Monday, 18 January 2016

Hey babe, let's go out tonight

Hello? Anybody there?

I hope so; it's odd being away from blogging. I've felt a disturbing echo of ancient adolescent angst, a fear that everyone else in the world is off having all the fun without me... 

Life's been going on as usual.
Work is busy - January is obviously Major Clear Out Month, the donations have been piling in. The vintage shop still isn't open but it's looking likely for February. We'll see.

1970s blouse and maxi skirt, 1960s Astraka faux fur coat, suede waistcoat, vintage leather gloves, beret and ankle boots - all charity shopped
We've had a mere dusting of snow, which has made a change from the incessant rain. The garden is a quagmire, the cats and I are not impressed.
 Jess' winter fluff, on the other hand, is very impressive. 

On Saturday, we all went to see An Inspector Calls at the Lyceum theatre (the building on the right).

Over dinner afterwards, we debated the nature of the mysterious Inspector, admired the staging of the production, and discussed whether polemic makes for good theatre. Well, Simon and I did - the kids may have been ignoring us and troughing their puddings at this point.
It was snowing by the time we went home.
Thank you for your kind comments on my previous post.

And in the spirit of getting back to normal around here, I'll be joining Patti's Visible Monday, and coming to visit everyone. What's been happening?



Sarah Jane said...

Glad you're back and looking in fine form even though you may not be feeling it. Nights at the theatre followed by some hearty discussion and analysis is a fantastic way to spend an evening with the family. My 8 year old would probably be chewing her arm off with boredom if we tried that. What's your secret?? xx

Sarah Jane said...

Woo hoo first!

Connie said...

Heeeeeeeey you gorgeous thing. I've been thinking about you! So happy to see you looking maxilicious. And your kids are growing up. Eek! How does that happen? Can't wait to hear about the opening of the shop!

Patti said...

It's so great to see you again, Curtise - and all maximalized in this great outfit. Is it proper for a non-relative to comment on how the children keep sprouting up? They all look delightful. Thanks for linking, miss you,


Veronica Cooke said...

Curtise, it's lovely to see you!

Lovely outfit - such lovely shades of blue and a gorgeous jacket to set it off, very elegant you


Mother of Reinvention said...

Hello missus. Glad that you are back. We are still all here. You look lovely in that outfit, your coat is beautiful and snuggly looking and looks fab with that maxi. Sprogzilla was doing "An Inspector Calls" at school. I hope that your lovely children enjoyed it. The theatre is a fab experience. Xx

Goody said...

Still here, nice to see you.

All I get for, "Conversation" with my kid is me talking and an occasional grunt or eye roll to at least let me know my presence is acknowledged.

You're looking well put together even if you're exhausted. Those gloves were a great find, and leather too. Isn't it funny how a small detail like buttons can change something from utilitarian to fashionable?

Hope your snow melts soon and Mother Nature starts behaving herself better.

Porcelina said...

Another gorgeous outfit, this reminds me of the colours on a blue butterfly. You are dressed so cheerily, it must be heartening against the slush of the garden! I do find a nice stripe or a bit of colour - or cherries, as you've seen in my last post - does wonders for my mood. My husband swears that if he wears black jeans he becomes a bit sad, I think there are some interesting psychological effects where clothing is concerned. A PhD for someone! xx

Fiona said...

Yes I'm here, lovely to see you back, have been thinking of you.
Lovely pic of the LB's (remember when you used to call them that?) Not so L anymore. I'd love to give Jess a cuddle, I've been missing Prudy lately, probably as I've been home more over the winter but am still undecided about getting another at this time. You are fabulous in blue, I especially like the gloves...very smart!

Laurie Duncan said...

Glad you are back, you were missed! I love the blue in your outfit and of course that great coat! :)

SAM said...

You were missed-been thinking a lot about you al and Claudia since your last post. You look completely brilliant, and I love getting out with the family to plays-sounds like a good one when you can discuss and theorize afterwards.

Kezzie said...

So nice to hear from you!!! You're looking beautiful as usual!
I have NEVER seen an Inspector Calls and I have always kept missing it when its on! I should love it I feel!
Yes, sadly my landlord gave us one month's notice as he needs to move back in so I have had to find somewhere else to live!x

Beth Waltz said...

Maxi's are sooo good for glamorous concealment of long winter undies! The Astraka coat is enviably plush, but oh, those elegant blue gloves! Were they in my dinner theatre wardrobe, I'd eat my meal like a Victorian lady, with the gloves worn.

That's a splendid photo of the fountains, Curtise. This post might have been titled "Symphony in Blues".

Jazzy Jack said...

Elecric blues are sooo cool in the snow.
Glad you are able to get out and about, and to the theatre.
Loving this outfit on you.
Your kids are gorgeous as usual! I imagine you are really appreciating them at this moment.
Enjoy the snow!
Xo Jazzy Jack

Sheila said...

There you are! Lovely to see you - I adore your blues, and seeing your suede waistcoat reminds me that I haven't worn mine yet this season. Look at the fluffy kitty!

Olga Rani said...

It's nice to see you back Curtise! Looking gorgeous as always! Love the fur coat and the dress is simply fantastic!

Sue said...

Good to see your lovely smiling face again. Snow!!! We don't get any here and I always wish we did, but then my English friends remind me of the downsides to snow.

Delia West said...

Good to you back lovely I adore the photo of your children leaning up against the wall such a happy natural shot defiantly one for the album. The shop sounds exciting but a bit frustrating to getting it ready for its open day. We haven't had snow yet but my god its white over with frost and is freezing this morning. take care lovely, dee xxx

Shortbread and Ginger said...

Love those rings - great shades of blue!

Lisa said...

I think we could all do with a bit of winter fluff.
Great photo of the children, I can hear your youngest laughing!
The BBC adaptation last year of AIC was fab.
I've been one of those sorting and offloading at the charity shops and being pretty good and hardly buying anything. Saving myself for when the car boots start later in the year!
Lisa x

Melanie said...

It's funny to read that you thought everyone was off having fun; meanwhile, I thought that you were off having fun. Hahaha! Apparently fun is being had by all.

I love seeing your Curtise style again, your patterned maxi and Astraka coat and beret and all the rest. And of course your family as well. I guess time doesn't stand still. It's exciting that the shop will open soon. Your inventory will fly off the shelves.

Big hugs.

Mim said...

Jess looks gorgeous in the snow.

We have been having fun, but it's much more fun with you here! (I know that fear well, but you haven't been gone *that* long.) I found a couple of bits in a chazza at the weekend, my first in months, so hurrah for clear-out month.

Kylie said...

Hi Curtise,
it's tricky to work full-time and blog. I know!
I love that Miss Nina is doing her own thing in that photo. Hi Nina x

Shelley said...

So nice to see you - I was thinking about you this week and hoping that you were feeling a bit better. I don't know that there has been much fun over here; certainly nothing worth blogging about.

You and Jess are wearing lovely fur in this post! We have finally got winter over here, so it's on with the boots, hats, scarves, etc.

Lynn Holland said...

ooh er missus I'm mightily impressed with your outfit. Can I bags the skirt and blouse when you've had enough of them, they are gorgeous.

Talking of theatre visits we went to see The Girls at the Lowry last week and all I can say is I have never been to a show where I've wept with emotion and laughed so much at the same time. Gary Barlow and Tim Rich did a fantastic job. It should go to the West End.

Are you missing our lovely globe trotting mate, I bet she is a lot warmer than we are. Have a good week Curtise.

Lynn xx

Ivy Black said...

Oh yes..can we go out tonight? Lovely to see yer gorgeous self. I remember being in An Inspector Calls at school and studying it for
O Level, doing it at college and then doing it all again with my boys. It is a cracker though.
No snow here...just bleedin' parky but I would like to see a bit before the spring appears. Mind you, the way it's going it probably will snow in the spring.
Loves ya.

Carina Rosenholm said...

Glad You are back ! Missed You.

The Vintage Knitter said...

Astraka - great label. My Bet Lynch leopard coat is by them and bloody warm it is too. We've yet to have any snow, only hard frosts but here's hoping! xxx

Melanie said...

Looking lovely as ever, as is Jess :)
Missed you here, though to be honest I haven't been here much myself either xxx

Miss Magpie said...

Great to see you back. I am on a dead computer imposed break at the moment!

My Dad took me to see An Inspector Calls when I was about the age of your wee ones, I watched the BBC production just before Christmas with great nostalgia.

Fingers crossed for your February opening.

Jessica Cangiano said...

Fabulous colour palette. It makes me think of the chicest of chic peacocks. This whole outfit is tops!

♥ Jessica

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

I was saddened to read that such a young life was lost. Couldn't really think of the right words to express my thoughts in the comments section...maybe 'cause there aren't really the right words. Your post was written with great feeling and it touched me deeply.

Time does move on, and when not blogging it does feel a bit like missing out on the party, doesn't it? I'm in the same boat.This post is nice. It's homey and newsy and catches us up with what's been going on in your day to day life. Theatre is always a win in my books. Sometimes the pudding after surpasses the content of the play, but most often we get a good chinwag going about what we've seen. So fantastic that you went with the entire family!

Hope to see you back soon cousin!

beate grigutsch said...

welcome back and thanx for your lovely comment @moi!
another beautiful blue outfit! warm and cozy in the snow with that very chic coat! and jess the cat looks like a lion!
always a treat to see your cute kids - even if they prefer pudding over theater analysis ;-)
hugs!!! xxxxx

thorne garnet said...

been busy at work, too. We've been working on 3 shows at once. A ballet, opera and tour. Luck you us, we pulled most of it. Hip Hip Hooray for stock!

Natalia Lialina said...

It's really lovely to see you, Curtise - I missed your posts and gorgeous outfits. This one is so elegant, great subtle shades with bright blue - gorgeous look, as always! The night at the theater, dinner, discussion, pudding and coming back home in a snowy town... it all sounds so lovely. Your kids are adorable - and such a fun photo as well, I always wonder whose idea it was. :)

BadPenny said...

Oh, the donations are never ending... We need them but so much we can' t sell that we do feel like a dumping ground. lovely to visit the theatre together

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

A combination of black and blue, and a proper cat. Splendid!

Ivana Split said...

you look so lovely! I do like that maxi skirt and the blouse is simply the perfect pairing for it. Blue and black is always a nice colour combo...and how marvellous are those blue glooves.

p.s. your cat is so adorable!!!

Mrs Bertimus said...

Wow! That outfit! That colour! Can't wait for the shop to open! X

Amie Kewley said...

Curtise! You look lovely. I am missing out on my favourite vintage bloggers, with Vix in India on her travels. I was sorry to read your last post about the friend of your daughter's. How terribly sad.

XO Amie

Credit Crunch Chic

kobieta niewidzialna said...

Very nice vintage style ,you do it very good. Best regards :)

Jean at said...

You've sent me to the dictionary with "polemic"! I love that. Your pretty blues make me happy, as does the bit of snow; I enjoy it in small doses. Your kitty is absolutely gorgeous, and the children look fabulous. (Yes, you can tell them I said so.)

Happy to see you out and about with your family. Stay warm in every way. Love you. XXOO

Louise Oakes said...

I love that stripy skirt. I've not seen An Inspector Calls at the theatre though I've seen the Alistair Simon film and the tv version made last year. How did they deal with the flashback bits? You have a very fine looking cat too.

Trees said...

Lovely to see you blogging again and I always think snow looks so pretty, easy enough for me to say though isn't it seen as it doesn't snow here :) You look great in that stripey skirt!

The Style Crone said...

So happy to see you back! Looking gorgeous, as always, in your symphony of blues. Vintage leather gloves are the best!

Your children are growing up before our eyes!

freckleface said...

'Ey up missus, there you are! I'll go out with you any time. All the fun? I'm sat watching my mum sleep listening to another resident shouting 'I've 'ad no dinner. You're not feeding me and it's time you did. I'm 'ungry and angry. Where's me dinner?!' I have to confess it is making me chuckle as she eats like a Queen all day long. Ooh, sounds like things are slowly happening behind the scenes. It'll be Feb next week! What a lovely cultured thing to do, a family trip to the theatre with discussion afterwards. I think that sounds great. We had snow for a few hours. I loved it xxxxx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Kids keep doing their kid thing and it's hard to keep up with being a grown up I find, and yes, that fear has been named by the kind of publications which keep up with modern nonsense - apparently it's FOMO, or Fear of Missing Out! It took me an age to clear all the spam comments off my blog and update the bloggers who are still around on my sidebar, there's been a lot of change but it's heartening to see you still finding fabulous outfits and accessorizing like a good'un!

The kids look so grown up now (and I'm waiting for secondary school news in March, yikes!)

Vix said...

Snow? Really! I had no idea.
Looking blinking fabulous in your funky prints and fake fur and those gloves are stunners. Jess is blinking gorgeous.
Love the gang of three looking all grown up and cool.
Blogland does seem quiet, I was amazed to see that I'd only got 317 posts to read when I got back...arghhhh!
Love you. xxx