Thursday, 17 January 2013

Cutting the mustard

My, but it's been perishing today.

I got dressed this morning with warmth in mind, since I was heading out with a friend to Chesterfield flea market after we had deposited the little 'uns at school.

Black and mustard! 

These mustard jacquard print leggings were a recent Ebay purchase. At just 99p, they didn't exactly break the bank, but they are more like footless tights than leggings.

Has anyone heard of the brand SuperTrash? I hadn't, so I didn't bid on them because of the label, I just liked the colour.

When I checked out their website, I was astonished at the prices. Their leggings are retailing at £25-40! Is it me, or is that ridiculous?

InWear dress, cardigan, brooch, carved bangle - charity shopped
Metal bangle - gift from dearest Lucy
Boots - retail (sale)
Leggings - Ebay

While I have been telling myself not to buy anything this month, I know in my heart that if I happened upon some marvellous piece of vintage loveliness, I would indulge...

There's no point lying, I know I would.

So maybe it's just as well that the Secondhand Gods have deserted me just for now; I haven't seen anything I wanted in the charity shops, or at the market today.

This month's purchases have been books and clothes for the kids, and that's all.

The outfit's OK.
Don't love it, don't hate it.

But when I saw the photos as I actually spent the day, ie. with my coat on, I laughed my woolly socks off!

I look like I've been parachuted into 2013 from the 1940s, where I had been stoically queuing up with my ration book for powdered egg, an ounce of butter, and a pig's trotter to feed the family for a week.

You see it?
The beret, the tweedy coat, the serviceable boots, and the grim expression...

Or maybe there's a hint of Land Army.
Note the mustard shirt and socks!

My mum was a Land Girl, and used her old, much darned woollen socks as Christmas stockings for my sisters and I when we were kids. 

Paul Costelloe wool/cashmere coat - flea market
Scarf - Christmas swap gift from lovely Sophie
Hat - charity shop
Leather gloves - gift 


It's not a look I really strive for...

I blame the cold weather!

The clip is from Horrible Histories.

Their songs are genius!



Connie said...

What a cute post. I love the mustard color and while it looks great on you it looks like baby poop on me. Darn. Great b&w photo. The sensible shoes from that era are awesome!

Rose&Bird said...

I can see it, but I'm sure you'd have managed to sweet-talk your way to some better rations! I've only ventured to toddler group today and that was in the car, mind you it was sleeting just as we left the hall!

Louise Mc said...

In weather like this it's definitely best to dress for warmth, there's nothing wrong with looking like a wartime lass though, I usually look like Scott of the antarctic with my layers of primaloft. This weather's not particularly glam. I love mustard as a colour. X

Melanie said...

It's unlikely that any of those ladies in line were wearing such a fabulous scarf, beret, and gloves. I do like your outfit better without the coat, though... Mustard and black is a great combo.
I had a shop-free month and I tortured myself by going into my favourite stores. And guess what? I found nothing! Yay! - maybe.

Rose&Bird said...

And £40 quid for leggings like footless tights, that's a bit mad. Although the Black Milk ones are about £50!

Fiona said...

It's not you, it is ridiculous! I like this colour on you Curtise and it looks tres classy with the black. I still haven't had a chance to go out chazzin this year, maybe next days off ? It's been so long I've got withdrawal symptoms!
I'm dressing for the cold weather too, I wore long johns this week! How sexy is that?

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I really like this look, it's not your most exciting, but it's really lovely and still individual. The leggings are great and obviously a bargain! I've been overspending and I really need to stop! Vix usually tells me not to, I'll blame her. I love that coat and beret and scarf combo, again with the sexy detective/librarian! You need an old bike with basket and you're set for chasing up overdue library books/solving crime on the side. xxxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

ps and the olive gloves AND I fancy all the men in Horrible Histories and find it funny

Anonymous said...

Alas! Now there's some qualifications that match mine. Where do I sign up??

I just love those mustard-y spicy colors on you, and of course they're my favs too. Hard to find though, don't you agree? And I do agree with the price for leggings. I think they should be under 20.00 at all times.

Hey, can you tell me how to find your shop on eBay??

PinkCheetahVintage said...

lolzzzz that video!!! I like the red purse and the boots a lot. Mustard is a hard color. I have some opaque mustard tights and I have the hardest trying to incorporate them into any outfits-- so even though I like them (obvi, I bought them!) they are one of those things I barely wear. I kind of imagine them with something the color of burnt sienna or forest green or charcoal gray... And I have nothing of any of those colors!

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Your cardigan has such an interesting closure, and I love that carved bangle. I would totally want to be next to you in the queue, we'd be snorting and snickering the whole time, and only pretending to be as grim as everyone. Thanks for the awesome song! xo

Miss Maple said...

I love your mustard and black outfit. Firstly I love almost everything that has the wonderful colour mustard and secondly it's a really great outfit that you're wearing. The black blouse - awesome! The bangles - gorgeous! The brooch - admirable! Have a very happy and warm weekend!

Patti said...

Well, I think 40's fashions are the *best*, even if "serviceable" at times : > And you are really dashing, not dull in your beret and scarf. And tights - killer color!!

Gracey at Fashion for Giants said...

I love the 40s - I love that the style wasn't flashy. I love sequins, but I love good serviceable clothes too.

I almost wore mustard today too. I wish I would have; we would have been twinsies!

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

This style is so flattering on you...great look. I enjoy wearing mustard...and eating it also!!

silvergirl said...

I love fashion, but I love being warm even more!
Sometimes you just have to sacrifice :)

thorne garnet said...

How much for leggings? I get mine at Target...$10. Love the color combo, I like the button things on the sweater.

Misfits Vintage said...

Labia, you look lobely!

I love the mustard and black combo - the tights are PERFECT with the cardi - and yes the coat and grim expression are divinely reminiscent of the era (I had to google Land Girl!). Love your hair cut almost as I adore YOU!

Sarah xxx

Val Sparkle said...

What a nice cardi! I'd love to see how it looks done up. And I'm going to watch the video, but right now we're watching Doc Martin!

Kitty said...

I reckon serviceable just has to be the thing when it's that cold. At least you'd be warm-ish, something I have NEVER gotten the hang of. Loving the black and mustard.xx.

Bohemian vanity said...

I like your outfit dear ! Its a really nice colour combo. Never heard of that brand but hey lucky you for such a bargain. I've made such a nice experience on ebay too, when i got some brand new cord pants for €1 of a brand i didn't know and when i searched their webside i saw they're selling them for €125 !!! That made my day :) Have a fabby friday ! xx

Anonymous said...

This one could be not the most original otfit, but I like the cardigan and the dress very much!
You are my personal hero!With this cold outside I'd love to have only furry sweatpants, you are so brave to look always feminine and to wear skirts when it's minus 100 degrees!
The bangles and the brooch are beautiful, this reminds me that tomorrow there will be the antique market, life is short and as a houswife I have the right to spend all my money on my seldom walks outside!
I love the 40's queuing ladies style and the land girl too!
Love xxxxx

Melanie said...

Love Horrible Histories and love this look!

Style Sud-Est said...

you made me laugh ! i guess i looked like you this week, tweed coat, hat, scarf...blame it on friggin winter yes!
Cute mustard and black outfit, i especially like the top
I love the brooch
Horrible Histories is pretty good, thanks for sharing, i wouldn't know about them on this side of the planet.

Have a good weekend my friend

Ariane xxxx

Anonymous said...

I like the mustard and black outfit. The leggings and the hat brighten up the coat. I have a weakness for tweed so I would have been very happy with your coat.

Anonymous said...

So cool your mom was a land girl!!!

Love the outfit-not boring at all!! The sweater is really pretty. You look like a 40's lady detective steadfastly pursuing leads in your coat!!!

Anonymous said...

So cool your mom was a land girl!!!

Love the outfit-not boring at all!! The sweater is really pretty. You look like a 40's lady detective steadfastly pursuing leads in your coat!!!

Krista Gassib said...

I love the little tid bits you sometimes give us, like your Mum's sock's doubling as stockings and that she was a Land Girl! You look much hotter underneath your coat and the picture of the food line and comparison has me laughing....if we can't laugh at ourselves...right!

This is why cute jackets are so important:) I have bought leggings before on ebay only to discovery they are footless tights, that pisses me off! I'll be honest too, I love good quality leggings and I have paid almost $40 for all those Black Milk ones when they were half off. I think they will last me a longtime and I think the quality is worth it.

Have a great weekend sweetie!

Marla Robinson said...

I love the black and mustard together. I'll have to try that combo.

freckleface said...
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freckleface said...

How wonderful that your mum was a Land Girl. Did she tell you lots of amazing stories? I have a fascination for anything WWII related. My nan and great aunt used to tell me about the war. Hence I love that kind of outfit, there's so much behind it. And hey, even if there wasn't, a knitted beret is always good.

Flippin' freezing here in Nottingham too! xxx

Anonymous said...

I love a bit mustard, and it's a cute little black dress. I struggle with black as a block colour without other colours to lift it. I must say that mustard really is a nice shade, it's a little darker, at least it looks that way on my screen.

joyatri said...

I love how your mind works. I do see the 1940s connection, but I also see you queuing up at the gates of the factory waiting to do the early shift, c. 1961.
Mustard is hard. I have a mustard velvet jacket that I love, but work hard to find ways to wear it.
Thanks for Horrible Histories. I had never heard of them and ended up watching a few.

CityScape Skybaby said...

Sorry I'm leaving comments all over the place Curtise, I'm working my way backwards through everyone's blogs, I've missed so much. I love the idea of you and your sister having your mum's old land girl socks as Christmas stockings, being a land girl sounds like it was so much fun too. I'm constantly in a big black padded coat my neighbour gave me, so your nostalgic 40's look is a lot more stylish than that. In this weather I just want to be warm, even all wrapped up yesterday I still felt like the skin was being flayed off my face, it was so bitter. I love the black and mustard too, you're making me want to try that colour combo now. xx

Forest City Fashionista said...

The winter cold can bring out the "Serviceable" in all of us, so don't fret ;) I love the combination of navy with the mustard (although it has a bit more of a caramel tone on my computer).

Lynne DeVenny said...

I DO see it. But you don't look hungry. And I bet no one was wearing amaze-ball mustard tights back in the day.

You've got that sexy secretary thing going on today. Love it!

Mrs. D said...

I love love love posts with a little bit of history :)
The mustard items are fab, it's a colour I love but don't have enough in my wardrobe! I love Ebay purchases like that. I rarely buy anything full price these days and Ebay is my favourite shopping mall (I live in Grantham, there is nothing to see here haha)