Friday, 4 January 2013

Feel the city breaking and everybody shaking

So New Year has come and gone, in a blur of Cava, tequila and dancing...
...and no bugger told me you could see my pink bra through my 1970s lurex disco top!
It may be an unfortunate side effect of the camera flash, since I didn't notice it at all when I looked in the mirror.
Oh well.
It was New Year's Eve - boob flashing is practically obligatory, and no one complained.

We all piled round to join our friends and neighbours, Claire and Ron, to celebrate New Year along with their other guests. There was dancing, drinking, fireworks and sparklers.

Speaking of unexpected camera effects - how on earth did I do those sparkler shots? They are bonkers, I love them, but alas have no idea why they came out like that!

1970s lurex angel sleeve top - Ebay
Silk palazzo pants - flea market
Shoes and belt - retail
Bangles, earrings, necklace and visible pink bra - charity shopped

So - that's it for another year. 

The Christmas tree, cards and decorations all come down on New Year's Day in this house. I have had enough by then, and Littlest's birthday is on January 3rd. We pack Christmas away so it doesn't overshadow her day.

Another of my specialities - wonky chocolate cake!
Yes, I know it has Christmas robins on it, but she likes them.

We took our three kids and some of Littlest's friends to the cinema, then back to ours for a birthday tea. 
She had a lovely day. 
I was knackered.

Blouse and 1970s skirt - charity shopped
1980s boots - Second to None
Belt - gift from dearest Lucy

Not forgetting my favourite 1970s Feminella coat - charity shopped

The last weekend of the holidays is here. I've enjoyed a very sociable, relaxed Christmas and New Year, but I think I am ready for the kids to be back at school, and for life to return to some semblance of order.


Remind me I said that on Monday morning, when I'm dragging myself out of bed, moaning at the kids, and they can't find their PE kits and book bags...

I hope all of you have had a good start to 2013. 

Thank you to everyone who reads this blog and takes the time to comment, I do appreciate it. I like blathering on and looking ridiculous, so please keep encouraging me to do so, and I'll happily return the favour!



thorne garnet said...

Happy new year! And thanks for reading my blog. Yeah to pink bras!

Trees said...

Happy new year! I think the pink bra adds an essential pop of colour:D Happy New Years - thanks for all your lovely comments and being such a rad blogging buddy! I look forward to many more spectacular outfits in 2013:)

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

"She had a lovely day. I was knackered". Hahaaaa spoken like a mama - ooooh and 3/1 is a wee bit close to New Year's Day aftermath isn't it, so I can just imagine you having to pull one out of the bag to make the wee darling's day super-spesh. Just think ... 11 more years and she'll be rolling Christmas, NYE and her birthday into a two-week-long party! Eeeeeek!! You look like a superstar in your NYE outfit - totally fecking gorgeous and I would be MOST disappointed if you didn't wear a pink bra that said peek-a-boo in the flash photos:). Happy New Year my beautiful, darling friend, I feel so honoured to know you and I do hope some day we will have a meet-and-screech!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Gracie O'Tripp said...

Love your New Year's photos and the cake looks yummy. Also enjoyed your year of outfits, many of which I missed the first go 'round. Do you ever wear the same outfit twice?

Connie said...

Veery glamorous. The pink bra MAKES it! Tres Studio 54 ;)

Val Sparkle said...

I agree the pink bra was serendipitous - you couldn't have planned it better, unless it was red!

Your hair always looks fabulous!

Melanie said...

Happy birthday to the Littlest!! You are a Top Mom - look at that cake!! Well done!
Re. the party - clearly there was a whole of shaking going on. The pink boobs are very festive. I'm glad nobody told you! LOL. You look svelte and glamourous. Perfect start to the new year. Cheers!!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Hehe I love the peekaboo bra! Nothing like a bit of camera flash to discover ones undergarments. Sounds like you've had a delightfully busy holiday. LOVE the second outfit. The skirt is gorgeous & I LOVE it with the belt & boots. Xx

bonsaimum said...

Looks like you had a great and wild time--half your luck!! Your daughters birthday cake looks yummy, I was drooling over it from here!! I must say your purple ensemble with the red belt and boots is to die for.I just love that shade of purple. I can't wait to see what outfits you find in 2013. :)

Fiona said...

Looks like you had a bloody good new year's eve Curtise and never mind if the flash revealed pink booboids, it's always happening to celebs don'tcha know. Fantabularse sparkler shots, I love it when there's a happy accident!
This purple ensemble looks amazing on you, had a look round the chazza's this week but they were not very fruitful, however going to New Forest today and stopping en route at Ivy Black's recommended shop, excited!

Fiona said...

PS Belated birthday wishes to Littlest.

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

Lovely New years look, and nothing can go wrong with a pink bra!

Louise Mc said...

I love coming back to check on your dressing up endeavours, so happy to encourage you. I love that purple outfit so much, purple paisley is a winner! Happy new year to you and yours. Xx

Style Sud-Est said...

Happy NY to you gorgeous!
You were the Belle of the Ball with tthat smashing outfit and flashing pink boobs, lol - Really ! you so good, svelte, stylish, fabulous!
Happy birhtday to the little one- rad cake , bravo!
I will be happy as well to have some peace and quiet and have the house all to myself- I want to enjoy my time off!

Ariane xxxx

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Wow the pink brak looks sensational - I hope it was on show.
Happy Birthday to your little one.

Marla Robinson said...

Looks like you had a wonderful New Year's celebration. Love your angel sleeve top with those amazing palazzo pants.

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Fantastic pink bra highlights and all, your New Year's outfit is outrageously flattering!

Happy Birthday, Littlest! I've never heard of Christmas robins, they look adorable and delicious, lookit those sweet little eggies. You are such a lovely mum, and gorgeous in your saturated purple and red. Feminella is the perfect antidote to knackeredness, well done.

Hope the return to routine goes as smoothly as it can, xo

Anonymous said...

I do encourage you to keep on writing this wonderful blog and I'm glad you always return back the favour, our lives would be hollow without sharing our ridiculously fabulous outfits!!!Happy new year to all your family and Happy birthday to our lovely Littlest!!!The cake you made seems delicious, soon will be my littlest's birthday and I usually make the cake for her!!
I love the lurex top, it looks amazing on you and the palazzo pants are great too and Feminella is always second to none!!
Love xxxx

Patti said...

Great party pics! You look fabulous in lurex and must always wear the pink bra with that top. Happy day to your lovely Littlest, she is adorable.

Krista said...

Is it wrong or totally predictable that I love your pink bra showing through, you sexy thang! Loving your sexy bod in both these outfits, you sure know who it show off your curves without looking like you are even trying:). Ba bam! Your New Years celebration looked just perfect and as for the sparkle pics my guess is slow shutter caused that effect, even with an automatic camera it should work, love them too! Happy birthday to you little one, I'd be all over that cake.

I really feel lucky to have met you Curtise and I really do enjoy your bod I mean blog:)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure everyone will be copying the pink bra idea - I'd tell everyone it was planned if I were you. You look fab in that outfit.
I love your Feminella coat - I'm sure I've said that before. I'll probably say it every time I see it...
Hope you do give sewing your own clothes a try. It's not hard to make a skirt. Any help I can give, just ask.
Your chocolate cake is making me hungry so I'll head off now.

freckleface said...

You look amazing in that fantastic top outfit. No wonder they call you The Body :) Our decs came down today, what a relief. The wonky cake looks delicious AND colourful. Blinding combination. And I like your chitter chatter and outfits, so please do carry on! xxx

freckleface said...

You look amazing in that fantastic top outfit. No wonder they call you The Body :) Our decs came down today, what a relief. The wonky cake looks delicious AND colourful. Blinding combination. And I like your chitter chatter and outfits, so please do carry on! xxx

Emalina said...

You looked totally fabulous dancing in your New Year's Eve outfit, and personally I think the pink bra peeking out adds to the celebratory glamour! Glad you all had a wonderful time. Those purples are fantastic and I love the feminella coat!

Ivy Black said...

Ha!One flash of pink bra, and she was away..glad you had a good time. Went by quickly and back to school on Monday we go. God, I love that damn fine coat, it's the bollocks.
Here's to a great New Year ahead and hope to see you again very soon.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Whoop! Your bra matches your labia ;-). You're looking boobalicious and slimmer than ever.

I think there is a special firework setting on our camera, cos I can do fancy sparkler shots, and you know photography is not my forte.

Happy birthday to littlest, I think your wonky chocolate cake with robins looks lush. Pretty good start to 2013 so far, can't wait for Monday and the bookbag, swimming kit and lunchbox madness though...


Anonymous said...

well I thought the bra flash was deliberate!!!! You look fabulous in both your outfits!
Love littlest' s cake with the Xmas robins!!!
I am so happy to have stumbled across your blog!!
Love ya!!

joyatri said...

I'm jealous of your NYE party and glamorous outfit. NYE was a non-event here.
You look so statuesque and stunning in the navy/purple top and paisley skirt.
What a fun-looking cake. I've never heard of Christmas robins either.
I do so enjoy reading your blog and wish you many happy blatherings in 2013.

Helga! said...

Hurrah I say to bra flashing!!! It's a glorious shade of pink too! Digging the lurex...digging the outfit in total! It's rather delciously disco!
Gah, we're back to work tomorrow.Blha.It's been a lovely little break,especially with such aweosme weather.
Feminella!!! I don't think I'll ever stop sniggering over that.
What a virtous Mama you are, making a special choccie cake for your lass! Quite domesticated of you, darling!!
Love you more than two fabularse outfits in one post!

Vintage Coconut said...

And here I thought you were so darn excited about a new year you PLANNED to show off your pink bra!!! ;) *heheh* Littlest Birthday cake was SOOOO cute! "Happy belated Birthday to her"
HEY! I am in love with your purple 70s skirt. Man oh man it's lovely.

CityScape Skybaby said...

Must admit I'm kind of dreading Monday a bit, I've got far too used to having lie ins every day. I love your disco outfit Curtise and your bra does set it off, at least you're not like all those Hollywood girls who get caught out braless by the flash! Littlest's birthday cake looks lovely, I hope she had a fun day, I feel guilty because I was ill and didn't take the kids anywhere but we're going out today to make up for it. I think I've said this a few times but just in case, Happy New Year! xx

Lou said...

My mum does the same - she won't put up the decs until after my birthday in mid December! The sparkler shots are amazing - shame you don't know how you did them, always the way I guess! Happy new year! x

Misfits Vintage said...

I've realised that your posts don't show up in my reader, which is why I'm always daaaaaaaaays behind your posts!


What a fabulous night. I'll bet nobody could see your pink bra. Flash always makes bras show up!

You had your flash switched off, so your camera lens was open for a third of a second and the sparkler moved a full circle in that third of a second, and that's how you got the cool sparkler pic.

LOVE both outfits - you know I LOOOOVE the palazzo pants. And the purple and red combo is one of my all time faves.

Wishing you a wonderful, fabularse, super happy year, idiot!

Love you more than cheese, Sarah xxx

Secret Squirrel said...

I don't see any ridiculous outfits, only great ones. Your posts always make me smile and snort! Happy New Year xx

grunge-queen said...

I love the pant outfit, Curtise; I think you rocked the look and I'm sure you boogied your tootsie off in it! But oh, that purple (or blue?) and red combo is just brilliant. I always leave the tree up for a bit after Christmas, but it normally makes me feel forlorn, so your approach may be one to exercise in future years! Ours is still up as we have no idea how the French dispose of their trees (after growing up with an artificial tree my whole life we bought a wee real one for our first Christmas). Hopefully it still won't be here in February. :) xoxo

delia hornbook said...

You looking gorgeous even with the pink bra showing :-) Sexy lady you are. Happy birthday for you little one home made cakes are the best they will always remember those. And im loving you pink coat its lush. Happy new year its going to be a good one for many im sure, dee xxx

Sacramento Amate said...

Wonderful attire for the New year. How wonderful your pink bra and everything about you, dear Curtise.

Lisa said...

Just stumbled on you blog; how great to see a blog dedicated to secondhand clothing. I wear ALMOST exclusively thrifted clothing.
Love the lurex top and palazzo pants.

I love palazzo's in the 70's and love them now. Of course in the 70's and 30 lbs lighter, they looked much better on me.

They look great on you.

lucy joy said...

It just looks like the perfect balance of glamorous party animal, devoted mum, excellent friend, racy bra owner and all-round shit hot blogger.

Gutted I missed you this time, Curtise, but I WILL be back soon and seeing you will be a priority. Happy New Year - can't wait to see what characters come out to play in 2013.

Lucy x

Miss Simmonds Says said...

you look absolutely wonderful in your lurex top and flares, the bra adds a hint of sauciness. If you're taking a photo in the dark and either the camera or a single light source like a sparkler is moving then it creates a drag and a groovy effect. Anyway, that 70s top and skirt are gorgeous!! I love them! Especially with your Second To None Boots. Keep being fabulous xxxx

Tamera Beardsley said...

Happy New Year's to you my dear! Your outfit for the Eve... fabulous... all the more with a little pink peek through!

Dawn said...

Holy smokin hot babe in that new year's outfit...for reals. Glamorous and gorgeous from head to toe. Happy New Year!!! dawn suitcase vignettes xo

Jean at said...

Hurray for lurex and pink bras!! You are gorgeous. I suspect you're right about the photo bringing that to light, however. I am starving for that cake!! I love cakes like that. You look pretty delicious yourself in the pink coated outfit. Glad you had a good holiday season. XXXOOO

Melanie said...

Glad you had a good new year and happy belated birthday to Littlest!