Monday, 14 May 2012

Taking stock

I've been sorting out my vintage stock for Saturday, making labels, and pricing like a woman possessed. It's been fun!

                                           Ironically enough I haven't been wearing anything vintage today.

I don't know what it is with me and Wallis frocks. Wallis isn't a shop I would even look in, never mind buy from (not that I ever shop on the high street these days). But yet again I was drawn to the print, and the fit is flattering. And it was £3.99 in a charity shop. It would have been rude not to buy it.

After my Big Tits Top in my last post, this is the Dress of the Mysteriously Disappearing Boobs. Look - they've vanished! Just shows the power of clothing to alter perception of your shape.

I'm asking you lovelies for help again. I have a few items which I am unsure whether to sell or not. So please join in with a game of "Should it stay or should it go now?" I haven't styled anything up much, I'm just wearing black tights with everything because I'm too lazy to spend all day changing and accessorising.

                                                                                  Here we go...

1) 1970s black and white cape dress. It fits (I thought it would be too small) but I have bra strap trouble with it. It cost 35p at a jumble sale, so the profit margin would be good if I sold it.

                                                                     Cape of Good Hope or Cape Fear?

2) 1970s red disco sequined dress, another jumble sale bargain, slightly small on the boobs (they have reappeared) and still having unwanted bra strap display issues.

                                                          Disco Inferno or I don't feel like dancing?

3) 1960s flower power shift dress, bought from Ebay. It's a bit too big for me but OK with a belt. Love the print but not sure about the shape and fit.

                                                                 Mellow Yellow or Yellow Submarine?

4) 1960s stretch towelling zip-front sports dress, bought from Ebay ages ago and worn, but it's really too short for comfort. Cute though.

                                                                 Anyone for Tennis or a Red Card?

5) 1980-90s pleated colour block skirt, bought from Ebay recently, it's a wee bit too small really. I love the whole pleated/floaty/granny skirt look on other people but I'm just not sure on me, think I've got too much in the hip department. Colours are great though.

                                                               Pleats Please Me or Pleats Release Me?

     6) 1980-90s Windsmoor pleated polka dot skirt, bought cheap from a charity shop, same issues as above.

                                                                    Mr Blue Sky or Singing the Blues?

7) Modern leopard print high-waist pedal pushers. I love the idea of these, but the high waist looks awful on me, and I fear they don't flatter the Thighs of Thunder... I do so want them to work!

                                                                             Miaow or Meh?

                                                                                 And finally....

8) 1960s Norman Young black lace cocktail dress. I do adore this dress, which I found months ago in a charity shop. It's stunning, and in lovely condition. But I have never worn it, apart from on the blog here. So is it time to sell?

                                                                 Belle de Jour or For Whom the Bell Tolls?

                                    Be honest but be gentle, and suggest a price if you think I should sell sell sell!

This sketch is especially for Desiree, Loo and for all of you who are amused by pubes! I'll probably get all manner of undesirables dropping by now I've gone and put that word in a post title, but they won't find what they're after here... Well, they might in this clip!


Miss Simmonds Says said...

Definitely keep the lace dress, it looks so gorgeous on you! Everything else really looks good too! But like me, if you need a clear out then flog the lot. Dresses 15, skirts 8? but you do look go in it all. Hmmm sorry not to be much help. You can sell me that 60s one if it'll fit me! Just keep what you feel comfortable in. And the labor lace dress. Definitely

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Sorry, phone possessed. It nearly wrote pubics instead of phone and suggested burlap for some reason earlier. Meant to say I love the boobless dress too xxx and that sketch!

Anonymous said...

Well first off, you look good in ALL of it. Don't sell the leopard pants. They're awesome! And the colorblock skirt? DO NOT SELL IT. I'm kind of bossy ain't I? ;)

I love the top dress and it is very flattering. I better stay away from it though. I'm already so flat chested it would make me look inverted!

Forest City Fashionista said...

I'm with Joni on the colour block skirt and the leopard pants - don't sell them! They look great on you, and you can wear a longer top over the high waist on the pants like you did in the photo. I like the flower print dress on you as well. The black & white dress,the red one, and the zipfront sports dress are cool,but I think you should let them go (although your legs look a mile long in the sports dress).

Corrine/Frock And Roll said...

Astounding. And honestly?! That pleated colour block skirt and black and white number are too gorgeous - I couldn't live without them! (Dramatic, yes, but CRIPES are they beautiful!)

Anonymous said...

I'm no help with the pricing, but I would SELL, numbers 1, 3, 4, 6, 8 and KEEP, numbers 2, 5, 7! I am very, very curious to hear how this sale goes for you.

Misfits Vintage said...

Darling! Where have I been... missing all the FUN!

1 LOVE IT! (Shout yourself a strapless bra)
2 Meh
3 Super cute!
4 Sell - but man alive, you have great legs!
5 Are you mental? You look FABULOUS in this!!!
6 Meh
7 Fabba Dabba Doo - keep keep keep!
8 Meh

But you know, none of this advice (opinion) is worth a hill of beans. As our guru, Lady Vix always says, how do these items make you FEEL? If they don't make you feel FABULOUS, then catch and release... mark em up and sell em on!

But not the leopard pants. I don't care how they make you feel - it's how they make ME feel that really matters. And I feel FABULOUS looking at you in those pants!

Love you to bits n pieces! Sarah xxx

Vintage Sweetheart said...

I'd see sell most except for that awesome colourful skirt and the lace number! If you don't end up wearing them you can always sell them later! How exciting I have a ton to sell but having gotten around to it yet. x

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I'd keep frock number 3 (so cute & summery), pleated skirt number 4 (the length & shape look great), & the lace dress. All the others I would try to sell. I do like the first disappearing boob dress too. I wish I could jet on over to your sale. Xx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Personally I lurve number 2 but bra issues are very annoying - you could sew in some clips with press studs though to hold straps in place. Also think the colour block skirt and pedal pushers look fab on you! The lace dress is very nice but maybe not stand out amazing as you already have an excellent dress collection. You look fab in the photo of the short dress but you have to consider whether you'd realistically be comfortable out and about or whether you'd be worrying about displaying your bum when passing workmen etc!

Midi pleated skirts have never made my heart race, despite many bloggers giving them a good go, so I say sell (nice colour though so some fashion forward thing will grab it)

Love the print on the yellow 60s one but I think shifts get a bit bunchy if worn with a belt so either alter it to fit you or sell sell sell!

This is very exciting - I wish I could go!

Anonymous said...

This post is amusing!!
I've got tears in my eyes, I laugh so hard..brilliant!! I'm not a vintage guru, but I love fashion and I hope I can help you, even if first of all Sarah via Vix says the truth: if you don't feel fabulous or comfortable, give them away!
1- Lovely!The little cape is stunning!!
2-I like the dancing queen style (plus this game is really hard because you look amazing in everyone)
3-Yellow submarine (this one is not very flattering)
4_I don't like color and print
5-This is so vintage Versace, I love it!!!
6-I don't like it
7-8 keep them!!
Thank you very much for playing with me!!

Fiona said...

Here's what I think Curtise. Small tit dress KEEP, black and white dress looks fab on you, so must be a keeper, 60's shift dress, ditto, You look great in the pedal pushers (thunder thighs??? where?) so do not get rid, black lacy dress is gorgeous and think this could become a wardrobe staple for years so deffo keep and sell the rest. What do I know anyway, you have way more style than me so you'll make the right decisions. Looking forward to hearing how the sale goes.xxxxxx

Vix said...

You should model for Wallis, those frocks you've posted recently look fabulous on you.
I'm going to play devil's advocate here, if you need to ask if you should keep those clothes then sell them. You obviously don't feel special enough in them to hold on to them so let them go (despite looking wonderful in each and every one of them). I think you should print off the photos of you wearing them and attach them to the relevant garments as price tags, just to show amazing your clothes look like on such a hottie as your good self.
You are bloody gorgeous, you do know that, don't you? xxxxxxxxxxxx

Kitty said...

keep the second one and the last one, lose the rest. Now I've said this I'll go back and read what others have commented on this, LOL!

Louise said...

I think you should sell the black cape dress, but definitely keep the red disco dress, the colour block skirt, the pedal pushers and the black lace cocktail dress. I don't know about the others... Useless aren't I? Xx

Trees said...

Don't sell that black lace dress!! It looks loved on you!

Ivy Black said...

See, I think you look anazing in the first frock and I think it's a keeper. Ditto the leggings...with your pins they are a dream team. Having said that unless you love them to the point od missing them from your wardrobe, sell the lot because they will definitely be bought.

Ivy Black said...

'amazing' even!


I think you only look comfortable in the mellow yellow dress, but am inclined to agree with Vix. Some dresses just don't 'feel' right, and it doesn't matter how gorgeous other people tell you it looks.

Sell sell sell! Maximise profits and treat yourself to something new.

Funny what you say about Wallis, some of my best charity buys are Wallis, and their new stuff never appeals.

Good luck with your choice!

Lucy x

karensomethingorother said...

I say #4, 5, and 8 could go, but the rest look too fabulous on you. I guess maybe the fabulous 1970's dress if you're having bra strap trouble with it, since that is a pain in the ass. No wait. I change my mind. You should keep it because that is a FIND!

Good luck with the sale. It sounds like I'm not help at all, as I coax you to keep everything :)

karensomethingorother said...

lurved the video.

grunge-queen said...

Funny post, you're a hoot. Love the first three dresses on you. The leopard pants are also a definite keep in my books. :)

delia hornbook said...

I say please keep number 8 that black dress is gorgeous on you your be nuts if you sell that one. Its a gorgeous classic that will never date. Love number 3 to you could always cut it and put some darts in it to make it more shapely. I would say sell the rest. Good luck and have fun, dee xx

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Love the first outfit and the lace dress. I would say sell the others.

Rose&Bird said...

I'm kind of with Vix on this one - if you're unsure about any of them, they probably do need to go. For what it's worth these are my thoughts: 1 - sell around £12. 2 - keep, but get a strapless bra. 3 - sell, about £10. 4 - sell, about £12. 5 - sell, about 10. 6/7 - sell, about £8. 8 - keep, you might not have worn it yet, but you know what Vix says about the opportunity presenting itself if you have the right outfit!

Good luck for the fair, you deserve to sell lots x

geofb said...

I've no idea about prices but the black dress and the leopard print pants have to stay like many suggested before me.

Vintage Coconut said...

I really like that Wallis dress on you Curtise. And since you have had SOOOO MUCH help with the Get rid of or keep and pricing ... I will not chime in.

You look great in everything I would be no help anyways.

Now about the video... This maybe shouldn't be posted in a blog comment BUT.. When I was about 18 I was at a public pool in the change rooms getting my swimsuit on and a woman came in from the pool... (JUST PULLED OFF HER SWIMSUIT and started showering naked "I suppose thats not weird or it is... or I dunno anyhow.... SHE HAD LONG BRAIDED PUBES... (IT WAS alarming... I just kept sneaking glances because I could not believe what I was seeing... it was like a OH MY GOD EWWW *PEEK* EWWWW *PEEK* MOMENT. ahahahha)

two squirrels said...

Oh the Wallis dress is super cute on you. It's such a great style.
I think you look so so good in all the maybe market treasures. But that is no help.
I think if you are even a little unsure hold on to it. There will be other markets but would you find the treasure again????
Now the video was so funny!!!!!!!!!
Love v
PS you will be amazing at the market, I would so love to buy from you.

Comtesse de ferveur said...

These are all fabulous finds, hard to part with! Maybe the dresses you feel are too short for comfort (I don't think so!), because if you think that you might never wear them? The last lace dress is a beauty and I love the caped one! xx

Anonymous said...

I love "pleats please me" it's a fun skirt. I wouldn't keep anything I felt uncomfortable in - that's my theory anyway. In practice I'm not so good at getting rid of clothes. Fab collection of clothes. I'm sure they'll sell really well.

Luna Tiger said...

So many beautiful treasures here !!! It's very inspiring for me !
Please, check out my blog and tell me what you think :

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Curtise!

I love everything but i would sell the first 2 dress, by the way the first one looks great on you, but i would sell it
I would keep the 3rd dress, sell the fourth dress, keep the color block skirt, so cute on you!
Keep the leopard and blue skirt and sell the lace dress !

Good luck!


Rosemary the Shopper said...

A thousand thanks for nominating Mel of Bag and a Beret for the Fabulous Blogger Award. She has kindly nominated ME for the same award. I was over the moon!

About your dresses: I would say goodbye to them all. Mainly because I think there are probably even nicer things waiting for you in your travels. If you are in doubt, you're not in love with them (or the way they make you feel).

As far as price, it would depend on where you live. I have seen vintage things that really should be floor mops priced at substantial prices, I've seen divine things with silly small prices. (But not very often anymore, now that people love vintage!)

Hope this is of help. Again, mucho thanks for sending this Award out into the world to brighten our blogging Universe.

Much love from Rosemary (who also likes Wallis)

Rosemary the Shopper said...

HAD to comment on Hairy Bikini Line. I did make me laugh! Whatta hoot. Thankfully we can't always see ourselves as others do. We might get frightened!!

Much love from Rosemary,

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Hi Curtise, my two pennies worth is as follows: I like cape of good hope, pleat plse me, miaow and belle du jour (why on earth aren't you wearing belle du jour? All the time. It's fricking gorgeous on you).

However, I do agree with Vix and Rosemary that if you're not totally in love with any of them (like I'm in love with my new to me snuggly eidey - OMG, I'm still going on about it) then get rid. There that helped didn't it?!

Can't wait to see the clip about pubes when I get home. xx

Krista said...

Urgh where did the video go, I am curious!!! So many cool dresses and those leopard capri's sexy mama! I am really digging number 1 I say keep it for a while anyway. I also really dig the second disco dress too but I do think you could get a pretty penny for both. Dress number three and four are ok, love the color block skirt on you but I say sell the long polka dot one, I like the leopard capri's on you for sure...KEEP PLEASE and the black lace dress you should keep you will wear that I promise!

Now where is that video!!!

La Dama said...

You look fantasticin all your outfits.
But will you please keep the leopard capris and wallis dress.
Oh and the cape dress looks so bonito on you.
Sell the rest and buy yourself some frocks you can Oooo ahhhh about.
That pube video is hilarious. I have a few cousins with that problem,lol

Helga! said...

FECK I love that black and white cape frock!KEEP! A strapless or racer back bra would do it,I have a racer back one that is created with a wee clip.I also love the second frock!!
Now,it IS weird how you seem to be a superstart in Wallis frocks!Clearly they have a cut that suits you!
Funny how some frocks accentuate or camoflage the tits!!!I just need a few that do the camo bit!
I'm with Vanessa,I would buy from you just to get a smile,besides a fab frock!!


Bella Q said...

I say sell the whole lot- why? you look great in the clothing- but you're going to find more. Can you tell I've gotten used to letting my thrifty bargains go?

So you can then buy.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh. My. God. No one will notice a few strays haaaaaaaa!!!! Oh dear me thank you for that, now it's autumn I can grow a nice fluffy muff too!! Pleeeeeeeeze keep the first two frocks darling woman! I don't care about showing off my bra straps as long as they're pretty so I would keep them and I love the last black lacy frock SO much, but I know what you mean when you love it but don't wear it. Can't wait to hear about your stall, I really, really hope it went well for you:))) xxxxx

emre said...

you remind me Ayşen Gruda turkish actress :)