Saturday, 5 May 2012

You've done it all, you've broken every code

                                            I very nearly had a most unusual experience on Friday.

                               I almost made it through a charity shopping trip without buying anything.

That might well have been a first. Of course, I didn't manage to come home empty-handed, I never do. Two Jackie annuals caught my eye at £1 each, what was I supposed to do?

I have to say the contents don't bear much scrutiny, despite the nostalgia factor. There are some bands mentioned which I barely even remember (Flintlock? Dead End Kids?) among the features on David Essex, Bay City Rollers, Leo Sayer and Mud. Anyone thinking the 1970s were cool might want to reconsider after flicking through these books!

I remember loving the fashion illustrations, without realising at the time that the "models" had ridiulously impossible proportions.

The 1970s equivalent of airbrushing! Mind you, if you check out the photos of delicious Desiree in her latest post, you'll see some lucky ladies do have legs a mile long!

My frock today isn't from the 1970s, I would say it's early 80s, judging by the wrapover style, batwing sleeves and tulip shape.

I bought the dress to sell, not expecting this shape to work for me. I thought it would over-emphasise my hips, but actually I think it's quite flattering.

                                     The print is pretty too. But I do feel a little exposed in wrap dresses...

                         God only knows what my left leg is doing in this shot, it's at a most unnatural angle!

1980s Cockney Rebel wrap dress (£4.50), sequin beret (£1) bangles (50p-£1) and sparkly tights (50p) - all charity shopped; suede ankle boots (£6.40) - Ebay; necklace - my Mum's; 

                                             Inspired by my Jackie annuals and the label in my frock -

I'll leave you with Steve Harley in his bare-chested 1975 pomp, and wish you a happy Bank Holiday weekend!


Miss Simmonds Says said...

His hair and lips always creeped me out. Not sure why.

I love those annuals but they're like all girl's (and women's) mags and completely vacuous, it's just nice to see vacuousness from another decade.

You look great, I see Cockney Rebel stuff now and again and wonder if I should snap it up. Those colours are great on you - those sparkley tights are the best!

Ivy Black said...

Ahh..I used to love Jackie. I used to copy the fashion illustrations and pretend I was a designer! I love the dress....and the legs.
Lovely bit of Cockney Rebel too.


Beautiful dress! I do love the 70's, but the 80's, being the decade I just missed out on, really gets me excited. I do find a lot of the seemingly strange cuts on 80's dresses are very flattering - you are the proof
I can't resist an annual, usually a last resort if the clobber isn't in high supply though. They must have been so cheap to produce with all those amateur drawings. Aren't we easily pleased?

Have a great extended weekend,

Lucy x

Fiona said...

How spooky, was just watching a prog on telly about 1977 and Jackie was mentioned. I used to buy it and had the David Cassidy centrefold on my bedroom wall. My cousin and I used to write each other ridiculous problems addressed to Cathy and Claire.
I'm more of 70's fan than 80's but had a dress with a tulip skirt just like yours.

Trees said...

Are you wearing sparkly tights???

I've not ever heard of Jackie, but it looks retro-licious :D

Kylie said...

I see a bit of you in thise gorg illustrations Curtise. These are the illustrations of my early teens too. The big mag here at the time was Dolly and it was full of drawings just like these. On Annuals, if you ever see a copy of Misty on your travels I would be forever in your debt if you bought it for me and sent it over (I would pay) and to anyone else who reads this comment - the same applies to you. Please and thank you (I hope this is not too cheeky)
Lastly, how could you not buy a dress with a label like that!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful color combination. The dress does give you a great hourglass shape but I under stand the feeling in a wrap dress. Kind of like those wool kilt skirts held together with a pin!

Stacey said...

Oooo, I love that frock! I think it is very flattering, and that print is fantastic. I don't know if it's because I'm an 80's baby, but I always have a soft spot for any clothes with a big of an 80's feel.

Those fashion illustrations are crazy! The clothes look great, but their legs scare me a little.

Sara said...

So flattering--what a hot frock! I'm particularly loving the hair on those fashion illustrations..I think I may be inspired to feather tomorrow..haha..

Sara said...

I can't believe I forgot to make mention of brilliant sparkly tights. In love.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I remember Jackie. Every girl in school used to be sitting in the cloakrooms on a Tuesday (I think that was the day it came out), engrossed in the Cathy & Claire page.
Great song, great dress.

Rose&Bird said...

I found the green covered Jackie annual for free a few years ago at Bookbarn when it was closing down and sold it on Amazon for about £4 I think! The illustrations are a bit mad - the redhead reminds me of the young Cilla Black for some reason. For regular drawing, the head divides into the female figure about 7.5 times, but for fashion illustrations, it's usually increased to 8 - 8.5 times, with the emphasis on the legs! I love the print on the wrap dress - it suits you well.
Thanks for adding this video even though it's a tad scary - one of my favourite songs ever (although it does usually remind me of the scene from The Full Monty where they're on the hill 'training')!

Bella Q said...

The 70's look doesn't always age well- but I remember loving the look as a kid. The shoes look so practical now- where are the tottering platforms? The '80's dress is quite flattering on you and looks remarkable modern for an '80's dress.

Lucy Nation said...

I narrowly missed the 70's which of course means I absolutely love it! I snap up 70's annuals like this on my travels. There dooes seem to be an innocence about them compared to what teenage girls read these days. Love the sparkly tights xx

Helga! said...

I HAVE actually had opshopping expeditions where I haven't found a thing! Just a couple of times,and it's most unnerving!
Fark,those jackies are amazing!!I love the illustrations! I was 9 and 11 when they came out,and I do remember the glizty glamness of that period reasonably well! I have a teacher,Miss Porgulis (!!) who was OBSESSED with David Essex! I never really was into him.I was into Abba and Fleetwood Mac.
That wraparound is gorgeous!You do look all curvy and divine in it,and the colours!Yum! Yeah,wrap arounds can be dangerous!Nix was wearing one on Saturday night,that if you pulled the tie(which tied at the back),it would have flown off her in a flash.She was very nervous!

two squirrels said...

Oh Miss Curtise look at you, lovely in the Miss 80's dress.
The Jackie books are amazing, just sooooo 70's.
I have been a few times lately and been so good and come home with no op-shop treasure. Feels strange.
I hope you have a wonderful week
Much love V

Lynne DeVenny said...

That dress is extremely flattering on you, both in color and fit. Definitely keep it!

Anonymous said...

You may want to consider KEEPING this dress--it's a great fit and the colors are flattering. I snapped photos last weekend of a couple of 80s frocks (shoulder pads and all), but I've hesitated to post them...and yet, I see more 80s looks turning up.

Misfits Vintage said...

That dude is so super creepy (is he in pain??) there's no way I'm clicking play!!!

You, on the other hand, look spectacularly svelte and divine in this frock - the colours are GORGEOUS and I love the label and the sequinned beret. I can never resist 1970s mags either - I still love those impossible proportions and anti gravity hair styles!

Love! Sarah xxx

Anonymous said...

I want to wear only 'Cockney rebel'clothes!!! I love it!!!
The sleeves are spectacular and so the amazing print!
Thank you for sharing Jackie's fashion illustrations, they are so inspiring and also so contemporary, I'll wear everything in them and the red shoes and the mary janes are perfect!
I love your glam hat it matches the glam mood of the late 70's!
Too bad that my headphones are broken and I can't listen to steve harley but his fur is awesome!!!

Vintage Sweetheart said...

I feel really weird when I walk out of an op shop without buying anything. Those Jackie illustrations are nutso!! I love your 80's frock, it's such a pretty shape and with those tights! PERFECTION. xx

lovesjetlag said...

I loved the song, it has been on car commercial for so many years in Italy...we had similar teen magazines in Italy but graphically they weren't as pretty as Jackie....

Anonymous said...

Those jackie drawings.... Woah!
I'm loving the dress though!!

Vix said...

I love that Cockney Rebel frock on you, you've got a killer bod and that wrap round style shows it off a treat!
I couldn't have passed those Jackie's either. The illustrations are just so typically 1970s with the insane proportions and pouffy hair. I loved Flintlock, I'd forgotten all about them!
I couldn't even be arsed to look in a charity shop on Friday, what's happening? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

angie said...

Thanks for the thorow comment. I did read magazines like that when younger and they served their purpose.On to the dress...I think it's high time batsleeves made a come back.But it's a great dress and can be worn casually.

angie said...

That was such a nice gesture to send Terri this dress! And what a great dress!!!

Krista said...

So they say every gal needs a wrap dress, who care what they say but I gotta say this is quite flattering on ya dear. I love your shimmery purple tights best of all.

These illustrations are hilariously hip and totally inspiring! Kids these days it seems all they ever wear are jeans, hey that was me about a year ago. Isn't fashion fun?! No looking back baby!

La Dama said...

Your looking ever so gorgeously glam in wraparound frock.
I love 80's dresses, this one has a 1940's flare.
Stunning Blue shimmery tights.
I have never heard of that magazine till Buddy introduced me.
Love the big hair and tall pants illustrations.
Forgot to mention on your garden post. How much i adorar your green floral maxi skirt.

Forest City Fashionista said...

I do love the print on that dress, and it looks quite lovely on you! The illustrations in the Jackie annuals are impossibly proportioned, but so fun nonetheless. I would love to have some fabric printed with those illustrations

Melanie said...

I still regret giving away some 1980's annuals.