Monday, 16 July 2012

Step in, step out of the rain

Non-UK residents are probably heartily sick of British bloggers moaning about the weather.

I'm sick of moaning about it too, I'm boring myself.

But it's so crap!

Still, in my attempt to adopt a glass-half-full, look at me, I'm positively reframing philosophy, I will say that the low temperature and rain gave me the perfect excuse to wear my new boots.

 (I so want to say new boots and panties, but the undies aren't new at all. You probably don't really want to know that, do you?)

This little dress isn't old, the label's been cut out but I expect it's from some high street shop I'd turn my nose up at! I bought it in a charity shop for £3, drawn to it by the funky 1960s-inspired print and the colours.

 I knew it was short - I just didn't realise it was quite this short...

... but I have decided I can get away with it, so there.

I don't need to hide behind my umbrella...


tunic dress, bangles and umbrella - charity shops
leggings and hat - Ebay
boots - Second to None vintage shop (Walsall)
ring and necklaces - flea market

I had a little look at the traffic sources stats for my blog this evening. Being featured on our darling Vix's blog has sent a ton of folk my way, she is such a popular blogger!

Other searches which have ended up misdirecting some poor fools to my blog are; 

mom's leather punishment belt
priapic boy
exhibitionist wife
porn punk pussy pitchure*

* Any poor spelling is nothing to do with me. 

Well, my belts are all purely decorative; the only reference I have ever made to anything priapic was describing some flowers in the garden; I am neither exhibitionist nor anyone's wife; and the only pussies I have shown the world are tabby or black and white...

... so I fear I am a disappointment to some "readers".

Yeah - no porn, no punishment, and only boring pitchures of cats!

Hopefully you find something you like here!

I so appreciate my regular followers, and all your lovely comments. My reasons for blogging are all about that wonderful sense of friendship, community, and the relationships that can be built with other bloggers along the way.

Thank you.



Clara Turbay said...

what you do here is really good, I will be back soon.

Louise said...

Well, I don't think the frock is too short, it looks luvverly and reminds me of one I have. The boots are perfect for this miserable weather!

lady liquor vintage. said...

You definitely can get away with that dress, it looks fab!

And the weather is horrendously crap, I went charity shopping today and my feet were sodden and squelching within two minutes :( XO.

thorne garnet said...

the rainy weather should make for a fun olympics. The dress is cute, who cares if it's short, you have nice legs.

Krista said...

Complain away I have been for the last 7 months about our weather, BUT yeah for an excuse to give these babies a wear! These are so sexy, the color is so rich, love these on you my dear and they will always remind of the day you and Vix meant. That rules even more. This mini is playing tricks on my eyes and the colors are yum yum!

I get most of my referring site from Vix too, she's a Goddess! I come here becasue I find you here Curtise and I am pretty keen on you! I can't wait to see you in front of me ~
I'll squeeze you till you pop!


The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Those boots look even better on if that is possible.

CurvyEveryday said...

Oh those poor misdirected fools. I'm sure they find the cats thrilling. I'm off to Ireland soon and have been hearing how crap the weather is this summer. Hopefully I can pack some of California sunshine with me.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

We should all do blog search result posts! I know Desiree and Gisela get some crackers but your little lot really made me laugh. Are you dreaming of foreign holidays cos I certainly am?! I think you can certainly get away with that very short but cute dress, especially with the boots of amazing. Dream team! Love yer pussy(ises)

Anonymous said...

The dress works great as a tunic and you're right that this is a fabulous opportunity to show off the new boots. They look even better on you!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I found you through Vix, but I found her on the same day. I love your style and will stick around even if the only pussy pictures we see are of the cats! Hope to see you around my blog soon!

Max said...

moan away darling, it just makes me feel smug ha ha (it was 22 degrees here yesterday, middle of winter!!!). everything to love about that dress, boat neck, print colour, and it looks fab with those luvly boots x

Joyatri said...

I was in the UK in May-June and complained about the weather too. There is an upside though -- you get to have fun with clothes. Now that I am where there is a proper summer, it is so hot and humid that you don't want to wear any clammy vintage synthetics. So take some consolation in the fact that you can still wear tights and boots and layers. Summer dressing isn't as much fun, in my opinion.
You have amazing legs, so, no, it's not too short ;)

DeniseAngela said...

Following you over from Vix's blog! Love that you love to embarrass your kids too. I had to change my blog name last year because of all the freaks I was! Those boots are fabulous & our weather just started to get with summer now.

Anonymous said...

That print is great and your legs are amazing so that dress is just perfect for you!OMG, I think that blogspot has a great influence on the net and often the logical links are crazy...I prefer to see some real furry pussies (oh, I think that it should be mistaken too)..Your new boots are spectacular and the hat is wonderful too!!

Fiona said...

Ha ha, bloody brilliant! I'd love it if I had traffic stats like that.
You look terrific in that mini and I love the 60's-esque print (and the very Twiggy type pose) Deffo not too short and the new boots (but not panties) are lush.
I too am bored with moaning about the weather but it's just incredible that it's been going on so long! xxx
PS Love your pussy shots. x

Vix said...

Those boots look fabulous, I'm so glad you bought them! That tunic's a winner, you totally have the legs to show off and I'll bet you'll brighten everyone's day if you walk around looking that hot!!
Loving the kitties!
Blame Liz, since she saw your pictures on my camera on Saturday night she and her Mum have read your blog from start to finish and absolutely adore you (as anybody with half a brain would)!
Wet Thigh Boots brought 10 people to my blog yesterday??!! Bet they were disappointed! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Trees said...

Isn't it weird what people search on to get to your blog? I've looked at that from time to time and been truly puzzled!

I love that dress on you - you have awesome pins! You look awesome!

By the way, the British weather was in the Newspaper HERE yesterday - literally the other side on the world. They said there are some concerns about the potato crops and there may not be enough chips? I thought that was a little odd...

Anonymous said...

I always wear leggings with tunics so you can get away with it!

I love your new boots.

And your tunic looks gorgeous! :)


Annie said...

I don't know how to check the stats on my blog, and now I'm too scared to look!

Anyway, I couldn't care less if something from a charity shop was originally from a high street chain. It's all in how you wear it, and teaming it with leggings and those wonderful boots works like a dream. I really like this look on you.

I know what you mean about the weather though, I'm boring myself stupid moaning about it. Surely this rain must end sometime soon.

two squirrels said...

Oh Curtise that tunic dress is just fabulous on you!!!!!!!! The weather decided to be especially ratty so you could wear those great boots. Wow they are going to be great with so many of your dresses.
Truly perfect style.
The pussy cat thing always gets the big hits.
I think your furry babies are so cute. They are always fabulous in front of one of your wonderful outfits.
After all you said the first comment is a friend collector, ironic.
Love v

Kitty said...

No way is that shift too short, it's totally fab on you!!
The colour in these pics is fab, did you do anything different? Or was the camera waterlogged, maybe!

grunge-queen said...

Your new booties rock, Curtise! They look so great with the outfit. Dress isn't too short; it looks great with the leggings and boots. Here's hoping the weather improves! xoxo

karensomethingorother said...

well I think you're wonderful, Curtise, and you look hawt in your go-go dancer length dress. I'm sorry your weather's been such garbage. It's hot as hell here right now. Actually, it's worse, because I imagine in hell it's a dry heat, and here it's frizz city.

Anonymous said...

ROFL--now I'm skeered to see what kind of searches bring people to MY blog. Dear lord I've talked about boobs and bedazzling your crotch!!! I'm sure a lovely assortment of freaks have passed thru!
anyhow--LOVE the top!! gorgeous colors and those boots are killer.
I would gladly take your cool weather and rain. Another over 100 degree day today and my garden desperately needs rain!


Lucy Nation said...

Yay, fab outfit, and you have great legs so don't worry. I get loads of traffic from Vix too, she's a popular girl isn't she? Unless you live in the UK, you will never understand just how CRAP the weather is here. It just needs to be repeated otherwise people might not know exactly how HORRID it is!! xx

kaffesoester said...

The 1960's look suits you so well! You have great legs so the length of the dress is just perfect! I only wish I had a pair of boots like yours to keep my feet warm these days - we have the same sort of weather that you do, here in Denmark - only colder!

Some of my readers a while back had searched on "fat women's dresses", I didn't exactly laugh at that!

Vintage Coconut said...

We had that dreaded rain for a good while. Finally within the past week and a half we have gotten some summer. 86 - 96.8 Fahrenheit or 30 - 36 Celsius.
I have HAD to go in the pool the past 3 days. (NOT BRAGGING of course) I actually don't like real hot weather and prefer to sit in the air conditioning. And do any physical activity in the evening when the sun is "less harmful and it's not so damned hot"

YOU LOOK DAMN sexy in the mini dress. I love the print, leggings and your boots. *owww owwww*

Rose&Bird said...

Fantastic outfit, one of my favourites so far. Amazing boots! Crazy what people search for?

Mrs. D said...

URGH, don't even get me started about the weather. So I'll stop now :)

The search results from your blog stats are hilarious... I wonder what I might find on mine sometimes..

I like the boots a lot, they were indeed a great find!

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Curtise!!

Lucky you have met Vix!
Very cool
I like your short dress
Maxi or mini it is all good for you
Forget the midi lenght!
You are either a mini or maxi, great legs you have!
Leaving for Vegas tomorrow!

Ariane xxxx

Anonymous said...

Not surprising that I want to dress just like you again. That tunic is awesome every which way you look at it. That pattern is so very cool. When I saw those boots in a post I could totally see those on you. I use to have a pair of burgundy boots in the early 90's. They were such a favorite but then my foot grew another half size and I just couldn't wear them anymore.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Damn you look hot Curtise darling!!!!!! I absolutely LOVE the tunic-y frock - puuuuuuuuurfect with leggings and those fecking gawwwwjusssssss boots!!!!!!!! Please wear it everyday for me;). Oh I am a bona fide reader by the way hehe - unlike my "readers" who've been popping over for "slut in bra" haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! I love your pussies xoxoxo

Melanie said...

You are looking so hot in this slice of psychedelia that you should be in a faux cage go-go dancing in a 60s bar, but of course you could leave the cage any time you'd like, it's unlocked, just so your other "readers" know. I love your new profile photo!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Mmm, boots are very very much my cup of tea, too nice for puddle splashing though. And you know you if anyone can get away with that much leg it's you!

My stats today include:
Big butt porn
mature plump breast xxx
grandmother pyjamas
and even more inexplicably, 'what does a turkey feather look like?'!

The Style Crone said...

The tunic, boots and hat prove you succeeded with the glass-half-full theory. The colors stand out beautifully with the natural green of the background. Had to laugh at the 'interesting' traffic sources.

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Those are some freaking fab boots!! I don't own enough of them. I didn't realise you had so many kitty's! The one of the top right reminds me of my old cat so much!!! xx

Izzywizz said...

Im a new follower of your blog, this post made me crack up laughing. :) I enjoy your sense of humour. :)

Forest City Fashionista said...

You have my sympathy for the crap weather, and you can whine all you want and we'll still love you...especially if you wear outfits like this! I think this is one of my faves of yours because you are showing off your gorgeous gams!! The hat, dress and boots are brilliant together - perfect for go go dancing, as Melanie suggested.

Melanie said...

What a lovely dress, and I always like those brollies, even though as a rule, I don't like brollies at all.

Stacey said...

Rwoar, look at that fab frock! You certainly can pull it off - look at those amazing pins! I don't know about those poor lost souls, but I'm certainly never disappointed visiting your blog.