Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Gifts and Giveaways

The festive season has the potential to be a time of madness and rampant consumerism.

But blogging has reassured me that this need not be the case.

The best gifts needn't cost the earth. They are the product of true generosity of spirit, thought and kindness.

The beautiful Helga sent me this fabulous 1970s maxi dress in her recent parcel of delights.  I love it.

My delightful friend Sue's birthday party last Saturday was the perfect opportunity to unveil it.

That's lovely Sue in the middle, with Kate and Tracey. Sue is doing a Masters in script writing, and has just had a short piece performed at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield. She's on her way to Bafta-winning glory, I am sure! And she sketches, is a dedicated organic gardener, not to mention being a fab mum and stalwart member of our quiz team. Talented lady.

                            And here am I with Lois and Sue. Pissed? I may have been, who's asking?

I feel like a blend of Jean Harlowesque Hollywood starlet and hippy 60s chick in this marvellous frock. And that's a good combination!

I am very pleased to have won the recent giveaway on Rose and Bird. The lovely Liz sent me a gorgeous parcel of crafty prettiness - I'd better get going and produce something, I've no excuse now!

The book has some projects for which I hope my rudimentary skills will be sufficient. Thanks so much, Liz!

And next in the roll call of blogging generosity.....

The fabulous Alex at Odd Socks and Pretty Frocks was my Christmas swap partner in Lakota's marvellous feat of organisation and festive cheer! Look at the superb things she sent to me (sorry Alex, I couldn't wait...)

A wonderful tan leather bag, a smart purse, a 12 Days of Christmas tea towel from 1974 (I was actually old enough to be using it to dry the dishes with in 1974...) and her beautiful handmade snowflake decoration. The latter will adorn my tree as soon as I get round to putting it up!

Oh and there was chocolate, but I ate it. And I didn't share.

Thanks so much, Alex, I love everything. You got it just right, clever you!

And finally, that burst of colour and sunshine, the gorgeous Krista, was kind enough to send me a silk maxi two-piece which was her husband's grandma's. Just needs a tiny tweak before I show it to you properly. Isn't the fabric stunning?

                          She also included a necklace and ring for me, and 2 little goody bags for my girls.

          Skulls for Eldest LB and me, owls for Smallest LB. Perfect! And so thoughtful. Thanks, Krista.

  I think this probably sums up Krista's approach to life. She (and Ru Paul) have it about right, I reckon!

So I'm a lucky girl this week. Friendship and kindness are making me feel quite seasonally squishy!

Loving this blogging malarkey, you're all so bloody brilliant! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


sacramento said...

How wonderful you look in that fantastic dress, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I am sooooooo glad for you getting all those presents, I bet you deserve the lot and more.

Krista said...

Generosity of spirit I love that Curtise! The dress OMG it makes me think of a bright shiny aquarium full of beautiful fish and foliage! What a perfect party to parade around at with your gorgeous self. Your friends seem lovely. Your parcel from Alex is so sweet and the bag so you! I'm even happier to see my lil gift arrived safe and sound. Spreading a lil sunshine to you and your beautiful girls! Can't wait to see the bitchface pose in this:)

Vix said...

Where on earth do I start? That maxi is a stunner, I love the sweetheart neckline and the lush print and it fits like a dream. Get you with your talented pals!
Can't wait to see Krista's suit on you,it looks amazing and that jewellery makes my knees go weak!
Alex & Liz's parcels look wonderful, too.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Wooo! You're providing the glamour again and I agree that bloggers are the absolute best. I adore that bag from Alex and she's an absolute genius to have made the beautiful snowflake decoration. You deserve these fantastic parcels - long may they continue xx

Vintage Curly Girly said...

You look fabulous in that yummy dress.

Kylie said...

A beautiful, beautiful dress. And you look stunning in it.

Vintage Coconut said...

That dress looks SO GOOD ON YOU! I adore it immensely. And all your packages are lovely.

Fabulous Fabulous Fabulous!!

two squirrels said...

Oh what a perfect party dress, you look so very beautiful and I just love the flower in your hair.
Happiness is a great night of drinks with friends.
Oh and a great new dress!!!!!!
Love V

delia hornbook said...

Wow that Maxi is stunning and you look stunning in it to. What a gorgeous dress and what a load of goodies to. Enjoy it all. dee xx

Kitty said...

Pissed? Don't worry, I'm not asking, I'm ASSUMING. lol!

Your friend Sue sounds awesome, I used to have a big organic vegie garden too.

I'm loving the maxi on you, gorgeous print and a dream fit.

I can't blog about the rest of what I found on my scrounge but nothing was anywhere near as good as the dress, mostly crappy modern clothes and furniture.

Rose&Bird said...

What a beautiful dress - Helga had fantastic taste! Blogs always make me feel happy too (if a little envious now and again) - proof that there are still lots of lovely people in the world. Hope you enjoy the goodies, looking forward to seeing your creations x

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Wow, love, love, love that dress on you, Curtise. It was made for you. Looking forward to seeing the maxi two-piece on you. Love all your gifts - all well deserved of course. xx

Style Sud-Est said...

Lucky girl you are - the maxi is wonderful and all those fabulous gifts for a very nice lady you deserve them -

On my way to St-Vincent de Paul today hope to find fab stuff!

Ariane xxxx

Rose&Bird said...

Hi again. Just thought I'd reply to your comment on Vix's post today. I love Enid Collins bags too, but I certainly didn't manage to get any for £2! I'm reading a book about the 60s boutiques at the moment and apparently Biba only ever made 500 of each item that Barbara designed - no wonder they go for so much money!


This is my favourite dress I've seen on you. It is exquisite.
The generosity thing is something that never ceases to amaze me with blog-dom. Your generosity gets reciprocated, its how life should be.I'd love to have a night out with you, but I'd insist on raiding your wardrobe first.
Krista and Alex - wow, what inspired and thoughtful parcels of loveliness.
It's very early in the morning. I may be delirious...

Lucy x

Anonymous said...

Great gifts, and I'm loving your maxi dress!


Clara Turbay said...

lovely choices!


Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh yes, the quote describes Krista perfectly and what wonderful gifts she sent you and your girls:). You have been deservedly spoilt my lovely and I think we should link arms and go for a stroll along the poop-deck (what is that exactly?) with you in your DIVINE Jean frock. We might have to borrow the captain's jacket to drape over your shoulders after spending a glorious evening dining and putting our feet on his table. xoxoxoxo

karensomethingorother said...

that dress has gorgeous colours in it! That's it. When I log off here, I'm heading to the local second-hand shop.

Misfits Vintage said...

OMG you look so BEAUTIFUL in that AMAZING maxi! The colours! The fluttery sleeves! The neckline! OOoh - please put this one in high rotation - you look SPECTACULAR Curtise!

And I cannot WAIT to see you in that amazing two piece suit from Krista - the colours are exquisite!

And I had a little giggle at the not-pissed pic!

Love! Sarah xxx

Natalia Lialina said...

This dress is just amazing!! You look gorgeous in it - it is very, very you! I hope you still rock it!! It actually reminded me of something my Mom used to have. So feminine, elegant and chic!
The little gifts from friends who took their time to think of you, to get some pretty stuff which will lift your spirit, to pack and send it all... what can be better than such beautiful moments in life? You are a happy gal to have such wonderful friends around you!