Sunday, 19 January 2014

One day like this a year would see me right

When I finally levered myself out of bed this morning and threw those curtains wide, it certainly was a beautiful day.

Stunningly blue skies, mild and bright and lovely. In mid-January? I'll take that.

Drinking in the morning sun
Blinking in the morning sun
Shaking off a heavy one

Very apt, since last night we were at our friends Diana and Jim's for a winter barbeque party, and as always, I was the last to leave...

One photo; that's all I took. The company and the chat and the wine made a poor blogger of me, but were conducive to an excellent night!

Still, I got up to take the kids swimming, and as we walked home, we spotted eight ducks on our local stretch of the River Sheaf. Four pairs, which we are hoping will produce some ducklings later in the Spring. Maybe the sunshine fooled them into thinking it was already time to get courting, and that's why they were all so perky.

A good day to wear my favourite 1970s Feminella coat, a gorgeous red-and-white checked confection in lightweight wool, complete with its original vinyl belt and the glorious piping detail. I always feel smart and sassy in it, even if I'm bleary-eyed from the night before.

1970s Feminella wool coat, cardigan and bangles - charity shopped
1970s dress and boots - Ebay
Tights and necklace - gifts

My tabby beauties, Jess and Willow.

I am a bit downhearted, having failed to be offered an interview for the job I applied for. A handful of hours, at minimum wage, and I didn't even get a look in, that's really worrying. Not to mention humiliating.

Oh anyway;
it's looking like a beautiful day...

Someone asked in a recent blog post which song we never get tired of hearing. (Please tell me in the comments if it was your post and I will personally apologise for my dreadful memory.)

it was Rachel, and she was kind enough to give me a Sunshine Award too. So thanks for that, Rachel, and what synchronicity that the name of the award links so well with this post, all by pure chance!]

I have many, many songs which fall into this category, and this is one of them. Uplifting, epic and anthemic, swooningly beautiful, yet typically Mancunian in its vocabulary and downplaying of emotion. Perfection.

And now I need to take my chamois-creased face off to bed!



Angels have Red Hair said...

Love, love, love that coat .. and your beautiful blue sky.
I NEVER remember to take photos once I get out either ... which could be all for the best sometimes ;0)

Frocktasia said...

Och, sorry to hear that you didn't get offered an interview, all I can say is that it is their blooming loss. It's very easy to feel crestfallen when job hunting. Last time I was out there looking for "gainful" employment it almost did me in. I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed that something good rocks up for you.
We didn't have blue skies here today but at least it didn't pour down like it has been for weeks.
I love your beautiful cats and the pics you take of them, these two captures are especially stunning.
Thanks for the feedback on the PicMonkey query that I had. I will upgrade at some point, it's nice to have all those fancy tools to hand should one feel the need to use them. I do sometimes retouch my pics (vain, I know but there you go) to erase my pesky frown line or exceedingly saggy eye bags but I use an ancient version of Ulead photo express for that.
Your Feminella coat is fab and it just shouts 'spring' to me...I'm hoping for an early one this year and I am guessing I'm not alone in that :)

Patti said...

That coat is so, so fab - I love to see it on you. And we had a perfect blue-skies day here in Florida, too. Spent quite a bit of it at the pub, watching football and sipping tequila.
Sorry about the interview - the loss is 100% to them, you are a rare find! xox

Candycane said...

Gorgeous - I love the dress and the coat is lovely too!

Made me smile thinking about the ducks out on dates! :D

Sorry to hear about the interview but hopefully something better will come along soon :)

CC xx

Marjorie said...

Love the coat
Hugs on the job. Hopefully the perfect one will show up soon for you. You should work for someone who appreciates your talents. I hope it happens.

Olga Rani said...

What a beautiful coat! Love absolutely everything about it: design, colour, pattern and fit. The floral dress is a beauty too. Sorry to hear about the job but more luck next time!

Krista Gassib said...

Throw those curtains wide for sure! Beautiful day and I could listen to that sing again and again! Very uplifting my dear, and I've never heard it before, thank you!

You are looking sassy in that sweet jacket so don't let the lack of a call back get you down for long, you know it's their loss. I think things are about to get a lot better see its that song.
Love you more than sunshine!

Indigo Violet said...

I've never been an Elbow fan, but that's a great song. Please send some of that sun our way. The. Worst. Summer. Ever!

CityScape Skybaby said...

I love that song too, funny you mentioning Elbow because another song of theirs, Grace Under Pressure, has been playing in my head the past few days. Beautiful photos Curtise, I'm not doing very well seeing the bright side of things these days, everything's feeling very grey at the moment, but I'll get there I'm sure. Sorry to hear about the job but I'm sure there's a better one out there waiting for you, you have so many skills and talents, it's just getting the chance to prove it to an employer. xx

Ivy Black said...

A lovely, bright day does make a difference. Perfect for showing orf that fabulous coat.
Their loss, pet, their loss. Something will come your way soon.
Hope to see you soon.
Loves yer bits.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Delicious coat....I LOVE the fit & style. And red is pressing all my buttons lately. A colour I previously thought I couldn't wear!! The dress underneath is so pretty. I'm glad you at least had a blue sky day. Who knows what the employers are after? They probably know you are too good for the job. Xx

Janey G said...

that coat is possibly my favourite item of your wardrobe to date! gorgeous!! you were too good for the job so not worrying at all! xx

Emma Kate at Painted Style said...

I'm so sorry about the job. Perhaps it would have made you miserable and something better will come your way. Something which uses your skills rather than wastes them. And you don't want to work for people who don't appreciate you. Sounds like a lucky escape to me.
More time for charity shopping too.
That's such a beautiful cheery coat. xxxx

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

So sorry to hear about the job but don't think of it as being humiliating because you were far too good for it, I think that's obvious. Love, love, love the frock - it's super cheery. xx

freckleface said...

I love you in that coat, you look fresh, bright, cheerful and unfailingly elegant and stylish. I can see why you have been looking for clothes retail related jobs, because you just have an eye for it. But I have a suggestion. Have you considered signing up with a temping agency? Whenever I have been at a bit of a loose end or looking for a change, that's what I do. I've had some great jobs that way, got some really good up to date office experience and then, invariably, when a permanent position comes along, they ask if you are interested. They also do permanent jobs. The good ones will talk to you, get a feel for you and then they put you forward for positions. The companies trust them to get the right candidate. At times I have started the next day. May be worth considering?
I love that song you posted although I wouldn't have had a clue who it was by or the name. It is really uplifting and stirring. Love the orchestral feel. Xxxxx

Miss Magpie said...

It was a fabulous day yesterday wasn't it, I actually had the window open for a bit before I realised it was actually freezing cold!

I'm sorry about that job it sucks when that happens, I bet there is a better one around the corner though. x

Ariane Lasalle said...

This coat is stunning, looks like a miniscule houndstooth motif or is more like a vichy motif? anyway it's just stunning, never seen anything like that - We had our glorious warmer days in Montreal but we are back for a week of artic miseries!

About the job, there's a saying, if they didn't call you, it was not meant to be for you - Don't be discouraged, something will come up- I'm sure!


Catherine McCourt said...

You look gorgeous, I absolutely love that coat! Can't beat a good bit of gingham.

Catherine, xo.

Forest City Fashionista said...

Oh Poo! You didn't want that crappy old job anyway! There's a better one out there for you, I'm sure of it. In the meantime, you look very fetching in the flowered dress and purple cardigan. It certainly does look like Spring over there, while we are expecting to get about 5 - 8 inches of snow today, and bitter cold again this week :(

Perky ducks, fluffy kitties, and a very sassy spring-ish coat - all good pick-me-ups, I'd say.

Fiona said...

Sorry to hear about the job but agree with Loo. Wonder if you list all your qualifications on the application ?? If so, they will realise you are over qualified and probably think you would move on quickly. I'd give Tania's idea a go. Nice to see your lovely coat again...such quality and also blue skies which we had down South too. Love Elbow, not one bad track on SSK. a bientot xxx
PS Beautiful puss cats.

his_girl_friday said...

Sorry about the job. On a positive note, that coat is AMAZING!

Jan Graham-McMillen said...

I'm so glad you were able to enjoy that lovely morning! And that coat is the most beautiful thing ... it looks bespoke on you, and pretty well defines how a coat ought to fit! You know I love you in dark prints, and the fit of that little dress is spectacular as well. Yummmm. You look just as pretty as the day, and then some.
Sorry you didn't get the job you applied for. Did you want it very badly? Was it more fun and better suited to you than Debenhams? Here, no one is hiring much this time of year. I wish just the perfect job for you, one that will be satisfying and make you thrilled to get up in the morning.
And let it find you fast!

Vicky Hayes said...

It is so easy to feel downhearted when you're applying for jobs that you don't even want and not getting interviews but I wouldn't take it personally. Glad you had a great evening with your friends and hope the blue skies and courting ducks cheered you up next day too - nature is amazingly uplifting! Love the Feminella and your moody shadow shot. Take care Curtise. Vicky x

Megan said...

That coat! It is perfection.

Sandra said...

Flaming good song isn't it, I love it, it's looking like a beautiful day indeed! and Holy Cow you are gorgeous in that beautiful coat!! I'm beginning to think our winter will just whisper past this year (touch wood!!!) don't feel crap about the job, I know it's shitty but tomorrow or next week might give you something you would have preferred - beautiful kitties too x x x

Sacramento Amate said...

You have blue skies and sunshine on that gorgeous pink coat, ahhhhhhhhhhhh

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Glad you told me it was Elbow or I would have been kicking myself all day trying to remember.
Sensational coat - fits you like a glove.

silvergirl said...

OMG, at first I though this coat was pink
I was swooning big time
Still swooning over the red gingham, but you know I'm a pink girl through and through

The Style Crone said...

Your stunning Feminella coat speaks of spring, and it fits you to perfection. I love the details; the vinyl belt and the red piping. And your floral patterned dress continues the theme of the season that will soon unfold.

So sorry about the interview. Their loss of course! It must mean that there are better things to come!

Helga! said...

Feminella!!! I will be childishly amused by that FOREVER. It's a bloody gorgeous coat, as are the goodies underneath! Phwoar!
Interview, schminterview......they are hideaous, and frequently the people conducting them already have someone lined up. Don;t be humiliated, be grateful-I bet they would have been ghastly employers!!!
YOU are going to rock on into something waaaaaay better!
Ha, yeah, I DO feel funny about purple, but oddly, I have quite a bit of it, so I'm getting over it. It's all the wizardy connotations, I think.

Dawn Elliott said...

Interview, schminterview! If it was meant to be...well, you know! Sorry about it anyway, but you can be sure that something better is waiting for you!
LOVE that floral dress with the purple cardigan - excellent colors and shape! And what better to wear over it, but a gorgeous RED coat!

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Oh goodness, that Feminella coat is devine. That and the sunny skies have got me thinking spring. I'd better not get my hopes up though, still a couple of months of winter, and we could get a cold snap yet. Sorry to hear that you didn't get a call for an interview. What gives?

And I was just reminded that you wanted the recipe for the cat pee cleaner. Will pop you an email now!

señora Allnut said...

wouu, love that coat (I thought it was a very cool dress!!) love the little houndstooth print and love the buttons and belt!, so cute!
Blue skies and sunshine over your fabulousness, it's great!!
besos & suerte!

Connie said...

Curtise! I'm looking though the comments and I see that mine isn't there and I often hear of other bloggers whose comments or posts disappear into thin air and I am gripped with fear that this will all go up into a cloud when I least expect it!!! Okay. Panic attack is over. Deep breath. OK. I love the name Feminella. It turns you into a kind of glamorous Disney villain ala Cruella DeVille except you spread sunshine and flowery dresses and laughing children and purring kitties and heart swelling music. I have never ever heard that song before! Such a beautiful day!

Tamera Wolfe said...

Ah the fabulous Feminella coat comes out to play!! It really is stunning on you!!
PFFFF at the fools that wouldn't even give you an interview. They don't know what they are passing up!

Sheila said...

That coat is heavenly - absolutely stunning! What fools not to hire you!

I am enjoying your song, which I actually have never heard. Thank you!