Thursday, 20 November 2014

Walking in rhythm

As dull as it might sound, I am a creature of habit.

My weeks have evolved into a rhythm lately, a routine, and I find I quite like it. 

Mondays; parceling up the Ebay sales and taking them to the post office, food shopping, and a cursory bit of tidying, washing, ironing, whatever.

Tuedays; as above, plus Ebay photos and listing.

Both days, I am very happy to fit in a coffee with friends, a spot of charity shopping, PTA stuff, or any additional appointments, because I'm flexible like that.


Wednesdays; volunteering at St Luke's charity shop all day.

Thursdays; free to do whatever takes my fancy.

Fridays; volunteering in school.

All my weekdays are book-ended by the school run, of course, and my evenings involve cooking, nagging supporting children with their homework and reading. and hopefully some reading of my own (books or blogs). I seem to find the space for blogging about 3 times a week, and that suits me well. 

It's hardly onerous or especially challenging, but it's a schedule that works for me just now. There's clearly no room for a proper job, is there?

I was talking with one of my lovely co-workers yesterday about the large amount of black clothing in the shop. There is some really good stock; high-end labels, party/evening wear and smart work pieces, all at rock bottom prices, but so much black

I scoured the stock room to boost the colour quota, but the palette for winter clothing appears to be overwhelmingly dark.

So as I found myself buying this dress, it was with an ironic chuckle...

I know.

The label has been cut out, and it's possibly a modern reproduction, but it certainly has that late 1970s disco era look to it, complete with tiny little shoulder pads, gold lurex braid and crinkle pleats. 

I'll road test it, then decide if it is a keeper or heading for Ebay. 

Minnie doesn't know what the problem is with wearing black.

And actually, I do appreciate the drama of black, and don't rule it out completely; I just like to wear it sparingly, and usually with some colour, feathers or sparkle to perk it up. 

I wore that 1950s Clevaline wool dress (top right) earlier this week; it was my first ever purchase from the legendary Second to None, on my inaugural visit to meet Vix in Walsall in 2012. It cost a fiver, which is ridiculously cheap even by June's highly affordable standards. 

I am toying with selling the 1970s-does-30s Dolly Day maxi dress (top left) because I don't wear it, but now I look at the photos, I don't think I can part with it.  So I'd better get it worn, right?

Everything else is still in my wardrobe, and will remain there.

1970s Wallis cropped faux fur jacket - Kinky Melon
1970s Atlantic lurex maxi skirt - Ebay
Top, ankle boots and bangles - charity shopped
Belt - retail
Necklace -gift
Beret - quiz prize 

Funny, although my week's activities tend to be humdrum and prescribed, I do hope my wardrobe choices are not.

And despite my penchant for routine and Saturday night TV, I've got a sociable weekend coming up;  I'm really looking forward to it!

Ooh, what shall I wear? Maybe a black vintage frock? 



Patti said...

A sociable weekend sounds delightful! We've got some dreaded FF's (Family Functions) interspersed with some down time for a Netflix movie and cat petting. I think your new black dress is the real deal, and it's fabulous.

beate grigutsch said...

you look wonderful in your black frocks!
lately i was thinking about to sew me a black dress! me! since years i have only one - 40´s, very worn and to small now. and now you show us your fab collection of black..... hm. should i break my "no black" rule?
to have a routine i find relaxing. and time saving, so i have some spare time to do fun things.
have a fantastic weekend!!!!

Natalia Lialina said...

I love the way you wear black with bright colors or sparkles, Curtise, you look fab! That wool LBD is gorgeous on you, with the addition of red tights and other red accessories especially. Love the maxi dress, please don't sell it :), you look so gorgeous in it!! This maxi skirt in neutral palette but bold pattern is also very special, and so very you.

I had a period in my early 20s when I was into black, but other than those few bought and me-made dresses, I don't have a lot of black stuff. Like you, I don't rule it out and love the drama and arty feel of it (like those photographers who frame everything in black frames, like black and white photography or dancers etc.). Any colors pops up against black. Black is a good color. :)

It was interesting to learn about your routine. You seem to fit in a variety of things, and it works for you. I am opposite - I hate schedule and routine, as they say, with a passion. I feel strangled when I know that there are things which need to be done before a deadline. It was extremely hard on me to live a minute-to-minute scheduled life for a few years (which, granted, I created all by myself, having others in mind). I am happy now to be free of schedules... Thank goodness for school buses! I used to bring Anna to and from school for 4.5 years... but now we both are delighted with the opportunity to take a school bus. She is extremely independent, and I am glad that she is. :)

Sending you warm hugs xxxx

Ripple Dandelion said...

I can never imagine any of your clothes looking half so good on anyone else, so I'm no help whatsoever in the "keep or sell" arena. But I do agree that selling on eBay does get into its own little rhythm, which is rather pleasant.

Your schedule sounds rather similar to mine, though I am trying to be diligent and attend more faithfully to my freelance writing job. Sitting and researching and writing feels surprisingly restrictive, even though I am at home and can structure it as I like best. But work is work, when all is said and done. Always everything is bookended by child transporting, overseeing, conferencing and cleaning up after!

Vix said...

Yep, dust off that Dolly Day and give it another chance, it does look fabulous on you.
Funny that, I wore my new-old suded skirt today. Its a real challenge to wear black considering I wore little else in the 1980s. Definitely a routine I won't be slipping back into.
Its funny how women reach for black for a fancy occasion, the one time you'd want to stand out from the crowd.
The fake fur is looking mighty fine, its perfect with the mermaid maxi.
Minnie wears her black beautifully!
Enjoy your sociable weekend. I might be doing something similar!
Love you! xxxxxx

Pennyblossoms said...

Love the faux fur and that 'Senorita in the Snow' picture.
Can't get rid of that gorg black number BEFORE Xmas/New Year! Think of all those chances to 'wow' at parties (or Sunday lunches!) over the festive season.
As I always say when I can't decide what clothes to take when I go away, and the cats wander past..."It's OK for you; you have just the one beautiful fur coat!"
Have a great weekend - sounds fun!

Elizabeth Rebecca said...

I love that skirt with the layered colours.

Lizzie's Daily Blog

Angels have Red Hair said...

The ironic thing is that black REALLY, REALLY suits you … you look amazing in it!!!

Hippy At Heart said...

Black definitely suits you well!

Goody said...

With your beautiful hair, black seems a perfect match, but I understand what you mean about too much of it. With all the holiday parties coming up, you might hang onto that dress a bit longer-could be a show-stopper on New Year's Eve.

Routines are good, so long as you're willing to part ways with it when need be. My days are very, very structured but at the end of them there's a sense of accomplishment. "Here's what I did Monday" can be an uplifting sort of way to review a week. Unless I did absolutely nothing on Monday-then it isn't quite so uplifting *shrug*

I like the repeating scallop pattern in your skirt-yet another sort of routine, without *being* routine.

Olga Rani said...

I like you in black, especially the look with red tights, so dramatic and kind of bright. But anyway, I like you in all those colorful patterned frogs even better. The skirt you're wearing today looks fantastic!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I don't wear black very often, unless it's mixed in a print with other colours. Here in Australia we wear a lot of colour, but I've noticed black and grey are worn all over New Zealand. People always comment on my colourful clothes there, like its something strange! I'm a bit of a creature of habit too, but if it works go for it! Xx

Mother of Reinvention said...

Yes, definitely wear your black frock this weekend. It is a beauty. I love your wool dress, it looks really ideal for the Winter, but have got to say that I am a sucker for a pair of flares and those black ones are gorgeous. Black is my favourite (non) colour. I am a bit afraid of patterns and colours so black is my default setting although things do get a bit faded from the wash to tonal black on black would probably be more appropriate. Xx

Winter Moon said...

Ooh! I want to come and rummage through all the black stuff! I wear black a lot, I seem to be drawn to it. You look wonderful in all those photos, but my favourite is the top central one, with the swishy frock!

Gorgeous 1970s maxi, by the way :)

Have a wonderful weekend xx

Ivy Black said...

Oh yeah, that Dolly Day maxi is a beaut...get it out and get it on. I don't mind a bit of black. It doesn't half suit you though.
It's the work uniform so I prefer more colour when I'm 'free'. I use to wear nothing but for a few teenage years. It used to drive my gran mad. She couldn't understand why I would put a bit of colour on. She was always trying to make me wear green and now I can't get enough of it.
I love that maxi and doesn't it go well with you Kinky jacket?
Your schedule sounds rather wonderful. I'd like it. Wanna swap? No ..thought not. Sure? OK.
I still love you anyway.
Have a lovely weekend.

Fiona said...

I agree with Ms Black, I'd have your week in a heartbeat, but there's still the small matter of an outstanding mortgage so it's back to the grind I go.
Dolly Day has to stay! It's uber flattering on you and trés elegant.
I hardly ever wear black these days, even tho' I'm a woman of a certain age I still wanna be noticed... oh yeah. xx

Fiona said...

PS Forgot to say, enjoy that sociable weekend. x

Laurie Duncan said...

Well you look great in black! I used to wear it all the time, but now it's more of an accessory. Still I wouldn't mind finding a LBD for special occasions! :)

Krista Gassib said...

Best of black baby you look great in all those pictures honey! I have been wearing it more and I'm not sure why. Routine can be good I think, we all like our routines until we don't :). Your schedule sounds nice, work, play, family, and you time, your a well balanced woman.
Enjoy the weekend honey! I love the leopard coat your rocking from Vix!

Lesley Extance said...

Curtise you look wonderful in your outfit and I must pretty fabulous in your black outfits too ! have a wonderful weekend my dear xxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

I think your routine sounds quite delightful actually. Mine sounds very dull in comparison, what with most of the day spent at my job, and then being too tired/braindead/lazy to do anything else. I have found as I get older that I value having a routine more and more.

I spent most of my 20's and 30's wearing loads of black, then reverted to colour, now in the last year or two, I find that I'm drawn back to the black (or grey), especially in the winter, even though that's probably when we need the colour most. I like all of the black outfits you put in this post, and agree that the drama of it is appealing.

Jan Graham-McMillen said...

Ohhhmmmmm. Sounds like you have found your universal-blogoversal balance and attained work-life enlightenment! Good for you. Structure add to the creative process!
Clever outfit ... very you, very charming. Smart in the best way.
Its always a special occasion to see you in black, and a treat. Carry on!

silvergirl said...

Adore this skirt!!!
Have a great weekend

Suzanne Carillo said...

We have such similar tastes. I too try not to wear too much black, but I have to say after seeing your outfits here I can honestly say you do black well.

I'm excited for your sociable weekend. Have fun!


Miss Magpie said...

Like others here I wore black constantly as a teen, I swore it was my reaction the very bright clothes my Mother used to put me in as a kid!
Now I'm more careful with black, head to toe it can be very draining.

SAM said...

I love the black outfit with the white belt and the hat. great casual date night outfit, but not blue jeans.

Beth Waltz said...

Aha, I knew that cropped faux fur jacket would become a wardrobe staple! Your hair -- both wonderful cut and rich color -- entitle you to wear black whenever the mood strikes, Curtise. You'll never be drab!

Minnie seems to have fully recovered from her AWOL adventure. What a relief!

MIS PAPELICOS -Mis P said...

I cannot think of a better routine week, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I do hope to join you one day

Twiggy said...

Your weekly routine sounds perfectly lovely to me. I love your new black dress.

Helga said...

I am rather fancying black recently, not sure why! I used to wear it ALL THE TIME, but my mature years are certainyl more colourful than my youthful Goth years!!!
I must say, I love the sound of the rhythm of your days....the brutal routine of 5:30am rising that I've been doing for twenty plus years is harder and harder. You DO NOT have time for a regular job, and NO FECKING WAY do you want one if you can manage without.
Love that skirt! Fecking heavenly print and fabric, and it hugs your arse in a perfect way.
Love you! XXXXXXXX

kobieta niewidzialna said...

Wow! beautiful outfits.Love them. :*

Jess J said...

Hi Darling! Just discovered your blog through Vix's. Boy, do I love your vintage style, inspires me even more to snap up some late 60s/early 70s op shopped outfits. I'm keen to check out your eBay store... Where can I find it? Thank you :)

Sue said...

You so do not have room for a paid job, you have your hands full with the unpaid work. I like a routine, but I like it to allow flexibility to have some fun. Black seems to be everywhere, even in summer. I like black but like you I tart it up with something. We wouldn't want to blend in now would we. Minnie wears black as well as my boy Tex, they suit it!!

Porcelina said...

I love all the black, especially with some hot red accessories. I think you can really pull it off, not everyone can.

Your week sounds brilliant, I love a routine and get all on-edge when it goes!!


Veshoevius said...

I think you rock black! I am a bit of a black fan myself and have tended to rely on it too much - but I agree it can be a bit funereal in spades! Love the 70's disco dress and love the maxi you've got on.

Ariane Lasalle said...


Been away for a while but check all your posts - You are fantastic Curtise, big, big fan still!
On the subject of a proper job,I'm job hunting and it's taking all my energy and very stressful, since my accident my energy level is a bit weird. The job market is fuck up place i tell you, but i need a job a for a little while still until we sell our house.

Your routine is perfect, and who needs a proper job anyway...
Your life is perfect!

You rock in black- I love black as well, a bit of black like you...

Might be coming back soon...



Sheila said...

I get so tired of all the black in the thrift shops, but once in a while I find a grand piece. I reluctantly wear black, but like you, need colour or Drama to express myself properly.

Love the shaggy coat!

Melanie said...

From the outside looking in, you have the ideal life. Isn't that always the case, that the grass is always greener...? But I'm SURE your grass is greener because I don't even have a yard! Your blogger meetups, your lovely family - of course we edit out as it suits, but your life looks pretty good from here. I'm glad you're happy in your groove and that you have opportunities to shake things up as well. Your style, well, that's always shakin' woman!

I too am tired of black EVERYWHERE, but I find I'm wearing it more often as well. All black, all colour, not much in between. This lurex maxi is stunning on you. And yes, by all means, wear that Dolly Day!!

Melanie said...

Oh I love the swishy in the snow outfit! I like routine too, I find it comforting, I'm not one for spontaneity!

freckleface said...

You look fabulous in black, particularly when swishing your skirt in the snow with a flower in your crowning glory. I love your kinky leopard mermaid look too, just gorgeous. As to routine and habit, I have to confess that my life has fallen into the same and I love it! I really know where I am with things that way. But then I have a week or so when the ship gets overloaded and capsizes, then I spend a week bailing out the water before setting sail again. Get me with my analogies. Anyway, your life sounds perfect so why would you even think about a regular job? Unless of course the job description is being fabulous and the salary bountiful. Xxxxxxx

Trees said...

I'm in LOVE with your disco frock!! Its amazing! I have a weird relationship with black, I wore so much of my late teens/early 20s wearing ONLY black. Like many people, those weren't necessarily the BEST years of my life. Now I just want to be a walking rainbow - it suits my mood better. Now off to sew up a green lurex dress (I feel like my black days may be WAY behind me - unless that LBD is worn is hot pink tights!)

Babita lama said...

what a blog!!Beautiful outfit!!
I followed u..please follow me back.
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