Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The morning after

I don't subscribe to the view that you should wear every item of clothing in your wardrobe x times a year (insert randomly prescribed frequency here) or get rid of it.
If I did, this skirt would be long gone; it was hidden on a hanger behind another skirt and I'd forgotten all about it. 
 I'm pleased to be reunited with those bathing beauties.

1980s skirt - Ebay
T-shirt, cardigan, tights, shoes, belt and bangles - charity shopped
Enough preamble; I guess you want to know about the result of my interview last week?
Alas, my feeling that all was not quite as it should be proved correct, and I didn't get the job. The feedback was positive, so that's something. Still, I'm disappointed, rejection is never a pleasant experience. It's been made a little easier to bear by the outrage expressed on my behalf by so many of my friends; fists have been shaken, feet stamped, and the swearing has been both epic and inventive.
I really do appreciate my friends!
 How about a little flamenco action to cheer myself up? Senor Sexy with the crazed glint in his eyes was another rescued item from the charity shop skip...

along with Nell Gwyn...

and Henry VIII with just three of his wives.
Katherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, and Katherine Parr, if you're wondering. 

Maybe Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves and Katherine Howard will show up next week.
And I couldn't turn down a vintage Thermos, floral tin or a 1960s Spirograph...

or this 1962 novel with the fabulous cover illustration.
That's Charlie's tail getting in the way. He's killed his first squirrel of the year. I have a feeling there will be many more deaths in our garden before the summer's out...

On patrol.

Minnie's strictly a Lidl cat food kinda gal.

I'm going on a school trip tomorrow as part of the team taking 90 children, aged 5-6, for a day of activities in Ecclesall Woods.
And that, my friends, is as much of a challenge as any interview, so wish me luck!


Kezzie said...

Am I first!?!

Kezzie said...

Yeee ha!!! I love, love, love your turquoise outfit! This is very much something I would wear- I have swimmer skirt envy!! Also Shoe envy!
Shame about the job,you'd have been amazing but alas! Maybe some other opportunity of this ilk will come along and be better?
Oh dear, Squirrel death- all my blog feed has been about squirrels today- you're the 4th I've read!x

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked you didn't get the job. Man, I really was feeling positive about it. Maybe the person they did hire will quit suddenly. That's happened to me before. Keep your fingers crossed!
I love the shape of the cardigan on you and the fabric of the skirt is so unique.

Natalia Lialina said...

Curtise, I'm sad! But I also believe that when one door closes, another opens for you, and you'll find something even better - because you are amazing!!

I'm glad that you reconnected with this skirt - so much beauty and fun! Great colors, too. Oh Charlie, Charlie... that's such a strong instinct, they just can't help it. Predators! Good thing they are so cute!

Wishing you luck with the field trip, you are a hero! I think I spent all my school volunteering abilities by now. :)

Sending you hugs and love! xxxx

Fiona said...

Hey, it's your Stevie Winwood skirt, long time no see. It's one of the first things I remember seeing you in. Those people must be fools not to give you the job, but if you were a manager, would you have time to rescue mad dolls from skips? (That senor's eyes are quite demonic) You do find some great stuff in your shop.
Hoping another job opportunity will present itself soon.xx

Gracey the Giant said...

Oh, what an absolutely wonderful skirt! And I love the monochromatic styling. So happy you kept it; it's fabulous!

Trees said...

That skirt is truly incredible - I'm glad you haven't said farewell to those bathing beauties. I am sorry to hear about the job - but you know there must be something better out there for YOU!

SAM said...

I've been looking out for a vintage-preferably plaid-Thermous since Steve Martin's jerk movie. Great find in your closet.

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Cousin Curtise! You were robbed! I'm sorry things didn't work out for you...this time! There will be a future opportunity, much better than this one!

I wish I could cheer you as much as you cheered me when I saw the spirograph. I used to play with that for hours on end. And yes, I had a similar thermos in my lunch box...which was soft sided, faux leather and upholstery tweed. So stylish, was I.

Um....your captcha is asking me to check off all items which are pizza. Really? LOL. Seriously?

Goody said...

I'm not saying this to make you feel better, but if it does, then great;
So many times an employer has a very specific idea of the person they want for a position. That isn't a rejection of you, it is just their inability to see beyond what they had in mind. I've been on the other side of the interview, and no matter how much I liked a person, or thought they would do a great job, I held out and kept looking for the person that fit what I had in mind. I'm sure we lost out on many great employees, but in the end, you know what fits the work environment as you view it.

I understand the impulse to think you might have done something differently, or that you possess some sort of personal failing-anyone that didn't wonder those things would indeed be the sort of person to stay clear of. In the end though, after all the self-examination, you know it isn't anything "wrong" about you.

Why? Who knows? What I DO know, is that you have one hell of a fantastic eye for vintage, and if they didn't want to put that to work for them, someone else will.

*Steps down off soapbox*

Do you have a video camera? I'd love to see a short play of Tudors vs.Flamenco Man. Bring them along on the school trip-small children love that sort of thing;)

Melanie said...

I think the doll in the top left is A. Boleyn because it looks like her head comes off.
Sometimes you don't get hired because the people doing the hiring know that you will do a better job than they do. They want the status quo no matter how miserable. Or they want to hire a friend. No matter, we all know you are the best and there will be somebody who appreciates your amazing talent and scoops you up and rewards you!!
The bathing beauties are clearly a balm. I'm glad you found them again. Death in the Garden, sounds like the name of a good book.

Sheila said...

Bah, they missed out on not hiring you! Add mine to the general outrage!

I love that skirt - such lovely Art Deco-y ladies.

Vix said...

You know how outraged I am but I've got a feeling in my water that an amazing opportunity to suit your fantastic skills with turn up very soon. These things seem to happen for a reason.
That skirt is amazing. I'd forgotten all about it. I definitely don't subscribe to cost per wear or chucking something out if it isn't worn every week.
Love the dolls especially demented Flamenco Boy. You can't go wrong with a vintage Thermos - or at least that's what Jon says when he buys yet another to add to the collection.
Look at those gorgeous pussies! Squrrel killing? That takes speed! Cats love Lidl in this house,too. Ginger Alan's polished off 2 Coshida basics in the last ten minutes.
I don't envy today's challenge. Good luck!
love you! xxxxx

Kylie said...

Shaking my first AND swearing in support!
Fond memories of Spirograph. It was one of my birthday presents in 1972 (along with a highly flammable nylon dressing gown) x

peaches mcginty said...

I cannot believe you didn't get the job! seriously! you have everything they needed and then some! am genuinely shocked, take their feedback and run with it, and yes I'm shaking my fist and using some particularly dreadful swearing in my head - I love your skirt, isn't it great when you find something you have forgotten about! it's an unexpected treat, the dolls are brilliant and spirograph! oh my goodness I was desperate for that when I was younger, I did eventually play on it! (ok, it was a few years ago) ps I think Senor Sexy has knocked me up, his gaze was quite penetrating x x x

Mim said...

I'm so sorry to hear you didn't get the job - though I always say, if you're disappointed in one, the universe probably has something even better lined up for you. Good things will come!

That book looks ace. I'd have fought you for it. Just look at that cover! Not the spirograph, though, I had to have a spirograph pin removed from my lung as a nipper (don't chew pins, kids!). Books are safer!

mondoagogo said...

Ooh I love a Robert McGinnis cover (I used to collect them). Also loving the individual expressions on all those dolls, that floral tin, the bathing belle fabric and your excellent colour-matching with the top and tights. Not loving that you didn't get the job (rejection sucks), but hopefully something else will come up soon :)

Olga Rani said...

That's sad you didn't get that job. But it's nice to see it didn't affect your mood. Those dolls are adorable and the bathing beauties skirt is really quite a piece!

Ivy Black said...

You know what I think about you not getting the job! What's wrong with 'em? Their loss.
Love that skirt. What a fab print. A gang of Peggy Nisbet dolls!! Love mad Flamenco boy too.
That's some going to get a squirrel. My cat can only dream of that. She prefers to hassle frogs.
'She was wearing a slip. And she was nobody I knew'. Excellent!
Loves ya.

Bobbi said...

I'm sorry that you didn't get the job. Their loss, for sure.
You got some great things! My aunt had a spirograph when I was little and it was so fun - the newer ones just aren't as cool.
The book looks interesting - I need to look for books with great covers like that.
Awesome skirt!

Beth Waltz said...

Pfui. I concur with Goody and Minnie: something else was involved in the job decision besides your qualifications. You might revisit the operation in a few months to see if there's another opening...

Nothing better to lift one's spirits than beautiful blues, especially an ensemble that trims the figure and highlights your gorgeous hair!

A tramp in the woods with that many munchkins is NOT a walk in the park! Take coffee, chocolate and perhaps a roll of thread so you can find you way back to the bus.

Sue said...

Bugger about the job, but it is their loss at the end of the day and they will regret not taking you on. All good experience, so chalk it up babe, it wasn't meant to be. Something better is waiting for you!!! Your garden is looking glorious and colourful, a grand place to hang with your cats.

Miss Magpie said...

Oh Boo, that's a bummer about the job. Fingers crossed for bigger and better things, they don't know what they are missing!

Good grief those dolls..... I think Henry should look out, I've a feeling Mr Flamenco will be running amok among the ladies!

Suzanne Carillo said...

Well I am shocked, SHOCKED I say that you didn't get the job! Ah well...then they simply didn't deserve all of your fabulousness.

I must say your garden edges are looking well cared for. Care to come across the pond and do mine?

I had Spirograph as a kid.

Those dolls are fabulous. As is your skirt. What a great pattern.


Forest City Fashionista said...

That does suck about the job - I'm glad they gave you some positive feedback, but still, we all know you would have been a stellar manager. There will be something come along for you where all the pieces fall together, and in the meantime, you are honing your organizational and people skills by chaperoning the bus trip! I couldn't do it - they would have to stop the bus and let me off after about 15 minutes. I did chaperone a bus trip (for adults) to Toronto to see the band U2 many years ago and we were only on the highway for 30 minutes before two guys threw up in the back of the bus after drinking a whole bottle of peach schnapps...but I digress.

Those dolls are so fun! I think the demented flamenco dancer should challenge Henry to a dance-off for one of his wives.

thorne garnet said...

Who would put those sweet dolls in the trash? Dang.

It seems that it's getting harder and harder to figure out what people want in a job interview. At least they contacted you and told you the outcome instead of letting you hang for weeks.

Good luck on the field trip.

Lisa said...

I thought that last one was Jane Seymour!
I'm really sorry to hear about the job not working out. I shall keep my fingers crossed something even more suitable comes along soon for you.
Love the skirt, fab material.
Lisa x

Lesley Extance said...

So sorry to hear you didn't get the job , all I can say is their big loss you would have been a great manager !!! LOVE the skirt wonderful outfit ,best wishes xxx

BadPenny said...

Oh No and I was so sure you'd be fine, so sorry.

Elizabeth Yule said...

Gah, they must be a bunch of numptys not to have given you the job - you'd have been just the right person. I do tend to find that in general employers really are pretty crap at finding good employees.

I love the Peggy Nisbet dolls you found - please don't tell me they were also in the skip. I lusted after Peggy Nisbet dolls with a passion when I was little. They were very expensive at the time and I only had three - which I still have safely tucked away. Oddly enough, one of mine was a wife of Henry VIII too, not sure which one but she was very regally dressed in pink satin (which is probably why she appealed so much to me as a 10 year old.)

The Vintage Knitter said...

Its a real gutter when you go for a job that you think could be yours and then find out that you didn't get it. That happened to me last year and I was pissed that I didn't get it - so commiserations from me, chuck. As the old saying goes: its their loss.

Now, onto better things: hidden wardrobe treasure!! Its great when you rediscover something isn't it? And that skirt is gorge with those Deco style bathers. xx

Asparagus Pea said...

Awwww Curtise - I've been thre recently and it's a right old kick in the guts whatever anyone says. However - you are a brave strong intelligent woman and that's not what everyone is looking for. I know - weird huh? Hang in there girl xxx

Jazzy Jack said...

I suspect the fact that you rescue so much from the bin says it all interview-wise. They don't have your taste!
Wonderful rescues by the way. Adoring that glinty flamenco dancer!
This outfit reminds me of the eighties with all the colour. Especially the tights. Great legs by the way ;-) xo Jazzy Jack

Mother of Reinvention said...

Not much to add to all the above comments re: your interview except to say that you would have been fab at it and it is their loss. You are a queen of vintage. Still what's for you won't go past you and I am sure that there is something WAY better out there just waiting for you.
You look lovely in those blues and your skirt is brilliant. Dolls are a bit creepy though. I didn't even like dolls when I was a kid..... Eeurgh! Xxxx

Laurie Duncan said...

What a pretty blue outfit! Sorry about the job, it is their loss! Good luck with the outing, I'm sure you will have fun! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh bum. That's a horrid thing to happen but don't feel judged by it. What Melanie said (Sometimes you don't get hired because the people doing the hiring know that you will do a better job than they do. They want the status quo no matter how miserable. Or they want to hire a friend). All true - and as everyone else said - better things could be just round the corner - I hope so. Don't let the bastids get you down xx

Angels have Red Hair said...

Yikes 90 5-6 year olds ... good luck ;0)
What a bummer about the job ... their loss ... they'll regret it for sure :0)

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Oh that tin is glorious! Love it. The dolls are kinda creepy. And I guess when life closes one door another one will open. I hope the perfect position comes your way soon. Xx

Liz W said...

Sorry about the job. I always find, after a bit, I'm glad I didn't get "that" job as another presents itself that I want more. So "F" them (cursing wildly, fist in air). LOL.

You fashion is marvelous and thank you for not subscribing to "cost per wear". That's silliness. When you pay so little for thrift why not have loads to enjoy even if it's just to look at. It's an inexpensive hobby.


Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

A Lovely skirt, even if it's the kind of skirt that demands a good mood. And the cat! Gosh, he's beautiful!

Annie said...

Hi Curtise, sorry for not commenting for so long. I've just been having a catch-up on all your fab travels and chazza finds.
I love that skirt, I remember when you first acquired it. It's definitely a keeper :)

Love, Annie xxx

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Love you in blue! I'm sorry about the job. Their loss. Truly. How silly after you've made so much money for them.

Hope you survived the trip! Sounds like 89 kids too many for me! Have a lovely weekend. xxxx

freckleface said...

Oh no! What a shame, that's a real blow. I know you would have been really great at that job. I hope you can use that feedback, so that next time, it's yours. You must be destined for greater things, that's the only explanation. In the meantime, you are looking at your most beautiful in your 'rhapsody in blue' outfit, so things aren't all bad. I am always interested in Henry and his wives. It was the anniversary of Ann Boleyn's execution this week, poor thing. Katherine Parr looks a fox! Actually I love all your dolls, plus your tin, your flask and your spirograph. What a stash! I haven't been chazzing for months. You've made me see what I'm missing. Xxxxxx

Mrs Bertimus said...

This has confirmed my belief that the world is a crazy place.
What were they thinking!?!? X

Charis said...

Oh Curtise, sorry you didn't get the job :( However, on a more positive note, you look darn gorgeous in that skirt!!

diaryofapennypincher said...

It is lovely to see you in a shorter length skirt, and it suits you too! Wonderful fabric and a stunning summery blue too. Love seeing more parts of your garden and super buys as usual, did you find Henry's other wives?

beate grigutsch said...

i shake my fists and swear too!
i´m very glad that you kept this fabulous skirt! its so chic, it will ever look like brand new every time you pull it out of the closet! i wish i had that fabric!
i´m impressed by the combination of blue hues in your outfit - this would never happen with new bought stuff - only years of collecting beautiful things result into such harmony!!!!!
your lawn looks like a english one should look!!! envy ;-)

Melanie said...

I'm sorry to hear you didn't get the job :( but you look fab so that makes up for it and I loved Spirograph! xxx

Tine Jensen said...

Sorry I'm so late commenting - but what a mistake not to employ you! I still think you should consider opening your own shop :-)

How lucky that you found your skirt again, and what a great combination with the teal cardigan! With this elegant and colourful outfit I would have missed the cat tail had you not mentioned it :-)

I hope the trip to the woods went alright - kids at that age can be quite a handful. I would be having a nervous breakdown, just at the thought of it!

Catherine said...

i love your blue ensemble! it matches the tin blue flowers in your garden! xo

dawn rose said...

Hiya I've just fouñd your blog. I'm training to be a teaching assistant after being a volunteer at school. Are the 90 children as a result of a three form entry? X