Friday, 14 November 2014

Once upon a time, there were three little girls...

Forget the police academy and Charlie;

these kickass angels were hunting for bargains, not crooks!

 There is something deliciously naughty about playing truant from the normal routine, and heading off for a cheeky mid-week trip out with your mates.

Yesterday, Vix, Tania and I descended on Burton on Trent for a day of charity shopping, chatting and laughing, with a little bit of boozing thrown in for good measure. 

But first, the very serious business of chazzing; eight charity shops, and that's without photos of the PDSA and furniture store. 

Did I say serious?

Not exactly...

Vix went home with only one of these items; try as we might, Tan and I couldn't persuade her to buy the 1990s catsuit (which looked amazing), the fleece (which didn't), or the 1960s hat.

The 1970s suede skirt, on the other hand, was perfection. If you look carefully, you can see an old chap in the background on the right; he followed us around the shop, and watched in delight as Vix tried the skirt on under her frock. All his birthdays came at once with that flash of shapely arse.

Tania took tea, then joined the Navy. And I concur, she has Great Style.

Burton has some attractive architecture around the market square...

and look, Sajid was there with his gorgeous braid and trimmings, so popular on our last bloggers' day out in Walsall.. 

As we approached his stall, he kept a very straight face and said if you want a date, Vicky, you only have to ask... 

This little fella looked pretty pleased to see such luscious ladies too. Just the right height for teeny tiny Tan; Pool Boy had better watch out. 

Balls to Christmas. I don't want to think about it yet.

Of course we hit the local Wetherspoons, and of course we took photos in the toilets.

We weren't very good at selfies, it must be a yoof thing. 

 See what I mean?

But do you know what we are good at? Apart from making each other laugh and putting the world to rights?

Well, charity shopping, naturally.

I bought;

a vintage Welsh wool cape, a tan leather saddle bag, and a pair of studded leather ankle boots.

1960-70s Eclipse wool cape, hat and bangles - charity shopped
1970s French-made Tricosa maxi skirt - antiques/collectables centre, Matlock
Boots - retail

At last; a cape I can wear without the T.Rex arms effect!

Thank to Tania for spotting it, and to both ladies for helping me work out how to wear it...

What a fantastic day. 
We talked (a lot), we giggled (loads), we browsed and shopped and ate and drank, and the day flew by. 

And the moral of the story? Don't wait for Charlie to take you away from all this, or for someone else to suggest a day out or a meet-up. Just go for it, you'll be so glad you did. And if you manage to flash a pensioner and take some rubbish selfies in the process, then the job's a good 'un!

PS. Vix's post about our day is here. Keep a look out for Tania's too - I have a suspicion there will be some classic photos featuring Deranged Face (my speciality. You're welcome.)



Vix said...

Hahaha! Fabulous...and we did it all without Charlie!
I keep thinking of those selfies and bursting into giggles, we're so crap with technology, aren't we? But, what we're good at is having fun, laughing like loons and ferreting out a few bargains. That cape looks spectacular with the maxi skirt and jaunty trilby. LOVE it! I get the feeling those ace boots and saddle bag are going to be regular features on the blog, too.
I'm sure my deranged selfie face will be more deranged than yours! Cheers for a fantastic day and here's to the next one.
Love you! xxxxxxxxx

Vix said...

FIRST...again! xxx

mispapelicos said...

¿Where are you going without me, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?
You gorgeous girls, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
I love all these charity shops and you three are gorgeousssssssssssss
Kandy to my eyes, so jealousssssssssss

hippyatheart said...

Haha, really a great day out!!

Love the saddle bag and the booties!

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Squeal! The boots! The Cape! What a fabulous day out! Love from a similarly Deranged Face. Xx

Ivy Black said...

Fecking brilliant! I've laughed my arse off at this.
Love the cape, it's wondrous.
Fabulous bargains, mental Selfies, Sajid and his trimmings. Utterly fab.
Vix really should have got that hat.
Loves ya.

The Vintage Knitter said...

Totally love your cape, I'm glad that its found its rightful home. You look wonderful in it - deffo a keeper! All that braid on Sajid's stall is truly haberdashery porn! Have a great weekend xxx

The Vintage Knitter said...

Totally love your cape, I'm glad that its found its rightful home. You look wonderful in it - deffo a keeper! All that braid on Sajid's stall is truly haberdashery porn! Have a great weekend xxx

Virginia at A Sewing Life said...

You three are too too funny. I could never keep up with the likes of that gang for a day, but I'm so glad you all had such fun and brought home some terrific loot. My favorite is the bag--it reminds me of what was popular in Germany when I lived there for a year as a teen.

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Love it! That first photo is brilliant. The montage of the chazzas takes me back to my UK days.... Be awesome to transport myself back there to join in the op shopping antics. And wetherspoons!!! Love it. xx

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Love it! That first photo is brilliant. The montage of the chazzas takes me back to my UK days.... Be awesome to transport myself back there to join in the op shopping antics. And wetherspoons!!! Love it. xx

bahnwärterin said...

stop it! please!
so much fabulousness and fun is to much for my jealous heart!
the cape is gorgeous - you look like a sexy female sherlock holmes! love all of the furs on you girls! xxxxxx

Mother of Reinvention said...

Completely love your cape. It is corking. Eight charity shops, trimming stalls and sneaky drinkies, fabulous.! Xxxx

Fiona said...

That cape is so Margaret Rutherford, I love it! Sounds like a splendid day all round. Vix really should have tried on that fleece to give us all a laugh.

silvergirl said...

OMG to those fabulous coats, especially that navy blue one!!
Have a great weekend

Helga said...

I am dribbling like a twit over that cape, AND the thought of you three hot babes all in my arms at once....!!!
I feckign love all that green glass too, and Tania in that navy hat!!! HA!
Ah, such a divoon day. You gals know just how to have the best time, with the perfect balance of booze, giggles and chazza scores!
I likely would have dived in for a grope of Vix' arse if I'd been there lurking in the background. Woof! I would have been groping ALL of you, what am I saying!
Love you girls, you are my Dream Team.

Sue said...

The very best fun always happens when you get at least three girls together!! The cape looks brilliant on you and bought just in time for your winter, expect you will wear it often.

Patti said...

What a fun day - all your (and my) favorite things in one spot! That's a great cape, and I saw your booties at Vix's and cried a little, because they are so fab. Have the best weekend, xox.

Patti said...

What a fun day - all your (and my) favorite things in one spot! That's a great cape, and I saw your booties at Vix's and cried a little, because they are so fab. Have the best weekend, xox.

mondoagogo said...

With your hairstyle, you'd have to be brainy Sabrina, and teeny Tania must be teeny Jill, which makes Vix the vampy Kelly. Actually, that works quite nicely!

Nice cape, I like the tweedy maxi skirt too.

Jayne H said...

That cape is just fantastic - another fab day out to lift the soul xx

Pennyblossoms said...

That cape is a pretty darn good find. Nice bit of design going on there. Love it.
Looks like a grand day out. Thanks for sharing.

Goody said...

That cape is perfection. I really must sew-up the pattern you sent me (if life would stop getting in the way of my sewing plans).

Looks like a fun time was had by all (including the dirty old man).

Suzanne said...

That CAPE! You really are giving Sherlock Holmes a run for his money. What a great find.

Looks like a smashing day.

You guys have so many charity shops! I am jealous.


Beth Waltz said...

Hurrah, Curtise, you did give the cut-off faux fur jacket a very special outing!

Congratulations on the acquisition of The Cape: it proves that an experienced vintagiste such as yourself can combine plaids without a clashing of tje clans.

The saddle bag is handsome! I've something similar in a waxed leather that literally dates back to my youth (when bison roamed and pteradactyls flew).

diaryofapennypincher said...

Ooh that cape!! Looks like you didn't leave much in Burton then. What a fantastic blogger day out, and a great read!

freckleface said...

Woohoo! We're angels. Having kickass adventures across the land courtesy of British Rail and Wetherspoons. Love it!! :) That cape is a gorgeous, what a lucky find. It looks wonderful the way you have styled it there. Plaid Perfection. A tweed triumph. And it's saved you from years of Tommy Cooper impressions. Yes, we are good at laughing and putting the world to rights. Flashing pensioners is a specialist skill, which we nailed too. Selfies, mmmm, could do better. Well, only one thing for it: more practice! Look forward to spotting you on a train soon. Xxxxxxx

Kezzie said...

SO envious!!! What a fabulous day! Your cape is marvellous- very Sherlock Holmes! It is my ambition to find a vintage cape in a Chazza!
I can just hear the cackling in my head as you three pose!x

You made a good point with the Remembrance Day post- yes, I don't like the bombastic Nationalism it can evoke and the xenophobic reactions that sometimes come from there. Thanks for super input!x

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Goodness three beautiful faux fur babies on the town! I love your new cape like crazy and those boots are insanely gorgeous. The bag can pop out and play in every post if you like. Love ya xoxox

Lizzie Cole said...

I love your tartan outfits - so glad you had a good time.

Lizzie's Daily Blog

Forest City Fashionista said...

Love the post title - I watched that show religiously as a teenager. You three really are angels, but more like the ones from "The Trouble With Angels" films....I love seeing you out and about with Vix and your other mates and live vicariously through your forages in the charity shops. I wish I had more people here that liked doing that sort of thing.

I am familiar with the T-rex arms effect, and have parted with a couple of capes because of that. The one you found is perfect!

Leave it to Vix to jump start a pensioner's heart at the Charity shop ;)

Linda said...

What a fun post and lovely finds. I love charity shops. However, I live in Montreal, Canada, and we do have the Salvation Army thrift stores as well as Goodwill, but the others you posted...I just wish they were in Montreal. The organizations are, but not the thrift stores.

kobieta niewidzialna said...

Fantastic and funny girls :)

Porcelina said...

That first photo of you three is lovely! And what a super cape. Looks like you had a lot of fun! P x

Miss Magpie said...

Fabulous! I love your cape and 80's tastic cowboy boots.

I still regret not buying braid.

Oh and just a word of warning, don't ever make the mistake of bringing that gorgeous leather bag with you to our next meet, I fear you will most definitely lose it......

Angels have Red Hair said...

That cape!!! You look like a sexy Sherlock Holmes :0)

Mrs Bertimus said...

That Cape is amazing!
Your adventure had me in hoots, you three always have such capers!
Please, please never stop blogging chuck x

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

What fun! Loving your new cape, but goodness me, I'd have dived head first into that tub of baubles! xxxx

Natalia Lialina said...

It is YOU, Curtise, who makes these blogger experiences so lovely, and warm, and wonderful! There is something about you that makes us all feel like we know you so very well and for the longest times we are close friends. It might not be true, it might seem ridiculous and inappropriate, since we are half the world apart and have not met in "real life", but there it is. Maybe I shouldn't talk for everyone - just for myself though. I know that that is how I feel when I read your posts. Like I know you and trust you and would go on a playdate with you any time. :)

You all look wonderful and happy, and like many here I so wish I was there with you too! The cape is simply gorgeous, and you look AMAZING in this elegant, timeless and fun ensemble. With love xxxxx

Melanie said...

That cape is rather splendid and those green glass items Tania is posing with - gorgeous! Glad you had fun xxx

Unknown said...

You kind of look a bit like a very glamourous female Sherlock Holmes !

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Oh joy...I could perve on you three ladies all day long. That cape thing is incredible, I've never seen anything like it! Xx

Aya said...

This looks like so much fun! *EIGHT* charity shops?! That's amazing. I think I've done two, maybe three in a day before.

A tip of my hat to your gorgeous new cape and boots. I love them. :D

Catherine said...

awesome day! oh what fun i can tell you all had. like a bunch of giggly school girls wagging school! i love that cape on you. great find!!

Trees said...

I just read Vix post about your day out. It looks like such a blast - I swear there must be some kind of secret to perfect bathroom selfies! I LOVE your cape, its perfect and WHY did Vix not take that 90s jumpsuit home - she rocks it!

Sheila said...

Whoa, I want that cape! Wow, love how it's cut.

My mom's family is from Burnton-on-Trent - her grandfather worked for Bass brewery. One day, I'll make it out there.

What a fun day!