Sunday, 8 April 2012

Back to Black

                                   Spring and Easter should be all about light, bright colour, right? Wrong.

                                                  Black, black... Must have been feeling a bit moody.

I like the 1970s vibe of this dress. It isn't vintage, but it only cost a quid in St. Luke's charity shop sale, so that was good enough for me.

The Chinese silk waistcoat was another £1 purchase (from Ebay). I don't think this is old either, despite being sold as vintage, but I love it.

Now before you wonder why I'm all doomy, gloomy and dark - I'm really not! I was delighted to receive a lovely package of Easter treats from my friend Fiona. Handmade cards (in a handmade box) for me...

                                      .... and mini eggs in handmade packaging for the LBs. So adorable!

Fiona features her beautiful handmade cards and her photography on her blog, and I am trying to persuade her to photograph herself more often as she is so gorgeous. Do check out her blog, it's lovely.

                                      So with all this colour and brightness about, I should really join in.

Inspired by how fabulous Helga looks in pink (or any other colour, come to that), I thought I'd give it a go. I don't wear much pink...

                          Funny but I don't really like this outfit. Not sure what's wrong but I think it's the top.

                 It's a gorgeous 1950s knit in icy white, look at the gorgeous silver embroidery round the neckline....

... and such a beautiful label. I should love it. But it's not right on me. The neckline is too high and the colour too pale. I wore the same outfit later in the day when we all went out for tea, but with a black scoop neck top, and felt much better. I have no photos to prove it, you'll have to take my word for it.

                                                                       So Back to Black it is!

                                                   Anyone else thinking Whistler's Mother? Haha!

                                                   Hope you have all enjoyed a lovely Easter break.


La Dama said...

Happy Easter amor!
You look hot in shades of black.
Your poses are lethal!
I am a lover of dark colors myself.
swallow necklaces are so cute.
Chinese silk waistcoat fits you like a dream.
I wasn't into pinks either ,but mostly all the clothes I buy have shades of pink. Helgita has inspiring affect on us.

Vintage Coconut said...

Well I have got to say you look MUCH better than I do today! I am in sweats and a t'shirt. I spent my Easter Sunday afternoon cleaning and giving my bicycle a spring shower after Mr. Coco got it out of Winter storage for me.
* I love that Chinese silk waistcoat. (It's GORGEOUS)
* Pretty Cards & Mini Eggs?! That sounds like a perfect Easter gift.
* You totally remind me of Helga in your pink outfit.
* You may not wear lots of pink but it does look nice on you. (I am the same with pink... I like it... but don't own much of it. I have a few items to throw on when I have the urge to wear it.

Kylie said...

I think you should. Wear more pink ie. It really suits you. You look gorgeous (and not too shabby in black either btw)

Max said...

Pretty in pink lady, it suits you. Quite partial to that flowery skirt, i only do florals on a black backgound, but mostly coveting the chimney stack planter!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Love the black look. You look so darn skinny & stylish! And then so pretty in pink...that colourful skirt is fab. Hope you've had a lovely Easter break. Xx

Miss Peregrin said...

I love your all-black Easter ensemble! I've never been big on pastels, so it's nice to see an Easter outfit with a bit of edge. I really like your colourful outfit too though! Pink is a very nice colour on you, and that skirt is gorgeous. I'd love to see how it looked with the black top!

Style Sud-Est said...

Me again! Catching up!
You look good in black, this is a color i do not do often, but i like black.
About the pink outfit i think it is the sandals and tights that do not match the rest, but you should wear pink, i like it on you

I wrote your id # for ebay

Take care

Aroane xxxx

Sara said...

Ahhh, so much pretty! You look divine in both..I am loving that skirt featured in the pink ensemble. I was going to mention a black scoop neck, and as I read on it turns out that's just what you did! We are on the same wavelength! :D Also, that belt has my heart.

I need to practice my look like a model! I'm always uber impressed with your beautiful poses and how natural you look!

Anonymous said...

the waistcoat is fabulous!

Melanie said...

Oh,you dark horse, you! You look powerful in black - your boots were made for walkin' in black. I love it. The waistcoat is excellent, delicate and bold at the same time.

That said, you are a a vision in pink, a lovely bouquet of spring flowers. Such different looks! Not Whistler's mother, more like Dame Curtise!

Valerie said...

Whistlers mother haha, I don't think so. I like the black outfit, especially the waistcoat, very pretty.

Trees said...

You look great in black and I love the waistcoat! Also such a lovely package your friend sent you. Hurrah for mail xoxox

Vintage Sweetheart said...

I love black it's classic but I have to say you look lovely in pink! Sometimes you just need to be LOUD!!! xxx

Louise said...

I think you look fab in both looks. I adore that waistcoat, it's stunning, and only £1? Wow! Xx

Rose&Bird said...

It's all about how you feel really - who says you have to wear pastels in spring and grey and black in winter?! Both outfits are great, I'd suggest maybe dying the top, but if the neckline doesn't work for you perhaps it needs a new home?

Whistler's mother? never!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

fantastic finds as always. I'll go and have a peek at your friend's blog! Shame about the jumper, I guess it's too precious to dye? Can you ebay it? Or will you keep it? You look fab in black and nothing like Whistler's Mother! More like an Augustus John

Krista said...

Curtise who cares if it's Easter I agree I really like the all black outfit. The dress hugs all your curves and the Chinese waistcoat is pretty fab! I also dig the pink outfit, I am in love with that skirt. Maybe next time try it with a bright colored top and I bet you would love it. You strike the best poses. I hope the family enjoyed the Easter holiday!

Fiona said...

Hi Curtise,
You look fab in black and I'm amazed at the cost of your brilliant bargacious outfit. You look equally as spectacular in the pink, but I do agree about the top and don't think it's quite right with that outfit. (says she, Miss Oh So Unadventurous!)
I can't think of anyone less like Whistler's Mother (OK, maybe Helga) but your comment did make
me giggle.

Glad you liked my lil ol' creations, but "Gorgeous", moi??? you flatter me.

Dawn said...

You are a great blogger friend. Thank you so much for dropping by and for your ego boosting comments to me. I have been miserable in pain but it is getting better and I am finally catching up on some much needed blogging time. I love reading you...and following along. You have such a unique style, and lovely way of putting items together. This outfit looks really smart and so well put together. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo love those eggs in the cards, will check out her blog. xo

karensomethingorother said...

I was NOT thinking Whistler's Mother. Oo...I like black. It has a reall F*CK YOU kind of vibe to it, don't you think? I am also a massive fan of pink. Maybe I'll buy something pink for my birthday.

I loved the handmade cards. They are so pretty! Oh, and I loved the skirt you were wearing in the more Easter-friendly shots.

Sabrina Musco said...

beautiful outfit!!!!

Freaky Friday

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his_girl_friday said...

You look gorgeous. You have an excellent silhouette.

Forest City Fashionista said...

I love that all black outfit on you--the silk waistcoat is perfect over the black dress, and the fit is soooo flattering on you. I changed out of my Easter outfit to all black to go to a movie later that night. Most of my favourite outfits involve mostly black, but it doesn't mean I'm a gloomy person (however I do have a a rather dark sense of humour).

delia hornbook said...

Well i have to be honest and say i much prefere you in the pink to black you look stunning in it and should wear it more often it enhances your skin so beautifully. Black is to harsh and washes you out. That little white 50's top is gorgeous. Loving the little waistcoat to. Hope you didn't mind me being honest. Wear more pink ;-)) dee xxx


I love to see your outdoors shots. That means it is getting warmer.
Loving you in black and colour.
You have the most wonderful clothes in the world, my dear friend.

Misfits Vintage said...

I love the black outfit and I LOOOOVE you in hot pink - though I agree that top is not quite right. I can't really wear high necked tops - especially in pale colours as they are just terribly, horribly unflattering on me. I love that floral skirt on you - LOVE IT! Please wear pink more!

Love! Sarah xxx

Candycane said...

Fab pics - Ive only just found your blog - through Vintage Vixen's after she mentioned Chesterfield - and thought I would have a looksy at your blog :D

Loving the pink Helga inspired outfit and the cute eggs :D

CC xXx