Friday, 20 July 2012

The sort of blue between clouds when the sun comes out

The kids have started their school summer holidays. Apparently the weather is set to improve, and it is lovely to have more time, especially of the in-bed-in-the-morning variety.

We get up very early to fit in Littlest's skin care regime, which includes a long soak in the bath every morning. The pressure is off in the holidays and we can take a more leisurely approach. Thank goodness for that.

I took some photos in the garden on Thursday morning, after the school run. It had been raining (no! really?) but the rain had cleared and the sun was breaking through. 

I ambled around the garden, snapping myself, the cats and the flowers. It was peaceful, solitary, and bright.

Without getting all raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens on your asses - it was a lovely quiet morning. 

Good for my weary soul.

And this is a quiet sort of dress. Pretty print, subdued colours, knee length, unremarkable really. But it felt comfortable and right.

1970s frock (Ebay), jewellery and tights (charity shops), boots (Second to None vintage shop)

I love spending time with my family and friends, I love my friendly local commuity and having a place in it, but I also love time on my own.

In the evening, with my dear friend Joanne babysitting, OH and I went out for a meal, together, without kids - a fairly rare event.

We chose a smart Thai restaurant where the food is wonderful, which the kids wouldn't fully appreciate - pearls before swine, we reckoned!

Austin Reed silk blend frock, £5, and shoes £4.99 (charity shops)

Didn't take any other photos - too busy eating and drinking!

Good for my greedy gut!


Trees said...

You looked so stunning on your child free dinner date!

I do love the "raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens" photos - makes me wish we had a garden.

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Lucky you and OH going on a night out sans kids. We were looking forward to a whole week off from childcare as dd was supposed to be on a week's camping trip with the guides only it was cancelled due to a waterlogged field. Boo hoo all round.

Love the red dress.

Have a lovely weekend. Xx

Krista said...

Of my look at this woman in a red dress, BADDA BING! Curtise let's just get the compliments outta the way first, sweet jesus you look amazing in this silk number and I love it with the red shoes, how could you not feel fabulous in that?! I hope the Thai was tasty and the drinks too!

I love the montage from the yard, so many pretty things to stop and take notice of. I too am a pretty social butterfly but I need time to myself to recharge or I'm worthless to others, so I can relate and praise that sentiment. I'm so happy to hear that you and the littlest one get to sleep in a bit before starting your daily routine. Lazy summer days start now....que the sun.....the sun...the sun...oh there it is, I promise next week you will be sweating in all your cracks :)


Megan said...

These photos show how you can make a subtle colour, like the red in your dress, can be brought out when you accessorize with the same colour or tone. Those boots do exactly that!

Anonymous said...

Ending with this perfect song just put chills on my arms...and offered up a perfect essence of you.
Lovin' those boots again. Perfect color, perfect look!
I'm glad to hear you're enjoying some alone time. They always tell us that one day soon we will have too much quiet and will miss little voices dancing through the house. For now though it sure makes the rare times more savory.
Have a great weekend!

Candycane said...

I love the first outfit - simply gorgeous :D

Sal xXx

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I like the thai-food-out dress! It's great to see the rain relent a bit...and to hear that you can have some quiet moments without locking yourself in the bathroom.

Bri said...

Your blue dress is very pretty with the lovely hem and neckline details. Your dinner dress is lovely too and what great deals for both of them!

Your garden looks very pretty and what a great morning that would of been enjoying the cats and flowers!

thorne garnet said...

pretty yards and the cats pose so nice. Mine see the camera and start moving all over the place. Just can't get a good snap of them

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I really do like the 1970's frock. She ain't so quiet....I can hear her talking to me! Love the cut & the bodice & the print. Looks fab with those hot mama boots. I'm glad you had a date night. I hope it reinvigorates you for the school holidays. Xx

Helga! said...

Gawd I love Kate Bush!! That's one of my fave songs!
Burgundy boots give me the HORN;I own 3 pairs,and yours make me most covetous!I love your "quiet" casual look,it looks effortlessly styley!
You can go all rainbows and kittens and whiskers on my ass ANYTIME.Just happens to be my fave musical of all time,and my fave soundtrack to sing when I'm feeling blue-it really works!!!!Mmmmmmmm,Thai!!! We had one aweosme Thai meal in San Fran, which reminds me I need to organise a holiday food post...

Sara said...

Your date ensemble is absolutely stunning. You look so beautiful! Love your me-time ensemble, too. Fab. I feel the same way about time alone; good for the soul. :) And the flower pictures are so lovely. Thank you for sharing, friend.

Now I want some Thai. YUM SCRUM!!! XOXOXO

two squirrels said...

Oh I just love the wee 1970's dress, pretty and whimsical!!!
You look so gorgeous in red Miss Curtise, what a stunning dress to wear to tea with a friend.
The photographs are just lovely of the garden and pussycats. Do you have squirrels in the garden??? That would be amazing.
Have a fabulous and sleep in weekend.
Love v

Melanie said...

I'm so happy that the sun has decided to rain down on you for a change! You look serene in the garden and I love your photo montage of all the textures and colours. I hope your date was as fiery as your hot red dress and shoes. You look sizzling in that! Greedy guts?! Oh yeah!! Hope you walked away hungry for more...

Annie said...

I remember that feeling of relaxation when the school holidays started!

I really like that dress/opaques/boots style on you. The red dress is a different look but still looks fab!

Gorgeous photos from your lovely garden. Sometimes a potter in the garden is just what's required to recharge the batteries. I envy your roses, mine have been badly beaten by all the rain.

Enjoy the weekend. xx

Stacey said...

I actually really love the comfy dress! I have a few dresses of the type, and they're my go-to things to wear when nothing else seems to work. That dress looks adorable with the opaques & boots! I love all your beautiful pics!

Misfits Vintage said...

I love the blue dress - and THOSE GORGEOUS BOOTS! And the red dress is just beautiful on you - or rather, you are beautiful in it... and I love the little red shoes - perfect for a dinner date. The garden pics are wonderful - so lush and green. One day we shall sit out there and drink ten million cups of tea and sing Kate Bush songs all day long. (Actually I hate tea, but it does sound so whimsical and sociable doesn't it?) Love you more than Kate Bush and that is saying something! Sarah xxx

Lynne DeVenny said...

I love my fam, too, but oh, those too few rare quiet moments! Thanks for sharing yours.

I'm absolutely drooling over those amazing boots and that red silk frock.

Vix said...

Blimey love, you look so hot in that red frock I'm surprised the old man could concentrate on his dinner! What a magnificent place it looks,too!
Those boots are just fabulous on you, they are perfection with that frock, it's almost a shame the sun's out and you're back to sandals! xxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I love the 30's-ness of the last frock! Hurrah for summer holidays and boo to littlest's skin condition, every photo she's in she's got a huge grin on her face. What a star! Those boots were the best find, you lucky thing! Every outfit is fantastic - is the sun shining in Sheffield now?

Kitty said...

Red shoes are always the best I say!!

Anonymous said...

You look amazing in the red dress!!! The Thai restaurant looks really cool.
Your garden is stunning!!! And of course you weren't outdone by the flowers!