Sunday 7 February 2016

A tale of two skirts

If my blogging form of late were to be graded, it would probably score a poor D- (and that would be generous). The dog didn't eat my homework, I've just found it hard to summon up time, energy or inclination. 

Must Do Better, and I intend to try.

I'm in a skirt phase at the moment, and these two have been on high rotation, especially for work.

1950s wool jacket, Hobbs wool skirt, jumper and scarf - charity shopped
Boots - retail (sale)
1950s brooch - flea market

 1970-80s St Michael skirt, top, cardigan and scarf - charity shopped 
Boots - retail (sale)
Vintage Windsmoor faux fur coat - vintage fair

Despite the fact that tartan isn't my favourite print, I do like the colours and the different shapes of these two skirts. 

 I've worked some extra hours lately, covering at other shops and doing some sorting and pricing of stock for the vintage shop. It opens on February 15th, but I have next week off for half term, so yesterday was my final day at my old shop. 

Doors close, doors open.

We've had plenty of rain and howling winds, but the sun does occasionally shines; Owen and I took advantage of a break in the clouds to head to town. He needed a haircut as badly as I do.

 And because I like nothing better than a busman's holiday, I've managed to find time to peruse the charity shops and nab myself some vintage treasures.

1960-70s enamel pan
1970s maxi dress
1960s vinyl bag
1960s sewing pattern
1950-60s Franpear lurex sweater
1960s Petite Francaise silk duster coat

That last one was the real bargain of the bunch - an immaculate vintage slub silk coat for £2.50? Now that's why I go scouring the rails of charity shops on my days off. 

The ever-useful Vintage Fashion Guild's label resource informs me that Petite Francaise was probably a British label, started in the mid-1960s, producing beautifully tailored dresses and matching jackets.

My old tan boots have started to let the rain in, so I was pleased to find these Hush Puppies at half price as a replacement. The old boots will still be fine when the weather allows. 

I'll link to the lovely Patti and her Visible Monday gathering, and I'll be round to see what everyone has been up to as well. 

It's been a sad week. George's funeral was a highly emotional occasion for everyone, but a warm, personal and beautifully thoughtful tribute to a lovely young man. And I'm sorry to be leaving my little team of staff and volunteers at Nether Edge.

Onwards, upwards...



Ivy Black said...

Hello treasure. Looking toasty and chic so yo are. How exciting..the new shop but nice that you have half term off for a break.
Love that bag. It's lush.
Well, it's blowing another bleeding gale now and I could just do with that fab coat of yours.
Loves ya!

Goody said...

You know I love a good tartan-and those are both great.

Good to have a break before the new shop opens-best of luck to you with it, you've put a great deal of time and energy into it, and I'm jealous I can't pop over and have a rummage through as I know anything hand-picked and curated by Curtise will be as fab as she is! You are. Yes, you ARE.

Oh man, that vinyl bag is giving me heart palpitations-incredible.

Mother of Reinvention said...

Buggeration, I am sending a hug to you all. You look stunning in tartan. I really like the green version. The skirt is great. Can't believe that it is half term already. This year is just flying past. I am very taken with your duster coat. It is very "dressy". Best of luck for the opening of your shop. I am sure that it will be fabulous event and a very successful enterprise with you at the helm. Xx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

£2.50 for that coat? Blimey, I got charged 4 times that for brunch this afternoon and it was rubbish! (serves me right I guess, going to the 'naice' part of town). In fact excellent purchases all round. x

Ivana Split said...

both of these tartan prints are gorgeous...I like the unusual cut of the first skirt but I also really like the pencil cut of the second one! The print on both of them is so perfect!!!I'm a big fan of tartan:)
Lovely styling, I do really like both of these looks.

Finding time for blogging can be tricky, but I always say that there is nothing wrong with taking a long as you remember to come back.

Shortbread and Ginger said...

I really like those skirts - especially the green one!

SAM said...

I'm surprised you don't care for those patterns because you wear them so well. Now that I am properly rested, I do plan to organize my wardrobe for the week, and if I find my camera, I will get pictures posted. You, your family, and yung George and his friends have been in my thoughts often as I have spent so much time with my daughter and school mates chaperoning activities.Each young life is a gift and I am happy for you all that you were able to say goodbye in ways that were meaningful.

Lynn Holland said...

Onwards and upwards indeed Curtise and you've ignited my need for a charity shop outing. You've got some lovely stuff, I like that bag.
I'm looking forward to hearing how the new job goes. Good luck, we'll be thinking of you
Lynn xx
Ps the vat return is done and I went on a mad creating session after. A girl has to have a bit of balance xx

freckleface said...

Yes, I imagine it was a very emotional occasion. I'm so glad George had a fitting tribute, sounds like lots of people turned out to say their goodbyes.
Personally I'd give you an A star for just keeping going, with everything you've got on your plate at the moment. So happy you've got a week off, and a little time to just breathe. I have a week off coming up and I intend to do either nothing or nice things. No jobs allowed!! Who knows, I might even manage a blog post meself.
You look pretty damned good in those tartan skirts, love the unusual shape of the Hobbs skirt and the Hush puppies are a great buy. You'll get plenty of wear but no corns out of those! Xxxxx p.s. Excited you have a date!

Kezzie said...

It's SO nice to hear from you Curtise, I've been wondering about how you are getting on (I was looking at my 1970's dress and it made me think of you!)
Ooh, so exciting about the new shop and I am excited about your posts after that!
Your green and navy tartans are amazing and you wear them SO well, I love how you team them up for the perfect look. Especially love the green!

Unknown said...

Oh i love that green skirt! And its so great to hear from You!

Connie said...

I KNEW you were busy. And there is no need for excuses. When was the last time you saw a post from me? Exactly. Well, I love a plaid. Almost to the point of obsession. And green is my favorite color. So of course I love your skirts. Love 'em. Love you in 'em. You are looking quite snazzy for sure. I'm glad they had a nice tribute for young George. Still the sadness lingers, I know all too well.

thorne garnet said...

great finds. That pans is cheerful.

How exciting to finally open the new shop! Sell lots and lots!

Sorry to hear about the young fellows passing. Hugs to all

Porcelina said...

Snazzy skirts there Curtise! And some great charity shop finds. It's been slim pickings here, the weather has prohibited bootsales as it's been so wet, and I've been working hard and not had as much time to do the charity shop swoop. xx

Fiona said...

How lovely to see you...didn't expect to hear from you again quite so soon, so it's a House Point from me.
You look super in your tartan skirts, I particularly like the unusual hemline and you've scored some major bargains there. Fabbo enamelware and handbag..also loving the new half price boots.xxxxx

Unknown said...

Love both skirts, especially the green one! You've been a mighty busy girl! But you found some great finds at the thrift, that enamel pan had me so jealous. Have a lovely holiday! :)

Tami Von Zalez said...

Ah, I see we both opted for plaid.

Amazing what you can find for thrifted fashion. Sometimes you can go for months and find nothing and then find an armload of clothes when someone donates in your size.

Patti said...

Doors are indeed opening for you, dear Curtise! I do the same as you and take my time off to rummage through a new thrift store. You look marvelous in your plaid skirts, and your new boots look like winter perfection. Thanks so much for sharing, xox


Olga Rani said...

Nice colour combinations in both looks Curtise! I especially like that juicy green.

Jazzy Jack said...

Curtise, your life is really in flux at the moment!
No need to apologise. You know I understand.
A good wool skirt and a nice pair of boots is just a must in Winter. Especially damp winter.
These are lovely examples.
I'm rooting for you with the opening of the new store. How exciting!
Glad you are keeping your spirits up with some shopping. And what finds. That jacket!!!
Hugs from warm muggy Canberra.
Xo Jazzy Jack

bahnwärterin said...

the blue coat is just beautiful - and that price! ha!!
for not liking tartan this skirts look gorgeous on you - and i really love your sense for color combination! fab find with the tan boots for half the price!
but the most exiting ist - THE DATE FOR THE VINTAGE SHOP OPENING! fingers and toes and paws are crossed here for a marvelous start!!!

BadPenny said...

Blog writing has been put on the back burner for me recently as the shop has taken over my life !
Have a good half term with a fresh exciting start afterwards. Wishing you a great opening of the vintage shop x

Unknown said...

No funeral is easy but a childs I think is even more painful I really feel for you all. Its good to see you posting even if its not many we all lose the mojo every once in a while so your not alone. I am in love with that enamel pot I actually have that same pattern colour etc in the casserole version and I love it great find. Lovely buys and love your skirts you look fabulous as always. Good luck in the new job you are going to love it and they always say a change is as good as a rest. dee xxx

Mim said...

George's funeral must have been so sad. Here's hoping for brighter days ahead.

I love tartan, and that green skirt is particularly nice. You do find some great things.

Vix said...

Funerals are never easy but a child's must have been unbearable. RIP George.
Fabulous work outfits, no polyester trousers for our Curtise. What is it with Tartan? I sold a 1970s midi yesterday and kicked myself for not trying it on first, it looked brilliant on the hipster that bought it...grrr!
Fab finds, the enamelled pan and the tan shopper are stunners and yay to half price boots.
Finally the new shop! How exciting.
Love you! xxxxx

amie k said...

So sorry to hear about the funeral Curtise-how terribly sad for you and your family.

I do love those skirts, you wear them so well! The boots were a great find too; always worth hanging out for the sales to make a bigger purchase like that I think.

XO Amie

Credit Crunch Chic

Shelley said...

I was wondering how you were doing - I knew the aftermath of George's death would be so hard on everyone. Sometimes keeping busy is the best distraction.

I like the shapes and colours in both of those skirts. I have never thought of myself as a fan of plaids and tartans, but if the colour combination is right, I'll wear it.

Good luck at the new store!

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

It's lovely to see you back, Curtise.

The tartans are lovely and the green is particularly gorgeous although you look smashing in both of them. The boots are great and go well with the skirts. Love the fur coat,too!

You have done so well scouring the charity shops and the duster coat is absolutely fabulous. I remember having a duster coat in the 60s and I loved it. I think it had a matching dress. My mum had a a duster coat and matching dress too, so I always felt very grown up when we both wore them together.

Good luck with the new venture


Mrs Bertimus said...

Not being very talented in the kitchen department I don't usually get overly excited about cooking equipment, but.... Ooo....that pan!
Looking tres chic in tartan me dear x

Natalia Lialina said...

So sorry it was a sad week for you, Curtise. I've been experiencing a loss lately, and feeling very unevenly. The loss of a child or our child's friend... it's just unbearably sad. Big hugs to you and Claudia!

You are beautiful and elegant in your tartan skirts (what an interesting bottom line too), and congratulations on starting your new shop so soon! The new boots are wonderful, such a beautiful tan, and the silk coat is a fantastic find.

As for blogging... it comes and goes, other things in life take over, and we all understand. You are never a D student, Curtise.

Señora Allnut said...

fabulous tartan skirts, and love how you wear them with lots of attitude and cool color combos!, really love both of them, with their different patterns, colors and shapes, and love your tall boots too, nice to see you've replaced successfully your tan boots!
besos & have a nice week!

Sheila said...

I adore your plaids and seeing your vintage finds - you have such a good eye! I finally caved and bought myself new practical flat black boots, sigh. I just couldn't find 'em second hand, so bought new (although half price).

Ulla-Marie said...

Sorry to hear about your lost, but when it comes to your treasures and your outfits - love it. Especially the clear green skirt and the vinyl bag.

Lisa said...

Love the green outfit, the pop of pink with it looks great.
The cut of that jacket is wonderful, very elegant.That was a great find in among some other good finds.
Good luck with the new job, I hope they gave you a good send off in your old place.
Lisa x

Suzanne said...

You know you're addicted to thrifting when you work in a thrift store and then spend your off time also thrifting!

Love the skirts and the new finds.


Miss Magpie said...

I can't begin to imagine how hard the funeral must have been, they are sad enough at the best of times.

I adore tartan and think you look fabulous in both skirts. I can't wait to hear all about your new shop. x

Beth Waltz said...

How nice that Fortuna placed that duster in your path: consider it an good omen! Now we'll be watching to see what you wear with it, and to what occasion.

Tartans are timeless, so are good boots, especially Hush Puppies. Sometimes even we fans of second-hand roses must buy new (but always on sale, we have standards).

Of course, dear Curtise, you're drained after having shepherded your kids through the ordeal of a young friend's passing. Survivors heal but they carry scars. They're blessed you're there to show them how we move forward around questions that have no answers.

Melanie said...

So sad about George, such a tragedy.

I love tartan and used to wear a green mini frequently ad a teen. I always think it'd be nice to make myself a red tartan dress xxx

The Style Crone said...

So sorry about George, Curtise.

I understand about the lack of time to get everything done. I'm finding myself in a similar situation. Best wishes for your new job. I know you will be a smash hit and that you've found your calling! The two skirts look fabulous on you.

Anonymous said...

It's sometimes hard to keep blogging when there's lots going on in lfe. Hope you manage to keep going.
I love the green outfit - really suits you.
Norma x

Sue said...

Just when you say haircut I was thinking how nice your hair was looking! Typical really. So glad your job is enjoyable, so many people trudge off to work daily hating it, life is far too short for that. The funeral of one so young is always sad, hopefully you won't have anymore to attend. Love your tartan looks, and your new boots are fabulous.

Unknown said...

Love that red tartan skirt, looks fab. Am sure the weather doesn't help mojo nor being so busy. Enjoy half term - we are so pleased its finally here!! Love Jules @bohomumma

Melanie said...

So happy to see you, Curtise, although my blogging has been bordering on failing grades lately too. Love what you're wearing but especially the greens - oh how I long for full-on spring sunshine and the green reminds me of buds. Ha. Love that bag you nabbed! And I'm glad work seems so flexible at the moment. Great shot of Owen, too.

So sad about George - I'm glad it was a warm service.
But I must end with a view to the open doors ahead.

Trees said...

There's nothing as sad as a funeral for a child, one of my friends children passed away last year and all I could think was how unfair the world is. As you said, onward and upwards, thinking of you and yours and one a brighter note its is lovely to "see" you again and you do rock the tartan xo