Sunday, 5 January 2014

Back to life, back to reality

We slot back into our usual routine tomorrow; the kids return to school, my temporary job is over, and a more regular blogging schedule should resume. But we'll see.

Just as I went outside to take some photos, it started to rain and the wind got up, so I am looking decidedly dishevelled.


 There was clearly no point at all in brushing my hair...

1970s Leygil dress and boots - Ebay
Tie cardigan and necklace - charity shopped
Lurex fishnet tights - gift from Goan-mad Vix
Hair flower - retail (sale)

It was Littlest's 8th birthday on Friday. She's doing something with her friends in a couple of weeks' time, but we enjoyed a family meal out, and Eldest took charge of making her sister a birthday cake.

The cake may have been ever so slightly... err... dense in texture. Due to her using plain flour but omitting the baking powder. But we didn't mind.

My mum still tells the story of the first cake I ever made all on my own, probably at about the same age that Eldest is now. It too was flat as a pancake and of a somewhat biscuit-y consistency. My mum gave it away to a passing tramp, and claimed he was delighted to receive a flat cake and a refill of his thermos.

It was the 1970s - simpler times.

Anyway, we all ate the 2014 version of The First Cake and declared it just fine. 

Cheers, Nina - happy birthday, love!

Our New Year's Eve was brilliant.

I've got a face like a slapped arse, and only managed to snap a hasty photo in the mirror just before I headed out the door.

But oh we did have a fabulous time!
I wore a 1950s frock, heels, and feathers. Of course.
I chatted and ate and drank, I danced and sang and laughed, a lot.

What more could you ask for?

Non-blurry photos? Nah, never going to happen! This is my favourite pic of the night.

The kids were alright...

...and the adults had a ball, despite the photo of Ron with his head in his hands. I think he may have despaired at Claire's and my rendition of River Deep, Mountain High on the karaoke.

Fuzzy photos; fuzzy heads next day.
Just as it should be.

So - 2014, then.
What will it have up its sleeve?



Rose&Bird said...

Was just thinking of you! Feathers and fishnets - can't think of a better outfit for New Year! Sounds like you had a great time. Happy birthday to littlest and well done to eldest on her cake - I think my first cake wa much the same, perhaps it's the law of the universe or something! 2014 - well, one thing I'm pretty sure of is a few blogger meet-ups at least!

Fiona said...

It's probably just as well we don't know but hoping for another blogger meet-up for sure. Love the 50's frock, you are so slender and gorgeous, NYE loks a riot. Eldest's cake looks fine to me and kudos to her for attempting it, I'm sure I never made one until I was an adult. Happy Birthday Nina!

Carina Rosenholm said...

Bring it on 2014 ! Hopefully it will be a great year for us all !

Connie said...

Happy Birthday Nina. And happy smiling fuzzy faces.

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Nina! I love your outfit, I love the pop of pink. Very cheery against the sky. I'm not finding it easy taking good photos in this light we have at the moment. How do you make your pictures look so bright and fresh? Have a good week Curtise xxx

Helga! said...

I fecking LOVE your smile!!! It gets me going, baby!
O, yes, back to routine.....first day back at work for me, but it's nice and quiet and I can read blogs, so what the hell?!
Love LOVE both frocks featured, you are perfectly scrummy, face like a slapped arse and all!!! (You KNOB!!)
Many Happy returns to Littlest! I didn;t make my first cake until about 10 years ago!! My Mama would never let me.........I'm not a natural baker, as it turns out!!! Doesn't matter, I'm not a big cake eater anyways!
Yes, the 70's were a lot simpler......yearn!

Sheila said...

I love your NYE outfit, Curtise! Lovely feathers and heels. Happy birthday to your littlest!

Sandra said...

you gorgeous smiling woman! I love your pics, murdering songs on the karaoke is the best fun and you look delectable, the showgirl feathers are a treat, and you have never looked dishevelled, gasp!!! never! and oh what a blessed relief to get some almost normality, I am craving routine - Big Happy Birthday to Littlest!the cake looked yum! x x x I'm a rambly mess! I am getting disturbed at 2 minute intervals, it's ruining my flow! I need them all to go back immediately!(including the Mr haha!) x x x

Tamera Wolfe said...

Happy birthday Nina!! and Judo's to eldest on baking her first cake!!

you certainly looked fabulous ringing in the New Year!!

Veshoevius said...

Ohh look at you in your feathery fascinator! Fabulous outfit! Thank heavens for glamourpusses like you who wear fascinators, wiggle dresses and heels to parties. The world would be a far duller place without you. Happy Birthday to Nina!

señora Allnut said...

of course, feathers!!, oh yes, you look really elegant and sassy!, and love your fuzzy head next day, dear lady!
congrats to Littlest and so glad you ate Eldest's First Cake! (I've omitted baking power sometimes too, and it was not my First Cake anyway, ugh!)

besos & thanks for your comments!

Patti said...

Way to welcome a new year, Curtise! Feathers and karaoke (love that song) and fifties' frock. What an adorable family, celebrating a birthday and a First Cake. Here's to all kinds of happy surprises in 2014. xoxo

The Goodwill Fangirl said...

How many peeps can say their first baked goods were given to a passing tramp? Pure poetry, lady!

I'ma have to remember that "face like a slapped arse" 'cause that's pro'bly what mine looked like for, like, the past six weeks. Thank God for chemistry, yes?

Best wishes for the New Year, Curtise, and thanks for spreading such good cheer year 'round!

Jean at said...

Wish I'd been at YOUR party, fuzzy heads and all. I think you had way more fun. I love the festive atmosphere and the children look like they were having a great time as well. Your outfit is superb and you look amazing in it!!

The birthday cake looks delicious. A well-risen cake is highly overrated.

Here's to even more joy and laughter in 2014. XXXOOO

Brooke F said...

What a stunner! Love the fishnets and feathers combo for New Years. You look bloody amazing. Happy Birthday Littlest! How lovely of your eldest to make a cake (all the best cake shops make them a bit dense!). I still have trouble with my cakes and usually omit something vital. They always taste good though. XXX

Olga Rani said...

He-he-he...I love that blurred portrait of you :) And I love your New Year's look, especially the headpiece. Happy birthday to you littlest one! I made my first cake at 10. I remember it tasted amazing...for me.

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Love and laughter...always get a good dose of each when I read your posts Curtise!

Happy Birthday to littlest!

Max said...

Oh Curtise, your dishevelled is tidier than me on my best day by a long mile!You were already on my list of 'bloggers I'd most like to party with', but with this elegant outfit you are also now at the very top of the 'bloggers who's wardrobes i'd like to burgle' too!
Happy New Year you fine, funny woman x

Angels have Red Hair said...

Looks like a fab party … but your post is sadly lacking in embarrassing, drunken photos of you doing embarrassing, drunken things … oh well, there's always next year ;0)

Melanie said...

2014 will be sleeveless.
Slapped arse? My asss. You are clearly party ready and I love the poetry of the blurry photo.
Happy Birthday to Littlest and "well done!" to Eldest for baking a cake for her sis.
And you're looking gorgeous in that first number, especially with luuuurex legs. Routine? What's that?

Kelly Jackson said...

Oh, that blurry pic of you rocks, Curtise, what a smile. Good times. And what a sweet, sisterly thing for Eldest to do for her wee sis. I never had a cake mishap, but I remember making pancakes with a friend for her Dad, when we were around the same age. We mixed up the sugar and the salt ingredients and ended up with inedible, salty pancakes. I'll never forget the look on her Dad's face when he bit into one. Anyway, Happy New Year to you and looking forward to more wonderful posts from you. I am humming "Back to life" as I make coffee this morning. :) Xoxo P.S. Yes, the coats take up heaps of room. Luckily I have a triple closet in the apt. we live in - but when we move I could be pooched.

Kelly Jackson said...
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Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

Great hairpiece. I've almost lost all my hair because of all Changes of colors, so I'm in a need of a lot of hairinspirations at the moment.

Forest City Fashionista said...

Ahh, the First Cake...they grow up so fast! I think my first cake was made in a Kenner Easy Bake Oven. Happy Belated Birthday, Nina!

I love the blurry photo of you - all New Year's Eve photos should be blurry if you're having a good time. That looks like a wonderful way to ring in the New Year - Karaoke, cocktails, dancing, food, and friends that you can be silly with!

We have heaps of snow and freezing temperatures, so weird to see you over there with none!

Dawn Elliott said...

Wind and rain couldn't stop your pictures from looking the bright pink cardi tied in front...very sexy! And the boots - wow! A slapped arse face? Ha! Not a word used much in the states, yet my Dad says it sometimes...must have come from his ancestors in England!
I put popcorn in my first turned out flat and crunchy! Not even a hobo would have wanted that one!

Diane said...

Who knows chuck - who knows, but we are in it together! Happy New Year Curtise. Remain as fabulous as you are xxxxxx

freckleface said...

Happy New Year Curtise, let's hope 2014 has plenty of good things up its sleeve and a smaller supply of the rubbish stuff. It's a rather marvellous start that it is warm enough for you to be out in the garden without a coat on, showing off that lovely bright pink ballet style top. I love that colour and style and you look radiant. Happy birthday to littlest, she is such a little cutie. I wonder how you feel about the end of your job and whether it has made you want more or made you be glad of the free time? I'm back to work tomorrow and I know which one I'd be thinking! Xxxxx

Krista Gassib said...

You look utterly fabulous Curtise! I love this dress and those laces for miles! Your New Years feather topper is so festive and those fish nets you are a sexy Goddess! I bet all eyes were on you as you belted out a tune or two.

Happy Birthday to the lil one! How sweet that her big sis made the cake, and as I always say it's the thought right;)

Here is to new fun stuff for 2014!

Jan Graham-McMillen said...

Happy Birthday, Littlest! Adorable child. You have a great mum, you know? Lovely, lovely cake, Eldest darling! Dense is good!
Curtise, you look fabulous in your pretty dark floral ... good to see you in dark prints, always. Pretty accessories, and of course I love your boots!
Looks like you had a great New Year ... so fun to be with buds. You look so chic, of course.
Happy, happy New Year. I'm still celebrating!

Trees said...

Happy 2014 lovely lady! Happy birthday to the littlest and how sweet of her older sister to make a cake even if it was less than perfect. One time when I was a wee thing I made a cake with wholemeal flour rather than white flour - even the birds didn't touch that thing, we had to wait for the weather to gradually erode it away. How stunning did you look on New Years! Most of my New Years Eve was spent playing board games with friends - ROCK N ROLL!!

Anonymous said...

It's a smashing cake -looks gorgeous! Dense is not so bad.
Lovely 50s frock & the feather is just perfect with it. xxx

joyatri said...

Happy New Year! You look gorgeous in your 50s frock and plumed hair ornament.
I'm headed back home early next week and am sorry that we didn't get to meet up. Next time, I hope!

silvergirl said...

Have a fun b'day party for your littlest!
Love the hair blown pics and the feather head piece is pretty fabulous

Ariane Lasalle said...

Happy New Year to you and your lovely family!
Happy Birthday to Nina!
I remember my first cake, it was densed as well!
So your job was temporary, will you look for another job?
We had a lovely New Year's too, family around, it was fun!

Looking forward to another wonderful year of blogging!

Take care


Emma Kate at Painted Style said...

Your new years eve looks a hell of a lot more fun than mine!
Those boots are gorgeous. You do really well on ebay! Nothing I buy fits me!
I'm glad you ate the cake. We need to make mistakes to learn how NOT to do things! Mistakes are so useful! Happy new year! xxxx

Goody said...

Happy New Year.

This brings back the memory of my first cake. Baked in a loaf tin, it was some sort of chocolate cake where to this day, I can't say what went wrong, only that suspended within the cake were blobs of un-melted margarine that re-solidified upon cooling. My parents ate it anyway-my sister was smarter and passed.

Those boots! Those boots! Love them

Vicky Hayes said...

What fab photos Curtise of all your fun events. You look stunning in your party gear and is that seriously you being dishevelled...?! I always think of homelessness as a modern thing but your story triggered memories of my own childhood with tramps coming to the door. Will you be job hunting again now or have you had enough for the time being?! Vicky x

Annie said...

Aye, Christmas and New Year gone again! Hears to 2014 and a wonderful year. You are looking fabulous, and obviously starting as you mean to go on. Excellent! :)
Oh, and are you sure that wasn't "Reach for the Stars"? xxx

Annie said...

Aye, Christmas and New Year gone again! Hears to 2014 and a wonderful year. You are looking fabulous, and obviously starting as you mean to go on. Excellent! :)
Oh, and are you sure that wasn't "Reach for the Stars"? xxx

Emalina said...

Happy 2014 and happy birthday to Nina! Great to see you in your festive feathers and fishnets! I know what you mean about the difficulty of even attempting photoshoots in this weather, the wind and rain keeps stumping me every time I try one!

Janey G said...

happy new year! lets make it a good one xxxx