Sunday, 21 October 2012

Red, white and blue at a jumble near you

Let's talk about Saturday.

You couldn't resist buying some old tat high quality merchandise from this excessively co-ordinated woman, could you?

Of course you couldn't. 

And that'll be 20p to you, love. 

Because I like you.

We just ooze glamour!

Tracey, Joanne and Karen.
My Jumble Sale Dream Team.

Clothing mountain, books and bric-a-brac.

The cafe detail, Andrea, Diana and Sue.

Vintage tablecloths on my washing line, all loaned to the cafe by moi.

All the scarves and pinnies were mine too.

I should set up a rental service.

Does this skirt look vaguely familiar?

Darling Sarah was given this vintage St Michael skirt by Dee.

Is it stalkerish that I bought the exact same skirt (albeit a slightly shorter version) when I saw it in a charity shop a while back? 

And then nicked her styling of it with a stripey top and red shoes?

I prefer to call it a homage. Don't worry, Sarah, I won't go all Single White Female, promise!

Ballet's loss is the PTA's gain.

The jumble sale went well, it was nowhere near as busy as the last one in February so we didn't make as much money, but £760 for 2 hours' trading isn't too shabby.

Cashmere cardigan - jumble sale
1970s skirt, top, tights, shoes, belt bangles - charity shopped
Blue beads - gift from Liz

I bought various bits and pieces, mostly books and clothes for the kids, and snaffled possibly the only vintage items there...

... 5 Cherry B goblet glasses.

It was a set of 6, but one didn't make it home in one piece... Oops.

So now my back is aching from all the table-shifting and box/bag-carrying, but I am pleased the jumble was successful. I like doing them. No one haggled this time, no fights broke out, and the only irritant were the volunteers who didn't want to do the job they were allocated.

One said she didn't feel comfortable working in the cafe. 
The first "reason" she gave was that she wasn't "dressed up." (I offered her the loan of a scarf and apron, as I had to everyone else who wanted them.) Next she said it tricky for her to make hot drinks for other people when she doesn't take milk in tea or coffee herself...

Customers poured their own milk, but never mind.

I have no problem with people expressing a preference, but 10 minutes before we start? For ridiculous pretend reasons? And leaving me to reshuffle other more amenable volunteers? 
Yeah, thanks for that.

Moany? Me? 

Might be.

It's the pressure of responsibility. And having to deal with idiots. And donations of baggy old men's underpants. It's taken its toll.

How was your weekend? 


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa said...

Definitely not stalkerish to buy the skirt, I'd have bought it too, you both look gorgeous in it!

The jumble sounds like a great success minus the moany volunteers, the cherry b glasses are a great find! xo.

Rose&Bird said...

My aunt is a manager for a charity shop and she gets moany volunteers who suddenly decide they don't want to do things as well! Sounds like it went really well and a great total for the school - looks like you had loads of donations, minus the baggy underpants (seriously?). I would say a homage to Sister Sarah, not stalking unless you dye your hair black and track down the rest of her outfit - then I would be a little worried! Love the glasses, shame one broke, but I'll keep my eye out for a replacement x

Fiona said...

Yay, knew it would be a success Curtise. £700+ is a brilliant result. What about the silly cow who didn't want to work in the cafe, she sounds like a complete waste of space!! I hope you slapped her or at least will decline her services at the next JS. You look gorgeous in your red, white and blue ensemble, I don't think it's stalker-ish at all and I'm sure Sarah will be flattered. The Cherry B glasses are lovely.
Love you more than old men's underpants! Thought I'd get that in first, ha!

thorne garnet said...

love the headscarves and aprons. Way better than a stupid polo shirt. Congrats on the $$$(where's my pound sign?)not bad the 2 hours.

Sarah Jane said...

I would totlly buy from your coordinated self and at 20p, I'll take the lot! I thought the skirt looked familiar but I could have sworn it was Helga I'd seen it on. Great minds eh. I am rather envious of the Cherry B glasses. I too would have snaffled them in a second. Shame about the lost one though. Exactly the same thing happened to me when transporting a set of Babycham glasses home xx

Anonymous said...

Curtise-congrats on the jumble success!!! I love everyone in the pinnies and scarves!!

Those cherry b glasses are divine!

I must say you rocked Queen Helga Red White & Blue!!!1 I loved the skirt on Sarah and on you , too!!!

Hmm-baggy old men's underpants.....yuck!

Diane said...

Thats an amazing total at 20p per time! Let me know when the next one is going to be and I'll pop over (and donate some jumble too - I have a lot of tat!). I know what you mean about people who volunteer, and then basically don't want to do anything! People are such hard work! xxxx

Mrs. D said...

Red white and blue is always a winner combo for me. Or so I keep saying. You look great in it!

The skirt is a very good find and I tell you that if I came across it in the chazza shop I'd get it too! Then I'd be your stalker, haha.

One of the ladies in one of the photos is wearing a blue embroidered apron that actually looks like the tradtional embroideries from Viana do Castelo in Portugal :)

Anonymous said...

You definitely put the glamour in the school jumble sale. Sounds like it was a fast paced 2 hours. And you even had time to make 2 cakes for the event? They look so yummy!
What are the odds of finding that same skirt? On a different continent too, right? You look great!

Vix said...

You ladies-wot-jumble look gorgeous! It's all Per Una and perms at mine!
What a brilliant achievement, you must be the sweetheart of the PTA! That's utterly brilliant!
I don't blame you for buying the St Michael skirt. I showed Liz Sarah's blog post as her Mum had the same skirt when we were little. apparently there were blazer to match (red or navy with a white trim), we need to find them.
What a feeble excuse for not doing her job. I hope you gave her an evil bitchface from hell stare.
Love! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lou said...

What a fabulous bunch of jumblers, you all look great! There's always one moaning about their jobs isn't there? If you're there to volunteer you may as well just embrace it! Crazy. I love the skirt, I wouldn't have let this go if I'd seen it either x

Lou said...

What a fabulous bunch of jumblers, you all look great! There's always one moaning about their jobs isn't there? If you're there to volunteer you may as well just embrace it! Crazy. I love the skirt, I wouldn't have let this go if I'd seen it either x

Anonymous said...

You all looked great in the special outfits. Fab idea!
I love your Cherry B glasses - really nostalgic.
I don't know how you could have resisted the skirt - it's such a good one.

Melanie said...

Um Curtise I don't feel comfortable using punctuation here because I don't use punctuation myself congratulations on your success you and all your friends look like so much fun the stalker skirt looks brilliant you can only do single white female if you get single again but sarah is worth it baggy old men's underpants too thrilling you are a pillar of beauty and strength but you need a cattle prod

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Gawd, I'm totally drooling over you and your dream team's get up! Shame some of your team were less then dreamy *raises eyes to heaven*. Well done you, £700 plus is brilliant.

Red, white & blue looks heavenly on you. Oops sorry, I didn't mean to make it rhyme. xx

Max said...

I love that skirt, i do hope they were mass produced so i can get one too! 700 pounds is stupendous!!! 'Ballet loss is the pta's gain' you never fail to crack me up x

Louise Mc said...

You look gorgeous. I LOVE that skirt so much, I reckon if I see one I'll be grabbing it too. Fantastic takings for a days work too. I don't take milk in my tea either... doesn't stop me making tea for other people. Nowt queer as folk hey? Have a great week. x

elodie g said...

Now, do you want to laugh? The Cherry B glasses were mine!!!! How funny! And I am very proud to say that i can see my courgette and chocolate buns next to your carrot cake! Too much excitement for a Sunday night, I tell you!!!

lucy joy said...

You have the patience of a saint Curtise! That work-shy fop should have been banned from the PTA for life.

Who wouldn't want to stalk Sarah? She brings the latent lezza out in me, that's for sure!

You look very elegant, willowy and calm. I definitely won't look like you after my PTA Halloween party this Thursday. I'm the type who does what she's told, but I refuse to look after money because I end up spending it with a view to 'putting it back later'.

Hope to see you soon, if not on the 1st, then very soon after..

Lucy x

Kaffesoester said...

That was a great outfit! Obviously the uncomfortable volunteer felt she was under dressed, and nothing could really compare to this lovely red, white and blue ensemble! Had she just done like other ladies she would have had a wonderful time, looking lovely, I'm sure.

I hope you're not too traumatized by the baggy old men's undies, and that there's some cake leftovers, for you!

The Goodwill Fangirl said...

Oh, I have been fantasizing about your jumble sales, but now can't get the image of old men's underwear out of my head. Boo.

I think you made that skirt very much your own and am jealous that you scored a cashmere sweater. That, too, is on my Bucket List, thrifting or ebaying a cashmere sweater.

Unknown said...

Holy guacamole - we have the exact same skirt! We are sisters from another mister! Separated at birth! You look GORGEOUS - I love the skirt so much. And you all look spectacular in your aprons and headscarves.

Errrrggghhh! Old men's underpants! DISGUSTING.

Love you more than cherry glasses! Sarah xxx

Jean at said...

Sounds like you handled the job impeccably! I'm sure you were diplomatic but firm with anyone who even looked like they might be a problem. :-) Voila, no problem!

You are cheery and colorful in today's ensemble!! I especially love your shoes, and hair too. Glad you had a good weekend. XXOO

Kylie said...

Do you know what? This is why yours is the only vintagey fashioney blog I visit. I love reading what ever you write Curtise. If I'm not laughing I'm smiling.
I love your nautical outfit (specially those shoes) and I love the yellow frock your friend is wearing (very much like Suzy's in Moonrise Kingdom)
Are you having a Christmas jumble?

Trees said...

You look so fab in red, white and blue and it must be an epic task organising a jumble sale such as this - well done you! Those cherry glasses you bought are FABULOUS (such a shame one smashed, but hey, you still have 5 left!)

Connie said...

This sale looks like so much fun despite the big dud volunteers. There are always a few of those. I am a liitle concerned. I know how you love thrifted didn't come home with the men's underpants, did you? BTW love a pleated skirt!!!

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

I adore how you bring your very own brand of sassy to a Sarah-like skirt in a Helga-licious palette - fabulous! Well done on the jumble sale - congrats! I adore your festive scarves / pinnies / tablecloths, and beautiful baked goods. What a well-put-together event, can't say as I'm surprised, though always, always impressed.

"Someone" may have done better reassigned to the baggy-old-man-gitch, eh?

Krista said...

A skirt that sweet deserves to be bought twice especially when it looks that greta on you! Your crew at the jumble looks like a real fine bunch! Was there even time to gossip? I do like the glasses you managed to bring home even minus the one, I can picture a root beer float looking extra tasty in them.

Anonymous said...

I'd work the cafe for you (and snarf a piece of that carrot cake while I was at it). I love the aprons and scarves and I must say that you look very 'in charge" in that homage-to-Sarah skirt.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Oh I love you rockin the red white & blue combo a la Sarah & Helga. The skirt looks gorgeous on you. The ladies in the aprons look super cute. It's just a pity some people have to be a bit precious. My weekend has been rather uninspired...still mostly horizontal but trying to make the best of it! Xx

bonsaimum said...

Glad the jumble sale went well. Ohhh, I would have loved to romp through all the stuff on sale- my version of heaven. The outfit looks slendifirous. Its not stalking, its a form of flattery.The red belt is just perfect and those shoes!!!!

bonsaimum said...

I meant spendifirous--goddness grief--where's the scotch???

bonsaimum said...

OHHH no--Splendifirous--oh dear I need a lie down.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh dear, there I was, going all Single White Female over you in your delicious kicky striped skirt and I simply wasn't prepared for all the jumbly-cafe goodness with your team of splendid helpers (well, one didn't help!). You went all-out Curtise and no wonder you turned over an impressive 760 quid! It might not be as much as Feb, but I think that's an incredible sum! Ooh and there's Sarah to make me my SWF-turn complete, then you give us a side-on view of shoes that have me drooling! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

That skirt is amazing, so lucky to find exactly the same!Your homage to our lovely Sarah is awesome and I think that you make the whole outfit very personal and not just a copycat!
The jumble sale sounds great (apart from dealing with idiots and other accidents)and I definitely buy everything from you and eat all your cakes!! The tablecloths and the glasses are beautiful too, I'm sorry for the sixth one, but they really worth!
Have a great week!

Kelinha said...

Nice blog. Would you like to follow each other? =)

Miss Simmonds Says said...

argh! that woman sounds like a right pain in the arse!!
You look fab, of course I'd buy something from you, my arms would be weighed down with jumble finds and all that CAKE!! Look at the cake!! Must admit I've got my eye on that pink one with sprinkles and the candied orange. Such a fabulous skirt and it really really looks great on you, wear it more. xxx

Miss Magpie said...

ah the good old baggy underpants they make to every jumble sale don't they, I hope they were clean! Love the skirt I totally stalk that too if I had seen it.

Kitty said...

Sounds like you should go into the jumble sale business, if there were such a thing, what a winner you had, well done!!

karensomethingorother said...

Ah pressure of having to deal with idiots. Say no more.

The jumble sale looked super fun. Thanks for sharing photies since there will never be anything like that around here! And furthermore, there are never any good tablecloths to be had! NEVER!

Loved your well-coordinated sharpness.

Vicky Hayes said...

Very 70s air hostess if I might say so! Oh I NEEDED to be your jumble sale! We just don't have them here. Screamed with laughter at your story of volunteers who make life difficult - oh yes, I know exactly what you mean! Yes the fair still rumbles in to Buckingham for two Saturdays in Oct and I think you might well have passed on the cider baton to a new generation of teens! Vicky x
PS Any of those underpants left over...? Only kidding!

Unknown said...

Hi Curtise,

ouach! old man dirty underpants, ouach! MY GOD no! idiots yes! tell me about it! but it went well right? People are people can't change that -

Looking forward to a huge church charity sale at the beginning of November, the best around my hood -

Love your skirt and it is very pretty on you, love that color combo -

Take care

Ariane xxx

silvergirl said...

wow, you ladies look so cute
that sale looks so fun and interesting
i am loving that stripe skirt you are sporting

Helga said...

What a silly bloody tart! Shame it was so close to time that she chose to moan,or you could have told her to feck the hell off!
Anyways,not stalkerish at ALL to buy that same fabularse skirt!! Feck knows I would if I saw one my size!!! SQUEE! Homage is indeed the correct word to use! Gawd knows the gorgeous beastess deserves it!
Love LOVE those glasses you bought! Funny,when I was unpacking the 2 dinner sets I bought,I broke 2 bowls...and had to tot off the next morning to the loacl branch and buy a couple of replacements! I find it really hard to have sets of anything!!!
Glad the jumble went well,anyways! I can see exactly why you get picked to run it,you're amazing!
Love madly!

Stacey said...

Looking spectacular! If I came across that skirt I'd snap it up too, no matter how much of a stalker it made me, hahaha.

I'm glad the jumble sale went well - but boo to the whingy volunteers, that takes the fun out of things.

mispapelicos said...

Love the skirt, and how you paired it with red, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
I wish I had been in that wonderful jumble!!!

Dawn said...

Curtise that 2nd photo is my favorite ever of you. I love the scarf tied up like that, a totally vintage lovely look on you. Loved seeing all the goods and wow on your baking skills. Ok, this skirt is abosolutely gorgeous on you and I love how you have styled it. Thanks for dropping in, love hearing from you as always. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

Vintage Coconut said...

Your jumble sales look like SO MUCH FUN!! I love your outfit immensely. Your cakes look delicious. MMM MMM MMM

joyatri said...

Between your linen rental, volunteer styling and managing and general organizing, I think you should start a business a jumble-sale consultant. You could travel the world offering your services! Err, ok, maybe not. Your skirt is adorable and although your styling pays homage, you've definitely got your own spin to it.

Lynn Hasty said...

You lovely stalker, you. Well, just kidding. You were inspired! The baggy old men's underpants thing is funny and gross all at the same time. I don't like to think about it. :p


The Style Crone said...

Stunning colors on you with that outrageously beautiful background again. Sounds like the jumble sale was a total success (because of you) and also, that it was a lot of work. Time to rest and plan another outfit!

CityScape Skybaby said...

I'm always drawn to the cakes Curtise and your choc cake and carrot cake caught my eye right away, they look so yummy I'd definitely have had a few slices of those. That's my diet tip, just live on sugar and tea. I love you all in your pinnies and headscarves. Boo to the awkward volunteer, but it sounds like you all did really well raising over £700. I thought that skirt looked familiar, it is a small world isn't it? It looks fab on you and Sarah. xx

OP SHOP MAMA said...

If I find that skirt I'm buying it too! You look brilliant.

Excellent round up of the jumble, thank you! I love a good report like that!!! Yes it's a missiom and a half running one of those.. but maybe you will have built up some jumble sale/ op shop karma!!


Lorena said...

What a gorgeous skirt !
love that last picture and have to say that you girls look marvelous wearing those scarves of your hair.... totally wanna do this.

Rachel said...

Cannot believe that skirt is from the 70's, it looks so new. Maybe it just sat in someone's (a daft someone'!) wardrobe??