Wednesday 18 April 2012


Lovely Terri at Rags against the Machine has invited her followers to a Pyjama Party on Friday. Who's going? Come on, it'll be fun, she's got a special Secret Room and everything!

I have never been to one before, is it a uniquely American ritual? Or is it just the name that's unfamiliar? I've had sleepovers for my own kids, but I didn't ever have a whole gang of girls to stay the night when I was growing up.

                                 So my only reference point is Grease. I trust this is historically accurate.


                                                                 Fabulous, no? I've been inspired!

           Won't go to bed till I'm legally wed - don't think anyone's asking actually, not with that miserable face.

                                                                       ...I can't, I'm Sandra Dee!

                                                     I have never seen a Sandra Dee movie. But she is very pretty.

It's a funny thing but playing at being Sandy seems to make me very simpering and po-faced.  It's obviously no fun being a goody-two-shoes.                                                        

                                                                         As for you, Troy Donahue -   


                                                                      I know what you wanna do...


                 I've brought hot chocolate and marshmallows, everyone. What do you mean, where's the booze?

                                                       Hey, I'm Doris Day. I was not brought up that way.


                                                                                 I don't drink....


                                                                                    ...I swear!

                                    Well, maybe just a little nip of gin.  This is a little closer to the real me, ha!                                                                                                                                                                               

                                                           Keep your filthy paws off my silky drawers.                
                                                                            Elvis, Elvis, let me be!

                                                                       Keep that pelvis far from me. Phwooarr!

                                                       Just keep your cool, now you're starting to drool...

              Costumes - Sandy wears original 1940-50s lawn nightdress (gift from my mum)
                                                       wig (Ebay)
                                                       hairband (borrowed from Littlest)
                                                       basket (charity shop)

                                  Rizzo wears 1960s babydoll nighties (gifts from Hallelujah-it's-Helga)
                                                      wig (Ebay)
                                                      1950s silk scarf (flea market)
                                                      Gin (Gordons, we drank all the Bombay Sapphire...)

                                                                       Oh Sandy, how could you?




Vintage Sweetheart said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! You cheeky lady. Grease is a favourite of mine and played these characters perfectly. This put a massive grin on my face. LOVE IT. xxxxxxxxxx

Victoria said...

I've been following your blog for a while now and I just have to get out of the closet to say:
It's a crime to wear long skirts with these legs!!!!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Are you making fun of me Riz?

You fantastic girlie! you look amazing in all of those outfits - lucky hubby! I have a brilliant yellow babydoll somewhere! I must root it out. I'm going to staight on ebay to look for a cotton nightie like yours!!


Vicky Hayes said...

Screaming with laughter by the end of this fabulous post, thank you Curtise! Would wear a baby doll myself but don't want the neighbours to hear my husband's screams of terror! Loving the Gordons accessory though... Vicky x

Anonymous said...

I totally love how you did this shoot! I loved grease back in the day. Great looks!


Unknown said...

;-))) I loved this post how great and sexy do you look ;-)) I love your hair in the first photo that really suits you. I love Grease i have seen it so many times and know it word for word. My friends and i while growing up used to have slumber parties we would get dressed in a pj's and watch Grease and act it out and sing our heads off but we had sweets and popcorn ;-) Then the boys next door we would all meet later in the garden. I loved those nights and you have just reminded me of them thank you ;-) Love your night dresses you look gorgeous. dee xxx

Dawn said...

LOVE THIS POST! You are so creative and funny. I seriously love that lighter color wig on you. It is really flattering and what a great cut. Thank you for dropping in to cheer me on...I am really hoping to feel better soon. The price of beauty...dawns suitcase vignettes xo

doradadama said...

your looking all sexy in your tiny nightie (I can see-through it)
I love the first wig, at first I thought you cut your hair. that cut suits you so well Sandra Dee.
Ahahaha Gin bottle,Your a crack up!

Fiona said...

My sides are still aching! Thanks so much.

Louise Mc said...

Lol, what a fantastic post... and really, would anyone tell Elvis to keep that pelvis away? I must be a Rizzo lol. I never had a pyjama party either. x

Max said...

Brilliant!!! Your so f-in funny! My fave is the 'girl-in-the-timotei-ad' one x

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Genius! Absolute genius! I love Grease, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. This is a fabulous homage. I do think we need to see you in the leather trousers now though...


Faith Hope and Charity Swap 2012 Sign up now OPEN!

Debberoo said...

Oh those lovely legs!!

Sara said...

YOU SEXY VIXEN! :D Meow! Those babydoll nighties are delicious; loving the ruffles. They look so fantastic on you. The Sandy nighty is lovely, too..and the basket--YAY! I'm so obsessed with baskets.

The wigs are so some gin for me! :D Thanks for such a fun post, you fierce beauty! XO

Sara said...

PS - Your gams! Let's discuss how fabulous, shall we?? :D

Helga said...

How fricking much do I wanna have a pj party with YOU?!
OOOO<exciting,I am SO going to check out what Terri's got planned,but after I stop dribbling over you and your fabulousness!!!
SUCH a brillant post! I love that scene,and I'm certain it's prefectly historically (hysterically?!) correct! I reckon Rizzo is everyone's fave,and her song is the best in the whole film!
Yay,scanties!!! I'm excited.


Stacey said...

Oh man, I'm reading blog posts on my lunch break & I think this one gave me exactly what I needed to get through the rest of the work day! Love it! I always wanted to have a slumber party like the one on Grease.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Hehe that was fantastic. You're such a chameleon my dear, & your legs are fantastic!!!! Love a bit of Grease! Xx

Krista said...

OMG Vix is missing this dammit!!!!!! You look friggin sexy, hot, naughty, playful, sassy, confident, beautiful, crazy, innocent, and I so wanna have a slumber party with all you ladies!!!! I can't pick a favorite but since I am a bit naughty myself I do favor that lil peach number and that side eye you have going on!
I wanna post in my jammies now too!

I had gone to a few slumber parties as a girl but honestly can you imagine a room full of teenage girls, someone always left crying, or woke up to a face covered in toothpaste, and yes we did sneak and do all sorts of things I dare not repeat out loud.
I love you more in your nightie~

two squirrels said...

Tee hee you are so cute, I was giggling so much!!!!!
Look at you in the wig, amazing.
PJ party what fun!!!!!!
The baby dolls are so sexy and playful.
I'm with Krista, we should all do a jammies post.
Love v

lucy joy said...

Ooh, can I come to your pyjama party. (think I'll give Krista's version a miss)?
I love the peach number, but the blonde wig suits you so much too, in fact, you look fab in every wig, must have the right head for wigs!!
Maybe you should organise a REAL pyjama party when Krista comes over! Hire a big house - imagine the fun! No crying or toothpaste abuse, just cocktails and gossip and fantastic retro nightwear.

Can't promise to keep filthy paws off those silky drawers mind you!

Very funny post, as always Curtise.

Lucy x

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

You are a complete and utter loon! Love this post, love Grease, love the baby dolls. I remember having an orange nylon baby doll with matching orange knickers when I was a teenager and hating it! More fool me. xx

citizen rosebud said...

LOVE it! Loving the pj party- and the GREASE referemce/ fon!

Stacy said...

absolutely wonderful!

karensomethingorother said...

FUN, FUN, FUN! THAT WAS SUPER FUN! YOU WIN THE FUN AWARD, CURTISE! Loved the whole post. Did you enjoy it too? Aren't you pleased you had ALL the right paraphernalia to do this post?!? That makes it all wonderful!

Melanie said...

Oooo, you naughty! Nice. Naughty. Nicer. Your hair is brilliant - all of them. You have to see Sandra Dee in Gidget. It's a gas!

I watched a marathon of '60s beach movies this week, grounded by a cold. Your post is perfectly timed! In your next post can we please see your take on "Hotrods from Hell"?

I laughed so much - "Sandy, how could you?" "Curtise, glad you did!"

Anonymous said...

You got the pajama party vibe down pat! I laughed out loud at the baby doll pajamas! And I hope LaDama shows up in hers too. Most of the time, I sleep in the white chemise!

Be sure to link up once my post is up!

Anonymous said...

This is my favorite photoshoot ever!!
I love the Grease pyjama party makes me fell from my chair, too much fabulousness for me!
I love how you styled both the characters and the nighties are all so beautiful...even if I have a little preference on Rizzo:'Bad girls have more fun'!!!!

Unknown said...

Oh wow! I admire your braveness, i could never do this! Too many people at work look at my blog,so i could not do the pjs party thing, but way to go girl!

And again show more legs in your regular outfits!!

Have a great weekend Curtise!

oh! and i would like to see your garden, second request:)

Love Ariane

Vintage Coconut said...

*Meow meow meow* Curtise!
You are one hot Mama in your chiffon nighties. I love that black wig against the orange nighties!
Watching that movie clip.... I was more concentrating on the lamps and room decor. *hahah*

Unknown said...

Found you via Terri! Great collection of nighties! A new follower!

Trashsparkle said...

Can't believe I didn't see this til now - blogger's new interface; what is that all about - I can't find anything anymore! You are soooo fabulous, missus.... the epitome of Versatile Blogger with this array of wardrobe spectacularness! And gin... of course, there's got to be gin ;) xx

lovesjetlag said...

you are really fabulous Curtise, you do have great legs!!!! This the funniest post I've ever read

Ginny said...

OOOO what a great post! I LOVE Grease! I remember dancing on my neighbor's lawn as a 9-year-old, screaming, "lousy with vir-gin-it-y"--at least until somebody's mom told us to stop until we knew what we were singing about!

LOVE your Rizzo pegnoir, too! Somewhere, buried deep under flannel, I have a little collection of similar fluffy things--they don't see much action with two little boys in the house. Sigh.

Thanks for the inspiration! So glad to meet you!

Unknown said...

Bloody hell - as usual, I'm the last to arrive, you've drunk all the gin and you're all passed out on the floor! HEY WAKE UP! I wanna play!!!

You look frickin AMAAAZING - and I must agree that even though you look splendidly willowy in them, you are henceforth FORBIDDEN to wear maxis - those legs need to be on display!

Also, please wear wigs every day. And nighties. Thank you.

Love you more than Grease! Sarah xxx

his_girl_friday said...

DAMN! So many perfect pajama party looks!

Jean at said...

A perfect illustration of the cultural psychosis we gals have to contend with: the virgin/whore dichotomy. Thanks for the laugh factor!! Can I join you for a drink?

Love, Jean

Scarlett said...

How cute are you!!! Love it and funny that i was at a Grease sing along show last weekend with an audience full of Sandy D's and Pink Ladies - was an amazing night :o) Scarlett x

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Ha ha. I just loved Grease when it came out. Fabulous post.

Trees said...


Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Mama mia how did I miss this? Have I had me head stuck in me drawers? I think so!!!! Gawd I lurve a spot of bright bri-nylon and what a way to show off those gorgeous legs!!!! PWOOOOOAAAAARRRRRRR!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoox

Forest City Fashionista said...

Can't believe I missed this post! You have such an awesomely wicked sense of humour and this is a brilliant tribute to "Sandra Dee". You look quite fetching in those wigs AND the baby doll negligee (I purchase one from a secondhand store recently but haven't had the guts to post it on my blog).