Monday, 17 November 2014

Jump to the beat

I do like a relaxing weekend, with not much on the agenda apart from going out for tea on Friday, and the winter ritual of trashy Saturday night TV.

And this was an easy-going sort of outfit to match the lazy weekend vibe.

I've almost given up on ever finding a vintage jumpsuit that fits me. 

I have tried on several, but they are always too short in the body (I am long-waisted), tight on the thighs (which doesn't flatter), and of insufficient length in the leg.

So for the time being, I am contenting myself with modern versions; this one was just £1.49. Yes, the local Barnardo's came up trumps again.

(I say almost given up, because I tend to the view that if you are patient and keep looking, you will eventually stumble across pretty much anything you are after in a charity shop.)

Got my Burton boots on - they are so comfortable, I suspect they will get a lot of wear. 

Jumpsuit, sequin beret, boots, vintage necklace and bangles - charity shopped
Wrap cardigan - gift from Tania

A very cheap outfit, this one; it comes in at under a tenner.

So far, I have been quite restrained in my purchases from the charity shop where I volunteer, and it seems the things I choose to buy cause some amusement among my fellow workers.

A feather boa is a wardrobe staple, don't you think? That's what I told my colleagues anyway.

The huge brightly coloured 1950s blanket and 1970s duvet cover were both heading for the rag bag, accompanied by the sentiment well, no one's going to want those! before I swooped in to rescue them.

 £1 each (well, 90p actually, I get a 10% discount).

 I was immediately drawn to this young lady, isn't she pretty?

A bit of research (the internet is a wonderful thing) reveals that it is a lithograph (c.1920) of Herta Zuckermann, who was a pupil attending art classes for children and young people run by artist and progressive educator Franz Cizek at the School of Applied Arts in Vienna in the early 20th Century.

There seems to be some debate as to whether this work is by Cizek, or a self-portrait by Zuckermann herself.

Not that it matters, but I'm hoping the latter is true.

On the Way to Church
The Three Kings
A Christmas Feast

These works are definitely Zuckermann's, included in Christmas: Pictures by Children (1922).

 I wasn't even sure how a lithograph is produced, but there is a good description here.

Charity shopping isn't just thrifty, it's educational.

And lest you worry that I will overspend, here is a selection of the items I have sold over the last few weeks on Ebay to fund my shopping.

The alternative to flogging my guts out for Debenhams is going well. 

 I wonder what we were all looking at?

Hope you all had a great weekend!



Ivy Black said...

Huzzah. A lush jumpsuit and not flogging yerself to death arranging small leathers this Chrimbo. Sod that, petal. I simply won't let you do it anyway.
Tasty bargains too. I have a blak boa...everyone should have one. The illustration is beautiful...very eatheral.
I'm going now.
Loves ya.

Ivy Black said...

Good grief...I appear to be FIRST... get the feck in as they say.

Mother of Reinvention said...

How elegant you look in your lovely jumpsuit, really very 20's or 30's. Sally Bowles eat your heart out. What a beautiful illustration. Good on you for rescuing such fab fabric. Do you know what they will be transformed into yet? The blanket would make a nice jacket. Love the pics of you and your cats. Xxxx

mondoagogo said...

Ooh, that blanket is so *cheery*, how could anyone want to just chuck that?!

The pose of the illustration looks soooo familiar although I don't actually recognise that specific picture. That's going to bug me now. Incidentally I have a post in the works about another of Cizek's students, if I ever get around to finishing it....!

Vix said...

£1.49 well spent in my book. That's an ace jumpsuit and you look fabulous. Great print and perfect with the Burton boots. A great souvenir of a brilliant day.
Its mad to think that the blanket was nearly binned, the charity is chucking money away. Thank goodness for The Monk, the voice of reason.
The Lithograph is gorgeous, Zuckermann's work looks very familiar.
Well done on all those sales, sure beats working for a living and dealing with those freaky people who buy new things from proper shops.
What are the cats looking at? Ours have been disgracefully behaved today, sitting in the photographer's car, climbing into his camera bag and shamelessly flirting and flaunting themselves.
Love you! xxxxxxxx

Krista Gassib said...

Ah Curtise I think you look darling in this jumpsuit and I could not agree more just wait and keep looking and you will find what you want eventually. Most would agree that outfit is already gorgeous but find out the price and its just jaw dropping!
I adore ADORE that lithograph, it really special and all yours along with that fab blanket form the 50's. I'm so impressed with all you have sold to fund your frugal shopping.
You are impressive!

Kezzie said...

I love the trio of dolly daydreams at the end!!
Don't you look fantastic in that jump suit!!!! I think we have similar fitting issues from the sounds of it!
Hmmm, I'm thinking I'd like a sequinned beret now!!! X

Hippy At Heart said...

love the pants, dear curtise! ps. my flat is always tidy ;) My home is my zen garden, haha ;)

Laurie Duncan said...

You are rocking that jumpsuit! I don't think I would ever find one that fit me just right. You found some great things, especially that duvet! :)

Patti said...

Lovely jumpsuit, you look stellar! I often cannot figure what my cats are staring at - it's a big Cat Secret kind of thing. Your new boots are TDF, and I really love the boa. xox

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Ooh, is that a TETEM blanket? They're Dutch and highly sought after amongst the vintage caravan/camper van brigade! I've sold them for thirty or forty quid online.
Don't let them throw any old tat away without you seeing it first!
I'm glad the selling is going well for you. xxxx

Fiona said...

Wow Curtise, you look incredible in your new £1.49 jumpsuit and this one looks like it was made for you. Tan's cardi goes a treat with it and the Burton boots of course. Great saves from the rag bag btw, (fancy chucking a blanket?)and the lithograph is delightful as are the illustrations below it. I don't do trashy tv on a Saturday night any more but have to admit to my shame, I succumbed to I'm A Celeb last night.xxxxxxx

Elizabeth Rebecca said...

I love the pattern of these clothes - you have such a good eye.

Lizzie's Daily Blog

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Oh you're being all entrepeneurial and self sufficient as well!! One day I'm going to grow up and do that too!! I think I could probz open my own shop and keep it stocked for a year with the gaff I've got cluttering up this place!!
I shudder to think about what gets hiffed out at chazzas by ladies who think no-one will want it!!

Sarah Jane said...

Yes I do love a relaxing weekend. My Friday nights are sacrosanct! Loving the jumpsuit and all the Ebay fodder. Where do you find the time to shoot such professional looking photographs? Love the Zuckerman print you found. The young girl is pretty but also troubled. You have certainly been restrained in what you have brought home. Well done! xxx

beate grigutsch said...

cool outfit my dear!
jumpsuit makes for looooong legs and that little shiny beret - fabulous!
thanks for the art description and links! love that colorful blanket and yes - feather boa is a wardrobe staple :-)
i will sell some of my to tiny dresses too, do you have any tips?

Helga said...

That lithograph is quite lovely!
Oooo, look at you in that jumpsuit!!! I would not have guessed it was modern, and you are quite right, a gal just needs to bide her time and whatever you are looking for will turn up at the chazza eventually!
I agree regarding the feather boa. I know I have one or two somewhere, haven't seen them in a while, but always useful! I expect the nosey tarts are fixated on what you might pick up; they are likely running a sweepstake on it each week!
Huzzah for selling so much! Jeez, I haven't got the stomach for it, but I am thinking about it......surely that's enough!

Miss Magpie said...

I have the same problem with ALL jumpsuits! even the modern ones are just not long enough in the body.

I have a purple feather boa I see a meet up theme forming here.....

Suzanne Carillo said...

Love the hat with the outfit.

And the way you've worn the tie sweater. Very sassy!

That lithograph is wonderful.


Goody said...

What a great jumpsuit! It seems like the type you could dress-up with a long flowing kimono (or bathrobe)if the mood struck. The bright blanket is beautiful-hard to believe it was bound for rags. Good job rescuing it.

Glad to hear the online sales are going well-beats working with the public (I'll exclude the charity shop because that's a better crowd of people than you get at a department store).

Angels have Red Hair said...

I love a good jumpsuit in theory … but do they function well in practise?? I refer to the obvious bathroom issues … cold wintry air, dirty bathroom floors, moments of urgency etc etc. I know … I'm over thinking it!! Looks fabulous though :0)

Sue said...

Well done with all your sales on ebay! Beats going to work any day!! That jumpsuit looks fabulous. I had one when I was much younger with great bladder control, now I think it would be a death trap for me, so no jumpsuits for this old gal. Love you and the cats all looking the same way.

The Vintage Knitter said...

Great jumpsuit, you wear it very well. Glad to read that you're rescuing lovely things like those - especially the lithograph. Its pretty but not sickly pretty if you know what I mean! xx

Ladan Ladanu said...

I was just perusing a lovely jumpsuit pattern yesterday, but I put it back. I LOVE them on others and you look spectacular in yours. But I fear I am too short in the leg for such a thing, so I have never been brave enough to try. But you never know. You are so right about charity shops though, and we are blessed here to have a "vintage" version, it's great. Those illustrations are wonderful and that blanket is a killer!

Beth Waltz said...

Like Sue and Ladan, I'm not constructed for the wearing of jumpsuits -- but I do admire them on ladies with legs! This new acquisition appears to have been custom tailored for you, Curtise. * How could you bear to part with that rust velvet dress pictured among those things that were sold? * And I second Vix's comment that the Zuckerman images appear extremely familiar. Shall have to 'search' her work: They're oddly disturbing in a manner appropirate to Tales of the Bros Grimm.

Liz said...

Love the picture - sweet!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

The Style Crone said...

I agree that if one is patient, the perfect piece will appear off the beaten path. Estate sales are my source of beloved finds.

As usual, you shine in your ensemble. The print of the jumpsuit, the boots, the headwear. Divine!

Carina Rosenholm said...

Oh you look fab in that jumpsuit dear Curtise ! Loving it and you !!

Lesley Extance said...

Curtise you look gorgeous in this outfit I just love it ! xxx

Jan Graham-McMillen said...

Glorious! You look just as glam as you could ever want, Curtise ... so happy you got a great jump suit! You're beautiful in it and it's very Continental looking with your styling. Evocative of something very chic and romantic. I've been looking for one, sort of, for a couple of years, but have had problems exactly opposite from yours. Except for the thigh thing ... no one looks good with tight fabric encasing them. But there's always bagging at the waist and miles of extra fabric ... sometimes a crotch seam that falls around the upper knee as well.
Thank you for the information about the wonderful illustrations and the school.
Another treat for me from your travels!
Glad your enterprises are paying off.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I love your ballet top - I have been after one for a while. Do you think I will find one in a charity shop?

peaches mcginty said...

Feck me Curtise! what a find! it's gorgeous on you and you are gorgeous in it, and a ballerina cardigan, utter bliss! I love them (I rather fancied being a ballerina, without any co-ordination of course!) I always have faith in the chazza's too, it may take some time but you just never know - I can't believe those goodies were headed for the ragbag, good for you! I'm chuffed you are selling up a storm on ebay (those beauties are divine!) I need to set myself back up (I was hacked horribly, I miss it though) and a big shout out to the gals day out in Burton on Trent! what a treat! x x x

Vintage Bird Girl said...

You'd never know that jumpsuit is modern. I am sure you will come across the perfect true vintage specimen soon. That lithograph is just gorgeous! What a wonderful find. Xx

ArgentGal said...

Patience is indeed the key. And, yes a feather boa IS a wardrobe staple! The kitties look darling.

silvergirl said...

This jumpsuit is just fabulous!

Winter Moon said...

This jumpsuit looks fab on you! I love all your new purchases and a lot of the things you've sold.

I find Ebay is a much better selling platform than most. Good luck with all your future sales! xx

Forest City Fashionista said...

So glad to hear that your internet selling is going well enough that you don't have to do the horrible retail thing this year. I HATED working in retail during the holiday season.

Digging that jumpsuit, especially with the wrap sweater and beret. Good things come to those who wait, and who check out the secondhand shops regularly. A feather boa should be a staple in every woman's closet.

Natalia Lialina said...

You are such a brilliant shopper, Curtise, that I have no doubt that your mantra will work, and one day you will surprise us all with a perfect vintage jumpsuit! But in this version, you truly look smashing - love it with the fitted cardi and the sparkly hat! And so happy for your cool and comfy boots - they bring joy to what otherwise can be a very dull season.

I tend to forget what exactly different art techniques mean, including lithograph. But all of those are wonderful, great art! It's always educational in your corner of Bloglandia.

Much love xxxxx

Mrs Bertimus said...

Love your jump suit and well done for saving charity shop treasures! You're my hero!,

Pennyblossoms said...

Great wrap cardi. Fab outfit.
I think you're all looking at the interloper cat; it's what we do here, anyway!

Catherine said...

oh yes indeed! this jump suit is looking rather fabulous on you!! i have given up on vintage pants. im just to tall for all those under-fed mini girls of the 60s... but thats why i make my own! love that lithograph too. its still special even without the name attatched to it

Trees said...

The perfect jumpsuit - I rather like the idea of a jumpsuit, but not sure I could find one that fits either. Perhaps I should call upon my more experienced sewing friends to help me make one, I feel like that's the only way it could happen! You've made some rather epic e-bay sales - good for you! Also that blanket looks lovely and snuggly, certainly not one for the rag bag!

Sheila said...

I love that you've gone indie and are going the eBay route! Fab jumpsuit, Curtise!

Melanie said...

I'm catching up... I've visited all your posts, gone to think about them, and think, and think... Not the posts per se but the vibe - which I love.
I'm happy that you need not suffer another season at Debenhams. You have found your calling on eBay it seems.
The illustrations, the blanket, and the boa, such great stuff here, Curtise. xo

freckleface said...

That's a wonderfully relaxed look you've got going on there, you look fabulous in that jumpsuit. You are so slim and elegant, with the perfect figure for these wide legged trousers. Yes, you'll definitely find the perfect vintage jumpsuit one day, just look at the cape situation! That litho print is so delightful. I can see why you snapped it up. How funny about your colleagues. Bet you've livened up their lives no end! Oh my, you've done well on the ebay front. You're a natural!! Xxxxxxxxx