Friday, 29 March 2013

Rock-a-hula Baby


Have you seen darling Vix's post, where she challenges those of us experiencing what seems to be an endless winter to throw off the woollies, the fur and the boots, and wear something inappropriate?

My lovely friend Tania and my favourite supermodel Tamera have both done it.

So have I!

OK, so I didn't follow the instruction about floatiness, but I thought a vintage Hawaiian frock would flick a cheeky two-fingered salute to the wintry conditions which have continued to engulf the UK.

And I can tell you that leopard print faux suede t-bars were definitely inappropriate footwear, my feet got soaked in the snow. How I suffer, just for you.

Flowers and feathers? Yep, and not a woolly hat in sight. 

Ooh, a little bit of sunshine? Yes please!

Love the scooped back of this dress and the extra fabric in the pleat detail.

And because it seemed like a good enough way to spend Good Friday, I had a play around with my hair (I have limited skills in this area) and the new effects on PicMonkey (easier to manage than hair).

It's my natural radiance.

Littlest liked it, so she got the same treatment!

Don't let the angelic look fool you. She can be a holy terror. 


No doubt my mother would say the same of me.

1950-60s Hawaiian dress (flea market, worth every penny of the £1.70 I paid for it)
Shoes, feather fascinator, wool shawl, 1950s carpet bag, 1980s cats' eye sunglasses - Ebay
Bangles - charity shopped
Tights and chartreuse flower - retail
Orange flower - gift from fabulous Melanie Coconut

The camellia has buds, and the mini daffs are surviving the snow.

Spring will come. Eventually.

I am fondly imagining that I look a wee bit like the beautiful Brodie of Camelias and Crinolines in these photos. 
Maybe Brodie's mum...
Or older sister, let's settle on that.

Anyway, she's gorgeous and she sews like a dream and you should check out her blog if you haven't already.

Now banish the winter blues with a burst of hula-ing Hawaiian fun from Elvis.

Go on, really move the grass around!





Bella Q said...

Am I really the first to comment? Yay! You certainly warm my day in your awesome vintage Aloha frock! I love the whole look. And what a way to bring in spring!

Vix said...

£1.70 - you woz robbed! Give that maxi to me and I'll dispose of it properly!!!
Bloody hell woman, you look incredible from the frock down to the orange and leopard clad feet. You've made my day in that ensemble and your hair and make-up is exquisite (youngest is a stunner, too).
I cannot get over the print of that dress, wow, just wow!
You do look like Brodie's sister.
I wish Spring would get it's arse in gear, it's just started snowing here again!
Love you! xxxxxxxxxx

Ivy Black said...

I love that frock. One of my faves now and it loos wonderful on. The spring is bound to come now you've shown it off.
Youngest is such a sweetie. I can't imagine she'd be anything less than angelic!
Have a grand Easter.

señora Allnut said...

wouua, you look gorgeous and love your dress print and shape, it's an orange and green dream!, and also love your absolutely inappropriate leopard shoes, they're so cute!
And love that you're brave enough to fight the snow and show us all your fabulousness!!, dear lady, you and Vix are Goddesses!!!
besos & spring

Krista Gassib said...

Geez Hawaiian breeze that frock is pretty on you! I love the scoop back a bit on the sexy side :) I love that you gals are saying fuck winter in the best way with your clothes! These pictures are green with the promise of brighter days. The littlest looks just like a holy terror in that photo, someone que the choir, ahhhhhhh!

You and Camelia (I rather like that name) are sweet as sisters can be!
Here's to some sunshine soon!

Anonymous said...

No floatiness but this frock definitely fits the bills of convincing Spring to make her way in. You look stunning and the colours are gorgeous and a perfect combination of some of my favourites.

I've been considering Vix's challenge, although here in Queensland Australia we've been having stupid hot days again. I've got a few frocks just waiting their chances for their first blog outing when the weather cools down. But time is against me with this growing belly.

I'll have to consider it carefully a sweaty, pregnant, overheated mumma passed out in the pavement might not be a thrill for some.

freckleface said...

OMG! You have ticked ALL my boxes there. I've just had a bit of a dance with Elvis before commenting so thank you for that. I quite often sing Rock-a-hula to myself!! Blue Hawaii is my favourite Elvis film. I think I might give it another whirl once I've finished commenting. Doesn't he move like heaven?!

You look fantabuloustigorgelous in your frock! I don't even know if that is a word. I also love your hair, you have those trendy curl things. So jealous of that!

Thank you for the mention, that is so sweet of you! xxxx

freckleface said...

p.s forgot to say, littlest looks adorable. xxx

Helga! said...

O, YEAH!!! Love this frock, and dammit, it needs to be pranced about in, snow or no snow!!! The tights and t-bars are too divoon, I appreciate you getting your tootsies all cold and wet for my viewing pleasure!!!
Lovely floral and hat embellishments!
I so wish your dreadful snow would piss off for you!!!

Emma Kate at Painted Style said...

You look gorgeous! I love the shape of the dress. It looks like the dresses the glamourous African ladies wear to church, lovely shape. A bit of hawiian sunshine wouldn't go amiss!
Your littlest is as pretty as a picture. xxx

Emalina said...

Wow, like Vix you're such a brave and beautiful blogger, bearing your arms to the icy air! And you look wonderful, Curtise, I love that unique, gorgeous dress on you. If I squint at the images the snow disappears and you're standing in your dress in the warm sunshine!

Fiona said...

Lawks, top marks for rising to the challenge and all that but I still think you're mad, woman. Sensational dress and accoutrements, those colours look fab on you. IMHO I think your pix are even better than before and now with added bokeh courtesy of picMonkey, wow! (must get myself some of that) Glad to see you sensibly covered up with that lovely shawl in the later pic. Littlest is a chip off the old block, a natural in front of the lens. No buds on my camellia this year think it must be lack of ericaceous compost..? Any ideas?

Patti said...

OOh, I knew I was gonna love that Hawaiian dress even more on you! How brave you are for fashion. You look radiant in the snow, love your feathers too.

Lucys Lounge said...

the outfit is amazing . you brave brave girl. we had no snow today. love lucyxx

thorne garnet said...

Love everything about that dress. I'm hoping it's nice enough here to wearing my Aloha dress the the picnic on the 6th. It would be the perfect thing to wear to a function with our new university president.

PS: the camellia's bloom here at Christmas.

Kylie said...

You look GORGEOUS today Curtise!
You always look gorgeous, but today particularly so. It is a lovely frock, front and back (you're so right about that) and the colours, perfect!

Give that littlest angel of yours a big kiss from me x

Miss Maple said...

Wonderful pattern, wonderful colours!

silvergirl said...

love the pattern of this dress and the mary jane shoes are awesome

Sara said...

WOWSA! :D That frock is all of the amazing, and you look fabulous! It's such a happy frock! Flowers and feathers are some of my favorite things, and many thank-you's for showcasing the leopard t-straps 'cause they are lovely. You are a gorgeous trooper.

Littlest is beautiful; takes after her mother. :) Sending sunshine your way! XOXO

Gracie O'Tripp said...

Love that Hawaiian look. Looks fab on you. Spring will come. Though we do not really have a cold winter in Texas, it keeps coming back every five days or so. Keep your feet warm.

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Love your hair and great job on the effects! Little one is adorable-- not doubt a total terror!! The pleated back of your maxi is everything!
Becky :)

Kelly Roy said...

Your little one is as pretty as can be.Shouls I photograph mine? I need your opinion on this subject.
On the bravery part I was expecting that from you cause you have proved how brave you are throughout your blog.Needless to say you've been a hell lot braver in some older posts.
Well I love the pattern and the fit of the dress.The bag is lovely and the accessories,too.Have a great weekend

Penny-Rose said...

I think I love that dress more than Elvis. You look wonderful - soggy tights and everything! I especially like the photo of you wearing the fabulous shawl - you look wistful and mysterious! I hate to say it, but its been about 24 degrees here today:-) Happy Easter.

Melanie said...

Aloha, Hula Miss! And Littlest too, the angel. I love that second photo of you - it's one of my favourite portraits. The flowers are perfect. And the scoop back is tres hulatious. You and your garden flowers battling the elements for love...mwah!

Indigo Violet said...

I didn't think it was possible for that dress to look better on than off (no, I'm not trying to be saucy!) I hope we antipodeans don't have to endure a winter like yours.

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

Great easter-colors!

Max said...

very cheery, i bet the snow just melts away where ever you step in that sunny get-up. hope your having a lovely easter break x

Melanie said...

What an absolutely beautiful dress! The back is so lovely!

Louise Mc said...

You're very brave... no one would be getting me out of my winter woolies yet. Xx

Louise Mc said...

You're very brave... no one would be getting me out of my winter woolies yet. Xx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Damn you're fine!!! If this trend takes off, the snow will have no choice but to scurry off and melt away to where it belongs ... in the river. I LOVE your hair all tousled and sexy like ... I like to describe that look as "I got dressed, had sex and went out". Your green cotton Hawaiian maxi - I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED it! But I'll let you keep it just this once coz you deserve a spring treat;) xoxoxoox

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Fabulous colour - just what we all need. Thanks for brightening up Easter.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you decided to wear the Hawaiian dress. I loved the print in your last post and I really like it on. We don't actually have snow just a biting north wind but I still haven't risen to Vix's challenge - I'm impressed that you did.xx

Val Sparkle said...

That dress is so lovely - the back pleat adds a nice touch of elegance. And I love your addition of flowers and feathers! Pox on the snow, it's spring, dammit!

When I was little we had a record album of kitsch songs, and one was Lola O'Brian, the Irish Hawaiian! I wish I could sing it for you - it would help bring the aloha spirit to Yorkshire!

Lynn Dylan said...

Curtise, you have totally captured the essence of springtime warmness and loveliness!! I love this! We can dream, can't we, about sun and Hawaii??


Miss Magpie said...

I loved that dress off but it's even better on! what a stunner. x

Lucy Nation said...

£1.70 for that dress - wow, what a snip. It looks glorious on you in that strange but pretty spring sunshine with snow scene! I know what you mean about Picmonkey. I could mess around on it for hours but mostly never end up saving the changes.
Brodie is so clever and I'm endlessly jealous of her beautiful creations xxx

Style Sud-Est said...

Aren't you lovely with your Aloha dress in the snow! that is the spirit!

The back of the dress looks like the one i purchased in San Francisco - That close up of you Darling is marvelous - you are pretty - Do it more often, please!

Have a great Easter

Ariane xxxxx

The Style Crone said...

If anything can change the weather, it would be this ensemble. Love the feather and flower combination. And the brilliant colors with the snow as background.

Your daughter does have a beautiful angelic smile!

Trees said...

Damn! It seems like you folks in the UK are having a never ending winter, and we have a never ending summer (not as good as it sounds, when you have a drought its not a good time!). But you look fabulous! I want a frock like this to wear next time I go on holiday somewhere tropical :)

joyatri said...

I see lots of vintage Hawaiian frocks in the charity shops here, but I've not see one as flattering and gorgeous as yours. The details on the back really make it.

Camelia Crinoline said...

Oooh, you must be chilly out there in the snow but at least you look fabulous. I should be so lucky to have an older sister as stylish as you.

bonsaimum said...

I admire your bravery in the face of such horrendous weather. :)

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Gorgeous frock...I do love the colours, & the back is just wonderful. You look so pretty in these pics, I love the close ups of you. That outfit of Brodies is one of my favourites, but I guess that's no surprise when it features my favourite colour! Xx

Anonymous said...

Wow--the tiki maxi look FANTASTIC on you!!!All you need is a drink in a pineapple with a lil umbrella!!
Love the second outfit!! I like the lighter skirt on the outside best!!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I absolutely bloody love this dress on you, it's completely divine... the shape is beautiful, I love that scoop style, so simple and sexy. I love that sunburst effect, you've almost tricked me into thinking it's warm out. Love your hair in this post too! Big love xxxxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

You are both angelic in your radiance! The Hawaiian dress is sooo cool, and looks dynamite on you. It's going to be a great summer dress, if we ever have summer. I tried on a barkcloth Hawaiian sleeveless top the other day that had very similar colours.

Mrs. D said...

I want to wear something inappropriate every day but I feel too cold and I am a wuss. I am glad not everyone is wussing out like me and you're wearing all that fabulousness on these god awful days!

Vintage Coconut said...

Oh I really do love that Hawaiian frock. It's super cool! I am always drawn too Hawaiian things. And you look lovely as you always too. Littlest does look like an Angel. A terror??? NO WAY I DON'T BELIEVE YOU! *hhehehe*

Lynne DeVenny said...

I was gonna whine about how cold, wet and rainy it's been here to wear anything suitable for spring, much less inappropriate, but then I saw you standing in the snow, and shut right up :P

A fascinator and a Hawaiian dress - very lovely together!

Misfits Vintage said...

Bastard massive, that frock is the fucking bee's knees, the cat's pyjamas, the chicken's frickin and the banker's wanker!

You are AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL in this stunning dress and the PERFECT FLOWERS.

And you could not pay me to stand outside in the cold in a summer dress. No way, no how.

My gourd, I've missed you so much, you idiot. Love. Sarah xxx