Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Summer's lease

British summers often seem all too short, if they happen at all.

Back to jacket and boots it is then.

Ooh, boobalicious! Where did they come from?

I bought this 1970s maxi skirt from Ebay, for a whole 99p. Why didn't anyone else want it, in its sparkly lurex poppy-printed glory? Oh well, their loss, my gain.

Charlie was keen to get in on the photos, and play at being a wild beastie in the trees.

He's only a year old, still a baby, and very playful. And bitey.

A wee tug of his tail keeps him in order... Actually, nothing keep him in order. Cats are a law unto themselves, which is what I like about them.

I have bought a few odds and sods from charity shops lately.

This is my favourite.

A pair of catalogue drawers, for want of a better description. I think the wood is oak, but you may know different, please tell me if you do.

I wanted to be a librarian when I was little. I loved the drawers which held the library tickets, and how Miss Hall (who worked in our town's tiny library) flicked through them at great speed. And I was quite partial to the date stamp too. Strange child...

Not sure what to do with these now I've got them, but they were a can't-leave-behind item from Oxfam (£8) .

I loved this 1960s Pairs game too (£1.99).

And I splashed out £2.99 for this 1960s double-sided pop-up book. You read The Three Little Pigs one way, then turn the book over for Goldilocks.

The illustrator is Vojtech Kubasta, an Austrian-born artist, paper enginer, illustrator and graphic designer who lived and worked in Prague.

Goldilocks is showing her frilly pants. Remind you of anyone?

And while we are talking about wonderful illustrations, have you seen the oh-so-talented Melanie's cartoons?

I love her art work, both her "proper" art and her delightfully whimsical drawings and cartoons.

This one was inspired by my story of a jumble sale incident. I love this version, because there is a happy ending!

Thank you, Melanie, I adore it! I love it so much, I asked the artist's permission to put the last frame in my side bar. I've never been immortalised in cartoon form before!

Kew t-shirt, beaded pendant, assorted bangles and denim jacket - charity shops
1970s Brettles maxi skirt and lace-up boots - Ebay
Belt - retail (sale)
Sunglasses - gift from gingham-clad diva Sarah
Black flower ring (which has since fallen apart!) - flea market

See you soon!


Vix said...

Nice drawers and Pairs, Curtise! Fabulous finds. Sounds like a Carry On moment!
That skirt is gorgeous (99p? Madness) and you definitely rock red, your waist is teensy and your boobs are spectacular but I can't help thinking you're going to be a tad hot today. After yesterday's monsoon it's positively glorious this morning!
Myblack & white monster got me up at 5.30am with his friskiness! xxxxxxxxx

Melanie said...

Back to jackets and boots - that's not a bad thing since you look so divine in them! I like your feral Charlie, especially the pic of you with his tail - I almost expect that a candy will pop out of his mouth when you do that. The wood box must smell old, which I like. And pop-up books are a favourite! I saw one for adults naughty and scary.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I was thinking how boobalicious you looked before I saw your comment about the fact! Looking deliciously Helga-esque! The maxi skirt is look so tall & slim in it. Those catalogue drawers are fantastic! They are fetching huge prices here so I guess I'll never own any unless I spot some thrifting. Xx

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I love denim jackets and long skirts - saw quite a few in TOP Shop widow when I was in Liverpool yesterday.
I have to say I also wanted to be a librarian as a child. I made little pockets in the front of each book and added cards and bullied my brother into being my customer.
I hated it when the libraries got rid of the card system and used a swipe card instead.

Diane said...

That skirt looks faberooni! Love it. When I look at all my books from childhood, the front pages are all date stamped. I loved the mobile library that used to visit our village. I also wanted to be a bus conductress and issue tickets. xx

Melanie said...

Ooooh, boot love! They look fab!
I still like the idea of being a librairian, boooo to libraries for cutting back. That pair game looks familiar, I think I had a later version.

two squirrels said...

Oh I just love the oak catalogue drawers, what a fab price too!!!! We have a few sets, they are great for CD' and DVD's.
The maxi is fabulous, you always wear them so well miss Curtise.
Oh oh I loved the wonderful Miss Melanie's cartoon.
Love v

kaffesoester said...

You look so fantastic in this skirt! I love the cut and the colour - for less than a pound? I can't believe it! Really nice with the belt too.

I think the drawers would be nice for some of your jewellery? Or the frilly pants! The pop-up book is so lovely. I remember buying them for my younger brother, and having a hard time letting him have them to himself!

Melanie's cartoon is the just the best! I love that it has a happy ending!

Lucy Nation said...

Ha ha, Melanie's cartoon is funny. Don't you just love Ebay bargains and you know I love those fantastic lace up boots! I love the drawers. I know what you mean about libraries having them. I'm sure GP surgeries used to have something similar when everyone had paper records too. The books and pairs game are delightful. I can't resist vintage children's books. They're just so charming xxxx

Kylie said...

Oh cartoon you looks just like real you Curtise! (you are prettier though) I think it's awesome that you've been immortalised by Melanie. Special, and waaay cool. I love the pop-up and the pairs game, and I loved playing libraries when I was a kid x

Rose&Bird said...

Great bargains, at least it's nearly the right season for them! The drawers are very cute, I would probably use them for storing craft things. I used to play libraries as well and the librarians let me do the date stamp sometimes.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

funny how we're a decade (cough) and a bit apart but we have similar childhood memories - I loved our library and I can still hear the noise of the stamp echoing round the high ceilings.I loved playing pairs too - I want a set now! I really love that one you picked up - with the g-plan style table on it! you're bound to find a use for the drawers, I know you've got loads of stuff lying around! The pop up book is just so wonderful - I love it!

CityScape Skybaby said...

That outfit is right up my street Curtise, I love denim jackets with long skirts and I love the colours and your boots.

I don't know how everyone gets such good pics of their pets, my cat runs away if I try to take her photo and the dogs just jump all over me. Your Charlie is gorgeous playing in that tree.

Seems like there's a lot of closet librarians here, I'm another one that loved libraries and I turned a cupboard into our house into a library. I used the smoke off a candle to write "Joan's Library" on the low ceiling, which was a bit dangerous for a little girl to be doing now I think about it, I'd freak out if I caught one of my kids doing that.

Love Melanie's cartoon, I'll have to have a look for your blog about the incident. xx

Megan said...

I was saying to a coworker this morning that I wish it was falls so I could wear tights and boots again. Probably a terrible thing to wish!

Love the skirt, and better yet, the price. Shiny, maxi goodness!

Cute kitty! He does look like a handful.

thorne garnet said...

Nice outfit, love the skirt. I'm wanting "sweater weather" so bad. Around here that may happen sometime in October. Hmmm, I also wanted to be a librarian when I was a child, must be all that order. And why I put my book by author last name first on the shelves. ( I have a lot of books and it's the only way I can keep track)

Lynn Dylan said...

Oooo, I love the wooden drawer sets. The skirt has a lovely pattern and looks great on you! The boots, though, that lace up! Oh my, I love those!


PS -- kitty cat is very cute!

Diane said...

The meadow is one of several on the outskirts of Parson Cross. x

Anonymous said...

The cartoon is a HOOT!!! I love the illustrations in the books-so sweet!

The outfit is awesome--you look great in red!! And how no one wanted that lovely lurex skirt--well it was waiting for your fabulousness!!


Miss Magpie said...

wow that was a blast from the past I had, and may even still have in my parents loft somewhere that exact game of pairs!

They threw out hundreds of those wooden drawers when they closed the library where I worked. :-(

Ivy Black said...

Nice drawers, love! You look fab, and I fancy yer boots. It's almost that boot time of year though I daresay we'll have a bit more summer yet though...maybe.xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Yes my first thought was how boobilious you are looking, then your tiny waist, then the skirt totally fabolous, then thought wow how great you're looking in red.

You're finds are sweet too, i particularly like the pop up books.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I used to be love being allowed to stamp my library books, it's not so much fun at our local library, the desk is too high for kids to reach. I've been promised some similar sounding drawers from the in-laws, hope they're a nice as those.

Can't believe it's boots time already - although I won't really be too sad - Autumn fashion is my absolute favourite anyway. You look gorgeous, slim AND booby!

Fiona said...

A fine pair of jugs Curtise but surely they can't be a surprise? Fabuloso outfit today and love the 'Mary Poppins' boots. Your drawers are lovely (ooh er Mrs!) and the pop-up book is a great find.
I loved playing Post Offices when I was little and stamping paper was my favourite thing so I don't think it's strange at all. Aren't Melanie's cartoons brilliant ?

Vintage Coconut said...

I am getting excited Curtise!! It's almost time for faux fur coat wearing and purchasing again. *lol* Yesterday I was sitting in the living room at 6 a.m. and I felt just a wee bit of fall in the air. *It was a Happy moment* Im going to start looking for coats now before "EVERYONE" starts which is usually in late September.
I love your poppy skirt it looks great on you.
Charlie tree cat is a ferocious little furball. *hahaha*

Your other buys are fantastic. The books and blocks are so cute and I love the drawers.

lol@ the cartoon!

Forest City Fashionista said...

My grandmother was the librarian at the little library in the town where I grew up, and I liked to flick through the card catalogue and stamp the return dates on the library cards - I think we were both odd children! I'm looking forward to the return to boots and jackets; it's been much too hot here this summer (not to complain..).

Jean at said...

Lovely!! Great outfit, funny sweet kitty, and cool finds! Perhaps the wooden catalogue drawers can be used for jewelry or extra special treasures like small rocks and buttons :-).

I wish I could wear my boots now without frying. I loved your story and Melanie's illustrations. Isn't it wonderful to be a part of this community?!

Vicky Hayes said...

I love your catalogue drawers! You must be my long lost twin or something Curtise - I was always desperate to have a go with the library cards and the stampy date thing (maybe that's what brought on the stamping obsession!) You always look so stunning in a long skirt - they always make me look like one of those old ladies Disney princesses meet in dark woods. But there must be a way... will persevere.

Annie said...

What a great post! I used to love the library of my childhood, though I suppose I should just be grateful my local library now is still open! The drawers are lovely, and look like oak to me too.

i love the Pairs game, all intact too, and what a great price.

How fab is that cartoon. What a talented (and witty) lady.

Oh and of course I love your flower print maxi skirt - perfect with the boots and belt. xx

Penelope Cat said...

That skirt was a bargain - it's lovely! Also loving the catalogue drawers - I like furniture with little drawers and nooks and the like. I think my fave thing has to be the Pairs game though - the illustrations are gorgeous!

Nikki x

Lynne DeVenny said...

At your first photo, I was all, "Look at YOU, Girl!" and then you used the word "boobalicious" and I nearly fell outta my chair laughing. You're right, the girlz, and all the rest of you, are looking very fabulous in these pics. I saw Melanie's cartoon with you on her blog, and loved that she immortalized you!

Joyatri said...

Fabulous post! Lusting after your maxi and your drawers --the oak ones ;). I told my first-grade teacher that I wanted to be a librarian -- or a 'go-go' dancer. So I guess I was also a strange child.
I love memory games and these images are charming. Can I come over and play?
How great to be immortalized in cartoon. What an honor!

Anonymous said...

I would still love to be a librarian. I'll bet your drawers ARE actually oak. This post reminded me of my childhood librarian, who made an impression on me because I too adored the way she stamped books. My librarian wore long false eyelashes, loads of make-up and had exceedingly long enameled nails.

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh this is my favourite silhouette on you - the maxi is so perfect and the belt shows off your marvellous waist and the boots are FABULARSE! And have you had a little work done? You are looking more beautiful every day!

I also wanted to be a librarian (my Mama was one!) and I spent all of my lunch hours stamping books and putting them away... I felt a wonderful affinity with the Dewey Decimal System...

Love you more than maxis, Sarah xxx