Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Before it's too late

We have returned from the genteel beauty of Buckinghamshire, and I have a stack of photos, too many for one post.

Where to start?

The party, of course!

Because I am a hopelessly unreliable blogger, this is one of only two photos which include me.

Here I am with my middle sister and my mum.

After head-scratching dilemmas over what to wear, I went with my bias cut 1970s-does-30s maxi dress in glorious jewel colours, a gift from dearest Helga

The kids scrubbed up well.

Littlest borrowed a hair flower, and Seldom Seen Kid's bow tie came from a charity shop!

I am such a good mum, loaning my hair adornments to all and sundry, and do I receive gratitude in return?

I do not.

I receive The Look.

Eldest's black lace dress matched her auntie's - but only one of them came from a charity shop!

As you can imagine, there had been major preparations beforehand, all performed with customary efficiency by my eldest sister.

The event took place in the garden of their home in leafy South Buckinghamshire.

When we arrived on Thursday last week, the marquee was in place; this was swiftly followed by tables and chairs, portaloos, fridges, flowers, decorations, all the table settings, glasses, and a large supply of drinks.

The caterers were sorted, and the band set up and rehearsed.

It really did look lovely.

Here are the hosts - my eldest sister and my brother-in-law, who was celebrating his 60th birthday.

These are my gorgeous nieces - beautiful birthday girl on the left, celebrating her 21st, and glamorous younger sis on the right, who had curled my girls' hair earlier in the afternoon (and who they followed around as though she was the Pied Piper, utterly mesmerised and besotted.)

I love this photo of the five cousins.. 

After the Pimms started flowing, I forgot all about taking photos...

...but hastily grabbed a few pics of the assembled gorgeous young things.

Me? I am so sophisticated, my nails matched the portaloos.

Classy, no?


After dinner came the band!

That's my brother-in-law on bass guitar; he and the lead guitarist used to be in a band together, so it was a partial reunion gig.

The crowd loved it!

The birthday girl joined them for an encore, she has a great voice.

Now you see that uber-cool dude at the back?

He is not only rather handsome, he obviously has magical powers - he got my mother dancing.

My sisters and I watched open-mouthed as she tore up the dance floor.

We are 58, 53 and 49 respectively, and we have never, ever seen our mum dance.

Which is because she never has before. Ever. And she's 89.

When asked the following day what had made her have a go, she said she thought she had better do it before it was too late, she didn't know when she would get another chance.

A couple of lessons there, I think; it's never too late to try something new, but what are you waiting for?

Middle sis, eldest sis, and younger niece.

So, so beautiful.

Equally beautiful, in a 7 year old way.

A boy who's had enough now and needs his bed...

We danced till 3am, then called it a night.

Remarkably, everyone felt OK in the morning; plenty of tea and bacon butties fuelled the big clear up.

Mind you, by 4 o'clock on Sunday afternoon, everyone left in the house was asleep!

Photos of what else we got up to will be in my next post.

I have been trying to catch up on everything I have missed so please bear with me, I'm coming to see you just as quickly as I can!



Vix said...

Wow! Now that's how one throws a party! You look fabulous, Helga came up trumps with that triumph of a frock.
That must be the best looking family gathering ever. The kids look adorable, Eldest seems to have grown-up overnight, she's a proper young lady now! Love Seldom seen's mini Bond look and Youngest is a picture of cuteness.
Can't believe your Mum hadn't danced before and who wouldn't with that young dude - he reminds me of Jamie Archer from X Factor about 4 years ago.
Check out all those empties, I'm surprised you managed to take any pictures!
Can't wait for part two!
Love ya! xxxx

Vix said...

FIRST!!! xxx

Shortbread and Ginger said...

Looks absolutely amazing and sounds like you had the most wonderful time. Love all your outfits and the fact that your nail colour matched the loos!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Ulla-Marie said...

Such Beautiful family and the party looks like parties look like in Movies.

Unknown said...

What a great party! They really went all in! So many beatiful People and really great location .

Debberoo said...

Beautiful, beautiful family, ALL of you so gorgeous! LOVED seeing your Mum!!! Tell her I am super impressed at her dancing but after seeing "super cool dude" I understand why, she clearly has excellent taste in her dance partners!

Your dress was sooooooooo beautiful, nail polish was perfect (prettiest porta loos ever too!).

Loved seeing the photos and hearing about this wonderful celebration. Miss you loads. xxxxxxx

ric-rac said...

LOVE your dress and accessories and nails - looks like a great day : )

ric-rac said...

LOVE your dress and accessories and nails - looks like a great day : )

ric-rac said...

LOVE your dress and accessories and nails - looks like a great day : )

freckleface said...

That looks and sounds like the party of the year, no contest. How wonderful to be right at the heart of it. Your family looks adorable, those pics of your kids are just fabulous, so so sweet.

Love the dress, it is PERFECT! See, you got it right, no worries. Is that your man there in the 5th photo down? He looks lovely if it is. I love all the big smiles...

Your sis and bro-in-law have got the house haven't they?! My word...beautiful daughters too. Lovely post Curtise, welcome back. xxxxxx

Frocktasia said...

A great big YAY from me to your mum for finally taking to the dance floor, I hope the future holds many more opportunities for her to do so. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time. So many splendid frocks and super suits. I'm getting a sore head just looking at that pile of empties so well done for not feeling hungover the next day...xXx

Veshoevius said...

Wow! Your family knows how to throw a party!! Your family are a handsome lot and the kids look great! Love your choice of dress - you look fabulous in all those jewel colours. Was especially moved by the pics and story of your mum dancing for the first time at 89! Bless!

Ivy Black said...

Fab! That is a PARTY and everyone is so flippin' gorgeous. Love yer frock, the smiles, your mum dancing and the chap who got her on the dance floor, the pile of empties, the lessons in life and the fact that you called it a night in the morning.
Have a big kiss.

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Ah, it all looks so beautiful! As do you all, though I'd like to see more of the dress! I'm glad you had such a good time.
It's nice to see the mister. Mine will have nothing to do with this blogging lark. Except for telling me I waste too much time on it...xxxx

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Amazing party - you have a lovely family and your mum is an inspiration.

Helga said...

Classy?! Feck YES!
What a splendid event!!! You looked sublime, and your children and nieces are ALL ridiculously good looking! Good bloody genes in your family, clearly!
YAY for your Mama having a boogie!
I love those big paper pom pom things in the trees!
Funnage maximus! So glad you had a grand time!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

wow! Beautiful location! Thought obviously Wycombe isn't quite so leafy. You look stunning, of course we'd all like a full length shot. Everyone looks great, your nieces are stunning, the marque is totally wonderous, I love the hanging pom pom things. The kids look gorgeous but fed up, but of the party or of your photos? Glad you had a wonderful time, but remember we need to see the shoes you ended up choosing!!!

thorne garnet said...

How could your Mom not dance with a handsome fella? Good for her, she'll be hitting the clubs soon.

Love the pile of bottles. And a good time was had by all. And whatever those pompom things are, I want them for my yard.

Fashionista said...

Glory be, you and your sisters are cut from the same cloth.

I do love a good knees up (failing being there, perving on the pictures) and this one looked spectacular!

Don't all the gorgeous young things make you sigh? Only briefly mind, then I remember that I actually quite like the way I am now.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Gosh my head's spinning with excitement, my toes are aching from dancing with your Mum and my eyes are bulging with joy over what is surely the party of the decade!!!! So much gorgeousness to take in here, starting with the AMAAAAAAZING frock you wore and the nails and rings!!! GAH!!!!!! So gorgeous and hands-down my favourite outfit at the party:). I'm not surprised your beautiful girls tagged along after their glamourous cousins ... the secrets of hair-curling and glorious primping are quite a drawcard, while I'm sure Seldom Seen spent many moments of confusion kicking his shoes and frowning at all the glamour his sister's were so taken with;). And hang on a mo, is that ... I do declare ... surely that's not Monsieur le Derriere? The towering silver fox in the sharp suit? My, my yes indeedy!! What a wonderful day/night ... what memories you all have ... and you got to see your Mama dance at last. xoxoxoxox

Patti said...

what a gorgeous and lively (you go, mum!) family. love the pic of the dead soldiers all piled up in the yard. This is how to do a party, bravas all around xoxoxo

Angels have Red Hair said...

It looks like a fantastic party ...and GO MUM ... seize the day (and the good looking young man) :0)

Unknown said...

Now that is an EVENT! Looks simply fabulous with everyone all gussied up and looking gorgeous. Your kids look adorable (your youngest really looks like your middle sis!) and how fantastic is your mum! What a good life lesson. XXX

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I've missed you this week Curtise! I'm so happy to catchup on your party pics. You & your frock are divine, beautiful. No question. And your family are all rather smashing too. The whole set up looks amazing. Xx

Sheila said...

Now THAT is a party! Everyone looks so gorgeous and happy - and you look amazingly stunning as always. I adore that you matched the loos (love your rings).

Brava to your mum for dancing (and with such a dashing fellow). It is never too late to try something new.

CityScape Skybaby said...

Ah, I had a smile growing on my face all through this post Curtise, you have such a great looking family who all obviously know how to party! Good on your mum for having a dance at last, and for nabbing such a handsome dance partner while she was at it. Love your portaloo co-ordinated nails, such attention to detail there, and your gorgeous kiddies all dressed up, and a sighting of the mister!I smiled at the kids following your glamorous niece about too, Pat has a younger sister like that and the glamour just draws them in doesn't it. Even my oldest boy, who hates parties, says she always has a party feeling about her. You mentioned before did I have any photos from my Scarborough trip, and I posted literally hundreds on Facebook, but the friend I went there with can't see them, and your comment makes me think maybe no one can see them so I'll have to check that. Looking forward to hearing about the rest of your trip now. xx

Indigo Violet said...

Your mum looks like she's having an absolute ball. You go girl! These are lovely photos all round.

Unknown said...

Lovely collection of family pics Curtise, it looks like an amazing party. Everyone having fun ;) xxx

Mrs. D said...

What a lovely party it was!
I'm sat at my desk at work reading your post and the portaloo photo and caption made lol.
Your dress is marvelous, I love the bright colours!

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

A gorgeous family, splendid event - even The Look, Port-A-Loo Nails, and pile of empties, all! I do really like your nails, and you looked amazing. I love the story of your mother dancing with the devastatingly amazing young man - you're right, a lesson there for us all. Also, devastatingly amazing young man! xoxoxoxoxo

P.S. Did you get the new shoes???

Emalina said...

Wowee what a spectacular party! It is utterly lovely to see these shots of you and your beautiful family all dressed up and having fun, it was clearly a brilliant night and it's very touching to see your dear Mum finally letting herself dance. Such a happy post!

Emalina said...

p.s. forgot to say, love that frock from Helga on you!

Krista said...

That was swanky event! Your oldest sis really does now how to throw a party. You could not have chosen better with your dress, it's breathtaking and your nails, although they matched the loo's match your ring more. The kids yours and your sisters all look so posh and happy to be dressed up, beautiful kids the whole lot of them.

First time our Grannie ever danced was with me at my sisters wedding, it is something we all still remember fondly. You have such a lovely family and what a blast this was! Love the pic of the bottles piled high, and that is how you do it!
Miss you always when your gonexxxxxxxxooooooo

Kylie said...

You are look gorgeous. So smiley and happy. Especially my favourite, little Miss Nina x

Forest City Fashionista said...

You can always tell from the size of the "empties" pile whether it was a good party! Excellent dress choice and your nails look beautiful. The kids cleaned up beautifully - congrats on getting seldom seen into a bow tie.

Your nieces are gorgeous, and everyone looks like they are having a great time. I love the story of your Mom and her "better late than never" dance. She picked a cool partner for the honour!

Tamera's Craft Palace said...

Good looks runs in your family!!! Your mom is ADORABLE!!

Your girls look so cute and Seldom Seen look rather dashing!!!

You look FABULOUS in your gorgeous maxi!! and you have now defined CLASSY for us all--we must coordinate with the portable loo's!!

The party looked like it was fantastic!

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Funtabulous party!!! WOW, your sister really knows how to host an event! Everything looked so magical. {Even the porta-potties in a lovely turquoise.}

Your family is so attractive, and you can totally see how your littles are in love with their elder cousins. {GAK! Your nieces are gorgeous!}

And talent...musical too boot. Bravo to your Mum for getting her booty on, and you're right...Why wait 'til when?

Well done, and I would love to see more pics as they roll chose well with that maxi. You look stunning!

Miss Magpie said...

I am so in love with those big pompoms in the trees. What a extremely good looking family you have and how kind of your sister to arrange for the portaloos to match your nails!

Fiona said...

Goodness, don't you all look stunning? The LB's are a feast for the eyes and isn't Nina the image of her auntie? How very clever of you to colour co-ordinate your nails with the bogs at such a posh party, I bet no one else thought of that.
Your mum's no fool, she nabbed herself a hottie for her first dance partner.
Looking forward to Part Two.

Kelly Jackson said...

I'm catching up too. ;)
What absolutely gorgeous photos, Curtise. Your family is stunning to behold, as is the lovely party setup. These kinds of events get more fun, and more precious, as we age, don't they? Maybe because they're so rare. Love your outfit and the nails and matching rings. Hope you got my email thanking you for the precious cards. xoxo

Miss Maple said...

What a wonderful party. So many beautiful people celebrating in such a nice way!

Connie said...

Oh your gorgeous gorgeous family! What a wonderful party. Seldom is indeed looking very James Bond.

two squirrels said...

Oh I was so excited to see your wonderful party........and look at it.....just beautiful. Everyone looks amazing......dressed up and so glamorous.
You look just gorgeous your sisters are all so alike.
I have to say your poppets all look wonderful.....the girls look so pretty and your wee man is very dapper with this bow-tie.
Oh your mum.....bless.....I just have to say see is an inspiration.
What a true celebration of family and love.
Love V

his_girl_friday said...

I'm so impressed you thought ahead to match your nails to the port-a-potties ;)

Unknown said...

This is some party! tent and all!
Everybody looked so nice - Your 89 year old mother looks so sweet, she looked so happy dancing there, so cute that she said better try it before it's too late - I love that!
Your nails were perfection but it would have been great to see more of you!

Ariane xo

WendyB said...

Looks like a great time!

BellaBean Vintage said...

Looks like a fabulous party! Gorgeous dress from Heavenly Helga and beautifully accessorised - who knew portaloos could come in such a lovely shade of blue! Love the hair flowers too on all. Your kids look so lovely..a good looking family all round me thinks! Good on your mum - they become extra precious at that age. xx Jen

Trees said...

What an amazing event! You all looked fabulous! Love the colours of your frock:D Also that is awesome your mum got up to dance for the FIRST TIME EVER!!

bonsaimum said...

Gosh, what a fantastic looking party. You all looked blooming marvellous!!

Rachel said...

Ah, it's lovely seeing your party pics ( I am catching up a bit). Mr SS's folks live near Wendover! Your dress was just right, and my, your family look nice :-) I am glad your .mum broke it out on the dancefloor, it is never too late to try something out - in ths case, that devilishly handsome young chap! What a celebration xxx

Melanie said...

Don't your kiddies look a treat, your boy looks so dapper! And doesn't your youngest look like your sister!
The party looks lovely and good for your mum getting up for a dance!

Unknown said...

friggin hell...what a party!!!! oh my your niece is a stunner and you are so cool...nails matching the loos...nice! only you! x