Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Two green dresses

Since both the post-Christmas finances and my secondhand shopping mojo have gone astray this month, I am relying on 
some Old Faithfuls of the Wardrobe to see me through January.

I suppose it's possible that the softer green of the tie-front cardigan would have blended well with the muted, sludgy shades of the 1950s print dress on the left; and the bright green cardigan would have picked out the same shade in the Deco-esque print of the 1970s maxi.

But that's too obvious, right? And I would have felt too subdued in the first version, and overly neon in the second. 
So I wore my greens like this.

And that's the way (uh huh, uh huh) I like it.

1950s dress - gift from Goan beach babe Vix
Cardigan, earrings, bangles and tights - charity shopped
Boots - community fair
Necklace - gift from op shop queen Leisa

There's that peacock feather bangle again. I've worn it so much, the paint is coming off. Thank you, Tania of the Disappearing Blog (and come back soon please!)

I have had a Big Tidy Up. 
It took all day.
And I only did one room, that's how bad it was.

But it looks better, and I have numerous books, games, puzzles and other toys the kids have outgrown to either donate to charity shops, or keep for our next school jumble sale. I should really do the latter, but it isn't till March, and I want that stuff out now that I've gone to the trouble of sorting it.

I figure that if a room takes a day, and assuming (which is foolhardy) that I don't lose my motivation, we could be shipshape by the end of the month.

That's the plan...

1970s DL Barron maxi dress and mohair tie-front cardigan - flea market
Sequin beret, boots, necklace and bangles - charity shopped
Flower - gift from my darling Sarah

Why is it that I find housework so difficult?

I know it's pointless and dull, but I do feel so much happier when the house is in a reasonable state, and I'm not ashamed of it (and myself.)

Actually, during the years when I lived alone, I was pretty organised and tidy. So it's clearly Simon and the kids' fault.

There, that's solved the mystery. An aversion to housework brought on by Other People's Mess. 


I may like a 50s frock, but that's where my affinity with a 1950s housewife begins and ends, I'm afraid.

One of my friends dusts and polishes her house every week. Every week. Is this normal?


Which are you, a Dusting Divinity or a Slovenly Slackarse? Be honest, now!



silvergirl said...

I need to enlarge that pin up girl quote and put it in my kitchen!!!

Marjorie said...

Slovenly Slackarse and proud of it.

Anonymous said...

You had me at green.mthe Barron maxi print is glorious. Sadly I can't do mohair I'm allergic to it, but it's a sweet cardie.

As for housework I'm somewhere inbetween the two descriptions, I call it lived in.

Patti said...

I love the way you did your greens. As for housework, I am always happy to " have done it" and pretty grumpy during it. Seems so silly to keep doing the same things over and over, right? But I like to look at a made bed and a clean floor. Dusting? Nah. xox

50 and counting said...

Love the nailpolish.

Housework? Why is it a female responsibility?

I've basically told my adult children I will no longer touch their rooms or their bathrooms.

Some parts of my home are truly foul as a result.

When I think back to the 1980s I was truly 50s housewife. My home was spotless. Because I was bored out of my mind. Couldn't work (lived on a NATO base in Germany), no kids, so I cleaned.

Olga Rani said...

I know a woman who cleans her house EVERY DAY: vacuum cleaning, dusting, mopping. And she cleans the oven every week, even when nobody has used it during the week. I used to rent a room in her house and she drove me crazy with this obsession.
I like the way you mixed your greens. And I love the necklace.

Connie said...

Curtise! You are soooo beautiful. And not just because green is my favorite color. You look amazing. I only clean the house when I can't find something. Then I tornado through the house while muttering obscenities. It's quite dramatic but it gets the job done.

Veshoevius said...

Slovenly slackarse all the way and hah hah, I too blame Mr V for my demise in domestic pride as I have hazy memories of being tidy and organised before we started living together!
Wonderful dresses and I see one is from Vix. Where would our wardrobes be without her? Love all the green today!

Liz said...

I hate housework - it is never ending and boring! Love your green outfits, though. You really suit shades of green.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

two squirrels said...

Oh dust is a must........we do vintage remember, so it's all about adding more character........things have to show history and age.......snigger....that's my story and I am sticking to it!!!!!
Oh you look fantastic in green my in love with miss 50's dress, great print.
Love v

Indigo Violet said...

I wish I was an obsessive cleaner but I'm the opposite. What I need is a cleaning lady (and cook). I'm too mentally tired after a day ministering to the needs of all and sundry at work that I usually pass out in front of TV.

Angels have Red Hair said...

I hate doing it ... but feel so much better when it's done ... its quite the conundrum!

Sandra said...

there is something about my menstrual cycle that is focused and energetic, I can see the crap and deal with it, heck sometimes I will even deal with cluttered corners, but then the hormones shift and I am back to normal - both your frocks are quite lovely, the greens are wonderful, you do look fab in green, I bought some brooches recently for pennies but that's it, I haven't missed shopping......yet! x x x

Vicky Hayes said...

Your hair is looking fab and you look wonderful in both greens (and then I scrolled down to the last post and you look amazing in electric blue too!) I need things to be tidy or I can't think straight but cleaning all the time seems a bit mad to me and definitely not good for you. On the other hand a clear out is amazingly good for the soul - good luck with yours! Vicky x

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Slackarse here I'm afraid. I do try to dust downstairs at least monthly or so. But the nic-nacs upstairs get covered in dust gremlins. You know my heart sings at the sight of green. Love the frocks & cardi's, but the print on that maxi is award winning. Xx

Fiona said...

One of my colleagues Hoovers her house every day, we do 12hr shifts ...WTF? Moi, I am a slovenly slackarse, it's once a week and if it gets bad inbetween the Ewbank makes a hasty appearance. I'd rather be doing anything else (apart from working) than housework. You are the Queen of Green, a veritable verdant vision - OK enough with the alliteration. Love the Barron maxi and all the bangle-age, just the ticket for a glum January day.

Miss Magpie said...

My friend Soo maintains you should never hoover until you can see more bits than carpet colour, I subscribe to this ethic.
Loving the green, just what you need in all this miserable grey weather.

Janey G said...

slovenly slackarse all the way....always something better to do!love the way you wear your greens. uh hu uh hu! xxxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

You wear your greens whichever way you like! The colour works so well with your hair, and you look all fresh and Spring-like.

Add me to the Slovenly Slackarse list. Your friend that dusts and polishes every week would have a panic attack in my apartment. I don't understand why I don't spend more time keeping the place tidy, when I feel such a sense of accomplishment when I do make an effort!

Val Sparkle said...

You made the right choice in how you distributed the cardigans - chartreuse nicely brightens up that sludgy color! And so many fun accessories. You really don't need to go shopping. I think a lot of bloggers shop just so they'll have new material for their blog, but I bet you already have tons. And gorgeous cats, too.

I also cleaned a room last weekend - my Craft Salon. Now I just need some time to get in there and make it messy again.

Carina Rosenholm said...

I love that green maxi and you look amazing however you style your crdis and dresses !

thorne garnet said...

Slovenly Slackarse, without a doubt. I'm sitting here in the den looking at the TV table going "Look at all that dust" After I comment, I'm making lunch and going to work. The dust can wait.

Love both outfits

Liesl said...

I'm a Slovenly Slackarse - I do what is needed to maintain a tidy house to the outside world (inside cupboards and spare rooms is a different matter)

Dawn Elliott said...

I'm a bit of a slovenly slackarse, I'm afraid...but my house is almost always at least tidy. Believe it or not, housework is what I have on the docket for today...and as you can see, I'm getting right to it!
Love the maxi combo - ha cha cha!

Goody said...

Allergic kid, I clean twice weekly. If not for the dust mites, we'd be living in squalor.

I really like you nail varnish.

Anonymous said...

Great outfits, I love green and it really suits you. The fabric on that knee length dress is particularly pretty. OMG I have those earrings!

Another slovenly slackarse here, there's always something more interesting to do, but I do feel better after I've done a bit of housework. Good luck with the rest of the tidying up!

Anonymous said...

You got the dress cardigan combination right I think. You look lovely in both outfits.
I am slovenly: always have been. I can't blame anyone else. Spiders rule! (I think they own the house so I have to be positive)xxx

Tamera Wolfe said...

I admit to being a Dusting Divinity. Having a tad of OCD and actually liking to clean and sort (dear lord I am crazy now)makes housecleaning not so much a chore.

I love how you paired the green sweaters with the dresses--it brought out the prints of each better.

Tamera Wolfe said...

I admit to being a Dusting Divinity. Having a tad of OCD and actually liking to clean and sort (dear lord I am crazy now)makes housecleaning not so much a chore.

I love how you paired the green sweaters with the dresses--it brought out the prints of each better.

Tamera Wolfe said...

I admit to being a Dusting Divinity. Having a tad of OCD and actually liking to clean and sort (dear lord I am crazy now)makes housecleaning not so much a chore.

I love how you paired the green sweaters with the dresses--it brought out the prints of each better.

Brooke F said...

Am so slovenly slack arse because I HATE cleaning after other people! It just doesn't seem fair!(I could start having a little tanty right about now, but I will be a big girl and stop). Love the green frocks, and I agree with not being predictable about the cardigans. XXX

Trees said...

I HATE housework and I HATE spring cleaning even more, tidying up all my crap and decided to throw stuff out or whatever - its the WORST!! Now onto happier things, like that 70's art deco inspired frock - awesome!

Mrs. D said...

I'm totally a slacker. I hate housework and I can always find loads of more interesting things to do instead of it. Napping included :D

Love all the green!!!

Krista Gassib said...

Green is such a fresh color I quite like both of these on you my dear Curtise:). I think housework for me is just kinda whatever, I keep a pretty tidy house but rarely dust I'm going with I don't like cleaning up other peoples messes. Sometimes when I'm super pissed mad I clean to get my mind off of things.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Your green outfits remind me that spring is nearly here.
Love the poster.

Ivy Black said...

Love those green frocks to bits. Hate housework. I always have so many better things to do.
Have a fabularse weekend and don't dust anything.

Emma Kate at Painted Style said...

Slovenly slackarse all the way. My excuse is, I cannot be the mummy AND the daddy at the same time. If I'm fixing and painting and mowing the lawn I cannot clean and wash up and cook. And cleaning sucks. My husband is OCD with hoovering so we do ok between us. Totally get what you mean about the kids and husband! Same here. I visit my childless friend and it's so immaculate at her place. She doesn't need to tidy as there's no one there to mess it up! xxxx

Rosemary the Shopper said...

I believe I fall into the Slovenly brigade. As a friend of mine mentioned about doing the hoovering, I had to say, "what's hoovering?" (And not just because we call it vacuuming in Canada. I generally actually do like housework, just don't do it. I think I have mess blindness and that accounts for everything.


Rose of www.forever on the catwalk of

Jean at said...

First of all, you look amazing in green, any shade!!! I love it myself.

Housework? Ugh. That card, as amusing (?) as it is, expresses a true-ish sentiment I think. I let it go forever, then go into a tizzy with cleaning and organizing everything. It stays lovely for awhile, only to repeat the pattern. I'm much happier when it looks nice but I do hate taking the time. I'd much rather be doing other things (some of which coincidentally makes messes, like sewing!)

Love you!!! Hope you enjoy your weekend. XXOO

Misfits Vintage said...

You are gorgeous in both glorious frocks. I especially love the maxi - the print and colours are divine and you really are magnificent in a maxi. You have beautiful hands. Is that weird to notice? Your nails are perfect and your hands are just beautiful.

So long as my kitchen is clean, I could not care less what the rest of my house is like. I have dirty washing that sits in the basket for six months (obvs not my vintage treasures) and I have dust and hairballs galore... well, I did until I found the best boyfriend in the world, who cleans, shops and does the washing like nobody's business. Please feel free to envy (hate) me. I know how lucky I am.

You are bloody gorgeous.

Love, SS xxxx

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

Green perfection!

señora Allnut said...

green fabulousness!, love both cardis and both outfits, and love your bijouterie, necklaces and pretty bangles!, you're gorgeous!
I usually vacuum my little flat once a week, and I think it's enough!, but I never consider myself as a tidy person, I'm a mess most of the time and never cared about it!

The Goodwill Fangirl said...

I am quite captivated by your jools and never get tired of any dresses you "recycle" on the blog, because they are all amaze-balls.

Exactly. The mess is other peeps' FAULT. When The Teen was on the bone marrow transplant unit, it took me months to sort out our house on the days Dear Hubby took the shift. I nearly went into coronary arrest over the room the teen girls share. I had been afraid to go in for, um, at least a year pre-hospitalization, and it turned out for good reason. I don't love house-cleaning either, but I do like the house to be peaceful and welcoming. I just wish someone else would make it that way lol.

Sacramento Amate said...

Always sooooooo brilliant, my dear Curtise.
I love, love that green dress.
Have a fun Sunday my friend.

Young at Heart said...

my cleaning skills are poor to pitiful......have unique ability to make everything look smeared!!

freckleface said...

With old faithfuls like that you don't need new friends, they look wonderful on. I should know, I've seen one in real life.

I'm a bit of neither and a bit of both. Don't really do much DUSTING but I do like my house as clean and tidy as I can manage, but it is hard. Since moving in with him indoors I do twice as much cleaning and it's always only half as tidy as before. Sigh. It must be a nightmare with four of them undoing all the hard work.

Gawd my blog. I just don't know what to do. I got a response but it sends me round and round in circles with no results. Frustration! Xxxxx

Helga! said...

Babes, I am TOTALLY a Slovenly Slackarse!!! I loathe housework, there are far more interesting things to do with my time! Poor old G does most of it. I flap my hands and pretend to help when I feel guilty!
Ugh, I really should consider a shopping ban, but I'm hopeless! Bought two new forcks on the weekend which I do not need at all. Feck it. I have some wonderful old failthfulls, but I get so bored with them! Both of these frocks and the jewellery with the first especially, rock my world! Yeah, who wants to do the predictable matchy thing?! O, hang on, I do!!! Bleurgh! Well colour me orange! I bet Leisa loved this post, the little green freak!

Sheila said...

Your green pairings are spot on. Both lovely dresses, and green is such a lovely growth colour.

I am a slovenly slackarse, and proud of it! One of the best things my mom ever said to me was, "There are more important things in life than a clean house." We clean when we're going to have a party - the house is cleaner after!

Sheila said...

Your green pairings are spot on. Both lovely dresses, and green is such a lovely growth colour.

I am a slovenly slackarse, and proud of it! One of the best things my mom ever said to me was, "There are more important things in life than a clean house." We clean when we're going to have a party - the house is cleaner after!