Friday, 17 August 2012

I got cat class and I got cat style

I decided to frock up this Friday and give my new leopard print dress a whirl.

I spent a bit more than 99p on this one, but it was still only around £7. And I did so want it!

It's got a rockabilly-ish feel, I think.

I tied the matching fabric belt round my neck as a pussy bow, it seemed appropriate.
Now you know I love my cats (to distraction actually) and they often get their gorgeous little faces (or arse, in Charlie's case) in on the blogging action.

Two tabbies (Jessie and Willow), two black'n'whites (Charlie and Minnie).
All different.
All fabulous.

Friends obviously know I am a cat person so have tended to give me cat-themed gifts at times.

The little tabby painted pebble was a gift from a young woman I worked with back in my mental health professional days.
 It was a struggle, for her and for me, but we both learned something and progressed, I think, and she gave me the pebble when she was left the service. We were always discouraged from accepting personal gifts, but in her case I made an exception. I felt it would have been an awful rejection of her kind gesture to refuse, and that solemn-faced tabby waving goodbye has been with me for many years now.
I hope that troubled but lovely young woman is Ok, I do think about her from time to time and wonder.

I bought the cat's head on the left in Egypt.

The solitary soapstone bookend is on his own now, following an unfortunate accident involving his twin and Seldom Seen's light sabre...

Oh I did shout! And I cried a little...

I have to confess this is not my only leopard print frock.

I still love this one, and feel vaguely disloyal...
 But you can't have too many leopard print frocks, right?

And this one has pockets!

While I was taking these photos on the decking right at the bottom of our garden, my next door neighbour shouted down to me "Can I have your autograph?"

I was a bit mortified to be caught. I guess it looked rather bizarre to him.
I will choose to assume he meant I look like a Rock Star!
1980s leopard print dress - Ebay
Red shoes, belt, sunglasses and assorted bangles - charity shops
Jessie - Sheffield Cat Shelter
Minnie and Willow - Sheffield RSPCA
Charlie - kitten of a friend's adopted stray

Aren't you impressed that I got through this whole post without using the word pussy once?

Well, just the once.

Imagine my traffic source stats if I'd gone with Pussy Galore as a post title?

Whoops, done it again now...

Have a fabulous weekend, darlings!


Melanie said...

Woo woo woooooo! You look fabulous! I love that dress!
You have very cute cats. I do like cats but I'm not a cat person .. if that makes any sense at all. I had cats every year of my life up until last November when our dear Jessica died. I know I would never have another, I'm a complete bunny person but still seem to get given cat cards.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I love your kitties! They're all so gorgeous. I miss having a cat, we didn't replace him after he died but he was like a weird parent to my two dogs - teaching them to hunt etc. You can never have a enough leopard print! I really like that dress - though perhaps it could show a little more chest? That belt and shoes are great with it! And I love your ornaments- I get cat presents too! xxx

Vix said...

Me-ow!!! Between you and Tamera I'm in cat heaven today!!! Your pride are gorgeous, I keep telling Jon that two's not enough and we need a replacement for Lucy but he's having none of it!
That frock is super sexy especially with the pussy bow! The red shoes add phwoar factor!!! That slinky one's rather yummy, too. It's always good to have a choice!
The cat ornaments and the story behind the pebble is just lovely, I need to get my ass to Egypt to get one of those rather elegant heads.
Have a fab weekend, you crazy sexy cat lady! xxxxxxxx

Penelope Cat said...

Love the leopard print dress - especially with the pussy bow and your belt is gorgeous too!

I love cats and yours are all beauties. I'm glad so many vintage bloggers are cat nutters, err... I mean cat people too.

Nikki x

Ivy Black said...

Purrrrr! What a lovely do rock in leopard print.
I love my daft old cat too and I'll probably end up as a mad cat lady but who cares? Penelope is right..we are a right bunch of cat nutters here!
Have a great weekend.

Lynne DeVenny said...

Now I have seen EVERYTHING. A leopard print frock with pockets. That designer is a freakin' genius. Why doesn't everything have pockets? I keep smashing my hands down the sides of the otherwise awesome blogger-swapped skirt I'm wearing, involuntarily seeking pocket refuge.

I love the kitteh pics! I was telling The Absent Minded Professor last night I can't believe I haven't lived with a kitteh since 1986 (brought one of Megan Mae's kittens home in June). You know who loves that cat the most? Our Welsh Corgi :o

Can I have your autograph?

Bella Q said...

Meow you kitten! You are smoking in every single kitty print frock! Wowzahs! I love the kittehs too and your little pussies look adorable!

Anonymous said...

That dress - in fact both of those dresses - are gorgeous.

And bless your wee collection - my aunt has loads of cat-themed things!

Krista said...

I love me some leopard spots :) This dress is even more awesome because it has pockets and because your in it !!!! You have some pretty little kitties too and you neighbor...yikes I would have been embarrassed but maybe I would have just flashed em' my underpants :)

I love that you kept that parting cat gift, I'm sure you had a profound effect on her and vice versa. I really need to meet you Curtise soon soon I will hug you hard!

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Love the leopard. I am a big fan. I think it looks great on everybody apart from maybe Julie Goodyear!

kaffesoester said...

Great dress again, and amazing belt! If Bella Q ever wants to sell her leopard jacket it would be just perfect with this outfit!

Your cats are all lovely, although I'm a dog owner now. I had a cat as a child, and I still love them. I do think that Pussy Galore would be just on the edge of okay as a title, and that's good enough, right?

Dawn said...

I got such a laugh from that last, unexpected part. So funny. Both dresses look fantastic on you. I love a great sense of humor, cats, dresses, and the word pussy. I am a pussy lover too...cats, cats I mean cats. dawn suitcase vignettes xoxo

Anonymous said...

I have started a blog trend!!! Let's all feature our "pussies"--LOLOLOLOL imagine the trouble THAT would get us into!!

LOVE the dress--Red & leopard is a fav combo--i had a friend who thrifted this magnificent coat that was leopard fake fur that reversed to a bright red rain coat!!

Your furbabies are gorgeous!! Years ago we had a "tuxedo" persion (black with bits of white) named Stoopid. Because THAT was the only name she would respond to. And truth me told she was a bit daft!!

Have a great weekend!!



Lucy Nation said...

You did indeed do well to get right to the end of the post before using the word "pussy". Ha ha, such discipline. I think there's something in the air, boobs and pussies everywhere!! We'll just blame Helga's influence, ha ha!!;) I love your cat ornaments. The cat pebble is so sweet in quite a sad way. I'm not surprised you broke the rules for it. I'm not a cat person particularly (cats and dogs make my throat close over!) but I do think they're aesthetically pleasing.

I don't think you can have too many leopord dresses, particularly when they look so great on you. I don't have enough leopord in my wardrobe, I must put that right.

Have a great weekend xxxx

karensomethingorother said...

Pussy Galore indeed! Curtise, you look sex-tacular in leopard print. Love the dress. It's very flattering. I used to have a ton of kitty cat knick-knacks too. They're down in boxes in my HORRID DISASTER OF A BASEMENT. Shudder. One day that basement will be sorted out.

CityScape Skybaby said...

Love both your dresses Curtise, even though they're both leopard print they're different styles so you do need them both. Love your kitty cats and your kitty cat collection, I can imagine how you felt about the broken cat ornament, so much of my stuff has been broken by leaping about mad kids, I don't bother anymore but I had a beautiful red art deco style lady that I was very sad about when she got smashed. xx

Anne @ The Frump Factor said...

Oh, you definitely cannot have too many leopard-print dresses! You look great. Plus, you get extra points for referencing rockabilly AND The Stray Cats in this post. (And for giving your neighbors something to talk about). Rock on, darling.

Joyatri said...

I love how so many vintage fashion bloggers are animal lovers. I feel right at home.
Thank you for the cat inventory. It's nice to meet them formally. They are all darn cute.
I knew a woman who had 6 black cats with white 'bibs' (called "tuxedo cats"). When asked why she only adopted tuxedo cats, she said that her apartment building allowed a maximum of 3 cats, so she only let 3 out at a time. Because they all looked the same, the neighbors were fooled into thinking there were only 3.
You certainly rock leopard print. I'm too faint of heart for full-on leopard, but it looks gorgeous on you.
Thank you for the comments on my blog and my legs:)

Vintage Coconut said...

NO! You can never have too many leopard dresses, of COURSE NOT!
Heck I would ask for your autograph too. =p What a cheeky neighbor.

Your cat collection is cute (Real and not so real)

Debberoo said...

Definitely Rock Star!!

Anonymous said...

You should give the fella your autograph! Admiring both the feline dresses, but especially the belt on today's number.

thorne garnet said...

Nice dress. I have 2, black and white brother and sister. Too cute for words

one denim bird said...

And YES, you are one hell of a "rock star" in that gorgeous leopard print dress! Mighty fine lovely, you sure do have one outstanding feline collection!

Melanie said...

Purr, purr. Oh, you traffic stat whore! Please join my metal band! Fabulous rock star outfit. I love that leopard print, and don't worry about the other dress, just make sure you catch their closet cat fight on video.

I always know I'll leave my visit to your house with a huge smile. Tell your neighbour it'll cost to get your autograph.

Anonymous said...

I love this leopard print dress even more than the first one I've seen you wear. This one is so flattering and I love it with the wide rich leather belt. Look at that tree! Even it wants to devour you up right there in your yard. Don't turn around, it might throw you into a dramatic kissing position and send you into a spin!

Trees said...

I love this dress on you - rawr!

Fiona said...

No references to Mrs Slocombe either, you did do well. Glad next door are appreciating their glam neighbour at last.

Anonymous said...

I want an autograph too!I'm totally crazy for your new lopard dress and you look like a star! I'm a little jealous of your neighbour too, he can see you posing in your fabulous garden!Great accessories and great cat themed post, your collection is lovely!
Have a great weekend!

Mary Walker Designs said...

So sassy great choices with the wide belt and red shoes. I love how you shared your cat collection.

Lynn Dylan said...
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Lynn Dylan said...

Too funny! I posted a comment, but had two windows open (two different blogs) and it went to both blogs! LOL. I cannot be calling people by the wrong names!

Now. Again. Curtise, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that dress with the belt, and the shoes!! Oh my! You look absolutely fabulous!!!


Gracie O'Tripp said...

Love your leopard outfits and love your cats. I am so envious that you can get out your jackets and boots already. We folks in Texas will have to wait about two more months.

Izzywizz said...

Lol, you have me cracking up everytime you post :) Your sense of humour is the best! :) fancy frock youve got there and adorable kitties :) Dogs are closer to my heart but I do have 4 cats so I guess Im quite fond of them too :) My doggie and the cats get on so well, they love to cuddle up together, its the cuuuuutest thing ever! :)

Stacey said...

Too much leopard print is never enough! I love both your leopard print dresses, and I can only agree that the guy who wanted your autograph must have thought you looked like a rockstar!

Forest City Fashionista said...

Meeeow!! Love all the cats in this post, including the fab feline in the leopard print frock. Thanks for sharing the history of the little pebble kitty - I hope that young woman found her way.

The Style Crone said...

I am so behind, but had to comment on you many fabulous leopard looks. You're a woman after my own heart.

Misfits Vintage said...

ARE YOU FRICKIN KIDDING ME? You look amazing! I absolutely love BOTH of your leopard dresses. You are an absolute rock star - I'll have your autograph too, thanks. You look so cool and mysterious and fabularsehole. I might stalk you, just for fun! LOVE! Sarah xxx