Friday, 10 January 2014

Shine on

Enough of grown up coats and over-thinking; I need some sequins and sparkle!

I've enjoyed this week, as I knew I would.

Oh, not the getting up early, I never like that, but I don't mind the walk to school with Littlest. It's quite a sociable thing.

I've been charity shopping and to Chesterfield flea market, had coffees and catch-ups with friends, done my usual stint in school as a volunteer, and generally spent the week chit-chatting and laughing.

No wonder I struggle with working...

I seem to have lost my chazzing mojo at the moment, which considering the hideous state of January's finances, is no bad thing. 

I have seen 1950s velvet hats, 1960s wool coats, vintage linens and ceramics aplenty, all of which were very tempting, I admit. But I walked on by. 

Who knew I had it in me?

Jo and I loved being back at the flea market, but all I brought home was a cauliflower and a butternut squash.

How better to shake off tedious grown up angst than by wearing a child's t-shirt, pinched from Eldest, and a shiny metallic skirt?

The therapeutic nature of the outfit is all the more potent for the fact that it is composed of hand-me-downs and gifts from delightful blog friends.

T-shirt - hand-me-down
Cardigan and bangles - charity shopped
1970-80s metallic skirt - gift from divine dancing queen Sarah
Necklace - gift from luscious Leisa
Belt - retail (sale)
Boots - Ebay

Just one thing I have been a little less happy about this week...

Here's Seldom Seen Kid, off to school on Tuesday in his new glasses, looking mighty fine (if a little scruffy and in need of a haircut...)

By Wednesday, they were broken.
A kid ran into him, knocked him over, and the frame snapped at the side when he hit the deck.
Two days. TWO DAYS.

The opticians, who will not be enjoying our return custom, were spectacularly (ha) unhelpful and refused to try and fix them, so we have resorted to a DIY repair job, based on Superglue, hope and willpower. We'll see how long that lasts...

 And I am slightly concerned about this too;

my camellia is blooming but has that strange orange discolouration around the edges of the petals.

Any horticultural experts (les dames aux camellias, if you will) know what the problem is? I'm hoping it hasn't been attacked by some pest.
Camellia blight? Does it exist?

Otherwise, it is business as usual;

Jess is drinking out of the bird bath...

...and Charlie and Caspar from next door (although he seems to have forgotten he actually lives there and not in our house) are racing and chasing and play fighting. A moment later and they were a tangled, rolling mass of black and white, like a yin-yang symbol in feline motion.

The girls and I are off to see Oliver! at the Crucible Theatre tonight.
I'll be reviewing the situation in my next post.

And thank you for all your thoughtful and thought-provoking reflections on the subject of work in your comments on my previous post. I was fascinated by the discussion.
Oh, and I started tinkering about with my blog design, but only got as far as changing the header, and now I'm not sure I like it. It might be the first in a series of trial runs, just ignore me.

Have a great weekend, whatever you're doing!



Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are back to your usual self again. I am amazed you passed by such goodies - are you sure you are feeling ok? I think I would have succumbed. The only way for me is not to look - I'm quite good at that!
Love the shiney skirt & those gorgeous boots. xxx
PS I like the new header

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are back to your usual self again. I am amazed you passed by such goodies - are you sure you are feeling ok? I think I would have succumbed. The only way for me is not to look - I'm quite good at that!
Love the shiney skirt & those gorgeous boots. xxx
PS I like the new header

Rose&Bird said...

Normal service has been resumed! Ha, I never liked working much either. Shiney is the way forward - a delayed two fingers up to corporate-ness? I haven't seen anything much in the chazzas for months - just as well, we're in need of cutbacks here. Keep smiling x

Rose&Bird said...

PS - Very unhelpful of the opticians, I thought kids get their glasses free?

Sandra said...

I do like your new header, very lovely and clever! all I can do is tinker with colour (keeps me entertained for hours haha!) your shiny skirt and sequin top are just awesome, nice to have some sparkle and saucy boots! (lace up boots = saucy in my tiny mind!) 2 days on the glasses, ouch, your opticians are a bit naughty though, they have all the right things to perform miracles on scuppered specs, fingers crossed on the glue - sadly I can't offer advice on your camellia, I keep weeds as I think they are pretty - have fun seeing Oliver! look forward to reading about it! have a great weekend! x x x

bashashhazbaz said...

ooooo--shiny! i love that skirt! those are awesome boots, too! such a great outfit!

Miss Maple said...

I like that outfit with the golden and silver striped skirt and the boots of course. They're gorgeous!

Miss Magpie said...

I swear I had a top in the same fabric as that skirt from C&A if I recall!

Huzzah for getting your glittery mojo back. x

Connie said...

I like your new header and I like what's going on underneath. I must say that you look quite relaxed. I think Seldom Seen looks quite nice. My son is in a punk about interesting hair!

Pam in Texas said...

I like the new header Curtise, great job.
Like your outfits too, love the sparkle.
Pam in TX.xx

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Curtise, I have enjoyed catching up with your posts.
I know how you feel about work although I have always worked since becoming a mum in 1991 my prospects have changed.
After 24 years' experience in the workplace, a degree and two postgraduate qualifications my eldest son who started his first job in September already earns more than me.
I needed a degree to apply for the job I am doing and I earn less than my son.
Am I bitter?
I could be, but I have a job I enjoy, I work (and only get paid) term time only and for the first time work within running/cycling distance.
I forget about work from the moment I leave at 4.30pm until 8.30am when I go back in.
I love being at the stage of my life when work does not define who I am.
I would not swap places with any of the teachers/managers at my college.

Good Luck with the job application.

Jan Graham-McMillen said...

Well! Here's a whole bunch of my favorite things ...
You, for starters, and in that skirt, top and boots to make the picture complete. What a perfect way to dress for the theee-a-tor. Lovley, buttiful! And "Oliver" ... how perfect for the time of year and this economy! An all time fave.
Cats ... bet the Yin/Yang balance was disturbed by the kitteh yowling. They get it worked out eventually, we hope.
So glad life is a little nicer for you right now!
(Preview of things to come ... your hair is now longer than mine!)

Asparagus Pea said...

Camellia Blight does exist - but I think that's much more likely to be frost damage x

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Don't talk to me about children and their specs. My daughter is on her 5th pair in less than two years having lost two and sat on the other two *rolls eyes*. Contact lenses are the way forward methinks. Love the new header. Xx

Fiona said...

I do like SSK's new specs but what a bummer they only lasted two days. Here's hoping the superglue works, alternatively you could use a plaster a la Jack Duckworth!
Oliver how lovely - my favourite musical...well actually, the only one I've ever seen on stage but that's because I love all the songs, especially As Long As He Needs Me which must be belted out with dropped aitches.
Losing chazzing mojo is OK every once in a while and gives a chance to take stock and maybe have a purge. Don't lose it permanently though will you, as I do like a nosey at your bargains. Superb blog makeover even if it is only temporary and love your pussy pics. Have a great weekend.xxxxxxxxx

Angels have Red Hair said...

Well I think Seldom Seens glasses looked totally swag (that's what the cool kids say these days) ,,, while they lasted.

Brooke F said...

Ooohhh, I love the new header! And more oohhhs over that sparkly, shiny outfit! Seldom seens new glasses are very spiffy - what a bloody shame they only lasted a couple of days! Sticky tape was always my go to fix for my old glasses, but then I am a very classy gal. Have a blast at Oliver! XXX

Patti said...

Oh I love Seldom Seen's ruffled hair! Sorry about the glasses, though. They really are pricey, aren't they? Love your rock and roll tee shirt and sparkly skirt. And yes, I totally agree about how real life is so full, there's really no time for going to work. I say that frequently. xoxo

Olga Rani said...

Tell me about kids and glasses! My both daughters used to wear glasses at school. Same situation as yours - two days and one of them has her glasses broken. Another week - and the second one brings hers in pieces...Well, you look gorgeous in this sparkly skirt and teenager's t-shirt. And your cats, adorable!

Trees said...

My glasses got broken at least twice when I was at high school! I think the fact I kept on breaking them may be the reason why the parents finally caved and let me get contact lenses. I have been guilty of the superglue fix in the plast! You look delightful and sparkly in your outfit - being a grown up is SO over rated!

freckleface said...

If I were a giant magpie, I would swoop down and take you back to my nest to admire your shininess. But I'm not so I'll just have to admire from a distance. We went to see Oliver at the cinema way back in the very early 70s. Annoyed all the other cinema goers by singing along to all the songs. My mum had to calm everyone down, which wasn't really her forte. Oh Lord, that boy is so cute, but oh dear! The glasses! Can you claim on your insurance? Your camelia is beautiful, amazing that it is already in flower. Hope you manage to sort it out. Xxxxx

Jean at said...

Delightful to see you in such a green setting!! Your camellia is in bloom? It's beautiful!! I love the outfit, especially since it's a shop your (or Eldest's) closet one. Too bad about the glasses!! Makes you mad, doesn't it? Plus they look so good on him!!

Have a wonderful weekend dear Curtise. XXXOOO

Max said...

Nooo, don't even think of contacts, he looks ace in them specs. Surely kids specs have to be able to hold up to a bit of a knock or their not fit for purpose, what kid doesn't fall over?!! Looks like frost edged your camelia, ours does the same/usually worse xxx

Vicky Hayes said...

Shocked at the opticians - isn't there normally some kind of guarantee? Our own family-run opticians replaced my daughter's glasses (which she sat on although I'm not sure we told them that!) after nearly a year. Glad you've enjoyed your week even if you have lost your chazzing mojo (I on the other hand found a Ghost evening gown in shimmering turquoise for £2.25! Have nowhere to wear it but I can always make breakfast in it!) Love that metallic skirt on you but aren't you freezing with short sleeves?! Enjoy Oliver! Vicky x

Vintage Bird Girl said...

That is a happy & inspiring outfit Curtise. I love the way you pull an unexpected combination together. Those boots are so cool. I need me some for the 2 weeks of winter we have here in Queensland. I didn't comment on your last post because I haven't worked for the last 20 years due to illness. I would LOVE to be able to work, as it would mean an easier existence financially. But when you need to be able to lie flat at a moments notice, it just ain't gonna happen. I hope you enjoy the return to more enjoyable things for now anyway. Xx

joyatri said...

I was in Seldom Seen's shoes when I was a few years older than him. Except that I sat on my brand new glasses and broke them. I can still remember trying to muster up the courage to tell my mother.
Love the sparkly, shiny look.
Have fun with the blog re-design experiments.

Val Sparkle said...

I love that skirt! Well, actually, I love the whole outfit - so cool and it just looks damn good!

I can't believe you have camellias blooming already! I have no idea what the orange edges mean - has it been drier than usual?

Forest City Fashionista said...

You look rather fierce here, rocking the sparkle (I think you need to keep the Stones T-shirt, it really does suit you). Perhaps if I adopted this philosophy I might get my outfit mojo back.

Seldom Seen has a very punk-rebel look in that photo, so sorry about the specs! Can't believe there's no warranty on them! Get out the duct tape....I can't believe I made it through my entire public school years without breaking mine.

January is a financially tight month here, so I've been avoiding the thrift stores (being sick has helped with that too), but I'm feeling the itch, so may have to visit just one.

Frocktasia said...

You've totally got the right idea, exchanging grown up coats and over-thinking for sequins and sparkle. I've always found January a hard month to plow through, once all the Christmas glitz & glam has been packed away for another year. The best remedy is definitely incorporating a bit of sparkle into ones outfits, it works a treat, as you are proving in these pics.
I love the funky sequin Tee and the fact that you've pinched it from the Eldest wardrobe makes it even more awesome in my book...maybe I should have had kids after all?
Seldom Seen Kid looks very dapper in his new glasses, shame on the spectacularly unhelpful opticians. I hope the DIY repair job does the trick.
Thank you so much for the lovely comment over on my, made me feel very welcomed back after my extended blog break.
I wish you and your family all the best for 2014...xXx

silvergirl said...

Like the new blog header
That skirt is just too fabulous
I would want to wear it all the time

Emma Kate at Painted Style said...

Glorious skirt. Just the thing for January. So sorry to hear about the glasses. A similat thing happened to me and they were a damn sight more than £60. Next time, say they spontaneously fall apart and must have been flawed. They are guaranteed for 12 months! xxxx

The Style Crone said...

That skirt! Divine! And looks beautiful on you, especially with your boots. I find outfits to be therapeutic too, and how wonderful that dear friends added these lovelies to your closet.

Spending diets can be helpful in many ways. I'm on one myself right now. Sometimes it can be fun to just look and enjoy the beauty without acquisition.

Krista Gassib said...

Oh dear Curtise can I appreciate this playful outfit! You look scrumptious!! I find myself feeling this way more and more everyday ~ I think it's a good thing. Seldom Seen is so dang cute are you kidding me!!! Sorry about the specs, that blows big time! I'd like to sock that big brat who knocked him over. No I would really.

Your cats are beautiful but I'm sure they are crazy like all cats:) I'm sweet on Jess:)

I admire you playing with your blog, I feel so unmotivated lately. The picture of you in that black dress makes my heart pitter patter.
I love ya girl.

señora Allnut said...

dear lady, there's nothing better than some shine and sequins to cheer up the day!, and you look so cool wearing your rocking t-shirt and sassy booties!, gorgeous!
besos & gatitos

Sheila said...

That skirt and top outfit is just fabulous! Love love love. Quelle drag about the specs - isn't that always the way!

Helga! said...

Schwing!!! I frigging LOVE this sexy, glittery playful outfit! That tongue on your boobage makes me feel quite saucy!
I don;t know much about gardening, but I think that's "rust" on your camellia...I see it a lot on my white ones, and was told it's from a lot of water, or something like that.....good old google might be able to help. Love camellias!
I live in terror of my glasses getting broken! Bloody rough and tumble little shits! I hope the superglue does the trick. How rude are your opticians?!
I sometimes walk away when chazzing. Sometimes I'm just NOT IN TH MOOD!!!! Strange, but true. 9/10 I go back for whatever I left behind, and if it's there, it's a sign.
Loving YOU, you sexy beastess!

Tamera Wolfe said...

Sequined and lurexed glory!! Glad to hear you are back to your usual glorious self!

Tamera Wolfe said...

Sequined and lurexed glory!! Glad to hear you are back to your usual glorious self!

Fashionista said...

Man that skirt had me back in 1983! Metallics were BIG (along with our hair!) in Australia then :)