Wednesday 23 May 2012

Fair enough

Oh my dear friends, I have had a trying time of it! Our internet connection has been up and down like a bride's nightie, the kids have been poorly, and then I developed a sore throat and once again lost my voice. Is this the universe's way of telling me to shut my pie hole? Surely not!

So apologies if I've been slow to comment on your blogs, I will get round to everyone as soon as possible.

                      The good news is - here comes the sun! And that means my maxi dresses get an outing.

Given my slackness on the personal summer-ready grooming front, my legs have yet to be sufficiently deforested and fake tanned for public viewing. So maxis are a godsend, and this is one of my favourites.

                I like my frocks to make a contribution to the riot of colour and general floweriness in the garden.

Now, Saturday's Craft and Vintage fair was not that great really. Tracey and I had a pleasant enough day, if a very long one, but it was a very quiet event so we weren't rushed off our feet... I sold some bits, the "£3-an-item or 2 for a fiver" rummage suitcases were popular, but none of the items I showed you last week sold (I decided to put them all on the rail and see what happened).

     We had a narrow space, with my vintage finery on one side and Tracey's cakestands and crockery on the other.

           Lurex, faux fur, silk, lace, prints, short, long, tops, skirts, frocks - who wouldn't want a rummage?

 I thought my stock was varied, good quality, reasonably priced and with a good range of styles and sizes. However, if there aren't many people there, and then you factor out those who just came to browse, those who were interested in the craft side rather than vintage clothing, those who didn't like my stock, those who liked items but they were in the wrong size, or not the right price... The pool of potential buyers just gets smaller and smaller.

Still, I covered my costs and made a bit of money and chatted to some friendly people, the customers and other stall holders were lovely. And a day spent in the company of darling Trace is never wasted!

                                                                      Tracey's precious things!

We were next to lovely Julie and Charlie's stall. I was coveting various of their items, but remained strong, and didn't immediately spend what I'd earned...

                                                             Oh but 1950s glassware is so hard to resist!

                                                           So was the trunk and the teak-effect serving tray.

                    That little rectangular table with the 4 fold-out tables slotted underneath was pretty nifty too.

                                            What do you mean, my selling style may have been off-putting?

So - we were a wee bit downhearted but have resolved to try again, and hopefully a pitch at a future St. Mary's fair, which is well-established and always popular, might prove more successful.

And in the meantime, I can still enjoy wearing my vintage wardrobe, even if no one wants to buy anything from it!

          1960s maxi dress (vintage fair), necklaces and bangles (charity shopped), 1980s sunglasses (vintage shop)

              It's nice to be back blogging, I cannot believe how much I missed everyone during my brief internet hiatus!


Vix said...

No voice? That will never do!!
That maxi dress is just glorious on you and so are the gorgeous flowers in your garden.
What a shame you didn't make your fortune, your rack (hahahaha) looked most inviting. I'd have been over there like shot. You and trace looked gorgeous, too.
Good luck for the next one adn in the meantime enjoy your fabulous vintage frockery until someone with a great bod and excellent taste comes along and snaps it up!
Love and sunshine. xxxxxxxx

Melanie said...

I love your writing! The reference to clear-cutting your legs, the up-and-down nightie...! As to content, losing your voice means more gesticulating wildly or your silence could be interpreted as religious contemplation. Er, or not. You LOOK fabulous though. Too bad about the noodlish shoppers. How about a mini fashion show next time to showcase your goodies?

Anonymous said...

I adore that maxi dress!!

And i can't believe you didn't get many buyers!!! I'm shocked!!! Your stuff is gawjus!!

Anonymous said...

Up and down like a bride's gown? Hilarious! I can't get the vision out of my head.
I just had an ear infection which caused a sore throat and laryngitis. If you get dizzy or start falling down for no apparent reason go get your ears checked!

Love that fur coat behind you. Did you sell it??

Fiona said...

Hi Curtise,
Sorry to hear your sale was not as successful as expected, it sounds like my idea of heaven...crafts and vintage! Love the maxi dress you are modelling in the garden (gorgeous cottagey plants)and the one you wore to the sale. My legs got a much overdue shave recently, can you guess why?

Louise Mc said...

I can't believe all those lovely items you showed us, and none of them sold? Harsh? We're doing our first fair next weekend, Jubilee weekend, I'm so nervous. Xx

lucy joy said...

Poorly AND internet problems - poor you, I wish I could've sent you something to cheer you up.
Regarding the dresses - I would've thought I'd died and gone to heaven (wherever that is!) if I stumbled upon your rack. People want change from a fiver, wherever they are. That's what I notice. You will do better next time, certainly.
Maybe us bloggers should set up our ow Etsy style collective online. There are enough of us addicted to charity shopping.
I love seeing an update from you in my timeline, or a comment. I always end up grinning like a loon or nodding in agreement.
Fantastic maxi, looks made for you, with the perfect backdrop too.

Here's to a fighting-fit, internet filled few days of sunshine and maxi dresses.

Lucy x

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Fab maxi, I wore one today but gave myself razor burn before hand - can never be sure when smallest boy is suddenly going to decide to lift my dress and attempt to hide underneath! (one of his less appealing habits)

Have you thought about selling off your blog like Miss Sarah Misfit does? You have a captive and captivated audience here already...


karensomethingorother said...

Do you know what's sad, Curtise? Those pictures of all fun things at the sale: if I saw even just ONE of those things at the local charity shop, I would be super excited. Ah well.

I'm sorry you've been feeling crap, and the kids are sick, and you're probably exhausted, but look how lovely you look in that gorgeous maxi dress!! Also, your English garden is fantastic. I hope you feel much better soon!!!

Max said...

Ooh you should, and if you do i'd like the waist measurement on the polka dot skirt! That is a beaut maxi dress and your garden is a picture of loveliness too x

Helga said...

O,sweetie,ebing sick SUX the big one,and losing your voice!UGH!I've only had that happen once,and I imagine it must have been strangely peaceful for G!
Now,I too would have been all over your goodies like a rash!(in more ways than one,darling!)It's so hard to know what epople will go for on the day,and of course there is always that one only,bugger if it isn't your size thing.Can't be helped!I suppose you just have to be regular at it,like being regular at the chazza shops.
That frock,my darling,is HEAVENLY!Love the pattern,the colours and the shape!!! Poor old legs,they do get neglected over Winter! Mine are preparing to hibernate,but will have to come out for the States!!!
Muchos LOVE!

Vintage Coconut said...

My God seriously! I MYSELF WANT TO rummage through your rack!!
I see many designs on there that I would like to prance around in. One being the shiny green dress on the mannequin *ohhh AHHHH*

I hope you feel better quickly. My throat felt weird for like a week about a week ago. Thankfully it went away and was most likely due to things blooming and allergies (Which I never ever had a problem with in my lifetime until the past couple of years.) What the hell?!

one denim bird said...

Your stall looked fab-oh-mondo and I would have loved to scrummage through all your fine vintage frockery. Keep it up love, there are always good and bad days at market! Totally lovin you in your maxi dress - perfect for forestation legs!

Krista said...

You poor thing you wouldn't know any of that with how beautiful you look in that dress! I would have totally gravitated to your cute set up , it looking so inviting! I do hope you and the family feel better. I've missed you dear!

Unknown said...

I have missed you like sleep, mi amor! So sorry to hear that you've had internet probs (urgh), sick kids (yikes), a bad throat (yuurk) and poorly sales! What a big pile o poo.

I would have bought a zillion things from you - I see so many DELIGHTFUL TREASURES - and that trunk next door would have come home with me immediately.

And as for you in that exquisite red maxi - O to the M to the G - you are a splendid supermodel! I absolutely could not love that frock more - you look just BEAUTIFUL!

Hope the next fair is better - in my experience, sometimes you sell, sometimes you don't... noodles, don't noodles... at least we have lots of frocks to play with!

Love! Sarah xxx

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I missed you too! I was hoping you hadn't come down with the kids lurgy. That maxi dress is fantastic. The fabric is amazing & the colours combine so well. Such a pity the market was a bit too quiet. I do wish I could have come for a rummage through your goodies. I'm sure I would have done lots of damage as I love anything that you buy! Xx

Anonymous said...

You look lovely in your garden! Was anyone else selling vintage clothing? And did you compare your prices to theirs? I see loads of things on that rack I might have tried.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Hell's bells I would have been all over you and your clothes like fecking pash-rash (the result of much snogging with a man with stubble)!!! Oh pick, picky, picky - sometimes I really hate people!!!! I think I would be a really hateful seller - La Dama and I would make a scary team at a market don't you think? "Oi, what, not good enuff for ya, ya prosti biatches?!!"I LOVE your joint stall SO much and Tracey is completely adorbs with her very clever cake stands. WANT!! I'm wearing a maxi in your glorious honour - you look so scrumptious!!! How is it possible to look so gorgeous when you're feeling so crappy? How???? Your frock and garden are divine - I have this sudden need to roll around on the grass with you, sing to the clouds lying on our backs and drinking something fruity and cold. Big hugs and lots of arse-squeezes to you darling woman xoxoxoxoxoxo

Trees said...

I LOVE that maxi! It's so awesome on you - I want one just like it! Sorry your fair didn't go great, I would loved to have a look at your stall - it looks amazing!!

Trees said...

I LOVE that maxi! It's so awesome on you - I want one just like it! Sorry your fair didn't go great, I would loved to have a look at your stall - it looks amazing!!

Unknown said...

So sorry to hear you have lost your voice and that the children have been poorly. I hope your all feeling better now. You look gorgeous love the maxi dress. And your stock and stall looked amazing, i think its about finding the right the venue for your stock if you can do a vintage only one maybe that would be better and one that is already established. You will do well there im sure so dont lose heart. My pulse was racing at all that 50's glass and those 2 50's frosted vases and glasses i would love to have added to my collection. Big hugs coming your way hope you better soon. Enjoy the sunshine while its here, dee xxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Hurrah! You were missed!

I love that dress. Shame about your lack of business, your stuff is really lovely so it must've been the lack of the right kind of customer, hopefully you'll do better next time.

Love the cheeky photo too! xxxx

two squirrels said...

Oh poo!!!! Your vintage treasure was just amazing, I would have brought from you in a flash.
I would have loved saying I brought it from a fair and the lady selling it was soooo vintage stylish!!!!
Love V
Oh oh the maxi is so pretty, I think it is my favourite maxi floral frock.Tee hee this wee squirrel has a leg Forrest too!!!!! Nuts.

Kitty said...

With a maxi that gorgeous darl who'd even notice hairy legs?!

Your experience at the fair is one I've had a few times...don't be scared to do another with a higher stall fee and better advertising, if you have enough stock.

Hope you and the sprogs are better now, nothing worse than a house full of bloody lurgy!!

The Style Crone said...

The maxi in the garden is perfection. As is your witty commentary. Now that I've found you I wouldn't miss a post. It sounds like a great day in spite of lackluster sales - perhaps the next vintage fair will bring appreciative customers, as your collection looks stunning from here!

mispapelicos said...

You are coming back to us more wonderful than ever. I have been ill for 2 weeks since arriving in Berlin, cold, runny nose, ahhhhhhhhhhhh
I love:Our internet connection has been up and down like a bride's nightie

mispapelicos said...

What size are you???

Ivy Black said...

Beauteous maxi.
I'd have definitely bought from your stall, it's great.
I've had a couple of cake stands too.
Hope you're feeling perkier now.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I am digging out my maxi for this weekend too. You look great - so full of fun in those pictures.

Forest City Fashionista said...

You can still make us laugh even when you're not on your game! Sorry to hear that you and the offspring have been under the weather, and that had a less than stellar experience at the sale. I would have been rooting around in all that stuff like mad, and I'm sure I would have gone home with at least one of your dresses. Speaking of which, the Maxi is Puuurrrrrfect - what a lovely summer dress!

The Goodwill Fangirl said...

This maxi is so beautiful, much more so than today's retail offerings.

Melanie said...

Boo to few sales! Your stuff looked fab!

Unknown said...

Sometimes, just breaking even is a good day,LOL!
Wonderful frock,YUMM!
big hugs

Unknown said...

Hi Curtise!

Hope you will feel better soon!
That first pic of you is so great, so vivid, colorful!
I love your maxi dress, your signature look!
Looked like a nice event, and you had good stock indeed!

You will do better next time

I love the expression - Up and down like bride's nightie, so cute, i never heard that one! so funny!

Take care of yourself Curtise


Sara said...

What a marvelous maxi! I love everything about it. The colors, the neckline, the sleeves..just lovely! You look stunning! :D

I hope your throat is feeling better! A sore throat, and no voice are among the very worst..and you deserve only the very wonderful! Speaking of, my left tonsil is feeling a bit under the weather..sympathy pains!

The Craft and Vintage Fair photos look like a wonderland to me. Your items look positively delicious. They don't know what they've missed! Here's to more people next go round. :D I can't believe that faux fur wasn't snatched up straight away; had I seen it from across the room, it would've gone something like this: "You there! I'll take it!" lol


Rose&Bird said...

You look fab even if you're not feeling great! Shame you didn't do better at the fair, but hopefully you're not out of pocket. I guess people just aren't spending much at the moment unless they think they're getting a real bargain. It looks like you had some fantastic stock - I would happily have a rummage x

doradadama said...

I would been at your stall in a flash amor. I would of bought the shiny gold frock.You look fantastic in that maxilicious frock.I need that 50's glassware. I wou
love that cute tongue photo.