Monday, 16 April 2012

Green shoots

Despite all the dire drought warnings in the UK, we managed to get a rather healthy downpour at the weekend, along with a wonderful double rainbow.

                   It had been a wet'n'windy kind of day, I was glad to be wearing a maxi to keep my pins warm!

I love this 1960s maxi skirt which I bought from the last St. Mary's vintage market. I need to take it in slightly and move the button, it's a bit big on the waist, but a trusty belt hides a multitude of sins.

                Sorry about the photos, the light was most odd, and as you know, camera skills are not my forte...

           It must be all the developing colour in the garden that's making me want to wear green. This is what I wore today.

I wear this 1970s polyester frock a lot, so the £5 spend in St. Luke's charity shop was well worth it. I like it with the extra hit of green - the cardigan is also charity-shopped.

        Littlest wanted to be on the blog again. She's rather liking the attention, I think. It must be a Third Child thing (like me!)

                                                         I try to discourage such blatant showboating...

   ... but then she goes a bit demonic. She could be in Bonnie Tyler's video for Total Eclipse of the Heart. "Turn around, Bright Eyes..."

                                                                                  Scary, no?

Thank goodness for the refuge of the garden. Under the pretence of cooking tea, I noodled about outside taking photos. On my own.

The cherry blossom is coming out. It doesn't last long, but while it does, it's glorious. There's probably a message about life in that.

                            The squirrels usually dig up all the tulip bulbs, but this year they decided to let them be.

                                                               Having a Georgia O'Keeffe moment.

                                                                      Sure, life has its drudgery...

                                                                    ...but it also has its rainbows.



Miss Claire said...

Glorious indeed! Such a pretty garden! You look fab in both outfits, and your daughters is super cute as well :) I've got an amazing maxi that I must show you soon! Will try to do an outfit post later this week. Xxxxx

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Beautiful post my dear. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face. I like the maxi skirt, such a great pattern. But I really like the frock with a green look fab! Thanks for sharing the rainbow with us. Xx

Debberoo said...

Lovely photos, love the cardi outfit, love seeing more of Littlest LB!! I was thinking today that we have not been together since becoming Mums, when I see photos of you with the LBs I especially wish I could be there to watch you doing your Mum thing, d'ya know what I mean?

Anonymous said...

You have outdone yourself with the gorgeous photography in this post--a double rainbow and then such gorgeous stills.

The print on that maxi is pretty wonderful too.

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Pretty rainbows yay!! I love this maxi skirt the print is out of this world. I'm the third child too so it must be that which makes us show boaters. xx

Kylie said...

Belts are good like that aren't they...

Love your rainbow, o'keefe-ish flower portraits, and your very pretty looking drudgery.

Littlest does look a little bit scary in that last pic. On showboating, what's a girl supposed to do with a Mum like you eh?

Krista said...

Double rainbows across the sky! These pictures are beautiful! I always say when you actually pay attention to nature it will blow you away with its beauty. Most people are too busy to stop and take it all in...not you my dear:) I love you in a maxi, I love you in anything, but posing with the little LB I kinda like that best. She is a crack up and surely possessed in that last picture. Showboating and pins two more cool UK phrases to add to my vocab.


Wise words, Curtise. The green cardi brings that dress to life - love it. Cardigans save many an outfit for me, and where would we be without them in these fickle climes? I'm praying for lots of rain BEFORE the summer this year.
Your garden is in bloom, and so are you and your thirdborn, my third is the attention-seeking clown of the bunch. Gets away with murder too!
Please keep Krista on her toes by using British words and phrases wherever possible, she had me laughing with the pins/showboating comment.

Lucy x

Melanie said...

What a lovely post, I very much like rainbows and tulips too, though as a child I was scared of them (tulips that is).

Trees said...

I really love this post - so many pretty photos of rainbows and flowers and kidlets and your beautiful self in a beautiful frock!

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

You discourage "blatent showboating"? Haha. Very funny.

Although I love the maxi, the second dress with the green cardie is my favourite. I do like green. I'm wearing green tights and a green jacket today - how matchy matchy of me.

Love the pics, Curtise. Our rabbit has destroyed our tulips, so thank you for showing off yours. xx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

gorgeous, I've got a pic of cherry blossom on my latest post - can't resist, it's just so pretty. You look fab, love the colours in that skirt. The dress is also rather amazing as is demon child, cute but evil

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I can actually believe that Melanie was scared of tulips. I was scared of monkey puzzle trees.

ps: lovely Victorian terrace garden!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

me again! oh and the rainbow is fantastic!

Misfits Vintage said...

OOoh the blossoms and double rainbow are LOVELY - and you look gorgeous in both outfits. I especially love the maxi on you - such a beautiful willowy silhouette. Squirrels! You have squirrels! How did I not know that?? I'm an idiot!

Love! Sarah

Vicky Hayes said...

Whenever I visit here I'm completely struck dumb (which is rare for me!) but I just want you to know that I visit often and love your fabulous blog to pieces! Vicky x

Style Sud-Est said...

Adorable post Curtise! A double rainbow and a glimpse of your town thats is great- I am dying to see your garden, looks rather beautiful, that is the bits we can see through the clothes:)

Love the maxi with the hearts,great find! I think i will take a break from thrifting, i have so much i do not know what to year anymore and do not know where to put it, God i have a major problem!:(

Isabelle invited me to a swap event this Sunday, i will probably go, i am sure i can make somebody happy and vice versa.

Your youngest is so adorable, i know i have said it before, tell her again!

I am trying to get Mr.D grand daughter on my blog, she does not want to...But one day i will convince her, hey! hey!

Love to read your life's episodes, so much more interested than the latest trend!

Have a nice day

Ariane xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Madness I love it the maxi skirt is AWESOME.

Fiona said...

Your camera skills are pretty damn good if you ask me. Loved seeing the lovely snaps of rainbow, tulips (and hope to see the foxgloves when they flower) and LLB with Mum. Your washing snap made me laugh as I took a similar one recently, just waiting for photo-a-day to do 'Drawers On Line'!! Gorgeous maxi, so envious of you being able to source all this vintage stuff, it must all be Up North. Did I mention you look the business in red lippy?
Btw your instructions were perfect, my ineptitude was the problem.

two squirrels said...

Oh I had a word to them!!!!! Leave Curtise's tulips alone!!!!! Or else!!!!!!
My powers are truly amazing.
Anyway I just love the maxi skirt. Cute green cardy too!!!!
Love v
Double rainbow beautiful.

La Dama said...

I love the heart maxi skirt but green cardy outfit is my fave.
Magic belts can cover all sorts of stuff.
third borns always get away with cuteness.
You have a beautiful garden, love tulips and rainbows.

Miss Peregrin said...

Double rainbow! I love both outfits, but that blue maxi skirt takes the cake for me. The print is incredible! I love that last photo of the rainbow as well - absolutely beautiful.

Sara said...

Wow--what a vivid rainbow! I'm loving maxi's, and that one is so lovely and unique. And I love that 70's frock..especially with the green..definitely a favorite. It's just fabulous on you.

Littlest is absolutely adorable. :)

That cherry blossom photo made me sigh. So pretty. XO

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh I do like a demonic wee lass and your little one is a dream!!! You are wearing GREEN so of course I'm instantly in love but your maxi and card are screaming, screaming at me I say!! I have so much love for your outfits:)))). The Phoenix loved your local pics and said it looks like near where he lived. Curtise the Photographer, got a nice ring to it eh? xoxoxoxoxoox

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