Monday, 11 March 2013

A jumbled assortment of good and bad...

I was looking forward to posting yesterday about Saturday's school jumble sale, complete with photos of all the lovely volunteers decked out in their vintage scarves and pinnies...

That was until my camera broke (for realsies this time) and I can't get any of the photos onto the computer.


So I am cobbling together a post from outfit pics taken last week, while mourning the death of my poor old camera.

1970s dress - vintage fair
Cardigan, tights and bangles - charity shopped
Boots - Ebay
Necklaces - gift from dear Krista and pinched from my mum

Mmm, blue tights!

The jumble sale went really well - not quite as many donations this time, which caused me some minor anxiety the night before, but it was busy, the atmosphere was lovely, and we raised £830.

I am happy with that.

This was my jumble sale set-up outfit on Friday.

It was raining and the photos were crap, so I wasn't going to use them but needs must!

My homemade skirt received a lot of love, and I can't tell you how proud I was to be able to say I made it myself!

So sadly, since the demise of the camera, I am unable to bring you the delights of the cake stall, the Dream Team of volunteers, the prettiness of the homemade bunting and vintage tablecloths with flowers in vases, and all the gorgeous vintage crockery used in the cafe.

You can imagine the loveliness, or check out our previous jumble sale successes here and here.

And until I can replace the camera, I probably won't be blogging - you don't want me wittering on without any photos, do you?

I agree with Alice;
What is the use of a book without pictures or conversations?

I'll be round to catch up with you all (I've been busy and got behind) and I'll keep commenting, so don't forget me during my enforced exile from blogland!

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Rose&Bird said...

Oh no, your poor camera! I really hope you can get it fixed or can get a new one quickly. I don't mind if there's no pictures, you carry on wittering x Love the blue dress and glad your homemade skirt got lots of love. Well done in the jumble total x

Emma Kate at Painted Style said...

Sorry about your camera. That's a huge amount of money from cast offs! Well done!

Greenorchid said...

Oh dear poor old camera and thus poor you... However I am finding it very hard to feel in the least bit sorry for you when you own such a beautiful dress!! Love it... and you look fabulous it it too! smiles Cass

The Style Crone said...

Congratulations on your homemade skirt! Perfect fit and love the colors and pattern. And so sorry about your camera. Hurry back!!!!

Frocktasia said...

Having no camera is like a week of damp Mondays, in other words no bleedin' fun at all! However I have to say that I rather like reading your words too, there are definitely blogs out there that totally rely on the photo content but yours is not one of them, you have bags of wit and humor to entertain your readers, I see the photos as more of an added treat for the eyes. As far as I'm concerned you should definitely keep wittering sans photo content until you get sorted out with a new snappy friend :)
Loving the gorgeous 70s dress, the print is lush and you look fab...xXx

Anonymous said...

Yay to a successful jumble sale!!
Hurrah to the new DIY skirt--it's FABULOUS!!! Now you can make more!!
Love the purple outfit--purple is definitely your color!

Melanie said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your camera, I know how it is to be without one when you're so used to it almost being part of you. But in better news, that was a wonderful jumble total!

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Oh, how horrible the camera broke!! Ugh boooo! I'll read the posts w/o pics anyway! LOVE that purple dress!!
Your DIY skirt is fantastic and it is pretty awesome to get to say you made it!!
Becky :)

Sacramento Amate said...

Wonderful dress, and fabulous skirt.
Sorry about your camera, you have now a good excuse to buy a new one, hehehhehe.
It has been raining here 3 day on a row, and people are going crazy, not used to it.
Looking gorgeous, dear Curtise.
Have a lovely Monday.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Blimey you do do well with your school, we get given the most appalling old tat when we're trying to find 'fancy goods' donations so I shudder to think what would be donated if we did a jumble! Still, only a few more weeks until I move and then my offspring will have NO school *hyperventilates*. They're all shit or full where we're moving, or have one space. I have two kids and limited patience/homeschooling ability. HELP!

Sorry about your camera, just steal some pics off the internetz like what I do! However, your dress is gorgeous, on the plus side.


Fiona said...

Oh no, please don't go! (wasn't that a song?) I for one would be happy to read your witterings and like Lakota says you can always intersperse the text with web pics. Hope you can get yourself down to Dixons (or wherever it is you buy camera's from these days) soon as we may get withdrawal symptoms from lack of frockage. The one you are wearing here is uber pretty, such vibrant colours too, perfect for a grey winter day. Bloody well done on the JS! Eight hundred quid is amazing.

thorne garnet said...

Love the first outfit, well, it is purple and floral. To bad about your camera, one of the down falls of modern tech. Old school cameras seem to last forever.

lucy joy said...

I agree with Lakota, you could let us know a bit more about what inspires you and disgusts you - you're a talented and very funny writer.
I'm very impressed with the amount of money the jumble sale raised, we don't raise that much all year!
Very taken with the purple ensemble, one of my favourite colours. Your home made skirt is excellent - I think you need to get some dresses sewn up ready for the boiling summer I think we will have.
Please keep blogging, maybe this is a chance to let us know a bit more about the lady behind the blog!

Lucy x

Vix said...

That's fantastic, what a result!
Poor camera, thank goodness you had some photos in reserve so we can gawp at your gorgeousness whilst you find a replacement.
I adore the print of that first frock and the skirt was such a success, it's on a second outing which is way better than any of my first attempts at sewing.
I don't think I can function without a post from you, can we organise a whip round? xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Please don't stop blogging!!I agree with Alice too but you can post other photos or images you like or you could also make some collages with your face on and I would be happy!
Congratulations for the jumble sale!
The skirt you made is wonderful and the more I see it the more I like it!
The floral dress is beautiful too, it makes me feel like spring is already here, instead is still raining!
Have a great week!
Love xxxxx

Gracie O'Tripp said...

Great work on your yellow skirt. Hope your camera woes are soon alleviated. I would miss mine too.

Ivy Black said...

Bugger. A knackered camera. No posts from you for the duration? Double bugger. Not sure I can cope with that. I'm with Lakota...just nick some pics off the interweb.
Love the homemade skirt and well done on raising so much at yer jumbly.xxxxxx

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Woah, Curtise. Well done on the jumble sale. That's such a lot of money. Hoorah! Bah to the crappy old camera though. Perhaps you could recycle a few of your older pics - the labia pants deserve another viewing! Your handmade skirt looks even better on the second viewing. I love it! xx

Krista Gassib said...

Your Mum really pinched it????? I need to make her something then! Speaking of pinching I would so pinch that first frock, I love all the purples and blues and of course the pink bits! I'm sorry your camera took a dump, that sucks bigtime and yes I am a girl who like pictures in her books but sometimes the best books have none so we must use our imagination. BTW I just finished The Book of Lost Things and I loved it! You didn't steer me wrong with JC :)

Patti said...

Oh, RIP poor old camera. But you have to keep posting -- can you sketch?? Love your 70's dress and of course your very own fab skirt. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday. xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

We could never forget you darling! And while your away, keep the lights on in here so we can keep checking your fabulous and stylish photos in your library of goodness. I hope you get a new camera fast. The birds are starting to chirp!
Love the perfect fitting dress with the bright colors. And do I see pockets in that skirt you made??

Lynne DeVenny said...

No more lovely Curtise until you get a new camera?

I say we all pitch in to help purchase one!

The purple is brilliant on you; I find this outfit really soothing for some reason.

Louise Mc said...

Oh no, I'm going to miss you while you're gone. I hope you can sort a new camera soon. Xx

Pam in Texas said...

We will miss you Curtise, please keep on blogging, even without pictures, we love you!
I am enjoying catching up with your older posts, you are fun and interesting to read. I will often show my husband a sampling of your blog, he enjoys it too, he said that you should make a YouTube video. That would be fun when you get a new camera, don't you think!
Pam in Texas. xx

CityScape Skybaby said...

Please don't stop blogging Curtise, I agree with everyone else here, I'd be very happy just to read your thoughts on everything until you solve your piccy problems. I've been trying to think of creative ways to deal with not being able to upload photos to my pc too, so far I'm relying heavily on my phone camera as I can send photos straight to my emails, though the photo quality is pretty crap. I loved your home made skirt even before I realised you'd made it yourself, the colour and pattern are lovely, good job you don't live nearby or I'd be nicking it off you! And you raised an amazing amount for the school, our school fund raising events are no way near as successful as that, you should feel really proud of yourself. And I'll say it again, don't stop blogging! Everyone would miss you too much. xx

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I love the length of the purple cardi on you - very elegant.
That is an amazing amount of money to raise on a jumble sale. You all deserve a well earned pat on the back.

eccentriclady said...

Too bad your camera is broken! I'll be waiting for your new one and your new posts ;-)

Lucys Lounge said...

your dress is beautiful i love this colour mix. lucyx

Helga! said...

I live in dread of my camera and/or laptop shitting themselves. Suck. We'll manage, darling, and your wittering is just as lovely as you are!!!
Hurrah, firstly, for the jumble going well! You ARE Queen of the Jumble, after all!
That first frock is one of my faves EVER, I'm thinking! The shape is divoon, and I adore the colours, pattern and length! The boots are mega sexy, and of course, blue tights!
Your jumble sale outfit is darling, and the skirt!!! SO pretty!!! You really ought to be proud! Isn't it satsfying when people admire one's handiwork?!Cleverpants!
I've been SO farking lazy, but am keen to do some sewing. Have started a frock, and have a few things to fix/alter.
I'm only slightly shattered about missing the delights of the cake stall!
Now, get out there and show off those legs some more, someone is bound to throw a few bucks down your cleavage, which will help secure a new camera sooner!
Love you!

Secret Squirrel said...

Oh no, bad camera! The purple dress pictures are lovely - can you do some retrospectives & use some old pictures? I need Curtise posts.. or else I will be sad :-(

Glad to hear you raised so much from the jumble, good work.

señora Allnut said...

blue tights are fabulous and love that pretty printed dress and purple cardi, gorgeous!!
It's lovely that you've sewn that skirt!, good job!
And so sorry to read your camera is broken, we're going to miss you, dear lady!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Noooooo! Get it fixed ASAP! I'll miss you terribly. This violet delight outfit is gorgeous. The dress shape and pattern are gorgeous and that cardi is really vibrant. Such delicious colours. Blue tights are always good. Come back soon! Xxxx

grunge-queen said...

Oh no, we'll miss you, Curtise! Here's hoping you get a replacement soon - so sorry to hear your camera bit the dust. Glad the sale went well and too bad we can't see the pics. That 70s dress is **gorgeous** on you. I love the fit and the colours and pattern - so lush yet so pretty. Xoxo

silvergirl said...

sad about the camera, but exciting that you get to get a new one!
love the purple/blue outfit
today i have seen so many bloggers in this color. i must have missed the memo LOL

Val Sparkle said...

You'll need to have a jumble sale so you can buy a new camera! I guess you don't have one on your phone (I don't even have a phone! shock horror!)

I love that first outfit with the purple cardi and the floral dress - it's sooooo pretty!

two squirrels said...

Your words are enough Miss Curtise, I can see how cute the tables were and how amazing the jumble sale was in my mind, oh while I'm at it, I am there buying the most fabulous 50's floral dress too!!! Tee Hee!!!
That is one truly lovely purple floral dress and the blue tights are perfect. You really suit purple.
Camera funeral notice...... Rest in peace, you have given us many wonderful moments in the lovely Miss Curtise's life and many many wonderful outfit post.

love V

Jean at said...

You look gorgeous as always. Sorry about the camera, but really, I'd be happy to read how you are without photos for awhile if necessary. Glad to know the sale was a success. xxoo

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I was only thinking yesterday that we hadn't heard from you over the weekend. Bugger on the camera front. Just as well they don't cost quite as much as they used to. I LOVE the frock, cardi & boots. Bloomin lovely. Don't keep us waiting to long, blogland just wouldn't be nearly as wonderful without you! Xx

BellaBean Vintage said...

That dress is divine and the boots - i must have those boots - the best boots ever!! Well done on the skirt, it's lovely and impressive to get past the infuriating threading phase to a completed item - never managed this so am in awe. I say witter on with or without photos - your elloquence would be missed!

Misfits Vintage said...

LOVE! The frock and cardi is gorgeous - but you know I am utterly SMITTEN KITTEN with your exquisite handmade sewist creation. You are the domestic goddess I only DREAM of being, with the sewing and the cooking and running jumble sales and the keeping children alive. You are amazing. PLUS you are frickin gorgeous beyond belief. Adopt me!

Love your everything!

Sarah xxx

Trees said...

POO!! Broken Camera:( Mine is really on its last legs...I think I will have to replace it before I head away on holiday in May. I hope you replace it soon, otherwise I will miss you too much in the blog-o-sphere. I love that dress and HELLO you made something yourself - ROCKSTAR!!!

Penny-Rose said...

Purple really suits you - thanks for the peek at your tights. Camera's are a real pain - mine seems to have flat batteries all the time. The jumble sale sounds like it was hard work and lots of fun. Well done on raising so much money.

delia hornbook said...

Oh No i hope you are able to mend your camera or buy a new one quickly. You could always post but with images from the web with many things you like that way you can still stay. Either way enjoy your break and hope your back real soon. Your looking gorgeous by the way and im not suprised your skirt got a lot of praise its lush :-) take lots of care, dee xxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh pooooooooooooooooo - what am I going to do without my Curtise-fix? Seriously, I'm sweating just thinking about it! I'm sure the 830 quid raised was more last year wasn't it? Well done and I spotted the yummy yellow skirt straight away, knowing full well you'd make a huge impression:). Luuuuuuurve the blue tights and PHWOOOOOOAAAAAAAR lace-up boots!! Mmmmmmmmm divooooooon darling! I had a very similar pair that I loved and cherished for years, but after babies #3 and #4, something happened and my feet exploded into rubber flippers! Check out eBay for cameras love, that's where I got my wee Panasonic Lumix for a third of the price and even though it was used, it was all boxed up and in perfect condition. Keeping my fingers crossed for you love:) xoxoxo

Jan Graham-McMillen said...

Unfortunate camera! But it is clearly just the Fates decreeing that old camera was just not worthy of your beauty! Or that it's just time to get a new camera. Sad, though, I know.
I cannot get over the print on the purpley-print dress. Just a complete fantasy, Curtise. So pretty.

Forest City Fashionista said...

Oh NO!! I know how upset I would be if my camera broke...I am very sorry you won't be posting until the situation is remedied (Curtise without photos is just not Curtise at all). I do love your purple and blue ensemble, and your "I made it myself" skirt.

Thanks for the ever so kind comment on my post about my visit with Amber. It would have been so much fun to have you join us! (when flight prices go down, we win the lottery, or we invent a teleporter, which ever comes first).

Anonymous said...

What a shame about your camera. I hope you can get it sorted out very soon. Love your blue dress and those blue tights but I think your skirt is lovely. No wonder it received lots of love.
Glad the jumble sale went well.xx

Emalina said...

Commiserations on the demise of your camera, how frustrating for you! I will miss your posts, hope you can get back to it soon my dear. You look as gorgeous as ever in that purple dress, which caught my eye, and I love the blue legs. You're always so good with colour, Curtise, look forward to seeing more when you get a new camera!

Melanie said...

You are blooming in your purples and blues and your Krista glory. And your self-made skirt is stupendous. Congrats on your jumble takeaway.
I love your posts for their writing as much as their photos, so I would more than happy to read your musings on the cosmos, and more tips from Ms. Clementine as well. I hope you get a new camera soon, though.

bonsaimum said...

I love your 1970's dress, such colour. I am impressed with your hand made skirt. You are a woman of talent. Last time I tried to make a skirt it ended up being a shopping bag! I admire people who can read patterns.

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

So sorry about your camera, crud. I'll miss you madly in the meantime. Love the vivid hues in your first outfit, and your self-made skirt in the second, and congrats on another successful jumble-rumble! xoxo

P.S. the FCF and I wished you were with us on Saturday!

Bella Q said...

I hope you have a nice neighbor that can lend you one- or I'm going to need a Curtise patch to help me wean off my Secondhand Years fix!

Max said...

What a pain having no camera. Byt i'd still enjoying you 'wittering on' sans camera. 830 pounds, thats amazing, for a jumble sale! You really should hire yourself out as a professional jumble sale proprietess. You could claum your vintage clothes shopping as a buisness expense on 'uniform'! X

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Boo hiss to camera's demise - I hate that!!
LOVE that dress - awesome. And that skirt with yellow also brilliant.. I'd go jumbling with you!!
WE're doing an EPIC garage sale at school next week.. yuss! Will be doing some priority purchasing of course...
That dress you sent Sarah = amazing!!

Georgia Rose said...

Argh, I love those first boots. Do they have a label on or anything? I am trying to find a sensible pair that will look good with all my vintage dresses and your ones have just the right look! I have just moved into a new place with a fair few schools in the area, so I hope some of them get onto having fairs and jumble sales asap.

joyatri said...

R.I.P. camera. What a pain for you.

I love the shape, pattern, and color (I guess everything about it) of that 70s dress. And between you and Helga, I'm inspired to work some cardigans into my wardrobe.
The styling of your home-sewn skirt outfit is tres chic. No wonder you were getting kudos for it.

Camelia Crinoline said...

What a shame about your camera. I hope you get a new one soon. That dress is fabulous. I love the colours. It's such a nice feeling telling people that you made something that you're wearing, isn't it?

Sacramento Amate said...

My husband is from Newcastle; althoug broght up in Cabridgeshire he feels a jordie at heart, so when he sar th Newcastle united Badge he couldn´t resist it and bought the shirt in a charity shop. It has been hanging in his wardorbe for a year until I saw it and decided to wear it.
No idea when they wear those colours.


I'm sorry to hear about your camera, but you look so fabulous. That floral dress is so beautiful and right on trend for spring, and I love that you paired it with a beautiful purple cardigan. So pretty!

P.S. wanna follow each other on Bloglovin?


Vicky Hayes said...

NOOOOO!!! Are we having a whip round for the new camera? You can't stop posting Curtise - I slavishly copy your outfits every day! Well ok that's not strictly true, but I do enjoy coming to visit and browse here. I'm so impressed at your £830 fundraising total - and on less donations than before too. It was the last jumble sale post that really got me into your blog so v.sad that the photos are ungettable. Take care and please get a new camera soon. Vicky x

Sara said...

Hello, Beautiful! I'm so sorry to hear about your camera; but I am very happy to hear that the jumble sale went well! This dress is gorgeous and you look gorgeous in it, of course. All the pretty colors, and the yummy blue tights!!! And your homemade skirt is so fab. XOXO

Ellinor Forje said...

I love how whimsical this outfit is. I'm trying to fixate my eyes but I can't. Thanks for posting the photos and feel free to drop by me too when you have time.

freckleface said...

Love you in that outfit with the dress and purple cardigan. Such a lovely sexy shape and the print and colours are gorgeous. Have you had your hair done again recently? It looks lovely.

830 squid. They should be hanging on your every word. But I think we've established that already.

Carry on wittering with or without pics for me frankly Mr Shankly. xxx

Samantha Francis said...

Great review! I (my kids) would adore the apple chart as well! Fingers crossed! lovely pics you looks so stunning in those pics.

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