Thursday, 19 July 2012

True colours shining through

I couldn't choose a favourite colour.

I don't think there is any colour which doesn't feature somewhere in my wardobe (though I have tried to eliminate beige.)

I do find that I can be drawn to the same colour over and over again for a while, as though my colour wheel gets stuck.

I seem to be in my orange period at the moment.

I know some people have all sorts of rules/guidelines about pattern mixing. I'm not especially analytical about it, I just felt that the bits of orange in the frock would "go" with the orange flowers on the cardigan. So I wore them together. That's all.

 This 1970s crimplene maxi dress was an Ebay purchase for £4.99. It was listed as a UK size 10 (it's not, or it wouldn't fit me) and described as twee. What an odd word to pick for this big bold splashy colourful print! Twee is an overdose of bunting, cupcakes and kittens, not a 1970s crazy chrysanthamum print.

And the cardigan is from a charity shop (£3.25) as are all the bangles.

I received a parcel of delight from the zombified perky-boobed artist's muse who is Sarah Misfit this week. She's obviously feeling the orange love too!

She sent me a wildly colourful 1970s frock, a wooden bracelet (already dubbed the pencil bracelet and pinched by Littlest), a fuck-off daisy brooch, fabulous sunnies, and a helpful tome on Understanding the female orgasm.

Published in 1973, the blurb says;
 Seymour Fisher
 records the results of his own attempts to discover, with the help of some 300 married women, what things help or hinder a woman to attain orgasm.

I'm sure those married women (he wasn't interested in the likes of us unmarried types then) were happy to help, in the name of science and discovery. Do you think Seymour had sex with all of them? Oh Seymour...

Thank you Sarah. You are an idiotic darling.

Oh and if anyone wants to read the book after me, let me know, and I'll pass it right along. The Sisterhood of the Travelling Orgasm, anyone?

Lets get back to orange, for goodness' sake.

Look at all the orange gorgeousness in my wardrobe. I think it might be impossible to feel grumpy when you wear orange. 

You might even have better orgasms. I wonder if Seymour knows?

Nope, not working yet...

Now you're talking!

Hope you are having plenty of orange orgasm action this week!



Kitty said...

Oooh, me likey!!!

Twee is poo, not you.

That is all :)

Melanie said...

Definitely not twee, twee is Per Una or Laura Ashley.

The Pink Flamingo said...

Great dress!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

tweeee - it is certainly not. I like twee, but creepy twee, like Krista's latest Victorian print. anyway - yes please to an orange orgasm. If orgasms were colours I think orange would definitely be a strong candidate. I love this dress, very flattering, not that you need flattering, you figure is amazing anyway. I want a parcel from Sarita!

karensomethingorother said...

thanks to you, Curtise, I'm in love with ORANGE right now too.

Love the big O book. That must be completely, I mean, insightful.

Sarah has such a knack for finding fabulous sunglasses.

I love the dress with the cardigan--you made a fabulous dress even more intriguing.

Krista said...

Three of my favorite things in one post you, orange and ORGASMS!!!! Woot woot! Curtise this maxi is so pretty I love the blue and orange combo and I think it looks fab with your cardi. I love all the prints in your closet with orange, it suits you too!

Sarah is always so dead on with her gifts and I love her sense of humor. I can't believe there is a whole book on understanding the female orgasm, I could explain it in a paragraph, maybe two.

thorne garnet said...

"There's nothing worse than wearing 1972 clothes with 1960 shoes" Really?

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Your dress was one wonderful bargasm!

Anonymous said...

Holy Twee!!! That dress is stunning and so are you, you did a great job mixing that beautiful orange flowers, I think there are no rules is only a personal sensitivity and you scored!
I really love your shoes too and the fabulous parcel from a fabulous girl?
Amazing!The frock has a great print, can't wait to see you wearing it!
I could be interested in the travelling orgasmatic book, you never knows enough and culture is really important in our lives!
Great orange collage, I should illustrate all those prints!
Kisses xxxxxxx

Vix said...

If that's twee then I'm a crinoline!!
What a fabulous dress, perfect for injecting a bit of joy into the crappiness of today's grey weather.
You're pattern mixing like a pro and I love it!
Your orange collage is a joy to behold.
That perky bosomed Sarita is the best present sending idiot in Blogland. The 1960s shoes with 1972 clothes sounds like something one of those hardcore vintage bloggers would say. The pencil bracelet looks fab and that book sounds most intriguing but, as a never-been-married type like yourself I don't think I'm allowed to read it. II think Kinsey used to pay to hide in women's wardrobes, observe the bedroom action and make notes, maybe old Seymour did likewise!
D'you think coral counts as orange? If so it could be my lucky night.

lady liquor vintage. said...

I think the dress & cardigan look great together, however twee it definitely is not!

I really love orange too at the moment, but I only have one orange dress! At least it's an excuse to buy more ;) XO.

Forest City Fashionista said...

Definitely not "Twee"! I agree with Miss Simmonds when she says that if orgasms were colours, Orange would likely be at the top of the list. It is impossible to be grumpy while wearing orange. That dress is one of my fave colour combinations. Sarah sends the most wonderful prezzie packages - how lucky are you?!

Anonymous said...

Orange you FABULOUS!!! Twee my pancake buttocks!! I love the outfit and would totally pattern match like that.
Great package you received. As a married lady I'd tell Seymour to get his kinky off somewhere else!


Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Well, according to the 'book' I'm reading, the way to orgasms is to be a virgin embarking on your very first sexual relationship with a super freaky controlling BDSM with mommy issues! Let's see if your book concurs!

I am a big fan on orange - as my offspring would say. Definitely not twee, but then we can't expect eBay sellers to be accurate!

Ivy Black said...

Wonderful array of orangey loveliness. You look fab in a mix of patterns.
Hmmmmm...with a name like Seymour, he's bound to have been a cad.

Anonymous said...

Orange makes you so happy, doesn't it?
That book seems such a better read than 50 Shades....!

Megan said...

In the first picture, I thought you were wearing a dress, so I think the patterns are a natural fit.

I wish I could see your shoes better. They seem very interesting.

Sissy said...

I'm loving your color/pattern mix today, wearing alot of coral lately myself...and thinking the only beige I wear are my dickies to change the oil in my jeep, ha!

Anonymous said...

Orange is my power color and all my underwear is orange...just kidding. About the underwear that is. Although, wouldn't orange briefs be fun?
I love your pattern mixing, both fabrics have the same value and it works here. I just love that dress too.
I'm almost had an orangasm just while visiting your blog!

Anonymous said...

The dress and cardigan go together beautifully. At first glance I thought the two together was just a dress. I love orange it is one of my most favourite colours. I think orange is a little underestimated for its awesomeness, there should be more orange.

delia hornbook said...

Orange is def your colour and to be honest i think we all need a massive injection of colour into a days at the moment with the weather as it is. What a lovely parcel to bless Sarah ;-)) dee xx

Dawn said...

Curtise, you look orgasmic in that third photo. What a beautiful fit and tiny waist. Orange is hot and I love your collage of prints. Dawn suitcase vignettes xo

Lynne DeVenny said...

If there are rules for pattern-mixing, they should start with "study this post" carefully. That cardi and maxi were made for one another. Just made a note to myself: Buy something orange. Anything.

Wow, that Seymour was one Good Samaritan.

Totes up for getting tattoos this year. Only three things have held me back: Who, What, Where. I don't want to get one that's covered by work clothes every day. Because that's no fun :P

Anonymous said...

The pattern mixing here absolutely works! I went through a bit of an orange spell in my shopping last winter. Lately, I'm on a bright blue kick. I suspect that no matter how many women the author did or did not have sex with--the facts elude him still. Would you mind doing a series of posts that quote from this book. Please and thank you.

Jean at said...

At first glance i thought the cardi was part of the dress. Brilliant pairing! I love it both ways (with and without) and I agree with one comment that the dress accentuates your lovely waistline and curves!!!

Poor Seymour. I suspect he doth protest too much, or something like that! At the very least, I suspect he's slowed down a lot since the 70's. I know I have.

Having blogging buddies is a lifeline, don't you think? Enjoy the rest of your "O" week!!!

Camelia Crinoline said...

I love your pattern mixing. The cardi and the dress are gorgeous. Twee it is not.

Trees said...

Sisterhood of the traveling orgasm? You made me laugh out loud!!

I love this maxi and also all your lovely orange clothes - you are a the queen of all things orange and maxi length xoxo

Annie said...

I'd trust Tori and the power of orange knickers over Seymour's dubious 'research' any day!

I may have mentioned my penchant for floral maxis, and that one is a beaut. The cardi is made for it, and the flower in your hair brings it all together perfectly.

Sarah's fab frock and daisy brooch look itching to be worn together too.

Love orange. What a great post to cheer me up in this miserable weather!

annie xx

two squirrels said...

Oh simply fabulous in another gorgeous Maxi!!!! The pattern is amazing, I love the colours of blue and orange.
Sarah sends you guys the most sensational treats. I can't wait to see you wear the sweet daisy brooch, so summery.
Have a delightful weekend!!!
Love v

one denim bird said...

I'm thinking orange must be the happiest colour on the spectrum!!
You look gorgeous hun, Sarah does have a great eye for details! Your wardrobe colours are sensational - show us more x

Kylie said...

I love orange too Curtise and I love the anything but twee print on your frock x

The Style Crone said...

I'm with you on orange! I've had a love affair with this vibrant color for years. Your pattern mixing is superb! And your sense of humor has me laughing on a Friday morning!


I love your orange orgasmic period. The clash of patterns is perfections, and I can see you also have some sun. Who needs work???
Much love my dear Curtise.

Misfits Vintage said...

Fuck a duck - as usual I'm way behind...

You look bloody GORGEOUS in that twee idiot frock and cardi - so willowy and whimsical. And I'm a bit keen on orange too at the moment.

The bracelet is KNITTING NEEDLES (not pencils) but since little one has nicked it, who cares what it is? I shall keep my eyes open for more.

Do let us know how you get on with the orgasm book, won't you, honeypie?

Happy weekend! Love, Sarah xxx

Clara Turbay said...

I see here a lot of expression and character, I like!

Stacey said...

Tee hee, all those gorgeous orange prints are truly orgasmic! You've made me realise that I don't have nearly enough orange in my wardrobe. Orange is a rather underrated colour, isn't it? On my next thrifting trip I vow to find more orange!

Vintage Coconut said...

My HEAVENS! I love that flipping maxi SO MUCH!!! "SO SO SO MUCH" You look divine.

angie said...

Love how the colors of cardi and dress match.And your writing has improved much to our delight!