Friday, 27 April 2012

Back to my roots

I don't think I will ever live anywhere other than Sheffield. I have been here for 30 years this year. I consider it home, even if I will always be an off-comer to real Sheffield folk.

I headed north to attend university here in 1982, and never left. Before that, I lived in a small town in rural Buckinghamshire. I cannot imagine being able to afford to live there now, even if I wanted to. Coming to a big city was exciting, daunting, but ultimately where I felt at home. I'm an urban kind of girl.

I wish I could have worn this outfit to my first ever visit to a nightclub. It must have been 1978 or 1979, I was 14 or 15, and the nightclub was called Peaches, in Milton Keynes. That probably tells you all you need to know... Oh the glamour. Studio 54 it was not.

My wardrobe seems to reflect all the styles I wish I'd been able to wear but was either too young, too scared, or too poor to afford. But it shows it's never too late!

                     I found this fabulous 1970s lurex angel sleeve top on Ebay for £1.04. Bargain! Isn't it disco-tastic?

I always wanted a faux fur coat when I was young - they seemed so glamorous. My mother's wardrobe - and consequently mine, until I had some money of my own - was all about being sensible, serviceable and straight. Dull. My eldest sister had her fair share of maxis, lurex, platforms and floppy hats in the early 1970s, and I thought she looked great.

                                                      I'm making up for my sartorial deprivation now.

                                                                            You should be dancing, yeah.

                                                                       What you doing on your back?

For the 30+ years it's been since that song came out, I'm sure I've been singing What you doing on your butt? Lyric sites have informed me that is not correct. Who knew? Is it on your back or in the back? Is it saucy? Oh those Bee Gee boys...

                                                        If you're not John Travolta, don't bother asking.

1970s lurex top (Ebay), Fenn Wright Manson silk flares (flea market), beads and bangle (Hottie Helga), trashy pearls, feather headband, 1970s faux fur jacket, sequin beanie (charity shops), 1980s suede bag (won it in a quiz!), disco moves (years of hard work and dedication)

I can't quite remember what hideous concoction I wore to Peaches. I seem to think it involved a pencil skirt and seamed stockings, which doesn't seem very appropriate. I have obviously spent periods of my life dressing quite oddly, but by mistake. Now I do it on purpose and it feels so much better!

This is the label in my top, so I had to choose this song. I may never go back to my roots, but I will always love a bit of disco!

                                              So zip up your boots and have a great weekend, Disco Divas!


Anonymous said...

OMG, that disco top. Pure love!! It's gorgeous!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

That is a fantastically flattering outfit, I don't see you in trousers very much and I like it. I can image how awful Peaches was! I don't think anyone apart from rich yuppies can afford to buy a house round here now, I can't even afford to rent - sure I could get a depressing 5-9 office job just to live in a rough part of town.

Keep up the dancing disco mama!! XXXXXXX

lucy joy said...

I love that tune . I love you too! Let's go clubbing, I'll wear those eighties clothes I was too young to wear, and certainly too young to go clubbing in. We will drink, and dance and spew, just as Sheffield's geekiest star sung. And we will be living the dream!

I adore this outfit, it's proper disco-tastic glamour.
I'm on my phone, so can't link, but 'Aus Brigitte's Tagebuch' by Bangkok Impact is a tune which, I think, may have you spinning on the floor til it's dangerously shiny.

Have a great weekend, I bow to your style and wit.

Lucy x

Unknown said...

aahh what a lovely heartfelt post. I love your outfit today you look gorgeous, glamous and confident. Its wonderful how clothes can make us feel or bring back memories. Have a wonderful weekend, dee xxx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

This is possibly my favourite outfit on you ever. Sorry. I know you love your maxis and they of course love you right back, but this outfit is an absolute stunner, you look AMAZING. And I'm not massively given to hyperbole on outfit posts, but you look like a model here.

Why am I capable of finding hilarious crap on eBay, but not flattering cheap vintage clothes? Please share your secrets!

Have a lovely weekend xx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

PS. Obviously my club of choice was Lakota in Bristol (true fact: it's my real middle name, I added it by deed-poll) but when I was growing up in South Wales we were 'lucky' enough to have a nitespot in our village called Paradise. It was previously known as Mama-Mia's, and was still known as 'Mama's'. Think sticky carpet, lambert and butler and pelmet skirts.

Frocktasia said...

yowza you hot disco diva! i love that fabulous top, last weekend i perused a vintage batwing dress by roots at the local charity shop but the pricetag was too hefty for me to got that cracking top for a song though, you lucky gal! Have a great weekend ;)

Unknown said...

Oh. My. GOSH! You look so fabulous and I'm going nuts over those pants and that purse! Saturday Night Fever is one of my all time favorite movies and the sound track is my favorite album! ~Serene

Robert Barnsley said...

Sheffield is well glad to have you here looking so glam Curtise

Sarah Jane said...

Great outfit. Love the triangular bag. Things could have been worse for you when you were younger. You could've gotten picked up in a nightclub by Phil Oakey and whisked off to join the Human League!;)

Melanie said...

Oo-wee. I just stopped by here for a mini break and promised myself I wouldn't linger (no time), BUT then you just had to turn on that Curtise disco power, and zap...

Your expressions are priceless! Your clothes with your bag are like disco lightning! How fun it would be to go clubbing with you! Thanks for this!

Kylie said...

I agree with Lakota on the perfection of this outfit-it suits you to a tee and you do look like a model. I can't remember the names of any of the nightclubs I went to as a teen, and it wasn't like there were many of them here in Perth either. Not good. I'll be wracking my brain all day trying to remember them. And the glory days...not.

two squirrels said...

Wow you look amazing!!!! That lurex blouse and wide leg pants simply incredible. Look at your waist.
Disco diva!!!!!!
First nightclub " Lazers" yucky!!! 1 week short off my 18th birthday 1988. I got kicked out. I can't remember what I was wearing but I do remember BIG hair!!!! Yay!!!!
Love v

Vintage Bird Girl said...

That outfit looks super cool. You are posing like a pro....I think I need some tips!!! Xx

Anonymous said...

I am straining to remember my disco days! It's funny that I remember what others wore (or didn't), but can't remember what I wore. This top looks amazing and was a bargain. I often think in thrifts that I do purchase the things I couldn't afford years ago...same impulse you describe.

Anonymous said...

What a fab walk down memory lane.
I'm all for giving yourselfvthosenthings and moments now that you didn't get the chance as a kid or teenager. Nice seeing you have fun with this outfit.

The Style Crone said...

I'm so excited that I've found your blog and can't believe it took me this long. Great outfit, great poses and we should all do more dancing.

Trees said...

I love that sparkly top - but I love the bag EVEN more!! It's amazing. I'm from a small town too (well actually a farm) and I've grown into a very urban girl. I can't imagine having to go back to small town/rural living.

Fiona said...

You look seriously stunning in this ensemble Curtise, what fabulous buys. My first nightclub was Cinderella's, on the way to Brighton. My friend and I were underage but I snogged the bouncer so he let us in! (can't believe I did that now) Pencil skirts were a fave look then and so were a pair of green dungaree's!

Penny-Rose said...

have just spent some time catching up on your posts. I love this outfit and really enjoyed reading about your adventures at a night club. I confess I am not sure I have ever been to a night club, but if I did I would want to look as cool as you! Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog - knowing that there are other likeminded women out there really helps me keep going.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I think that outfit would have been wated on 1 15-year-old. It looks so much more glamourous on a grown-up.
I grew up 7 miles form Manchester and t he first night club I went to was Rotters in the city centre when I was 16.
Can't remember what I wore but I think it involved big black and white gingham checks and white fabric boots.

Kelly Jackson said...

Woowee I'm hearing the Bee Gees as I read this! From one urban-girl-at-heart to another, I LOVE everything about this outfit - the top, the pants - and that bag? Don't get me started! (P.S. My hubby's Mom lives in a town in Buckinghamshire - lovely but cheap it's not!).

Miss Claire said...

Oh, don't you look fab! I love that song and always play it when I DJ at work (wedding centre...yawn! But I love it when I'm the DJ!) I'd love some wide-legged pants like that one day, so chic...xxxx

Krista said...

Oh jeez Curtise just when I think I have seen you looking your best you pull out this fierce number! The top is 70's sparkle at its best and those pants fit you just so. My god woman we all wanna go dance with you (dance party blogger meet up at Vix's)! You are so right that it's never to late to dress how you really want too.

As for Sheffield I have always loved it because that's where Def Leppard hails from, I always thought Joe Elliott and I would marry and live there:) to think we were almost neighbors!


his_girl_friday said...

You would've rocked that look at Peaches!

Sara said...

FANTASTIC! You. Look. AMAZING. That top is gorgeous; what a steal!!! And those pants..just so much love goin' on here. :D

I think I've been singing 'What you doing on your butt?' too. LOL Why turn back now? We should commit to the butt. Haha!

Hope you're having a lovely weekend! XOXO

Unknown said...

Oh! This is so flatering on you!
I love my city as well, but contrary to you i would like to live somehere else for a bit! I travelled quite a bit and the urge to explore the world is coming back. Mr. D and I are starting to make plans to travel.

Ariane xxxx

Vintage Sweetheart said...

14 or 15 wowsa couldn't get away with that these days! You should definitely go out clubbing or pubbing in this combo it's fab. That bag grabbed my eye straight away. xx

Vintage Coconut said...

Hello Gorgeous!
You are so right about things we couldn't afford when we were younger.
Nowadays I am thrilled when I find things (I thought could never afford in thrift shops for amazing deals) I know sometimes people think "Oh she must spend alot on clothes" (Like when I wear my *Luxurious to me* faux furs I got for bargains....) I have been asked "How much was that like $300 or something?" I love the look on their face when I say $15.
It just proves you don't have to spend hundreds of dollers on a jacket, top or pair of pants to look good.

You prove this by your outfit!
Love those pants on you.

Rose&Bird said...

Disco Diva! I have a similar top, though mine is handmade and 80s. I'm impressed you went clubbing at 14 - I thought I was daring when I got into clubs at 17!

Forest City Fashionista said...

WoooHooo!! You are one hot disco diva! That outfit is sooo flattering on you; your legs look miles long, and waist looks so small. I love the first photo of you with your hip cocked to one side, looking cool as a cucumber!

Helga said...

DISCO!! Yeah! G and I used to have an annual disco,as we love it!
Going back to ones roots is always an interesting proposition!I could never live in Sydney again,that's for sure!
Now,I've heard of Milton Keynes,isn't it supposed to be supertackarama?Like in a sort of good way?? Whatever,a disco called Peaches sounds fab!I love this outfit,if I'd seen you at a cool ass disco,I'd have wanted to be your friend!Feck that handbag is fruity but AWESOME!
Lurex is the new black,did you know?!

Unknown said...

FAB FAB FAB OUTFIT!!! Love the wide legged pants SO FRICKIN MUCH! And that disco lurex top is DIVINE! You look absolutely amazing, Curtise - I love every single thing about this gorgeous look... and I would so love to go dancing with you! Love! Sarah xxx

citizen rosebud said...

YOU ARE ROCKING A LOOK THAT NEVER LOOKED SOOOOO GOOD! I don't normally approved of "disco" throwback looks, but this is a clear exception- I approve! I love! You look classy and sexy and va va vooooom! I wish I would have dressed like this in the disco era too.

You made a dated look look sexy and modern. I will dance to a Saturday Night Glee-ver and dedicate it to you and your roots.

doradadama said...

You disco dancing Mama!
That 70's lurex top is gorgeous, i do adore this outfit so much.
That bag is so sweet, love the shape too.
I bet you look great in slinky satin hot pants.
I wear clothes i never dared to wear and own when i was
Lovinh your dancing poses.

Angie said...

Τhis outfit rocks,pure disco style.And I used to love the beejees