Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Pretty women out walking with gorillas down my street

Well hellooooo!
 It's only just over a week or so since I last posted, and a fortnight since I did an outfit post, but in Blogland, that feels like a lifetime! I must say it felt very strange to read and comment without posting myself, so I have a lot of catching up to do.

After wading through a ton of camera reviews online, and thoroughly overwhelming the very small area of my brain which deals with technology, I finally decided on a new camera and bought it - hurrah!

No idea if the photos are any better but I am trying to get to grips with it.

Hasn't the weather in the UK been awful? End of March, and I'm still in boots, gloves and a trusty faux fur, that can't be right!
Jess and Charlie don't seem bothered by the snowy conditions. 

So here's a little catch up of some of my doings while I've been out of the blogging loop.

Mother's Day isn't really something we make a big fuss about in this family, but I did appreciate this card from Eldest;

She had her 11th birthday last week;

Littlest's spelling needs some work but she means well.

My baking apparently needs work too, I had actually made a chocolate cake but it was so flat and uninspiring, I threw it away and bought a replacement. Only a few days before, I made the Other Half a coffee and walnut cake for his birthday which was excellent (if I do say so myself!) 

Same oven, same flour, same tins, same me - I can only blame the Baking Gods for making mischief.

Yes, those are new Converse on her feet - secondhand actually, bought from Ebay, but they look virtually unworn and cost less than half the price of new ones. (Those of you who have followed my blog for a year might remember my outrage at the price of the new Converse I bought her last year.)

Her other birthday present was her first phone - the photo bottom right is now a very common sight...
Obviously I have been keeping an eye on the charity shops,and found a few bits and pieces;
1960s hanky box, £2.50
1970s Droopy and Brown's sheer angel sleeve dress, £6
1970s compilation CD, £1 (with a bizarre mix of songs which includes Thin Lizzy, Cher, Sparks, Joe Jackson and the Jam. Fabulous!)

And a 1950-60s Hawaiian cotton dress, bought from Chesterfield flea market on a 3-items-for-a-fiver rummage table. (My calculator tells me this makes it a bargainacious £1.6666666666667.)
Dress, 1970s faux fur coat, jerkin and bangles - charity shopped
Hat and boots - Ebay
Gloves - retail (sale)
I promise to visit your blogs and see what's been happening in your lives - I don't like it when I feel out of touch! 
And thanks to those who commented on my last non-outfit post (it felt odd not to do my usual "here's a frock" thing) and to those who got in touch to say they missed me, I appreciate it!



Vix said...

Welcome back, I've missed seeing you!
You look just as gorgeous as I remember you but you must be bastard freezing, get your coat on!!!!
Your finds are fantastic, an older blogger used to extol the virtues of Droopy and Browns and it's the first time I've ever seen their label. Both dresses are blinking gorgeous and anything with Cher one has to be brilliant.
I can't believe it's a year since the last Converse shopping spree. Do you think she'd like to come and explain how to text to me?
Missed you lots! xxxxxxxxxx

Connie said...

Oh boy! A new camera to record your loveliness. And could your kids get any cuter??? I'm on a wee bit of a break from posting as well and it is odd to be a mere observer. Keep on doing what you're doing. Love love love you!

Helga! said...

Sweetheart!!!! YAY! Great to see you back! Ugh, the joys of researching what camera/tv/blah blah to buy...I make G do all that cos I just get to where I want to throw them out the window! I would be interested in knowing what you got, as we are thinking of a new camera sometime!
Anyway, I thought my pookies were the only weird cats (PeePee especially) who went out in snow...but no! I love the way they walk in it.
Your shoes are awesome, despite nearly being covered by snow, and there's that slinky bod under a scrumptious snuggly faux fur! Poor buggers, I AM wishing the sunshine your way, really I am!
The Mama's day card is brillant!!
Your chazza scores are mighty fine, the box thingy, black frock and tiki frock most especially giving me the horn!!!
Warm, snuggly, sunshiney love!

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

You look amazing out in the snow! Owning a good camera is such a must for a blogger...I do not know what I would do without mine...your children are precious!!

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Oh God, cameras. I've had ours for years and can barely use it! It's so darn complicated! Yes, I know what you mean about baking mischief. I suffer from that a lot - not my forte. Good score on the converse. It's all about DMs and expensive nike trainers down here. Love that Hawaiian dress. Can't wait to see you in it. xx

Melanie said...

Whew! You're back. Blogland was missing a monarch.
Stunning pictures! Brilliant camera pick. At least if there's snow it's your duty to look marvelous in it - and so you do. Faux fur, animal print hat, and sinfully red gloves, not to mention the maxi and vest underneath.
The birthday party looks like it was fun. Happy B-day to Eldest! A phone? Now you'll never see your child's face again... But when she looks back, she won't write horrid books about you either. I love the card she gave you.
The cakes are making me hungry.
Big hugs!

Pam in Texas said...

Welcome back Curtise, so delighted to find you this morning, I have missed you lots. I like the results of your new camera, well done on your research, I find all that stuff mind boggling.
Your outfits are super and your family are wonderful, thank you for sharing.
Hope the sun soon shines and takes away the snow, what a pain in the butt. Spring is on its way I am sure.
I will check in again with very soon, always excited to see a post from you. Love from Pam in TX.xx

PinkCheetahVintage said...

I always make the X-man do all the technology research 'cause I have no interest! You look great and I just love the hat. B-Days are so fun and Converse and a phone are sweet presents!!! Coffee cake sounds so good right now...
Becky :)

Fiona said...

Muahaha, brilliant card from Claudia.
So glad you are back, I missed you. Did you go for another P&P? The pics are fab anyhows. Amazeballs bargains espech loving the Hawaiian dress (did you notice that bit of teenager speak there I'm SO down with the kids, no doubt you'll be getting loads of texts now, I need a translation when my niece texts me sounding like a jamaican gangsta) and look forward to warmer days when you can model it for us. Bad luck with the cake, I have hit and miss days like that too, I always blame the oven!

freckleface said...

Woohoo! You're back. Praise the Lord! It feels like longer since we saw you in all your glory. Never mind the spec on the camera, it takes pictures, that'll do nicely.

You're looking beautifully tall, slim and stylish for your grand entry back into Blogland. Good work Sheffield.

You've done well at the charity shops. You can't beat a Hawaiian dress. I keep resisting the temptation to go in them until I have had a good sort out, but I don't know if I can stay strong for much longer. xxx

Krista Gassib said...

Curtise I have missed you and your cats and your humor. This post is such a treat with all the things to celebrate. New camera YAH, Mother's Day what would we do without you? Eldest looks so happy in her new Chucks with her first phone, tell her I said to have a great year!!! The picture of the sisters is the best!!!!!! Little darlings they are!!!!

I'm loving your little box of hankies so sweet, I have been on the hunt for one of those. Sending all of my warmth to you girls still freezing your tits off in Spring.
Glad to have you back.

Anonymous said...

Just yesterday I started to wonder where you are, I'm glad you have returned to us. It's frustrating sometimes learning new technology isn't? Your pics look fine by the way.

You look lovely and cosy in your coat and your bargains dress from Chesterfield looks bang on to be something very you in the print. I look forward to seeing it in a style post, perhaps when all that snow melts.

grunge-queen said...

Curtise, nice to see you back, I have missed you too and wondering where you were (my pea-sized preggo brain forgot about your announced hiatus).. Congrats on the camera. Sounds like you've had all sorts of great celebrations and domestic culinary episodes! Love the Hawaiian dress - so very you. Your kidlets are so cute. :) xoxo

Greenorchid said...

Loving the £1.66666 dress!!!! Cx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I wondered where Joe Jackson would come in - I love him! So glad you're back! EVERYONE finds those amazing sewing boxes but me, I bloody love it. I also love the Droopy and Browns dress - hold onto it, they're worth a lot, so £6 was a bargain. The even more bargainious Hawaiian print dress is gorgeous, looks like it's quite fitted, should suit your lovely figure. Shame about the cake but she looks very happy with the replacement... and double well done on getting the cheap converse, I'm tempted to look now.
You look bloody bootiful, still glam all wrapped up against this stupid arsing weather. Love the leopard trilby. Now you've got the camera figured out, I hope you're back for good xxxxx

Louise Mc said...

It's so wonderful to see (literally see) you back blogging again. I've certainly missed you from my blog feed. That Hawaiian dress is bloody gorgeous,and what an amazing bargain too. Xx

Lucys Lounge said...

welcome back .a little break is always good . i love the hanky box and the hawaii dress. i love what you're wearing. you did some good hunting. talk soon lucyx

Ivy Black said...

Hurrah! There you are...missed you heaps and it's lovely to see you in all yer glory in the ...erm...snow.
It's spring for the love of god!
Ahh..the Baking Gods. I know them. My bread rolls the other day were shocking. They could have been canon balls on the Victory.
You little lady looks like she had tons of fun
I love your finds and am fairly knocked bandy by that luscious Hawaiian frock. Stunning.
Stay warm.
Lots of love

Patti said...

Welcome back!! Your new camera takes wonderful pics, and you look marvelous. A little chilled, and marvelous. Your new Hawaiian dress is so gorgeous - I had a similar one and outgrew it, damn.

thorne garnet said...

What's with the Hawaiian dresses? I've bought 2 in the last month, people getting rid of old vacation clothes, I guess. When i needed a replacement camera, I bought the same one, the new model was smaller and easier to use. Up Grade!!!! Chucks costing $50 is outrageous, we just had to buy some for the childrens tour. Oh, yeah, welcome back!

Bella Q said...

Curtise- it is good to SEE you! You look fab regardless of cold white stuff all around you. Hurray for the camera and boo for fickle baking gods!

Miss Maple said...

Don't worry! The weather in Germany isn't better. My garden is snow covered again. I hope that it will get better on the Easter days.
The dress is great and so are you and your children. Happy belated birthday to your daughter and your husband.

Frocktasia said...

Back on the blogging bloc and looking mighty fab!
Six quid for that gorgeous Droopy and Browns frock, what a tremendous bargain. I've been trying to bag a Droopy and Browns for ages but no luck as yet.
Thanks for correcting me on the cello. I vaguely remember my music teacher saying something like that if you play cello you sit down & if you play double bass you stand up, is that right? I think I was more mesmerized by the chick playing the instrument to be fair, she was such a stunning girl and with great style too.
It's fab to see you back and I wish you many happy years with your new camera :)

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

oh I loooove those royal blue Converse! I've gotta go find myself a pair now!

Sheila said...

You look beautiful! I'm excited to see your new dresses on - love the label on the angel wings one.

The Style Crone said...

I missed you! Happy to see you back and with a new camera, dressed as beautifully as always. Red gloves with a leopard print hat can make any outfit sing.

Val Sparkle said...

Yay, welcome back, Curtise! I hope you like your new camera - the photos look great. I love your dress, and I love your hat, and your children are gorgeous and clever! And I can't believe that Hawaiian dress - how lovely! The colors will look great on you, too.

But I really cannot believe there is still snow in your photos! A little part of me is smug because I'm not living there now. ;~)

Jean at www.drossintogold.com said...

I've been so sketchy myself that I didn't realize you'd been gone too!! I just trusted you would know I love you even if I'm not around as much. I adore your first photo-pure glam, Curtise style. I am reveling in the kitties and the children, both of which are somewhat scarce in my life. Joey's allergic to the former and the latter are grown. Although I did hang out with an "almost teenager" this week. I adore her, so smart and hilariously funny. We had a fabulous time together. I've known her since she was 2yrs old, so I could tell her all the funny things she said and did as a tiny one.

Love you so much!! You look beautiful, as always. XXOO

Gracie O'Tripp said...

Glad you're back. I can see how busy you have been. Folks in the north US have been complaining about the length of winter also. Can't wait to see what you do with that beautiful Hawaiian dress. Enjoy your new camera.

CityScape Skybaby said...

It's good to see you back Curtise, it felt weird from this side too, not seeing you blogging regularly. Hope your daughter had a happy birthday, she looks very happy with her new phone and Converse, I agree about the price of them, my daughter wanted a white pair which she then wore camping and totally destroyed. I'll have to check out Ebay for them in future. Love all your finds too, that box is lovely, and counts as storage too, always a good thing in my book. I'd not heard of Droopy and Browns but both the dresses are gorgeous, the Hawaiian one was a great find, that would send me off to fantasy land again. And I love your black and red ensemble, I'm a sucker for any outfit in that colour combination. I'm so tempted to buy a new camera too, I keep looking at them online and trying to justify it to myself why I need one. xx

CityScape Skybaby said...

Just read the Converse post from last year, brilliant! Love Littlest's bum intruding into your shot and you gatecrashing Eldest's photos, makes a change from them doing it to us. And I know that "stop being an arse mum and buy me whatever" look very well. xx

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Great to see you back and a belated birthday to your daughter.
The snow has gone here but despite its drawbacks it does make a terrific backdrop for your outfits.

Diane said...

And its still snowing!!! I used to love Droopy and Browns in York! and that Hawiian frock is fab! xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Welcome back and a super Happy Birthday to the beautiful and brilliant as her mother Claudia!
I missed you, the girls,seldom seen boy and the rambling cats very much!
The weather has been weird but I'm glad to wear boots or fur coats as longer as I can and obviously hats that save all my bad hair days.
I'm sure it won't last longer and I hate summer clothing, especially here in Italy where with the first sun everybody else is suntanned (I don't know how they do) and I look like a giant slice of Mozzarella!
Well, sorry but I really love your outfit today and I feel very inspired to wear a floral black dress with boots and I know that will be impossible in the next months! I love the gloves, the vest and the fur coat and all your finds, the box is lovely and so the black dress!
Lots of love

delia hornbook said...

Its so good to see you back and your looking as gorgeous as ever. Happy birthday to your daughter who's boots look ace ;-) Yep her nose will be for ever pointed at her phone now :-) Were lucky and haven't had any snow but its freezing cold and I hate it well my joints do that's for sure. Great buys I must do a charity hop later, dee xxx

Indigo Violet said...

You look so cool in those photos (double entendre intended!). I have a crazy cat - we hardly ever get snow but when it rains she likes to sit in puddles and gently splash with her front paw.
We are having an insanely hot autumn, I started gardening today but had to give up as it was too hot. So you have got some global warming to "look forward to".

Melanie said...

It's nice to (quite literally) see you again!
Happy birthday to Eldest (Claudia is one of my favourite names). I think you had a visit from the same mischief making kitchen faeries as I did, they who made my buttercream icing all runny one week and then the complete opposite one week later, despite no change in ingredients.
I do love the Hawaiin dress, it's gorgeous!

Secret Squirrel said...

Phew, you're back! I think the new camera does make a difference - you always have good shots but the images seem even clearer than before. Love the orange brickwork as a backdrop.

The laserquest and cake looked fun. I don't even attempt baking, so can only see the 2nd one not working as the meanie Baking Gods interfering.

I love the hawaiian-style dress, great cut even in a hanger. Look forward to seeing that on!

Annie said...

Researching new techie stuff is utterly tedious, isn't it.

You look fab, but also cosy in your faux fur, and I adore the hat.

The weather is truly abysmal, but at least your flowers are hanging on. I'm desperately waiting for Spring, but at least the poem Vix posted offers hope!

It looks like your daughter had a fab birthday. The time flies so fast.

Of course, your chazza finds are fab. I especially love the Hawaiian dress. I would wear that, mix up a Mai Tai, put some Beach Boys on and pretend it's summer! xxx

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!!!! Congrats on the new camera!!
What awesome goodies you scored!! The tropical print dress is AMAZING!!

i'm wearing the lovely frock you sent me as i type this!!

silvergirl said...

adoring your look with the leopard fedora and red leather gloves
i miss kids b'day's.
they totally loose the fun and excitement as the kids get older

Sacramento Amate said...

It is always nice to see you back, sometimes we just have to flow with life in the knowledge that those who have grown to love us will ALWAYS be there.

Forest City Fashionista said...

Congrats on the new camera! I always find the research involved for new tech purchases to be exhausting. Looks like Eldest cleaned up in the birthday present department - a cell phone AND a pair of converse! I adore the Hawaiian dress; I have a soft spot for those, and am always trying to find one that fits. They seem to be made for women with more curves than I have, so I'm sure that one will look gorgeous on you.

Jan Graham-McMillen said...

There you are! I always think I'm following folk, yet it seems not!
(How creepy/confused did that sound?)
So now I am. I hope ...
Anyway ... missed you so came to see. Glad you got a new camera. Technology heroin ... once you start, etc. Looking very "Long cool woman in Black Dress" pretty.
Happy Birthday, belated to child!
Winter hangs on here, but we have a bit of sun today.
I see I'm on your blog list! Thank you! So kind ... I've never updated mine, but I should do that.
Again ... glad you're ok, baking, shopping, mum-ing, and looking lovely.
Back to the salt mines,

Misfits Vintage said...

Your pics are gorgeous!!! And yay for the birthday girl (HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM ME, CLAUDIA! A PHONE AND CHUCKS IS THE PERFECT BIRTHDAY PRES FOR ME TOO!)

The weather looks positively vile - better you than me, as I would probably not even get out of bed.

On the up side, you LOOK more beautiful than ever and I can't wait to see more of your spectacularly fabularse outfit pics (Yay for new camera!).

Love your bits and bones and boobs!

Sarah xxx

Camelia Crinoline said...

I'm glad you're back. I missed seeing your fabulous outfits. I love your faux fur coat. I have a very similar hanky box. They're lovely, aren't they? The Hawaiian dress is fantastic.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Eeeeeeeeeep!!! I missed you SOOOOOOOOOO much - there was a big hole in my life and it was YOU darling!!! I love the shots from your new camera, lovely colours and clarity - yaaaaaay!!!! Oh and happy birthday to your beautiful darling - I love the pic of her giving your wee lassie a piggy back ride - that's a forever pic - needs to be on the wall!! Don't you absolutely hate it when that happens to a cake? It always happens to me when I'm making it for a special occasion so now I get the jitters every time I make a birthday cake. I'd better get my act together for #3 Son's 12 birthday tomorrow eh? You are looking as radiant as ever my love and it's so wonderful to see the kitties following you outside to grab a few minutes of glory on film:) xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi there Curtise!

Lovely to see back in the bloggersphere!
It's ok to take some time off we all have a life right?
You look lovely and good move the new camera
What kind? reflex, digital? you know that you can find tutorials on youtube as to how use the different functions on your camera, this is what i did with my reflex -
Oh Mothers' day! we did'nt get that here yet! soon i expect, i don't make a big fuss either but it's nice to be appreciated

Nice finds as usual, i have been thrift shopping as well upon my return from SF!

We have nice weather in Montreal, it's about time i tell you

Take care , see you soon

Ariane xxx

Anonymous said...

It's great to see you again and in a lovely outfit. I think we should be able to wear more Spring-like clothes now but I'm not holding my breath.
I love your dress from Hawaii.

señora Allnut said...

it's great that you're back to the blogosphere!, love watching you wearing an outfit with your usual style, that dress with waistcoat and pretty faux fur is lovely, and your gloves and hat are so perfect accessories!!
Your hawaian dress seems a great piece!, fabulous purchases!
besos & fun

two squirrels said...

Hello lovely Curtise, you have a new camera< YAY YAY YAY!!!!! I can believe you poor things are still getting snow, love the pics of the fur babies. The photos do look sharper.
Happy birthday to Claudia, love the sneakers and great buying mum. I remember last years, I was shocked at the price.
Happy Easter and hope the fluffy bunny brings you lots of chocolate treats.
love V

Emalina said...

Welcome back my dear, I missed your posts, so glad you've returned with a new camera! And what a beautiful dress to return with, you look great and I hope those lovely gloves, hat and coat kept you warm enough. A very happy birthday to your daughter, looks like she had a sweet time. Nearly a teenager, wow!

joyatri said...

Welcome back. Glad to hear that I'm not the only one who has no interest in technology. I'm happy to ask others (who like that kind of thing) do the research for me.
Photos look great, so looks like you've gotten the hang of the new camera.
That Droopy and Brown dress was worth it for the label alone! Never heard of that label. Must go look it up...

bonsaimum said...

Glad you are back. I had a smirk at your mothers day card. Happy belated birthday to Claudia. Looks like she had a ball. :)

Lynne DeVenny said...

Sleeky and sexy in almost-all black. I'm glad to see you any time but understand that real life sometimes requires all of our attention. But I need outfit pics in order to figure out what not to wear again :P

Your kids are so cute. Score on the Converse. Bonus Teen can't be without hers, but The Teen can more or less get on well with no mobile.