Friday, 2 December 2011

The rub of the green

I'm having a bit of a thing for green at the moment.

                            And look! I have found a hat to fit on my enormous pumpkin-sized head!

                                    My second new winter coat - new meaning new to me, of course.

Olive green Philosophy Blues Original wool coat (£8,)  Kangol hat (£3) green tights (£1 - all charity shopped), tan boots (£4, Ebay), crochet flower brooch (gift)

                                 I'm so chuffed with my hat, I'm wearing it indoors. Just because I can.

This 1970s frock is one of my favourites. It's one of those easy items of clothing which I always feel comfortable in, so it's a bit of a old faithful "when in doubt" kinda dress.

On Wednesday, Other Half was on strike, along with Youngest LB's class teacher (the other kids' teachers were working - what's wrong with them?) so he took her into town to join in the march.

                                                                  They were in that crowd somewhere.

                                                Yes, I know I look like Miss Marple. Is that a bad thing?

And yes, I also know that bag is supposed to be for knitting. I can solve crime in quaint English villages, but I can't knit.

At least I was easy to spot in the crowd. I think I was the only green-Caped Crusader there.

              And the frock?                                       

                           Another 1970s beauty. I think it cost £3.99, charity shopped, of course.

I am off with the LBs to the annual Scouts Christmas Cracker craft event, which is far better than it sounds. It's a local ritual; the kids do all manner of really great well-organised craft activities before seeing Santa for a photo, while the parents sit and drink coffee and eat cake and chat.

OH is out on a work Christmas do tonight, so will no doubt be the worse for wear in the morning. Therefore getting the kids out of the house for a couple of hours is A Good Thing, plus I earn points to pop into town in the afternoon for a bit of Christmas shopping (got to be done) and maybe a little peruse in the Vintage Fair in the Town Hall...

Whatever you are doing this weekend, I tip my hat to you, lovely ladies! xxxxxxx


Vintage Coconut said...

NOOO there is nothing wrong with looking like Miss Marple. My Inspiration today was Edith Bunker.
I have been watching the All in the family episodes like a addict lately (At least 3 every evening)
Your dresses look fantastic on you and I REALLY LOVE that cape.

Kylie said...

I love the Miss Marple-ish cape too. And your new hat (your head looks a perfectly normal sized one too me)
Kermit says it's not easy being green, but you make it look easy wearing it. Oops, that didn't come out right...what I meant to say was: green looks great on you x

Misfits Vintage said...

I love that first frock and I ADOOORE the cape and I INFINITY LOOOVE the bag! And nothing beats Infinity Love.

You just look gorgeous from top to bottom and the boots and hat take you straight down Hipster Lane.

Love! Sarah xxx


That first photo of you is just stunning, I love the stance and glint of mischief in your eyes.
Green looks very 'right's on you, as does the cape. The flash of leg and lack of grey cropped hair stops you looking JUST like Miss Marple.
Your dress collection just keeps on improving.
Our offspring don't get it, they'll thank you one day. X

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Oh my, Curtise, that first frock is sensational! No wonder it's an old faithful, it's lovely and suits you to a teeeeeee! Love the cape and the knitting bag combo.xx

Kitty said...

ooh I love that spotty dress, I daresay it will have given the other parents something extra to talk about!!!

Vintage Sweetheart said...

That cape is gorgeous! How cares is you can't knit that bag is awesome.


Krista said...

I am loving both of these dresses on you, you got legs for miles dear and you do have a sass about you that shines bright! I love a hat and this one is pretty fab on you! HAHAA Ms. Marple no way!!!!

Vix said...

Where to start? Loving both those fabulous dresses especially that patchwork print one and the cape is glorious. Miss Marple was never than hot!
Your new coat is delightful with those pretty puffed shoulders and I do love a Kangol hat, I'm always excited to find them in chazza shops.
Yay to strike action and getting the wee 'uns involved.
Hope the vintage fair was good. xxxxxxx

Style Sud-Est said...

Curtise the cape is wonderful, fits you like a glove - love the dresses - I love Miss Marple - Patricia Ruthledge, is that her name? was one of my favorite Miss Marple -


Helga! said...

Gawd,I couldn't comment on this post yesterday for some dumbass reason!!
I LOVE that cape,and you rock that Miss Marple look,o YEAH!
But o,my,TWO outfits!!!Weeeeeeeee!!!
I love both,and I love seeing your knees!Hurrah!And as for that HAT!It's very sexy,and I like the quirkiness of the look!G has hats like that,I must see if I can steal one for a day....bahahha!
Love and cape crusading!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh my god I LOVE Margaret Rutherford as Miss Marple - I have the DVD boxset and she is a constant source of inspiration with her capes and granny bags!!!! I am GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN with envy over your cape and bag - OMG!!!!!!! xoxoxoxox