Friday, 12 June 2015

Best laid plans

I have worn this dress many times, and featured it on the blog fairly often too.

 I love it, everything about it, and when the thin cotton fabric finally disintegrates, I will shed real, salty tears.  

This post from last year explains why the dress has a particular place in my heart as well as my wardrobe.

Thankfully, it's holding up well to repeated wear.

 1970s maxi dress - community fair
Necklace, bangles and sunglasses - charity shopped
Sandals - retail (sale)
Laughing - at Charlie, he was chasing a bee

I have a start date for my new job (the week after next), and I'm feeling that familiar combination of excitement and anxiety at the prospect of doing something new.  It will be fine, I know it will, but I also know I have a lot to learn, and I want to be good at it, now.

 I'm trying not to fast-forward too much. It's better to make good use of the time I have left before the toad, work, squats on my life again.

Time for charity shopping - I've found the usual eclectic mix of things this week.

Vintage suitcase - £4 (plus one Jess, free)
1970s Kathie Winkle-designed plates - 50p each
1970s blouse - £3
1960-70s Spirograph-inspired copper brooch - £2
1960s Dents long gloves - £1
1963 Penguin edition of Rebecca - 50p
Hush Puppy sandals - £3
1970s West German-made Tower weighing scales - £3

Pretty vintage fabrics - shall I make dresses, skirts or flares?

According to this 1950s tin, Oxo is refreshing and stimulating. News to me.

Now, I had plans for this blog post, and for this evening, neither of which have come to fruition.

I was all set to do my first ever link-up, on the theme of old faithfuls, favourite outfits, or new clothing crushes which could grow into the Real Thing. How hard can it be, I thought, to cut and paste the HTML code into a post? That's all there is to it...

Err, not so. For some reason, the blue button failed to appear, the link didn't work, and I ended up deleting the post and going to bed last night in a right old huff.

Despite encouragement and tech support from Patti and Kezzie, I ditched the idea. A woman's gotta know her limitations.

And that was only a minor irritation at the side of today's news that the Fleetwood Mac gig in Manchester has been cancelled due to illness, with no plans to reschedule. I am soooo disappointed. Simon's offer to get the kids to sing Don't Stop for me instead is, quite frankly, no consolation at all.

I bet it's Lindsay Buckingham who's poorly. Bloody diva.

 C'est la vie.
I expect we'll head out for a curry tonight instead.

And if you feel inclined to tell me about your favourite frock (or your favourite Fleetwood Mac song) in your comment, that will go some way to mollifying my downcast and frustrated heart. 

Have a great weekend!



Melanie said...

I can see why you love this dress, it's a beauty.
Congratulations on the job, I'm sure you'll be wonderful :)
Fab finds too, why don't I see gloves like that round these parts. It's all the elderly ladies refusing to part with them no doubt.
That's a shame about Fleetwood Mac. My favourite song of theirs is Man of the World. And my favourite clothing item, my free to me fifties dress, my ice cream sundae skirt and the old favourite, bird skirt. Also my red wedge sandals are a favourite xxx

Vix said...

That dress is fabulous on you and I'll cry when it meets its maker, too. Fluttery sleeves and Curtise go together like beer and chips!
The Fleetwood's cancelled Brum this week, too, didn't they? Jon reckons "one of them's 'ad a mental" and who I am to argue?
Great finds. Love the Hush Puppies and Jess's case especially.
Did you know Cadbury's made Oxo flavoured chocolate in Victorian times? Urghhh!
Open a beer, crack out the patterns and make yourself something fabulous with that gorgeous new fabric. Got to be done.
Love you! xxxx

mondoagogo said...



Well, you did ask.

I don't have a favourite frock, because I don't wear frocks, but only because I can never find one in a style I like that fits properly (if it fits at the waist, it's too tight at the boobs, if it's wide enough for my bum, it's too wide at the shoulders...) When yours finally gives up the ghost it looks like there's enough fabric to make it into something else, so you don't have to lose it entirely :)

diaryofapennypincher said...

So infuriating to have a gig cancelled, hopefully they are all OK and will reschedule soon. Couldn't pick a favourite song as there's so many good ones! Don't give up on the link up, it sounds like fun! Your dress is indeed a stunner and suits you perfectly too. xxx

Lisa said...

Dress is pretty and floaty and just perfect.
Oxo isn't any of those things.
Good luck for the new job, you'll be fab in the new post.
Like the new blouse very much.
Lisa x

Mother of Reinvention said...

Can I put my head above the parapet and say I don't like Fleetwood Mac? No, thought not. ;) Do you know what you do when your dress finally shuffles of this mortal coil? Unpick it all and turn it into a pattern to make a new one.You have the power. Some things are just too good to retire forever (well most things -see above). Oh and if you have Netflix you could watch American Horror Story. Stevie Nicks is is Series 3 as a witch and she sings!xxxx p.s I am wearing a dress today for work. Got to work my "distractingly sexy" scientist mojo. :D

Laurie Duncan said...

Well, my fav Fleetwood Mac song is Rhiannon, sorry about the concert!
And my favorite frock will hopefully be the one I'm working on now, but I'm having some issues with the arm facing,so we will see! :)

Ivy Black said...

First of all, I'll bet it is Lindsay, the stroppy cow. I'll be off round there to slap his arse and get him on that stage. I bet he's had a flip out or Stevie's having a big lie down in a Gothic chamber. Honestly!
Anyway, you look bloody gorgeous and I do love that dress. I'll have a weep when goes to the great fabric bin in the sky too.
Lovely finds...can you have too many tins? Or fabric? Or sandals? What am I saying?
Rock on Gold Dust Woman...not 'arf.
One of my suppliers plays The Chain when they put you on hold. I buy stiff from them just for doing that!
Have a stonking weekend.
Loves ya.

Winter Moon said...

Ah I love the dress, it looks fab on you, you were right to keep it.

I am so envious of your Rebecca book ♥

Gorgeous fabrics, I'd say a dress, skirt and flares (if there's enough fabric).

My favourite Fleetwood Mac song, now that is a tough one!
The entire Rumours album :D xx

Kezzie said...

Oh bugger, what a shame about the link up, so sorry I couldn't help! Worth another try maybe? That's also rubbish re the gig-bunch of amateurs!!! Hope that someone can name you some lyrics, I know no Fleetwood Mac! Love your dress, I would buy one like that in a shot if I saw it!!x

Mrs Bertimus said...

You will be so fabulous in your new job!
So sorry to hear about the concert, how rubbish.

Miss Magpie said...

I too put my head over the parapet and say I'm not a Fleetwood fan but where would we be if we all liked the same stuff right?

You will be amazing in the new job. x x

Porcelina said...

Good luck with the new job!

My favourite item of clothing? Too hard to choose. But maybe a red dress that the other half bought me for my birthday once. It's got sentimental value I suppose!

Love that Maxi, can you make a copy so it lives forever?

Fiona said...

So sorry to hear about FM cancelling their gig, how bloody disappointing after looking forward to it for so long. Of course I bought the Rumours LP along with half of the population when it was released but I prefer the older FM music with Peter Green. (I once saw him play live in the back garden of a Captain that I used to fly with!) Man of The World and Green Manalishi are favourites.
You've done well at the chazzas...I LOVE the shape of those scales and no doubt you will whip up something fabulous with the lovely vintage fabric. Hope your weekend is better. xxxxxx

Goody said...

Congratulations on the job.

When Fleetwood Mac played here recently, they had to cut it short because Mick had a bad case of the shits. It *must* be true, I read it in the local paper. I can't imagine making that announcement to a stadium of people...

I vote for flares, but you knew that I would.

"Spare me a little,
Spare me a little
Spare me a little of your love."

Suzanne Carillo said...

Landslide, Go Your Own Way and Tusk...but heck I like almost all of them. I'm terribly disappointed for you. Must listen to them now in fact : )

So sorry your linky thing didn't happen. I've become quite "linked-out" lately. Too many links...not enough time!

Have a great second last weekend before the work starts!


Sheila said...

Ooh, I like that dress very much. It has wings! Johnny Marr jammed out on a concert here last December and never rescheduled. So disappointing!

I don't really have a dress that represents like that for me - I shrunk out of everything 7-8 years ago when I lost weight.

I always love your pictures. Kitty on a suitcase! Eee!

Patti said...

Great shopping! Sorry about Fleetwood Mac, and you did get me to LOL about Lindsay Buckingham. Your maxi dress is fabulous as are the accessories. xox

SAM said...

I'm thinking of writing a post about my favorite dress, a 1994 skater style that my daughter threatens to throw. She tells me "old and ugly is not vintage.". I beg to differ.

SAM said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

It's healthy! We should treat all our clothes that way.

Jean at said...

Don't be sad!! You look too good and the concert wasn't going to be all that anyway!! (Sour grapes compliments of Aesop!) New job? I hope it's in an area that will be fun on some level. That dress is divine on you. Sending hugs and kisses your way. XXOO

Sue said...

Bugger about the concert but YOU GOT THE JOB??!! I feel I must have missed the announcement, so CONGRATULATIONS!!! They will be so lucky to have you.

Anonymous said...

I loved the Fleetwood Mac song,Crystal. I think I wore out that side of the record. Funny too that more than 30 years later my daughter tells me how much she loves that song as well.
Good luck on your new job!

Bobbi said...

That dress is amazing on you. Will you be tracing it to make another one?
Great new finds! I love the fabrics.
Sorry about the concert. I'll play Rhiannon really loud in your honor - loud enough that the neighbors won't hear me singing along.

BadPenny said...

Fleetwood Mac are supposed to be at the IOW festival this weekend. Our village had a very good tribute band two years ago.

Those scales are great !

Good luck with the new job and you look lovely in the dress x

Carina Rosenholm said...

My favorite dress is the red one i wore on my wedding / birthday party ! Its kind of perfect ... cheap , vintage and gorgeous !
No Fleetwood favorites ... maybe Tusk ...

Shawna McComber said...

LOL-at Oxo being refreshing.
That dress is really gorgeous and no wonder it's a favourite. It suits you so well too. I love the vintage fabric finds-make what you would wear most or fill a gap in your wardrobe. That was no help at all, was it?
So sorry about the Fleetwood Mac cancellation; I can understand your disappointment. Is it possible to have just one favourite song? I can also totally relate to that feeling of 'I want to be good now.' It ranks right up there with 'I want some pie immediately.'

peaches mcginty said...

Big, huge congratulations on the job! you'll be bloody marvelous, you will soooo pick it all up super quick! the dress is a beauty isn't it? so gorgeous on you, and for all your reasons of course you love it! I haven't got a favourite dress, like a Miss World-esque contestant I'm gonna say I love them all equally (and I want world peace) as I am a musical heathen I asked Dave his favourite song *he sharply intook breath* 'never going back again' 'tusk' 'the chain''rhiannon' (he hasn't stopped actually) anyhoo, what a bugger about the cancellation! hope you have a fab weekend! x x x

kobieta niewidzialna said...

You look so nice in long dresses.:)

thorne garnet said...

when the dress wears out, try it apart, make a pattern from the pieces and make a brand new dress.

Yeah to starting your new job!

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Aw, no! What a bummer about the concert being canceled. My fav song? Well I played, and sang along to, their Rumours LP endlessly.

I gotta give it up for Second Hand News...not sure what my Mom thought about me belting out, lay me down in the tall grass and let me do my stuff...but such is life with a teenager. Oh, but Black Water is just playing now...I totally love that one!!!!

Love your dress and how much it means to you. You've also got some really fabric finds! I love that pink and white piece! And you know I'm all for dresses!

freckleface said...

I'll have the whole Rumours album please, in fact I might play it today in honour of you. My dad borrowed it off a new friend at the time and taped it for us. We got two for the price of one, so every word and chord of the Bat out of Hell album is imprinted on my mind too. Hope that association doesn't send you into a downward spiral!! 😁 I love your favourite dress and you look beautiful in it. The print is lovely and the shape is distinctively Curtise. I can never see Angel sleeves and not think of you. Eee! By 'eck, she's going back to paid up employment. How exciting. You're going to be wonderful. I had a succession of favourite frocks, always green, but not sure I've got just one at the moment. Might need to go and 'shop my wardrobe' this weekend!! 😛 xxxx

freckleface said...

No, there were three! We got Steeleye Span too! As I was going to Aylesbury, all on a market day... Xxx

Angels have Red Hair said...

Technology is so frustrating … what's even more frustrating is when I fuss around in baffled bewilderment for hours and then the kids come and fix it in 6.2 seconds … good luck with the job you'll be fabulous at it … even if html code managed to defeat you ;0)

Olga Rani said...

You look marvelous in this dress, every time you wear it! I have such a dear to my heart dress too, it was gifted to me by my dad the year he passed away. I showed it on my blog some time ago. Sorry to hear that the show you were looking forward to see was cancelled, how annoying and disapponting it is!

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

The link up sounds great fun. Do persevere!
Congrats on the new job! Is it in the charity shop? Well done you.
Ah those favourite garments... can you do an ebay search so they email you if one comes up? Always good to have a spare one stashed away!

Catherine said...

Thats such a lovely dress! I cant see why you want to wear it forever! Fleetwood Mac cancelled their Aussie tour too due to sickness... i think maybe they are just sick of each other more like!

Forest City Fashionista said...

So exciting about the job, you will do just fine, but I understand the combination of fear and excitement which always comes on before starting something new.

That is such a "Curtise" dress, it will be sad when it falls apart, but maybe by then you will find a new favourite? My latest favourite dress is one I found this past week - a made in Thailand maxi in black, which red and white trim and silver metal embellishments (I'll put a photo on the blog later this week).

That sucks about Fleetwood Mac cancelling their gig! I'm not a huge fan of theirs, but I do like the Tusk album, which I still have on vinyl.

Lesley Extance said...

I can see why you love your dress it is a beauty ! sorry to hear about Fleetwood Mac such a shame, sending you all best wishes in your new job I am sure you will be a star !!!! xxx

Anonymous said...

There's nothing quite like old faithfuls and how they make you feel. I feel the same way about my high waist purple ditsy print maxi skirts. It makes me gloriously happy and always looks wonderful.

beate grigutsch said...

aww - ditched concert!!!
when i bought the patti smith tickets in january for august hubby made jokes "are you sure we all will be still alive then??".....
i can totally see why this dress is one of your favs! at the moment i don´t have such for me - because i made a couple of dresses and skirts/blouses in my personally most flattering and comfortable style. so i have a whole wardrobe of "lieblingskleider" :-)
hugs! xxxxxx

beate grigutsch said...

p.s.: after living such a long time in this world and raising 3 kids there will be no job you could´t master!!! xxxx

Mim said...

I'm sorry to hear the gig was cancelled. 'Tango in the Night' was the first album I ever bought, but I think my favourite is Go Your Own Way.

My favourite item of clothing, though I never wear it, is probably a ratty old tie-dyed dress that I bought in 1990. It has so many memories attached.

Sheela Goh said...

That's a lovely frock, charming and feminine. I personally don't have a favourite dress but I do have a top I wear ever so frequently that I've been asked if it's the only item of clothing I own. Sigh. Those who asked fail to understand the comforting feel of such garments which enfold us like security blankets. I too would weep when it finally disintegrates but perhaps there'll be pieces left to salvage and remake into new things? :)

The Vintage Knitter said...

Yup - I can see why you love that dress, its a beaut. Its great when you have an old favourite that makes you feel fab when you wear it. Mine is an Ossie Clark maxi that I brought donkeys years ago.

Great buys too, I love that cover on the Penguin 'Rebecca'.

I read about Fleetwood Mac and what a pisser that they're not rescheduling. I'm not a big FM fan, but prefer Stevie Nick's solo work instead, so I'll leave you with one of my favourite Stevie songs, which is 'Stand Back'. xxx