Monday 5 December 2011

Silver Lady

I did manage to call in at the Vintage Fair on Saturday. It's always nice to go and fondle the merchandise, even if I don't buy, and when it's held in Sheffield Town Hall, you get grand surroundings to boot.

I did buy, of course.

I was rather taken with this 1960s silver wool and lurex knit maxi dress. It came as a set with a wrap cardigan top too, and you know how I love a wrap cardi. However, I think it's a bit too much all together, and somewhat draining for my poor pale English complexion.

God, I sound all "I had my colours done and I'm Spring." I haven't and I'm not.

                                                           You, the jury, must decide. No pressure.

                  I'm liking it best with the gorgeous little 50s jacket (courtesy of beautiful birthday girl Vix).

I've been collecting a few silver items of late, starting with this EPNS tea pot which I bought for £1.99 from a charity shop because I love the shape. It reminded me of Aladdin's lamp, and since it was in a horribly tarnished state when I got it, I have been rubbing and rubbing but so far, no genie...

There's a metaphor for life in there somewhere.

I think the shape looks 1930s/Deco-ish, but I don't know for sure.

Kitty's Top Tip for discovering whether the handle and lid are made from Bakelite or not revealed that it's not, it is actually celluloid (it smells of mothballs/camphor when rubbed with cleaning fluid). She's so clever! I have learned such a lot from fellow bloggers. 

These pretty things are also charity shopped, an engine-turned mirror and hinged bangle, £2 and £1 respectively.

                             And with this little pot, I actually thought ahead and did before-and-after shots.

                            From tarnished tat to sparkling shell. If you listen closely, you can hear the sea. 


                   Saturday's Vintage Fair was fun. I took the girls, who expressed their enjoyment thus...

                                                                             ... as we queued.

                                               We had the Wise Old Owl of Vintage watching over us...

                                                     ... but I suspect Queen Victoria was not amused.

                                                     The stone and marble staircase is spectacular.

                              This light fitting is beautiful, the globe is decorated with the signs of the zodiac.

All that beauty before we even got into the Fair! I did buy another couple of items, which I'll show you later, but for now, it's all about the Silver Lady.

1960s Jersey Masters of London wool/lurex maxi dress and cardigan (vintage fair); black T-bars, sequined beret, bangles and earrings (charity shopped); sequined scarf and bag (gifts from gorgeous Helga)

And here's a gift for those of you who had Starsky and Hutch posters on their walls in the 70s (surely it wasn't just me?) 

 You are most welcome, Silver Ladies!


Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Oh Good Grief, I was singing David Soul's Silver Lady and lo and behold I scroll down and there's the link. Eeek! I was actually a fan of Starsky, myself.

Loving the lurex, and, yes, I prefer it with the 50s jacket. The shell box scrubbed up beautifully. C'est magnifique!

Curtise said...

I'm Starsky all the way too, Loo!

Vix said...

I fancied the pants off Starsky!
Loving the silver lurex, love both combos but leaning towards the more miss-matched 50s jacket. You look so slim and elegant!
I love that zodiac globe and the bangle, teapot, mirror and shell trinket-y thing but the girls' faces steal the show.

Jan said...

Oh yes you look lovely ,I made those cardigans (starsky)for my sons they were much admired Jan xx

mispapelicos said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that silver dress is the best yet,and the silver and black bolero, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ( fainting)
I see the daughters are getting the right training. Such a gorgeous mum.

Fiona said...

I fancied Starsky too. Agree with you that the silver and black bolero is best with your lovely lurex.
Fab teapot deffo deco.

Alex said...

Ooh yes, definitely with the 50s jacket. I like the matchyness of the silver jacket but the other one is that bit bolder and it just works a bit better.

Unknown said...

That frock is DIVINE! I like it with either or neither and think you look beautiful in it. That building is quiet amazing - we have nothing old or elaborate here, only little falling down shacks, built by convicts. That shell came up an absolute treat! Your girls look so happy.

Sarah xxx

Kitty said...

Go the matching silver combo I say, but then I'm a very matchy-matchy person! That shell trinket box is DIVINE so feel free to send it to me ANYTIME NOW, ha ha! And yes, your tea pot is definitely Art Deco.xx.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

The dress is an absolute stunner, I think you look beautiful in it although I know I would probably feel similar about my pale complexion. Silver is good on you I think though, I think you should go the whole way and accessorize with icy colours, like the bad Queen from Narnia.

You've done marvellously well with the trinkets too, and I really quite fancy that light fitting for my new abode.

Vintage Coconut said...

I dunno.... just something about you sparkles today, I really can't put my finger on it.... hmmm hmmm
*HEHE* I adore that dress on you. I am a pale one too... and I figure SINCE the vintage thing was to be pale then we should BE DARN PROUD we do it so well. Am I right?!

My GOD the teapot is flipping fabulous. Same with that delightful sea shell.

Love the girls faces... they will be experts before they hit their teens.

Queen Victoria (looks like if she had hands on her statue that she would slap someone upside the head... if not that maybe a hard tug on the ear.) *lol*

Kylie said...

I think your silver dress is gorgeous, but I like it more without the jacket...only because you asked...what do I know? You look like a very pretty Christmas decoration in it.
The Town Hall is amazing as Sarah said, buildings as fancy as that are pretty thin on the ground over here...that light fitting, wow!

two squirrels said...

Oh that is the most gorgeous find!!! Love love the 50's jacket with the dress. V

Helga said...

I'd like to fondle YOUR merchandise!!!
I like that silver frock with that darling little jacket Vix sent!! It's a divine frock,you are so sexy in it,but that little extra oomf is good!In Summer you'll rock that puppy-but it'll be too hot to wear it!
Those girls crack me up!SO expressive!I bet they love every second of it,they are girls,after all,and fruit of your sexy loins!
Bloosy hell,isn't Kitty a wiz?!Fantastic tip!Years of experience,that's what we gals rely on!I do like that teapot,and it is rather deco looking.Teapots are fab things,not that I drink tea much!
I love you pic of the styaircase!Great pic,and what a stunner!I could swan around in there like a dork for hours!And I want an owl like that for my house,dammit.Perhaps looking down over G.....
Love and sweet nothings in your ear!

Vintage Sweetheart said...

I definitely love it more with the 50's jacket! What beautiful place to have a fair. I hope your genie makes an appearance some time soon!!


Rose&Bird said...

That's a fantastic dress, I like the second jacket with it. Didn't the shell pot clean up well?

Just to let you know you won my giveaway this week. If you can let me know your address (my email is on my profile), I'll put it in the post as soon as possible.

Unknown said...

Wow silver lady indeed you look gorgeous. I have to say that is my favourite outfit on you to date. And i say less is more and it looks amazing just on its own with no jacket. Gorgeous ;-)) dee x

Unknown said...

Hi! ok first, i prefer the whole silver outfit, i like the cardi but silver through and through is my favorite i would wear some color around the neck if you are concerned with your English fair complexion, i have the same problem!
Your girls are so adorable! i love what you found, the teapot, shell box ect...all treasures!
And wow the building is out of this world! You will laugh, but i like Queen Victoria's bust-

As for my new kittie, he is still in the basement, afraid, anxious, hidding...I was there about 10 times today, he comes to me now that a beginning....

Ariane xxxxx

Scarlett said...

You look fabulous in the lurex maxi - what an amazing dress and perfect for the party season :o) Scarlett s

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oooooh a fondle ... yes puh-leeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!!! The Phoenix has introduced me to Starsky and Hutch in my old age as we didn't have a telly when it was on in the 70s or I wasn't allowed to watch it or something. But those guys were hawwwwwwwwwwt!!!! God it's all about the cars and the jackets baby!! Ooooh Sheffield Town Hall looks utterly beautiful and I hope the girls enjoyed their day out with mum:)) Oh I found a YouTube tutorial that helped me with the hot sticks and hopefully it'll help you too. You hair is about the same length as mine and it seems the secret is to place the stick in the middle of the piece of hair instead of starting to roll from the bottom - practise and and love to see how you go!!

Krista said...

You are a liquid metal Goddess and seeing you rock that lurex knit makes me crave a chilled martin straight up with a garlic stuffed olive and I don't even like olives. I love the lil jacket the sweet and sexy Vix sent you. Looks purrfect! The girls are cute as usual and I am loving the inside of that building! Meow hi kitty!