Saturday, 25 August 2012

What do bees smell of?

Child-free weekends are a great rarity in this household.

The last one (here) was 9 months ago. When I looked back at the post, I chuckled at the fact I was wearing orange.

What is it about the kids heading off to spend the weekend with their fabulous auntie and uncle that sends me into orange?

There is a LOT of fabric in this 1970s wraparound skirt!

Look, the embroidery matches the skirt. It's almost as though I planned it...

 I am just a flower-snapping, PicMonkey collage-making fool!

The other day, Littlest was pretending to make perfumes for me when she asked me an interesting question: What do bees smell of?

Any ideas? Other than bee?

I couldn't get close enough to sniff him, but I heartily approve of his colour scheme.

1970s wrap maxi skirt, orange vest, belt, necklaces and bangles - charity shops
Sandals - Ebay
Embroidered top - street market 

Collage for my dear friend Joni!

Bitchface for gorgeous Krista - I'll be smiling when I meet you, darling!

So while the kids live it up in the North East, the man and I have been out for a coffee, for a drink, for lunch, then for another drink...

Then I had a Nanna nap.


We go up to meet my sister and her man, and the LBs, on Monday. We have FaceTimed with them and they are having a ball without us!

Hope you are all doing delicious things this weekend.



Helga! said...

Allriiiiight,sexy woman on the loose!!!
Jeez,look at your tiny waist!SUCH a fab outfit,this!Love every detail!I also wonder why being free from the shackles of motherhood drives you into orange,but who cares,really,when you look so fab?!
To cap it all off,you need to run around the house naked with a bottle of bubbly in hand,to the tunes of some loud and especially child unfriendly music.Yes.makes me fell better just thinking about it.

Diane said...

You look fab! I love orange and that Maxi skirt is amazing xxxxx

Louise Mc said...

I reckon they would probably smell of honey and roses. I like bees. That skirt is fabulous, orange is such a beautiful vibrant colour. xx

Rose&Bird said...

Honey? Bees rock the yellow and black fur look, but furry insects are a bit random, don't you think?!
You're looking fabulous and yay for kid-free weekends - we left oldest boy with his grandparents for a couple of days last week, he was saying 'bye mummy daddy, shoo shoo' as we went home!

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Lovely collages, Curtise! Spectacular how the embroidery echoes the floral pattern of your skirt, and cinching your waist with that great wide belt gives your outfit a wonderfully dramatic silhouette.

I would say that bees smell of pollen, honey and heat.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Trees said...

Bees smell of honey - don't they?

I love this outfit - the embroidery on the top and the colour of the skirt were made for each other.

Vintage Coconut said...

Bee's smell of allergies... beeee cause they carry pollen. *lol*
Okay so that was severely stupid!!!
Orange is a very great color on you and your skirt is GORGEOUS as is the embroideredy on your top half!!
*Enjoy your time sans the Lb's!*

Kylie said...

That skirt is magnificent Curtise. And how lucky are you to have a break from the kiddos! I'd think I'd died and gone to heaven if I was as lucky!

Anonymous said...

At this very moment, no doubt, the kids have started a blog in which they express relief that they finally have a weekend without mom and dad! The "nap" sounds wonderful. It's amazing how well the embroidered top goes with the beautiful skirt.

As for the bees, they smell of honey and wax. We keep a hive. And I have been stung in the little space between the nose and lip!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderfully restful and a little self indulgent day without the little lambs. Those days are a treasure and so few and far between.
That orange must be subconsciously symbolic. Some kind of celebratory color for you. hmmmm I know in terms of chakras orange is suppose to be in the abdomen area. Not that I study up on it or anything. Someone once told me that. Anyway, maybe that has some meaning for you. LOL
Thank you for the collage of accessories. Those bracelets go perfectly just like that great jacket with the embroidery on the back. You just have a fabulous figure Curtise so you can do all that fabric well. Me, I'd look like a giant whisk broom because I have no I've whined about before. Can you send me some bra size booster with your picmonkey program??

The Style Crone said...

You're wearing one of my favorite colors, and with great panache I might add. Loving the drape of the maxi and the belt with jacket. You couldn't be more beautiful for this infrequent occasion. You deserved every minute of fun and relaxation.

Melanie said...

I like Helga's suggestion that you run around the house nekkid with some bubbly. While you look jaw-droppingly gorgeous in this ensemble - absolutely no lie!! WOW! - you might have even more fun singing show tunes at the top of your lungs in your b-day suit or the more naughty of your circus outfits. Then take that Nanna nap. Perhaps some chocolates and crackers and sweet cereals are called for as well.

Anonymous said...

Totally luscious in orange, I love a wrap maxi with loads of swooshy fabric. Enjoy your. Enjoy your child free time and have an extra few drinks for me, oh how I would love a weekend just me and the Big V.

Penny-Rose said...

Wow, you look awesome. The butterflies on the back of the top are just gorgeous;. How nice to have a CFWE. I have had a Husband free weekend and the 10yo and I have got up to all sorts of mischief.

Misfits Vintage said...

My gourd, I've said it before and I'll say it again:
You + Maxis = PERFECTION

You look absolutely BEAUTIFUL - and I am so glad you've had such a lovely weekend sans kids. LOVE all of your fab bangles.

LOVE! Sarah xxx

two squirrels said...

Oh I think a little bee would smell of sweetpeas, roses, blossom and honey, but it would be all fluffy. Like when you sniff a cat that's been in the garden.
Miss Curtise you are as I think I have said many times, the "Queen bee" of all maxi skirts. That is just the most gorgeous pattern and I love the orange.
Poppet free play time sounds fabulous. Have fun.
Love v

Anonymous said...

Wow! Lovely outfit, just made for having fun.

Stacey said...

You look absolutely delicious in orange! I'm glad you keep being drawn to it because it's such a great colour for you. The butterflies on that back of that top are just darling.

Kitty said...

Isn't it amazing what kids do and say sometimes?!
Enjoy your weekend, it sure sounds like they are!

thorne garnet said...

Love your photo collages. With all that arm candy, your turning into Vix! I good influnce in my book.


How wonderful it is to see you again, my dear friend wearing all those wonderful clothes, ahhhhhhhhhhh.
I found charity shops more expensive and with fewer items, I still manage 20 kilos of clothes, yeahhhhhhhhhh

Vix said...

Orange must mean freedom! that skirt and blouse combo is spectacularly stunning, I bet the old man was rubbing his hands with glee at the thought of having such a ravishing wench all to himself for the weekend!
You're getting quite the master of the Picmonkey collage, the jewellery shots are particularly fabulous!
Littlest has a great imagination, I'll have to get Liz to sniff her bees and let us know what they smell of.
Carry on having fun, I'm due a nap after a slap-up Wetherspoons lunch!
love you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Penelope Cat said...

Beautiful! Love the skirt and how your top matches it so perfectly. Glad to see you making the most of your kid-free weekend. Have a good one!

Nikki x

Ivy Black said...

Beautiful skirt, lovely. Orange is a gorgeous colour.
Glad to see you enjoying your child free weekend..and having a nana nap...get in!
Bees smell of caramel. Or is that angels?

Anonymous said...

I love this orange spectacular eye candy!! Glorious skirt!! I think that you are very tall because maxis look always awesome on you! I'm glad that you spent the weekend having fun and resting from your little ones, but I'm sure that you missed them! The Littlest question is so sweet and clever, you should hide this post from the perfume industry, I'm sure that now they are already smelling some bees to copy the idea!

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine what a kid-free weekend would be like! I hope you and Mr make the most of it and if your outfit is anything to go by, I bet it will be fabulous.

It is a very good question 'I wonder what bees smell like' have you googled it? I wonder if any has ever tried to find out? But I reckon they would smell sweet like honey.

Again very jealous of your outfit x

Lynne DeVenny said...

And then you turned around and the back of your sweater made my day! I have a thing for cardis with parties in the back. Not that I own one of course :P

I love my kids, but when they get to their raging hormonal years they have to make themselves scarce slightly more frequently if they want to live to move into their college dorms. Oh, the angsty angst :P (their term).

karensomethingorother said...

Bah. I wish. Oh wait! The kids and The Man went out today! Hooray! I went shopping! Okay, it's not all bad. I love your orange. You look so nice in it, and that skirt is so pretty. I look like garbage in a skirt. This was re-confirmed today whilst shopping. Ah well. I changed my toenails back to orange today! Hooray!

Dawn said...

Curtise this one of my favs on you. Photo against that brick wall is inspiring. No kids? Sounds like a good time with your man. Don't behave too much.. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

Krista said...

Orange is happy, it's free, makes sense to me :) The skirt and the top look like a set no way! You look good enough to eat! It is true about your English gardens they all look so beautiful! I shall see soon!

All your bits, the arm candy and butterflies and that vampy pretty polish are the icing on the cake. No wait, bitchface is :) and your backside is nice too.


Joyatri said...

I've read that the color orange stimulates activity and appetite. Appetite for what, I don't know.
Wonderful ensembling there with the flowers and butterflies all matching.
Thanks for pointing out Pic Monkey and its collage feature. I was envisioning hours slaving over PhotoShop to make those collages.

lady liquor vintage. said...

Your day sounds wonderful, and you should definitely be wearing orange more often! I wish I could pull off maxi's as well as you & Vix can! XO.

Annie said...

I shall go with honey like every-one else!

That outfit is truly fab. Orange is a great colour, and it really suits you.

Love the flower pictures.

I can't believe I'm missing you on the 8th :(


Fiona said...

OOh I nearly missed this post, that's what happens when I'm the night shift bird. Loving this orange and black combo which is heavenly (shades of Jilly Cooper there) on you. The armful of bangles and the fabbo circular ring are a cool look too, you do have pretty hands. (you must wear gloves when gardening) Talking of which, your nasties and crocosmia are beautiful. I think bee's probably smell of Crunchies. (sans chocolate of course)

silvergirl said...

fabulous skirt and i love that you pulled off orange and black without looking at all like halloween!!
hope you enjoyed your nice quiet weekend

Melanie said...

Gorgeous skirt you have there! And surely bees smell of the flower they just left?

grunge-queen said...

Sounds like you're having a perfectly lovely time! I love the dress and skirt together and the lovely boho collage. xo

Forest City Fashionista said...

As every weekend is a child-free one for me, I can't imagine how it must be to only have them occasionally. Totally love the photo of you from the back showing off the embroidery, AND your fab curves!

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Curtise!

Nice to have a break sometimes -
Excellent! you had quality time with hubby!
I love all that orange on you!
Your flowers are just adorable
About the scent of the bee, i guess you could have said - they smell like honey...

Take care lovely Curtise
Post coming up tonight my time!

Ariane xxxx

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

The future's bright - the future's orange!

Camelia Crinoline said...

I love the orange and I envy your ability to look fabulous in a maxi. I reckon bees smell like beeswax, which is a smell that I love.

Jean at said...

Oooooh, enjoy!! Sounds like you are, and looking good doin' it. I LOVE the question about bees. I think I'd have to imagine they smell a bit like flowers of course, with that dusting of pollen clinging to them. But then they'd also have to smell a little like honey. And then there would be that je ne sais quois, like the way kittens smell or something, only bee-like. But probably delicious.

That's why they have stingers, because otherwise people would be snuffling them up their noses accidentally all the time, trying to get a whiff.

kaffesoester said...

Fantastic outfit Curtise! The skirt is lovely of course, but my favorite is the embroidered jacket! It's beautiful! With the belt it shows off your figure perfectly.

It's so funny how I always seem to be so tired when we have a rare weekend without our daughter. Every time I fall asleep Saturday afternoon, on the sofa! I should be wearing more orange, right?

kaffesoester said...

I just had a go at the PicMonkey - it's great! Thank you for sharing!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I love all this orange! especially with the bangles and the embroidered top - delicioso!!