Monday, 30 April 2012

In the pink

I'm still unsure about pink, especially pastel shades. I can't help but feel a little like my youngest daughter in this outfit. That's probably not a good look on a woman of my advanced age...

But seeing some sunshine at last, after the torrential rain of yesterday, made me want to wear something light and bright and a little bit girly.

It wasn't quite warm enough for bare legs though, and my legs are still in winter mode - the world isn't ready for the sight of them yet.

                     Just checking my petticoat is in place. A girl always needs to check up on her undergarments.

I went to a Jumble Sale preview on Friday night. There was a time, B.C. (Before Children), that a Friday night was always a Big Night Out, but times have changed...

Still, the opportunity to go to a Jumble Sale preview along with the dealers in-the-know was not to be sneezed at. How I got invited to go along is like some bizarre Six Degrees of Separation spoof involving a friend, her sister, and the sister's ex-butcher, but I won't bother you with the details. Suffice to say, I was there in the queue at 9pm outside a Scout hall in a leafy suburb on the outskirts of Sheffield, ready for a rummage.

I did OK. The system seemed a little haphazard; everyone dived in, picked up whatever they wanted, shoved it in bags or boxes which were then left in a pile while you went back to search some more. When you'd done, the man in charge tipped out your items, ran a cursory eye over your selection, and came up with a fairly random figure. Some dealers were haggling; I just paid, without really knowing if he was overcharging me or not. It turned out I paid an average of 35p an item, which is fine with me.

So obviously there is too much to show you everything, I'll pick out the highlights. There was actually some vintage - yay!

                                             Burn, baby, burn - Disco Inferno! 1970s blingy disco frock.

                                       1970s frock, I think it will look fab with tan boots and my green hat.

     Another fantastic 1970s dress with a cape front and back. It's too small for me so to Ebay she will go.

Aquascutum wool wrapover coat. It's a bit big for me, and I tend to look like a sack of spuds in this style of coat, but Aquascutum? For 35p? It's a shame such a historic firm has just gone out of business. I'll probably store the coat till winter, then Ebay it.

                                                              Love the print on this duvet cover.

                      Who remembers Champion the Wonder Horse? These annuals are from 1957 and 1960.

                                                     No date in this one but oh so 50s. Anyone for tennis?

                                                                               1970s pomander.

This has to be the most curious item I found. I'm not certain, but I think it's an egg (ostrich?)  It's quite big, with a hole in the bottom, and an African village scene painted on it.

                  Goodness knows what to do with it, but who wouldn't want a painted ostrich egg in their home?

Although the egg is the Oddity of the Week item, my Star Find sadly didn't actually end up coming home with me. I spotted a leather hat box/vanity case, possible 1940-50s, lurking under a table and snaffled it, adding it to my pile. A little later, I noticed a woman taking it off my stash and adding it to her's. When I approached her, the hatchet-faced harridan with a Croydon facelift started shouting at me that she'd seen me take it from her pile, and yelled "I'm not arguing with you!" in a really aggressive manner, Err, really?

Short of kicking her in the shins, snatching the case, and running away with it to hide until she had gone back to whatever hellhole she inhabits, there wasn't much I could do. Should I have engaged in some unseemly tug-of-war over it? I am imagining a Melanie cartoon version of this, which is making me chuckle! She was lying - I knew it, and she knew it. But she left with the case. And I was left with my integrity and my dignity intact, but feeling pissed off.

                                                                   What would you have done?

                                                                      Oh well, it's only stuff.

Floral top, pink pleated skirt, petticoat, tights (charity shopped), pearls (jumble sale and gift from darling Miss V), boots (Ebay), knitting bag as handbag (Humpty-flashing Helga)

                                                                  After all, I'm a lady, not a fighter! 


Sara said...

You are such a lady; that was probably the best way to handle the HAG. She will karmically get hers. The box knows it wasn't supposed to end up with her, so whatever energy that inhabits said case will make sure her time with it is not-so-enjoyable. :) That's what I like to think

Your other finds are so fantastic! That ostrich egg is beyond awesome. I'd display it on one of those marble egg stands 'cause it's too cool for school. That blingy disco frock is GORGEOUS! Can't wait to see it on you! All of the clothing bits are divine. And YAY for annuals--oh, how I love the vintage mags.

Your light & bright ensemble is lovely (seriously diggin' the top and purse..I'm so addicted to florals!), and you look beautiful. I so enjoy the color, and the way the skirt is made! XO

Anonymous said...

Firstly, I love the floral top you're wearing!

Oh, and that 70s dress? For less than 50p!!!! Omg. I simply love it!!! I so need a LRD!!!
Hope you had a good weekend.

grunge-queen said...

OMGosh, you could write a novel from this one post, from the friend of the ex-butcher connection, to the amazing 1970s dresses and Aquascutum coat (BTW didn't the latter go into receivership in early April? You may be able to command a great price when you do sell the coat ....) to the grabby hag (I stole Sara's word)! There will always be people like that at those type of things, and at least you proved yourself the person with more class by not grabbing the damn thing from her (tempting and oh-so-satisfying as it would have felt!!)!

And on the pink subject: well you KNOW how I feel about it - love! But I too feel a little odd about baby pink, as though I should be swaddled in a onesie (though, funnily, as I write this, I AM wearing a baby pink sweater I thrifted for two bucks - I think it was more the Lacoste label than the pink that got me!).

Fiona said...

I would be seriously pissed off too Curtise, you should have made some scathing comment about her Croydon facelift, but if you're anything like me you think of the comment about 3hrs later!
Spectacular finds, Aquascutum for 35p has got to be the bargain of all time. (my first airline uniform was Aquascutum, such quality)
I'm not a pink person either but my latest acquisition is also this colour and it does feel a smidge too girly. Btw I will be singing 'Champion the Wonder Horrrrse' all night now.

delia hornbook said...

Wow you did amazing i love those first 3 70's dresses there gorgeous that red one is a stunner. What a stupid women at the end of the day you have your pride and to me thats more important. I believe in Karma and what goes around comes around she will get back what rudeness she puts out in the end. I would have done the same as you its really not worth it you did good ;-)) dee xxx

Vintage Coconut said...

Ohhh heck that red dress is gorgeous.
The 2 black ones are quite lovely too.
Duvet cover = Fantastic ("I sleep better in floral bedding")

Gosh your story about the Stupid HAG makes me pissed off! I have HAD the same thing happen to me Curtise. TWICE in a thrift shop none the less. People just grab stuff out of other peoples shopping baskets. So now.... anything that I find that I think is a SCORE I hide at the bottom so no-one can see it. I also make sure to keep my stuff as near me as I can. "It is ridiculous that people think it is okay to grab other peoples things, I would NEVER take something from someone else at a garage sale / thrift store or jumble. Just doing so would make me feel like a sh!tty person, and no object is worth me feeling like that." I think you did the right thing... I also thing now because of what happened you will end up finding what the lady took from you and it will be WAY nicer than the one she stole.


I shunned pink for years until I met Rob. His mum has only brothers, sons and nephews, so was desperate to turn me into a young Barbara Cartland. I still shun the pastels though.
Lakota and I were discussing not being able to quite embrace the whole 'dry humping' 'getting the horn' etc thing regarding clothes, however....I must admit to finding those three dresses *almost* gusset dampening (to quote a friend who writes mildly erotic stories).

That scenario with the nasty lady unfolded exactly how it would for me. Stupid bitch. You'll find something much better soon. I know it.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

35p Aquascutum? Jumble sale previews? Gorgeous 70s frocks? You're giving Vix a run for her money and no mistake!

Brilliant haul my lovely, my absolute favourite is the first dress, it's gorgeous. But I reckon I'd have been happy to come home with any of it.

Shame bitch face came along to try and spoil things. You were very restrained and grown-up about it all, not sure how I'd have reacted - I fear the sharp side of my tongue may have come to the fore. Failing that, we can just put a mass curse on her.


Krista said...

You know I can't resist a lady in the pink :) I think it looks sweet on you. I feel this way when I wear earth tones, something just feels a bit off for me. I adore the lace trim poking out, your undergarments are in perfect order :)

The three frock you scored are some 70's fab and why you were just talking about how much you loved them! That 1970's pomander is sweet, is it a purse?

You were the lady in that scenario however I feel that those situations might bring out the ghetto gangster girl in me. When I go with Vix I will be wearing my pink shit kicking boots so look out you old English women this American might not start a fight but I'll finish it for sure!

Louise said...

Whaaaaat? I'd have gone ape, but then you may not have got invited back if you behaved badly. What a horrible woman though, good on you keeping your calm! I love the red disco frock. Xx

karensomethingorother said...

I probably would have done what you did, and then STEAMED over it for the next month.

LOVE the 1970's dresses. I also LOVED your disco post--did I comment, or just dream I did? I did read it at any rate, and forgot to say I had somehow never heard the song you posted at the end, so I was delighted all around.

You HAVE to take some pics in that new red dress. It's fabulous. I love a disco post!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Awful woman! She needed a kick in the ladybits. If you list the coat, let me know, I'd love it! Everything you got is amazing.... and pink is great on you, if you're not happy with it, keep wearing the biker boots! Riot grrrl! xxxx

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh that horrible old hag - do you want me to come over there and take care of her for you, Curtise?

I love your pink outfit - you look beautiful in pink so I think you should get over your aversion and wear it more because it's very flattering on you! The three disco frocks are all gorgeous -especially the cape sleeved one - and for 35p YAY!!!

Aquascutum sounds like an upper respiratory tract infection to me.

Love! Sarah xxx

Mimi and Tilly said...

Firstly, you look fabtastic in pink! I used to wear black all the livelong day till I started blogging, and threw myself into being creative. Then it all went a bit haywire and now I don't step out of the house unless I'm a vision in pink, red, purple, all together all at the same time. It feels frigging great! As for your finds, they are gorgeous. You did so well. I am rubbish when it comes to handling rude people, I can never think of what to say until hours later. But I firmly believe in the law of attraction, that we get back what we put out, so I wish her well with her stolen goods.... I loved what you said in your comment about there being no such thing as weeds, just flowers growing where we don't want them. I think that's lovely. Big hugs for a lovely week. xxxxxxxx

Reva said...

I love this look!!!

Kylie said...

I love the b&w frock and the painting on that ostrich egg is very cool.
When we had our garage sale I couldn't believe the fights over stuff between customers. I am too much of a chicken to get involved in any of that business (even though inside I'm dying if I miss out on something) and like you I'm a lady, something that horrible woman will never be!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

The jumble sale sounds like an interesting evening. Even though you missed out on the hat box, at least you displayed great dignity by letting that cow walk away with it. I can totally picture you rocking that red frock. I like the pink on you, but I feel a bit strange in that colour as well. I do love the cut of that skirt, especially with the petticoat underneath. Looking forward to seeing what else you scored. Xx

Helga! said...

Well,I am of the opinion that pink is flattering to our maturing skin!!! It's a perfect Springy colour,and I am ever so pleased your undergarments are in place!!
Now,OMG to those first 3 jumble frocks,an extra BIG OMG to the disco number,by crikey!!! And invited to a preview?!EEK! Clearly,these sweet frocks had you in mind for a hom,e to live in.Gagging to see you in them,bugger aboput the one that's too small.......the egg is weird....
Now,G is the man you need in those awful harridan situations!He would not have let her away with it,like you and I would,he would have given her a good what for!!! He's got balls,that one!Mind you,I did give an old lady a ticking off recently for jumping in front of me at the deli counter the other week.I have a thing about manners,and whilst I respect my elders,I respect them more when they adhere to the manners they would have been bought up with!
Maybe in the right mood I could have dealt with that nasty cow.Fancy lying like that!Grrr.
Never mind,you did do VERY well!

Anonymous said...

I've never been privileged to go to a sale of this type, but if I had found the hat box, I would have held onto it with my physical hands. Perhaps you should carry a squirt gun when you attend such events and just temporarily stun such harridans. I love the shoulders on that first disco dress.

Mark said...

I love the b&w frock and the painting on that ostrich egg is very cool.
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Melanie said...

Oh, Curtise, finally... I didn't want to say anything for fear of hurting your feelings but you've saved me the trouble... At last you have your hand-painted ostrich egg. I was aghast that you could bear to live without one! Who in their right mind would could dare call home a Home, especially with CHILDREN (said in a spitting whisper) without the Special Egg!...

Yes, I have thought of a cartoon already. Thanks for the inspiration! Such hagness, not you but She of the Grabby Hands.

You look lovely in pink. And especially with petticoat.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Love the pics in this post. As for pink. I think you have struck the balance between sweet and serious just right!

Trees said...

I love the pink skirt on you! With a darling petticoat too *swoon*

I think my favourite is that red dress - va va voom!!

Also - I can't believe that lady at the jumble sale!! What a cow!


Wonderful in patel shades. Love the contrast of the flowery bag.
What an adventure ...

Bella Q said...

There wasn't anything else you could have done- and the case- obviously a prize, was needed by her. Who knows how she rationalized the thing?

You got a good haul still, and after seeing you rock the disco pants, I can wait to see you in the red inferno dress!

the Citizen Rosebud

Vintage Sweetheart said...

loving the pink it's super cute!! I would of been so mad if someone did that to me. I hold onto everything I want or pile it in my mums arms because I don't trust other thrifters haha. xx

Rose&Bird said...

Like you I'm unconvinced by pastel pink for a grown woman, but hot pink is a winner. Grr to the woman who stole the hatbox - what does a croydon facelift need with a 50s hatbox?! I'm sure she'll get her due in time! How cool you got invited to a preview - I dream of being invited to one of those! The finds are great - how did you live without the ostrich egg?! I'm singing 'Champion the Wonder Horse' in my head now! I must have watched 80s C4 repeats 'cos I sure as hell wasn't around to watch it the first time!

lovesjetlag said...

I would have had the same reaction, after all it was only a hat box, better not waste your time and energy with these crazy hags whose quality of life depends on how much they hoard...and besides I am sure you will find other hat boxes in the next jumble sales, there's plenty of them...The Acquascutum coat is really a gem, really I love it! Would it be too costry to have it adjusted?

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Lovely!

I have read the story about the horrible bitch who took your stuff!
That happened to me as well, i wonder why people do that! rude, rude, no education, opportunist, i hate those people! I would have said something but probably i would have let it go..only stuff like you said, but i would have been furious!

I love your pastels, looks nice on you, goes well with your complexion, very pretty, you are not used to it i guess!

Have a great day!

Ariane xxx

Style Sud-Est said...

OH! really cool stuff you got there at the rummage sale, and only 35p, that is cheap!

Forest City Fashionista said...

I think it's all about the shade of pink--if it's a rich shade it's usually flattering to most skin tones, but I've never been fond of pastel pink. What an adventure at the Jumble Sale! I am drooling over the red disco dress, and I really like the black and white one too (and what size would that be?). I would have been VERY steamed at the nasty woman who swiped your hat case, but then I suppose it's better that you took the high road, even if you wanted to give her a good slap.

La Dama said...

You look great in pink shades, the petticoat peeking out is a delight.
Oh you scored some extra fabuloso frocks!
How special a preview like ou dear Vixcita.
I cant wait to see you modeling the red disco dress for us.
That biatch needed a great kick up thee ass. Next time some hag does that shit to you telmm them "Dont make me put my foot up yo ass". You acted like a proper lady amor.
I in the other hand wouldnt of let that know i have not had problems at jumbles so far.

angie said...

I love the black coat.Such a classc style.Pink is what you make it and the same applies to all colors.