Thursday, 23 August 2012

Put on your red shoes and dance the blues

This skirt has a tendency to garner some attention.

You don't see many mermaids in landlocked Sheffield.

I wear it a lot, it's one of my absolute favourite items of clothing (last seen here).

It was old stock from a fancy dress shop, a fact which never ceases to delight me!

I didn't notice the hem is falling down at the front, despite wearing the skirt all day.

When the members of the Ladies Purse, my quiz team pals, called for me en route to the pub, they spotted it immediately. Bah!

I am attempting to give two colours a go which I rarely wear and have in my mental doesn't-suit-me file; cream and grey.

I figured if I wore them with some crazy black/gold/silver lurex mermaid scales, I might pull it off.

And I have tried a trusty Vix Trick - a waistcoat!

The Ladies Purse came a creditable second in the quiz.

In and around the serious intellectual rigour,
 the discussion encompassed:

 Potato Day at Saltaire and which potato we would like to be (I chose Desiree, in homage to the Sassy Vamp herself.)

Vajazzling, whether there is a market for a male version (feel free to make up your own name), and whether the technology is available for a vajazzle kit which lights up when your partner hits the spot. Expect to see us any day on Dragons Den with that idea...

The chewy consistency of escargot and whelks, and opinions thereof.

Living on a remote Outer Hebridean island, and its relative merits/problems.

I love my quiz nights - we never win but we do have a laugh!

1970s Atlantic Made in England lurex maxi skirt - Ebay
1970s sheer cream hippy top, waistcoat, shoes, bangles and necklaces - charity shops
Brooch - car boot
Silver cuff - Brick Lane street market
Flower - retail

Blogging is a fascinating pastime, for many reasons.

Not least is the feedback one receives - about clothes, photography, styling, blog layout, comic timing, and writing style.

I have spent all my adult life developing a brand of self-deprecating humour, which serves two purposes. It makes people laugh (I love making people laugh) and if I get the joke about myself in first, it prevents anyone else from saying it. 

If it's an annoying trait, I can only apologise, and say that I will try to rein it in. I think my self-esteem is pretty good these days, but old habits die hard.

Thanks for the feedback, it may not always be easy reading, but it's all good!


Vix said...

You do like like an extremely blingy and sexy mermaid in that fabulous skirt, the waistcoat is gorgeous (you knew I'd say that, didn't you?), the touches of red inspired and I'm positively slathering over that jewellery!
A male light-up vajazzling set sounds like a plan. Poundland do have some solar fairy lights at the mo, maybe you could make your own?
You are entirely fabulous and love you (despite the occasional self depreciating moments!) xxxxxxxx
PS I've got an Atlantic label dress but it ain't as fab as yours! x

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I love the waistcoat with this skirt it pulls it all together.

Helga! said...

O,yes,the Vix inspired waistcoat!You are working it,baby!I'd say you are owning grey and cream!Grey isn't a colour I wear much either,only in shoes and tights,really,but I suspose silver is a shiny grey,isn't it?!
The mermaid skirt is divine,the fancy dress racks at local opshops frequently yield gold for me,although I just think it's normal clothing!
Good gawd,I'd kill to see you on the Dragon's Den with your vajazling light up thingy idea!!Just to see their faces!! Clearly,you ladies of The Ladies Purse are a cerebral lot.I can't think how you don't win regular like!!
Ah,I'm relating to you rather keenly on the last paragraph,guilty over here too,quite often.Most especially this week,as I am crook,and feel old fat and diseased!But I'll get over it,I'm sure!

silvergirl said...

i really like that skirt and it could be style in so many different ways, i see why it is one of your favs

Anonymous said...

Curtise, I LOVE your accessories shot and close up. Fantastic!
I love that skirt too. Don't ever part from it. It's perfect.
I think because of your haircolor the gray looks great. If you had gray hair, maybe not so much.

Those sleeves are a favorite of mine. I can't stand to look at my upper arms most of the time. They take after my mother. ;( I pump and pump weights at least 3 times per year and it makes no difference whatsoever. ha! maybe I'm doing it wrong?

Krista said...

I love this mermaid skirt and I love it more because its not mermaid colors.The waist cost is killer and Vix is going to laugh because I'm bringing one to the UK. I love the bits of red you have added and your sense of humor is always my absolute favorite thing about your posts, that and the ever present bitch face :)

Jean at said...

I would wear this whole outfit today if it was in my closet, jewelry and all. I think it's perfect. (The hem is nothing a little duct tape won't fix until you find a needle and thread- and who cares really, anyway!)

Self deprecating? I hadn't really thought about it! I figure it's in the realm of normalcy. I think you're perfect in your so-called imperfection. So there!

The Ladies Purse sounds like sooo much fun. You'd better trademark the work vajazzling before someone steals it and makes lots of money.

Jean at said...

I meant the WORD vajazzling!!!

Gracie O'Tripp said...

I love your sense of humor although living on the "west side of the pond" sometimes a few phrases may elude me, it's still great. Your skirt is striking but what I really love is your lacy blouse and jewelry. That's a really nice portrait.

Stacey said...

I do adore this Vix-inspired look! I'm actually wearing a mix of gray, cream & green today - it's an old favourite colour combination for me, but today it just feels drab. Your gray & cream ensemble is anything but drab though! That skirt is amazing.

Vintage Coconut said...

The beautiful mermaid of the UK!! I bet that skirt just makes you feel happier when you wear it. =)
You look very stylish in your outfit. I adore them red shoes!

Anonymous said...

The waistcoat suits you. The grey and cream pairing is lovely. And I love the skirt--the hem ought to be an easy fix.

I for one LIKE your sense of humor. Please don't let anyone trouble you about being self-deprecating...

Love Vix' idea about the DIY vajazzle..

Traffic Pulse India said...

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Trees said...

I love that mermaid skirt - is so amazing and at that maxi length its perfect on you. I love the waist coat too - I have kind of always avoided them, but admired them on other people, perhaps I should pick one up next time I see one in an op shop xoxo

two squirrels said...

Oh I love a good dress up box find!!!!! That is a prefect find, yes yes a gorgeous mermaid you are.
The waistcoat is a wonderful look with the skirt and I love the grey on you Miss Curtise.
Love v

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Grey and red - you're OWNING it!!! Not much of a grey wearer either - may be a hangover from school tunic days! But it's easy to add colour to, and a variation on the black theme!
I love quizz nights - fun!
Brilliant skirt.

delia hornbook said...

I have to say im not a lover of grey either but it looks fabulous with red and i will say it again i love those red shoes. Its raining again today so you can mermaid it away today ;-)) dee xx

Misfits Vintage said...

You look AMAAAZING! I absolutely LOVE this entire outfit - the skirt is perfection, the blouse and waistcoast are inspired, the JEWELLERY is fabularse and the red shoes and hair flower are exquisite.

I too avoid cream and grey like the plague. Grey always reminds me of horrible drab old school uniforms and I fear I may never get over my hatred of it - luckily there are so many other colours to choose!

Your witty, sharp, poignant, keenly observant and wonderfully pithy writing and humour are marvellous. And I have realised that I too am guilty of the same - who is the biggest mental idiot around? And really, there's not much difference between being self critical of a body part or a personality trait, so I too stand corrected, and will make an effort to stop being so mean to myself.

And in case I didn't make it clear, you look farking BEAUTIFUL in this wonderful outfit, rockstar! LOVE! Sarah xxx

Ivy Black said...

That is a gorgeous skirt, accessorised to perfection. I don't mind a bit of grey but it has to have some colour with it, red is always a winner. I like grey and green too.
Oooh I wish I could join your quiz team. The ones I've been in have been very serious indeed,care very much if they don't win and don't take kindly to one of there members getting tipsy to make the evening pass more quickly!
You always make me laugh...yer bloody wonderful. I'm now left thinking where you would stick all the little decorations on the family jewels and have to say it would still look fairly unattractive even covered in diamante.

Melanie said...

I cannot imagine why that skirt was in a fancy dress shop, how strange! I wonder what it was used for .. maybe it was actually a mermaid.

Miss Magpie said...

I love the skirt and the red shoes look so good with it. I never wear pale grey, white or pastels generally as with my skin tone I just look like a corpse risen!

i do the whole self deprecating thing all the time too, I've never thought about it being annoying and I never think of it as such in others.

kaffesoester said...

I always look forward to your posts Curtise - they're such fun to read, I laugh every time! In my opinion, you don't have to change a thing!

The skirt is fantastic! It would be my favorite too. The grey and cream combination looks beautiful on you, as someone said, it really suits your hair colour.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I love this mermaid dress! Gorgeous. I really love the soft grey and white, it does suit you, but you may feel comfortable adding some red or even yellow like you have done. I love the sound of your quiz team and your bizarre but interesting conversations- I wish I could join in! Don't worry about the self deprecating humour, I use it too, it means you're not too arrogant but don't think everyone will instantly want to take the piss so you have to be on the defensive. It's a difficult one to learn, people can be twats XXXXXXX

The Style Crone said...

Stunning as always! I think the color combo suits you and the the red shoes and headwear are delightful surprises. The lace with jewels and pearls in close up made my Friday morning. Thank you!

I adore your intellect and sense of humor and your writing never disappoints. I am an ardent fan!

thorne garnet said...

Well, aren't you Ms Blingy McBlingy Pants today. Lovely outfit. I'm not a fan of gray and white /cream either, washes me out. You wear it well, must be the pops of red. On the home shows over here, there's an awful trend of painting walls gray, yuck! It's the new sage green! Now a nice silver Andy Warhol factory gray, maybe. Have a lovely weekend!

Mary Walker Designs said...

Those shoes pop with the skirt I like how the skirt reminds me of fish scales in that non smelly fish kind of way.

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

That is one fantastic mermaid skirt - so great on you! I love all of the pieces you put with it; your vest and shirtsleeves and the colours, and the jewelry - all.

I also find feedback invaluable, and your quiz team ladies sound wonderfully hilarious. Y'all are so lucky to have each other!

Annie said...

That's a gorgeous outfit. I love the colour combinations, the waistcoat and the jewellery.

I really enjoy pub quizzes, we rarely win anything but it's such a good laugh. You'd think the intellectual stimulation would discourage over-imbibing, but not in our case! We have even won a couple of pints on occasion :)

Anonymous said...

I love the mix of the pearls, waistcoat and skirt, its a victorian/mermaid mix that looks amazing on you and the splash of red gives it a really fun twist. You keep going as you are xxxx

Fiona said...

Please don't rein anything in Curtise, your constant wit, observations and intelligence are the reason so many of us keep coming back. The Ladies Purse sound a raucous bunch, right up my street and I love a pub quiz too. As for the vajazzling debate, I couldn't agree more with Ivy Black. If men stuck bling around their 'thing' it would still look bloody ugly and imagine if a stray jewel got up it, yowch!
Your ensemble today is a triumph, I think the cream/grey combo looks sensational on you and the touches of red are the perfect accessories as is the fabularsehole cuff. You look wonderful in a waistcoat and all your skirt needs is wunderweb.
Have a super weekend. x

CityScape Skybaby said...

I think your sense of humour is spot on Curtise, I'd much prefer someone self deprecating and funny with it rather than listening to some delusional big headed bore. I actually really like grey, it makes me feel all cosy and snuggly for some reason, but I know it can be boring. Not on you though! You make me want to dig out my little waistcoat and see if it still fits me. xx

Jake said...

Self-deprecating humour is such a British trait. I think the male version of vajazzling is penazzling... I have no clue who would get that done. Your mermaid scale print skirt is gorgeous, I'm such a sucker for print.

Anne @ The Frump Factor said...

As one who dips (heavily) into the well of self-deprecating humor, I had to smile at your comments. Well, that and the amazing outfits. That skirt is truly great, and I adore waistcoats, which I can't seem to find enough of here in the U.S.

I think your strength comes across, clearly, in your personal style: the color, confidence, and free-spirited attitude of your outfits. I don't see a troubling lack of confidence in your blog. I also think that self-deprecation can be a good thing, though I might be in the minority here. So rock on!

Anonymous said...

You're snarky(like me) which is why I adore you!!!

Love the outfit--the red shoes and flower just make it pop.

Oh how I wish I were in the UK to go to quiz nite with you!!

Hmm-male vajazzle kit??? Pejazzle???


Kitty said...

You're fab in grey, and btw isn't it great how blogging improves ones confidence? We end up wearing things that were unthinkable a couple of years ago.
I love pub quizzes too, keep at it you may win one day.xx.

Penelope Cat said...

Love the outfit but especially the skirt. It's wonderful!

Your quiz team sound fantastic and of course it's the taking part that counts (and the snacks - I've been to a couple of quizzes where they've provided delicious snacks).

Nikki x

Lynne DeVenny said...

You look perfectly lovely in cream and grey, as you do in everything. Lovin' the close up pics of your incredible secretaries.

I want to be on a Ladies Quiz Team. I was Captain of the High I.Q. Team in high school but that was lame. We were just nerds that were too young to drink.

Forest City Fashionista said...

I love your sense of humour, and your blog posts never fail to make me laugh, so don't go changing! I will wear grey, mixed with black and red, but cream, no. I'm too pale for that. You've done very nicely with your mermaid tail and tailored torso.

YOur ladies quiz team sounds like a riot! I can imagine the vajazzling discussion. Men seem to think their junk is so fabulous I can't imagine them doing anything so silly as trying to bling it up.