sale organiser, you made such a success of the last one and at least you get to have first dibs at the jumble. Fab photo's yet again, I took a snap of some toadstools the other day but not a patch on yours.

silvergirl said...

good luck with your sale, i hope you raise loads of money
aw- ali mcgraw
love those red shoes

Jean at said...

Hello my Daring! I'm a bit late but thinking of you nevertheless!! You post is delicious and I will have to go back to appreciate all the details. I'm glad to see you wearing your special finery (the capelet is extraordinary!!) Sending much love!!!

Melanie said...

Okay, I'm ready for your rumble at the jumble post. As long as I don't have to redo the cartoon with power tools of any kind... I always think of that hilarious video clip you posted lampooning jumble sales.

As for you - gorgeous. I scrolled down and almost gasped because those are the most splendid shoes for this awesome cape and skirt and those blue tights. Good luck tomorrow!

CityScape Skybaby said...

Hope you get lots of good finds at the jumble sale today Curtise, I love that outfit and all your accessories, I'm rubbish at putting accessories together. Your daughter is so pretty in her Miss Marple hat and your garden is lovely, I always want more flowers in our garden. Love all your books too, that's a good idea to make Christmas cards, even if the C word does make me come over a bit faint these days. xx

Lynn Dylan said...

Fabulous! And I am certainly pleased that your priorities are straight! Love the little vintage hat! What a cutie pie! And that Scottish coat! Whoa. Apparently all my family roots are in Scotland, so one day I hope to get there. :)

Hope your sale was awes!! By now you are likely exhausted and wiped out from it, but it's early Saturday morning here right now.

Lynn Dylan

Joyatri said...

I hope the jumble sale was a rousing success. Once again, your skilled combining of color and textures is awe-inspiring. Can't wait to see you in the Ali MacGraw coat.

The Style Crone said...

You are a knock out in this ensemble. I'm in love with the cape and the colors next to the beautiful background are breathtaking.

I'm sure the jumble sale was a success with you in charge! And I'm also sure that you turned many a head.

karensomethingorother said...

the wool coat is fabulous Curtise. With your stylish good looks how can you not look good in it?

I think the pictures of "uncle George" and the kids at the beach are so charming. What a fun find. Also, mini Miss Marple looks adorable.

Mrs. D said...

The shoes, the shoes! The whole ensemble is lovely but my favourite bit is the shoes :)
I had Dick Bruna books when I was a kid, your post just reminded me of that. Thank you for the memories!