Wednesday 28 December 2011

All the colours of the carousel

Have you all had a delightful Christmas? I do hope it was at least peaceful, at best joyful.

No, I didn't leave home. That fabulous vintage suitcase was a gift from my brilliant friend Tracey, she of the cakestand expertise. Isn't it wonderful? And it matches my outfit! A 1980s floral frock, all of a quid from Ebay, and a vintage St. Michael pinny. Wine? Dunno, came out of the fridge.


                                                         Anyone pull a cracker on Christmas Day?

                                            Yep, drink was taken. Repeatedly. It was the only way.

                                        'Twas the night before Christmas - and butter wouldn't melt...
                              (I made those stockings last year. God, I swore. In a cheery festive kind of way.)

                          They're mini consumers at heart, and were delighted with their X Box.

After a couple of days of gaming (them, not me), eating and drinking (very much me), we all needed a change of scene and some fresh air, so we popped into town to spend a voucher or two, have a ride on the carousel, and take some photos. Get me - remembering I'm a blogger!

                                                                    It was rather glorious.

                                                       My LBs and me reeling around the fountain.

                                                   Carousel, fountain and Sheffield City Hall.

                                                           It would make a great album cover.

1970s faux fur jacket and green cardigan (charity shopped), 1970s goddess dress with belt used as a pussy bow (vintage fair), tan boots (Ebay), bag (Matchy Match Queen Helga)

I feel better for that. I like being back in colour. And I shall return to the wine with renewed vigour. Yippee!


Miss Simmonds Says said...

love that pinny! xx

lucy joy said...

I do SO love that length dress/skirt on you.
Your children are gorgeous, they look happy, healthy and innocent - lucky things. God those merry-go-rounds give me the creeps - it's the horses' eyes!
Wine, 80's dresses, faux fur - my long lost sister?

Speak soon,

Lucy x

karensomethingorother said...


Oh, I needed fresh air something awful after Christmas. Glad you all had a lovely time.

Trees said...

I LOVE that apron, how darling. Also love the suitcase, whenever I see one around I think how fun it would be to travel with all your goodies in one of these.

Also that carousel is beautiful!

Patti said...

What a marvelous Christmas collection of pics! Your little ones are adorable. Love your outfits; your faux fur, boots and bag are fab!

Krista said...

Your new suitcase is killer let's pretend your coming to America to hang with me! You look spectacularly happy with that wine in your hand...cheers to making it through 2011. KICK ASS the kids got an x-box!!!! Woot Woot!!!! Best x-mas present ever! I love carousals and this one is friggin glorious! I do love you in color as I love most people more with a little color on :) Your faux fur is sexy mama just like you!

Unknown said...

Faux fur and fountain frock GLAMOUR! So glad you had a great xmas - the pic of those kids on the steps is FANTASTIC and I LOOOVE your gorgeous new/old suitcase! Throw a few things in it and jump on a plane to join me for Helgastock2012! Love! Sarah xxx

Debberoo said...

Love your 3 little Christmas Cherubs!

Vintage Coconut said...

*WEEEEWWWW* Your looking great in all that blue. I also love your suitcase!! Suitcases are fantastic things if I do say sso myself. I have a not so secret love for them.

WHAAA? You didn't play xbox?? WHY
NOT! (LOVE THE EXCITEMENT in their little faces in that picture with the xbox.)
I play Xbox sometimes. I also like to dress my little avatar person in different outfits. *hah*

I love your faux fur coat and you look incredible in it!! I am still waiting on my newest one. (COME ON MAILMAN.. DELIVER IT TO ME NOWWWWWWWWW I AM GOING THROUGH IMMENSE LONGING TO WEAR IT!) =p

I would have totally rode that carousel! Did you ride on it?? I would have had to go at least once.... TWICE if Mr. would let me!

Vintage Sweetheart said...

What a gorgeous suitcase! I just picked up a St Michael's pinny too.
Love the photo of the kidlets and that carousel is freaking amazing. Glad to see your faux fur is getting the wear it deserves it looks amazing on you.


Vintage Bird Girl said...

Love seeing you in colour too. We always crack open the bonbons on Christmas day. Then we wear the silly paper hats during lunch & share the cheesy jokes that came in the crackers.

Kylie said...

Love The Smith's reference (my all time favourite band when I was a teenager) Love the merry-go-round too, we don't get such fancy schmancy one's here...

Your children look so thrilled with their present. That's what Christmas is all about, smiles like theirs!

I really like what I can see of the goddess dress x

Unknown said...

aahhh bless there hearts loving the photo of them lined up by their stockings ;-)) Gorgeous photo's i adore the old carousel's so much colour etc you can just imagain them in their hey day and all the ladies and men dresses in their best ;-) You look beautiful to love the suitcase. Glad to hear you had a merry christmas ;-) Have a great new year to, dee xx

Glee said...

loving your fur coat, and the cute smiles of the kids. Happy new year. :)

Unknown said...

Great,fabulous pics of your outing with the kids ,they are so adorable! You too my dear look happy and fabulous!

Lots of love Ariane

Enjoying my Ipad!

Vix said...

Is that a Curtise pissed face I spy? Tut tut! I've been sober for three days and that photo has made me glad I uncorked a bottle of red earlier!
Love that frock on you, I might have to slap you on the patio (or the arse) for looking so cute.
The LBs are so trendy and cool, they're been brought up by a legend.
Happy New Year! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

This outfit looks wonderful on you - and would pull me out of a crowd to compliment you on it. Brown boots, skir and fur? Perfection!

Of course the giant tumbler of white wine is a great accessory too!


Helga said...

Fark you're kids are attractive specimens!!!The apple doesn't fall far from the tree,aye?!
Squee,look at you in your glorious pissed pinny-ness!That suticase is frickin' fabulous,I'm with sarah,fill it NOW and come join us in 30something sleeps!!!!
Looking just gorgeous,which seems to be a natural thing for you,my darling love!!!
Ugh,I've had one night off the piss,I really could do with a few more before I get back to the wine with renewed vigour.....
Love and snuggy grey coats!XXXXXX

Ivy Black said...

Excellent! Glad to hear it ws a a good Christmas. Great pictures and how cute are your little 'uns?!
Love the carousel picture.

two squirrels said...

What a fabulous furry coat!!!
Sending lots and lots of fabulous best wishes for the New Year!!!!!!
Love V

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh sweetie you look glorious!!!! I WANT that suitcase and I adore your apron hon, while your post-Christmas outing looks fabulous - you are gorgeous but I really needed a drunken pic of you on the carousel preferably with your gorgeous boots wrapped around a pole ... mwhahahaaaa!! Those cheeky-looking kids, what naughtiness lurks beneath!!! xoxoxoxooxoxo

Natalia Lialina said...

Curtise, I wish I knew you back then! Your kids are so adorable, and the photo on the stairs is just something! It's great that you captured that moment! I started reading your old blog entries. It is so much fun to get to know you better! And to see how your style developed over the years. I am impressed that your resolution was to not buy anything new, and you did it. WOW! I like new clothes, but I understand what you mean about it being overpriced or just not unique enough etc. I feel it too very often. As I explore my style, I wonder where I will be in a couple of years... I loved your photo in a vintage dress in 1980s! You always look marvelous - such a beautiful and graceful woman you are! And your love for vintage has its own history which is very cool. I am such a lucky girl to find your blog. Wish we lived closer. :) Hugs!