Monday, 8 June 2015

Is it normal...

to go out in your pyjamas, young lady?

A man shouted this at me today. Mind you, he was standing outside a pub with a drink in his hand at the time, and I suspect he'd probably been there a while.

He was wrong on all counts - I'm neither young, nor a lady, and this jumpsuit certainly isn't intended as nightwear. 

As to whether my dress sense is normal - well, who cares?

I made the jumpsuit from a vintage sheet and this 1967 pattern. 

It was surprisingly straightforward, although I had to take it in significantly and adjust the placement of the bust darts. As a piece of sewing, I'm really pleased with it; it's a great fit, the sleeves and zip are the neatest I have ever achieved, but I do wish I'd had a go at matching up the print.

Ah well - maybe next time.

Jumpsuit - surprisingly well-made by me
Hair flower, chain belt, bangles and platform sandals - charity shopped

Joanne, Sue and I were out this morning taking photos of statues for a project Sue is working on. Of course we fitted in a coffee and plenty of chat along the way.

We found war memorials in Dore and Gleadless;

a squat and grim-faced Queen Vic in Endcliffe Park;

The Spirit of the Woods and his accompanying imps and woodland creatures in the Botanical Gardens;

and the handsome yet rather sad bear in the Bear Pit.

There's Sue re-enacting a scene from Blow-Up.

He didn't seem to mind, he's used to the attention.

So that was a good start the week, unsolicited wardrobe commentary from a pissed-up stranger apart...

Hmm, what ridiculously abnormal item of clothing shall I make next? 

Taking my PJs over to Patti's for Visible Monday!



Lesley Extance said...

What a silly man , I love your jumpsuit ,I love the floral print the colours and you look great in it ! so clever of you making it, best wishes Curtise xxx

Annie said...

Pyjamas, my arse! :) I'm so impressed with your sewing skills. The jumpsuit is quite stunning. I know you once said you struggled with trousers, but that looks just amazing, and so summery.

The War Memorials are very moving, but I love the woodland creatures and the dignified bear.

Great shot of Sue's Blow-Up moment! :)

Love, Annie xxx

Laurie Duncan said...

Great job on the jumpsuit! You look wonderful! I love that bear statue, looks like he needs a hug. But what is he doing in a pit? :)

Carina Rosenholm said...

A beatiful woman in a great pj !
Xx x

Melanie said...

Pfft, some people are so rude, you look fab! I'm preparing a pattern to start on at the moment to break a years sewing drought :)
Love the bunny on the spirit of the woods statue xx

diaryofapennypincher said...

How clever are you! You are a walking piece of art in that Monet print sheet couture jumpsuit. As for the drunk, what a prat!

Caramella said...

You look gorgeous in your pjs:) He must have been half asleep!

Mother of Reinvention said...

You look fan-bloody-tastic in that jumpsuit. How well made is that? I love it, you look fabulous. Your getting really great at this sewing lark. Xxxx

Suzanne Carillo said...

Ha ha! Love your pjs! Cheeky bastard.

I'm very impressed with your sewing talents and tenacity.


Kezzie said...

Oh the bear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your jumpsuit is brilliant. I am not keen on them because of the difficulty in going to the loo but I LOVE how they look!!x

Vix said...

That jumpsuit is fantastic! Loving the print, I bet you were scared to get the scissors in that fab fabric.
Yes, jumpsuits are surprisingly easy to make and I have the same problem as you, they come up massive. Crotch to the knee and legs so long I need stilts.
All I can say is that the man's wife obviously has excellent taste in pyjamas.
Amazing statuary especially shitty Queen Vic although sexy man with a mallet is a bit special. Blow Up is Jon's favourite film ever.
Make another jumpsuit - go on!
Love you! xxx

Fiona said...

Obviously the Special Brew had affected his eyesight! Bloody posh 'jamas I'd say. What a fantastic job you've made of these Curtise, I'm so impressed by your sewing know-how. What? No cats photobombing? xxx

Louise McDonagh said...

They look so cool and comfy, far too posh for bedtime xx

beate grigutsch said...

this jumpsuit is trés chic!!! such an elegant garment!!!! you definitely need a yacht at the cote azure for this! :-)
and do that colors suit you!!! love the big scale print!
you made me curious about that statuary project - the blow up shoot is gorgeous! and that glasshouses are just beautiful! wish you an wonderful week!!! xxxxx

thorne garnet said...

old Queen Vic needs a bit of a scrub up. What a cute bear!

freckleface said...

Wow, that jumpsuit is AMAZING! Well done Curtise, you're a pro, I love it. Looks just wonderful on you and it has sleeves and everything!! That fabric is gorgeous, like a Monet paingint. That man obviously wanted you to notice him :) I always have to take patterns in. They must make them big. When I was a kid, bears were my favourite animal, and I still have a very soft spot for those carved Bavarian ones. This one reminds me of them. The Spirit of the woods is lovely too. Aw, there's Jo :) xxxx

jodie filogomo said...

Just to cause a ruckus...I can see what the man is referring to (a little). Maybe a long gold necklace would have made it seem more public looking? Then again, you really look great in it---and it'd be horrible if we all looked the same on a daily basis! jodie

Gracey the Giant said...

I can't believe you made that jumpsuit; it's gorgeous! It's absolutely perfect on you and the print is fabulous. I love this!!!

Patti said...

Well done on the jumpsuit - it looks wonderful! And so do you, and thanks for linking up. xox

Kylie said...

You are sew clever Curtise! (sorry)
I love your jumpsuit and the Monet-ish print on the fabric YOU(!) made it from.
(my own sewing machine is covered in dust)

Jazzy Jack said...

You are an example of practise making perfect. You just have to get in and have a go!
Gorgeous print, and gorgeous colour on you with that pretty flower in your hair.
You can swan about looking elegant and feeling comfortable...oh wait, you already do that!
Love all the slightly scary statues. You must have had fun. Not to self: must collect girlfriends and tour the statues!
Xo Jazzy Jack

SAM said...

Just what I picture elegant ladies wearing while serving cocktails on the veranda while a game of croquet goes on the lawn, or one of the original Charlies Angels chasing baddies.

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Any and all comments from blokes outside pubs, or from dweebs in passing vehicles are irrelevant in my much as I would love to be addressed as young lady intentionally. You look fabulous Curtise! I really love the pattern! I think I'm liking the aesthetic of the 60's more and more! Print matching takes some practice, and even more fabric.

Thanks for suggesting I make a jumpsuit too! I've already got some ideas up my sleeve....I'm such a dork...getting all excited 'cause ya dared me.

I love the Spirit of the Woods statue with the rabbit! And is it stupid to ask...are there bears in the UK? We have quite a few bears in BC, some even show up in the suburbs, much to my dismay. {It means 'relocating' them, which might mean killing them :(}

Goody said...

If anyone called me, "Young" I'd probably knock him over in the rush to grab and kiss him! Even if he completely lacks fashion sense.

You did a great job with the jumpsuit. Poor old bear. Poor old Queen Victoria!

Sheila said...

Wonderful jumpsuit! I'm agog that you made it (I haven't a sewing bone in my body).

Sue said...

Well done on your jumpsuit, love it!! Looks far better than any mass produced shoddily thrown together in a sweat shop environment one! The joys of sewing at home, perfection, and individualism. As for the DRUNK, hope you smiled sweetly and flipped the bird at him. Gorgeous photos of statues, I rather like statues. Maybe I shall photograph what we have on offer in my town.

Lisa said...

Congrats on such a good make, will there be another in the pipeline soon?
QV looks so miserable! The bear has such a sad look doesn't he, I hope all the visitors cheer him up.
Lisa x

BadPenny said...

Very stylish & summery. Queen Victoria really doesn't look happy & the bear looks so sad in his pit.

Husband's aunt owns a BMW showroom in Scotland. She was driving a convertible to Glasgow with a friend ( two white haired ladies in their 70s ) They stopped at traffic lights when a workman looked over & shouted, " What a waste ! "
The aunt looked back & yelled, " At least I've got one ! "

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

Love this attitude: "I'm neither young, nor a lady, and this jumpsuit certainly isn't intended as nightwear".

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

AND - love the jumpsuit! Of course.

Mim said...

That is a splendid jumpsuit, and if it looks like any sort of pyjamas, it's the beach sort - which are perfectly acceptable to wear around town. Maybe the comment was wishful thinking on his part.

Miss Magpie said...

Clearly he's used to people who wear very exotic pyjamas!

I love the bear and want to steal him for my garden.

The Vintage Knitter said...

Loving the jumpsuit and especially the reclaimed sheet fabric - it must have been a very glam sheet. Ah yes, being heckled by likely a pisshead - was the pub a Wetherspoon's by any chance? That chain attracts 'em like a magnet round here.

Some great statues. That Victoria one is the stuff of nightmares, but the Spirit of the Woods is truly beautiful and I love how the rabbits' heads are shiny from all the stroking they've received. xx

Olga Rani said...

Nice to see your progress with sewing. The jumpsuit looks great! Curious sculptures. The bear is especially charming.

Melanie said...

I love how he called you young. Silver linings. Your jumpsuit is absolutely divine. That you made it makes it even better. The fabric is gorgeous. I'm elated that your dress sense is not normal!
Sue is so impressive with her high-end photography skills. One must be dedicated to one's craft.

Natalia Lialina said...

Heavenly!!! Love everything - starting from the fabric you chose, the fit, the attitude, the details and accessories, and the best of all - it is made by the very talented and wonderful YOU! Sounds like you had a great get together and explore with girls. I love the bear sculpture! I will have to share it with Justin who just loves bears. :) Much admiration, my dear! xxxxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

The jumpsuit is quite lovely, and all the more so because you made it yourself. Your sewing skills are improving with each project; I have no doubt you will be matching patterns in no time.

Alcohol does seem to encourage one to express opinions loudly and boldly. I had an older man who may or may not have been a bit drunk admonish me for my hair style and colour by stating quite loudly "That (pointing to my hair) not for you, that for young people!"

I used to love photographing cemetery sculpture, especially when I was in the UK and Paris. I like the very stalwart looking bear.

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Ooh, clever you! I love your jumpsuit. Don't beat yourself up about pattern matching. There's not much fabric in a sheet once your pattern pieces are on it anyway.

As for the male attention, it was probably a chat up line Curtise! Lucky you! xxxx

Angels have Red Hair said...

Oh that bear is fantastic ... love him. Though I feel a little sorry for Queen Vic ... she hasn't had a good bath for a while and she's NOT happy about it ;0)

Porcelina said...

It's fabulous, like 1930s beach pjyamas, which I adore! Aren't you clever? xx

Ivy Black said...

You look fab and that jumpsuit is divine. Love the fabric. I wouldn't worry about matching patterns's too short.
Love all the statues too. I can't get enough pictures of statues wherever I go. At least they keep still for a photo and don't mind being draped over.
The bear is wonderful. I'd like him in my garden. I'll send you the postage costs and leave that one with you then, darling!
Loves ya!

Ivy Black said...

You look fab and that jumpsuit is divine. Love the fabric. I wouldn't worry about matching patterns's too short.
Love all the statues too. I can't get enough pictures of statues wherever I go. At least they keep still for a photo and don't mind being draped over.
The bear is wonderful. I'd like him in my garden. I'll send you the postage costs and leave that one with you then, darling!
Loves ya!

Ivy Black said...

Sorry...hit the button twice. It's the excitement of having that bear standing in my geraniums.x

The Style Crone said...

Your jumpsuit is gorgeous, with its blue background and pink roses, accessorized with a hair flower. I'm so impressed that you created this beauty yourself. Who cares what anyone says and consider the source. And what's normal anyway?

Your photos of the statures are exemplary. You are truly multitalented!

peaches mcginty said...

Pyjamas??? what was he drinking???? has he any concept of the magnificent jumpsuit? I feel pity for him, the fool! you made a beautiful jumpsuit, I'm all agog with your talent (I've seen patterns, ok maybe 1, but it was still terrifying) the pattern/colour is beautiful, of course you look flaming gorgeous in it - Poor old Queen Vic, very dour, probably pissed off over all the bird shit, still the statues are incredible, the sad bear makes me want to hold him (I really must stop personifying inanimate objects/statues!) x x x

Winter Moon said...

Ooh, those statues! I love them all, and your jump suit is blooming gorgeous. I see many people strolling around in their pyjamas, and they most certainly don't look like this. (silly man!) xx

Shawna McComber said...

Life is more interesting when spiced up with comments from pissed up old men. Imagine if he had not been around to set you straight? Now that you know how to dress properly, you will be so much happier.

The statues are great and I love the woodland spirits, feel sorry for the poor queen with her dripping face and the bear is just so appealing, isn't he? How do I know it is a he? xoxo

Catherine said...

fabulous jump suit! sod the drunkards at the pub, their to blind to see the genius of it! I have a similar pattern that has cut outs on the side - i cant wait to make that for a fun party!