Saturday, 17 August 2013

Mr Blue Sky's up there waiting

Spending time at my sister's home is always a pleasure, nestling as it does among the Chiltern hills with their beautiful beech woods.

Especially when there is plenty of this overhead.

The kids treat it like a holiday.

They made full use of the facilities!


Our garden at home may be a poor relation - there's certainly no room for a pool! - but it's nice to be back and taking my outfit pics in my usual spots.

We took Bobbin the dog for a lovely walk through the woods to Coombe Hill.

There are beautiful views across the vale of Aylesbury.
The monument commemorates the Buckinghamshire men who died in the Boer War.
The chained white swan is on the county's coat of arms.

There's Chequers (bottom left), the Prime Minister's country house.
The Camerons weren't at home, there was no security presence to give the game away.

1970s maxi dress - Ebay
Sandals - retail (sale)
Belt, hair flowers and bangles - charity shopped
Cream floral bracelet and thin gold bangle - gifts from lovely Tania
Necklace - gift from dearest Leisa

Several of you asked whether I bought new shoes for the party - and indeed I did! It took quite an effort to part with the cash, I can tell you, I'm not used to retail prices anymore.

But thankfully these sandals were in the sale and are soooo comfortable (which is a significant consideration these days for my poor middle-aged feet). I wish they had been available in purple, green or orange, but had to content myself with black.

That's not one of my cats, by the way - that's Bertie, a stray who visits from time to time.
But back to Bucks.

Eldest has learnt from her mama, she's pinching my moves.

But I'm keeping my eye on her!

We popped into nearby Wendover, a very pretty little market town.

A clock tower, characteristic red brick, flint, whitewashed and timbered buildings with pantiled roofs, and the smallest front door ever. 
Sadly, it is raining as I type this. The garden will benefit, of course, but having a decent summer with plenty of sunshine has been an unexpected treat.
Love the square back of this dress.

 I am off to pack a bag for Eldest, who must have made a good impression as she has been invited back to spend a few days with her big girl cousins in Bucks. She is very excited!

Ready to take on the world? I think so!

As for me, I'll be linking up with the delightfully hospitable Patti for her usual Visible Monday gathering.
Hope you are all enjoying the weekend, whatever you're up to!


señora Allnut said...

lovely pics, so pretty landscapes and it seems that you have had a fabulous time!.
And you're gorgeous on your usual background (with cats!), lovely dress and pretty new sandals!!

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Fantastic dress, amazing back neckline. Green belt & hair flower, and new shoes, hooray!!! I like a substantial sandal, comfortable is where it's at, and they will fit nicely with your groovy wardrobe. Love the perfect-sync pose with kitty, all those smiling faces, and that wee front door. I must do some getting out myself though -misread "downland" as "download" lol!!! xoxoxoxoxo

Sandra said...

can I stay at your sister's?!! I love your pics and your dress is a beauty, I love the square neckline too - I love the shoes and your pretty nail colour x I seem to be full of love! x

Rose&Bird said...

Lovely pictures! Wow, their own pool - good job the weather was nice to make the most of it! Love your dress. Know what you mean about retail prices - I'm often to be heard muttering 'how much!!' (Think Gollum).

Emma Kate at Painted Style said...

I love the pic of eldest under the archway. How perfect is that? Even the cat is posing.
The shoes are fab. A bit of comfort with style will be well worth the money. xxxx

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

What lovely snaps and I love the way you present the photos in small clusters.

Isn't it lovely to have relatives with swanky homes. I am typing this in my sister in law's amazing house overlooking Langland bay.

Marla Robinson said...

these pictures are wonderful, I love your dress

Penny-Rose said...

What a lovely place to visit - your sister is very lucky to have a pool. Wendover is just like something off a chocolate box. Your family clearly had a lovely time. You look divine in the maxi, I am really taken with the print and colours.

Sheila said...

Oh my gosh, I just love all the landscape pictures. What a gorgeous place!

Looking divine as always - I was inspired by you to wear stuff in my hair today!

Connie said...

Look at your children. They are blossoming right before our eyes. And why wouldn't they with you as Mother Nature. Niiiiiiice shoes. Well done. And look at Eldest. She really is stunning. She is going to grow up so much after spending time with her older sophisticated cousins. Just you wait and see.

Debberoo said...

Three of the most beautiful children ever! So gorgeous, wonderful photos.

Trees said...

Such a wonderful time you had away at your sisters - lovely photos and I LOVE your brightly coloured frock. Fabulous!!

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

I love all these photos. My Great Grandad was born in Winslow, Buckinghamshire, {no, I'm not going to ask if you the family, :)} and seeing photos of the area just gives me a little thrill.

Your sister's home is beautiful, your littles are beautiful, and You are beautiful in your colourful maxi!

Veshoevius said...

Your sister's place looks like Club Med in these pics. Gorgeous maxi dress! I'm glad I stuck around the UK this summer instead of hoofing off - it has ended up being one of the best in years.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

What lovely pics Curtise....that beech forest is just picturesque! I can see why the kiddos would love it at your sisters place. And you look beautiful in that maxi....I love it with the belt, & that square back is lovely. I maybe absent from commenting for a while as we leave for NZ on Tuesday & won't have internet access very often. No doubt there will be many of your frocks for me to catchup on when I return! Xx

Max said...

You and your sis have both got beautiful gardens do you both have green thumbs or do you prefer your botanical s of the dress-up variety?
speaking of which I love this dress, colourful flowers + black background always does it for me x

bonsaimum said...

Beautiful photo's. Like the sandals, they look so comfy.

freckleface said...

I always love your garden and you are the perfect decorative accessory in it, but goodness gracious me! I see what you mean about your sister's pad. It is FANTASTIC!! That pool. That is my ideal pool! Close to the house, outdoor and private. No wonder the kids make full use. I'd be in there all day long.

Your three have the most beautiful smiles, bless 'em. Eldest has got the same nail polish on as me at the moment. SNAAAP! She must be delighted to be asked back for a return trip. Your sisters are great aunties. Bobbin! Cutie!

I feel like I've had a vicarious holiday through you in a most salubrious setting. Thanks for taking me somewhere so lovely! :) xxxxx

freckleface said...

Oh! Forgot! Love the sandals. Great choice, worth the dosh! xxxx

Angels have Red Hair said...

I'm with you ...I'm too old and life is too short to wear uncomfortable shoes.

Louise McDonagh said...

That looks like a lovely break, how lucky to have a retreat like that to visit. Bobbin is adorable and your frock is striking. Xx

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

The dress is perfect for you and you should be grateful to Bertie's visit because he also suits you very well!

Fiona said...

Your garden a poor relation?....never! It alsways looks perfectly manicured and there's always something of interest to see in the background, a posturing puss or beautiful blooms. Your sister's home is pretty impressive all the same, what a fab pool. How exciting for eldest to be going for a return visit on her own. Delighful photo's of your gorgeous three and of course, your lovely self Curtise.

thorne garnet said...

photos of pretty little market towns are why Americans are so besotted with England. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

What an amazingly beautiful place, no wonder your children treat like a holiday I certainly would too. Eldest much be very excited to be heading back for another trip.

I do love your maxi and am rather partial to a square back on dresses to, on a occasion.

You have three gorgeous children Curtise. X

Emalina said...

Your sister's place looks amazing, what a lovely time you've all been having. I adore your floral maxi sweetheart, it suits you like a dream! Beautiful photos.

Secret Squirrel said...

I hear that Margaret Thatcher's favourite hat shop was in Wendover! I still like it though... :-p

Gorgeous views, and a gorgeous dog to walk, and a pool? You must have been in heaven..!

Always nice to come home though... Xxx

Helga! said...

Gawd, what a beautiful slice of English countryside! I feel like Pimms's just so bloody beautful.....straight out of Midsomer Murders and all of my fave English novels!!! I wouldn't mind a holiday at your sisters myself!
The new shoes are pretty damned spunky! Indeed, comfort becomes more and more important for our poor old feet, but I am still determined to make mine suffer more often than i should! The good thing about cycling is that I don't need to walk in heel too often!
LOVE this frock, and LOVE the posing...eldest IS a chip off the old block, but Mama has a few tricks up her sleeve yet!

Diane said...

That pool is amazing! Love your frock - you look stunning as ever xxxxx

Patti said...

Both spots (yours and your sister's ) look so inviting, I can't wait to visit! : > Love the pics of the kids having fun too. You look fabulous, and of course, a cat in the picture always brings a smile. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

The Style Crone said...

Another gorgeous floral maxi for me to lust after! I love the photos of you beautiful children, the lovely views and of your travels. I learn so much about your country through your blog. Opening worlds across the planet is another benefit of blogging!

Caramella said...

You look so elegant, the dress fits you perfectly! Gorgeous pictures and lovely place, I'd love be in that swimming pool right now. I went to Sicily for a few days but it was too hot to even walk outside so we just stayed home and took pictures. Have a nice week.

Mrs. D said...

The dress is fab, as always, the sandals look really cool too- nothing like a pair of chic chunky sandals, isn't it? They would be great in other colours, you're absolutely right!
The poolside looks terribly appetizing. I am really jealous now!!!

Ariane Lasalle said...

The maxi dress is fabulous, but it's your signature style and always look good on you - The sandals, versatile, good buy you will be able to wear them a lot - I know about middlle age feet! this is why i wear docs, they are the most comfortable shoes i found so far for me, of course !
The pics of your sis home are beautiful - All is beautiful, love the small village, England is truly a lovely country -

Ariane x0

Tamera Wolfe said...

FABULOUS DRESS!!! You'll get a lot of wear out of those gorgeous sandals, i think!!
What a lovley area you visited--I always enjoy the Curtise Travelogue!!

That picture of eldest under arbor--who looks more put-upon?? Eldest or the cat?? LOLOL

Forest City Fashionista said...

Nice shoes, and they go quite nicely with your flower garden dress! I'd be up for a dip in that pool if the water was warm - your kids look so happy and relaxed! I love the view from Coombe Hill. I remember thinking the English countryside was very pretty when I visiting the UK many years ago. Nothing like a cute puppy to complete a post that is chock full of eye-candy. BTW, the last head and shoulders photo of the Eldest, is quite lovely - she's growing into a young woman!

Oh, and madam, have you not been receiving my emails, or are you just ignoring me while you're off on your country jaunts?

Delia Ryder said...

Wow your sisters garden is lovely no wonder the children enjoyed it splashing around out there I would have to ;-) Your photo's are all beautiful you live by some wonderful places to visit. I love seeing where the children get to visit the freedom they have is lovely, dee xxx

joyatri said...

Such pretty pictures! The woods look like something out of a story book. And Bobbin is such a cute name for a little dog. (I have an Indian friend whose name is Bhavin. People are always mis-hearing it and he gets called Bobbin, which I use to tease him.) Love the sandals. Good for you for finding cool-looking but comfy sandals. And on sale!

silvergirl said...

Looks like you had a fabulous weekend
I am looking forward to a girls weekend this coming weekend

Jan Graham-McMillen said...

Helloooo, Curtise! Seems like forever since I caught one of your posts. Gotta go back and see your earlier vacation pics.
Glorious dress're willowy and lovely in it. Aren't perfect sandals the best thing?
Eldest is, I say again, becoming a Francois Hardy-style beauty. She looks positively touching in that Breton strip tee. You have lots to be proud of in all your little treasures. I hope they all have brilliant and lucrative careers so they can keep you in a style to which you'd like to be accustomed.
Grand vacation photos ... thanks so much for posting them.

Tamera Beardsley said...

Such a rich and beautiful post dear Curtise! I feel as though as I have had a mini get away to your enchanting country. See your three adorables...brings back memories of my own 3 at that age. Savor and enjoy them... as I know you do my dear!

two squirrels said...

Oh such beautiful images of what is such a amazing place..thank you for all the sneak peeks.
Oh I do love the new's funny how you feel when you buy retail.......I always think 'could I have found them in an op-shop'??????
You have a pussy-cat invader!!!!!
Oh oh I do love the dress and floral maxis are a match made in heaven.
Love V

Vix said...

What a glorious part of the world (apart from having Dave and Sam as neighbours). The kids look in their element, I bet eldest's thrilled to be invited back.
That swimming pool is extremely swanky and you look like the lady of the manor in your fabulous frock and posh new sandals. Do you keep looking at them?
I still feel extremely frivolous for buying 4 pairs of knickers three months ago.
Looks like we're in for a glorious week! Love you! xxxxx

BellaBean Vintage said...

I love the print of that dress so stunning and such a lovely shape. Love the new sandals - you'll be able to wear them for the next 5 years at least, so if you break that down per wear they're sure to end up dirt cheap. You do live in a very picturesque part of the world!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

wow, I'd make use of the facilities too. Your sister has a lovely place. Could you spot the Aylesbury council tower block (AKA the Tower of Power) from Coombe Hill? Wendover is lovely, but expensive, as you probably know. I was only down the road. I love your sandal choice, they look perfect, I rather fancy a pair myself. Your garden is such a gorgeous place, certainly not a poor relation xxxx

Vintage Coconut said...

*Ahhhh* That pool looks so refreshing and fun.
Bobbin is quite cute.
I like your new shoes.
Eldest is most surely pinching your moves, not to mention she is almost a spitting image of you. =D
That market looks fantastic, I would enjoy taking a stroll through it.

CityScape Skybaby said...

What a beautiful place, and your sister's is quite resort like, when you've got a pool and the great weather we've been having recently it would feel like being abroad. The woods look beautiful with all those gnarled trees and I bet the kids loved it there, and exploring all the little local towns. I really like your new shoes, and black may not be your favourite but they are nice shiny patent black and very stylish, setting off your frock very nicely. I agree with Jan about your eldest, she does have that natural poise, I can just imagine her swinging her hair like a sixties french girl. xx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

What a beautiful part of the country your sister lives in and it looks like your lovely family had a ball exploring the countryside and splashing in the pool! It's always, always so nice to return home though isn't it, even if one doesn't have a pool coz ... who's gonna clean it? ;) I ADORE your maxi frock so much, the way the pattern runs up the fabric, it's like you're enjoying taking your beautiful garden with you, even when it's raining outside! I can't believe your lot are near the end of their hols ... so glad they've had a real summer this year:) xoxoxoxo

Melanie said...

I'd love to go walking in those woods, it looks lovely there.
I love how you have a black stray visit, my mum does too, his name is Brian and she put a cat house up for him and feeds him daily :)

Jane George said...

wow lovely shape on the back of that dress, i love it on you! yours sister's house is a dream!!