Saturday, 16 May 2015

Second Hand News

I hadn't intended to be absent for nearly a week, but that's just how things fell; rain or poor light when I wanted to take photos, busy days, kids hogging the computer. Life. Stuff. You know.

I had my job interview on Thursday. Thank you for all your good wishes, and your feedback about dos and don'ts for charity shops. I really appreciate the encouragement and support.

I won't know the outcome until next week, and of course I'll let you know as soon as I hear. I'd be foolish to make any predictions, but my instinct tells me it wasn't an unqualified success; however, impressions can be mistaken so we shall just have to wait and see.

My interview outfit was good though; head-to-toe vintage, and purchased in St Luke's charity shops, appropriately enough.

1970s St Michael cotton maxi skirt, top, cardigan, bangles, 1960s vinyl bag, and 1950-60s Austrian glass necklace - 
charity shopped
Sunglasses and sandals - retail
 I've been picking up bits and pieces in charity shops as always. 
What I love about charity shopping is having no agenda, no list of Things To Buy, just an open mind and eagle eyes, a willingness to take the time and look

I love this 1970s Miss Mary of Sweden dress. I didn't know Miss Mary made anything other than lingerie, and I can't find any information about their clothing line, but no matter, it's a fabulous frock. 
1960-70s folksy tea towel
bright sari fabric
1950-60s barkcloth
1960s Midwinter bowls (I'm gradually adding to my small collection of Spanish Garden pieces)

I rescued this children's book from the paper recycling box.

It was republished in this edition in 1976 (the definition of a pound clearly puts it post-decimalisation) but the illustrations are pure 1951, its original publication date.  The text hasn't been edited much; it's still a world where dads smoke pipes, mums pour tea, the car belongs to Dad, the sewing machine to Mum, and children ride their ponies, when they're not trotting along on a camel. And we all go to balls when we're grown up, of course. 

You can supply your own jokes about this one.
What do you reckon, Jess?

As always, I'll be joining Patti and co for Visible Monday.

And despite being in a rather uncomfortable state of employment limbo, I do have this to look forward to next month;


And now I'd better get started on a marathon catch-up session; what have you been up to?



Melanie said...

I hope you get the job, being in limbo is no fun. I love your spotty skirt and the red dress is a beauty. Oh that we did go to balls when we grew up, that would be fun :)
Have a fabulous weekend xxx

Anonymous said...

Ooo, Fleetwood Mac, how wonderful! I saw Stephin Merritt from the Magnetic Fields this last week. Someone I've been wanting to see live for years. It did not disappoint and it was fun to share a common music love with my teen son.
Love the yellow jacket here. Structured but soft. I just know you got the job!

Suzanne Carillo said...

Fleetwood Mac! I can't wait to hear how you enjoy it.

I do hope you scored the job. The waiting part can be the worst.

Love the photos of the flowers and that red polkadot dress.


Mother of Reinvention said...

Love your red spotty dress. It's very you. I do hope that your interview went well. I think that you would be great at that job. No fun hanging around waiting to hear though. Your garden looks nice. I recognise the bluebell and the Forget-Me-Not but what is the white one? Have fun at Fleetwood Mac. Xxxx

Natalia Lialina said...

Justin is jealous about the concert. :) I love the red dress, beauty! Your outfit has Springtime written all over it, and the job interview outfit is a winner for sure - love that dress on you, I remember it, and the blazer adds just the right amount of business-y feel, while still being fun and colorful. All the very best wishes on the outcome of the interview, Curtise! xxxx

MIS PAPELICOS -Mis P said...

How fabulous to hear from you dear Curtise, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I do hope you get the job. Just imagen working in a Charity shop, ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Mi dream come true.
You look so lovely.
Glad to be back

Ivy Black said...

I hope you do get the job! I'm sure you will'll be an asset and they'd be lucky to have you. Your interview outfit is lush as is the red frock.
I can't leave children books when I see them and hurrah for rescuing that one. Jack and Jill seem a bit obsessed with rain. Must be Brits. Yup, I can say that pussy doesn't like to get wet.
Fleetwood Mac! Get in.
Loves ya!
Oooh and I have a lovely parcel waiting to be opened! Thank you darling.xx

Mrs Bertimus said...

I'm sure you'll get the job, with your outfit alone!
Fleetwood Mac!?! Wow!
Fab purchases, thanks for sharing chuck x

freckleface said...

Fingers crossed you get the job. Toes crossed you get the job. Everything crossed in fact. Your interview outfit is lush as is your beautiful spring outfit with the yellow cardi and spots. I hadn't intended to be away, without contact week after week, but Life and Stuff have other ideas. I'm really enjoying a good neb up your garden, that's a new to me view from the deck back up to the house with a pookie on the lawn. Lovely. xxxxx p.s I still do want to come out to play..

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Not one, but two polka dot pieces, wheee...I know, I know....I should be more excited about Fleetwood Mac, LOL. I love the texture on the skirt! The entire outfit is so spring-like!

Oooh, best of luck with the job! I know how waiting can make us rethink how everything went, but I, for one, am keeping positive thoughts!

And do have a rockin' good time at Fleetwood Mac. You can go your own way.....

Goody said...

Good luck with the job-waiting to hear is awful.

Ugh, it breaks my heart to see old books, "Recycled." The illustrations are so great. We're long past the need for picture books here, but I can't leave them either.

Good score on that dotted red dress.

Laurie Duncan said...

Fleetwood Mac! You're so lucky! The polka dot skirt it wonderful, as are all your thrift finds. Good luck with the job! :)

BadPenny said...

Fingers crossed for you. I wish we could employ a deputy manager.
Lovely outfit for your interview.
I shall see Fleetwood Mac at the isle of wight Festival in June !

Anonymous said...

Great interview outfit and I'm loving the Miss Mary dress. Thank goodness you saved the children's book, I hate seeing op shops turfing them out because they're "old".

Porcelina said...

It really is hard to tell with interviews sometimes. I will keep my fingers crossed for you! At least you had a fabulous interview outfit and looked ther part!

Love that spotty maxi skirt, looks great on you. Very spring like. x

beate grigutsch said...

first: with that interview outfit i would take you without looking at the papers!!!! soooo chic and grown up!!!!
the red/white dotted dress is fab too and that blue/yellow spotted skirt is one of my favs in your wardrobe!
with that theater job right now i seem to have less blogging time too - but better less then nothing and some money in my little piggy is not bad at all. yesterday we bought hubby a huge assortment of shirts and some other stuff in a well sorted 2.hand shop in dresden - thanks to said job. of cause i found something chic for me too :-)
that concert date sounds gorgeous!!

Angels have Red Hair said...

I love old books like that … there's something so cosy and reassuring about them somehow … maybe I'm just a bit daft.
Your interview outfit looked fab and THEY would be daft not to give you the job :0)

Olga Rani said...

I hope you will get that job. Can't imagine anyone more suitable for such a position than you. That red polka dot dress is such a beauty. And the tea towel, so cute.

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

There she stands in Polka dots and spread spring all over England!

thorne garnet said...

oh,no, I hate to break it to you, but you're doing the second hand shopping all wrong. Every article I read about how to shop second hand says you should always shop with a list! LOL, the only time I shop with a list is for food.

Special Guests is an awesome band

Mim said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you and the job.

That is the beauty of charity shopping, isn't it? It's all serendipity - a matter of being in the right shop at the same time as the right item. My local ones have been quite disappointing lately, I don't know why. Either I've got more picky or the stock really is getting worse!

Linda said...

I really hope you get the job! I absolutely love this post, the photos are fantastic and so many great memories for me here! Thank you so much for sharing. :)

señora Allnut said...

keeping my fingers crossed, as I think this job is really made for you!, and you look so summery and fresh, love your maxi and cute cardigan! and all those flowers!!

Shawna McComber said...

I hope you get the job, but if you don't it will only be to save you for something better. There is a consignment shop for sale just down the road from me. You could move here and buy it. I think you would make a fabulous shop owner.

The photos of flowers and cats and gorgeous clothes always make me smile. I love how the colours you wear have the same level of saturation as your hair. xoxoxo

Shawna McComber said...

I meant to add -those book illustrations sure take me back to my childhood.

Kezzie said...

Oh I hope you get the job! I hate that limbo. I was like that for a week when I auditioned for a musical recently. I didn't get the part sadly (though was a bit of a relief to be honest- cannot be bothered to learn an entire score and script in one month!) , but the waiting was horrid.
Ha, funny book!!! xx

Patti said...

Here's hoping you get the job - you'll be fabulous at it. Isn't it dreadful when Pussy gets soaking wet?? Thanks for linking up to Vis Monday, xox.

Veshoevius said...

I have my fingers crossed for you that you get the job! Love your spotty skirt! Enjoy Fleetwood Mac!

Tami Von Zalez said...

I have been having interviews too and I would be hard pressed not to be wearing thrifted ensembles from H2T.

Good wishes heading your way to snag that job.

Nicole Mölders said...

Found your blog thru Visible Monday. Great outfit. Perfect! Can you link it up here to the Top of the World Style linkup party? Thanks

Ichiru Yamanaka said...

article interesting, very lucky to be visiting here

Lisa said...

I shall be keeping my fingers crossed for you.
I only know Miss Mary as being sellers of cosmetics, my aunt used to do party plan with them.
Love the book you found, some of those illustrations would make great brooches.
Lisa x

Vix said...

I'm hoping that the flatness of the interview is because you getting the job is a given and the process was just a formality.
Gorgeous in yellow. Loving the St Michael maxi and the polka dots and stripes. All summery and fabulous even if the weather isn't.
Jess is a goddess in the cat world.
I've sold a few Miss Mary of Sweden dresses before (but not as pretty as that one)- way better than that awful frumptastic underwear. I've got a feeling it was a catalogue range. They did make up as well.
Yay to the Mac.
Yes, about to embark on a bastard massive catch-up, too. What have I missed?
Love you! xxxxxxxxx

Northern mum down South said...

Great interview outfit, hope you get the job, if not it's because you are meant to do something else. Love your charity shop finds, haven't found anything for ages down here x

Fiona said...

Still having trouble with the computer so only half of your photos have loaded, what a gorgeous shot of that beautiful white flower you know it's name??? Great book save from the recycling...what were they thinking of? Good job someone with sense works there. It would have been tragic to lose those delightful illustrations. Hope it won't be long now until you get some good news about the job. xxx

diaryofapennypincher said...

Fleetwood Mac! Woohoo! Oh to see Stevie Nicks twirling around in her beautiful outfits! Love your yellow outfit and I really want to find a nice piece of dotty charity shop treasure too! Great bits and pieces, and I've got my fingers crossed for good news on the job front for you! xxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

The interview outfit was perfect, and you would certainly be great at that job - you didn't say whether the interview "was not an unqualified success"" on both sides. Were you still as keen on the job after the interview, regardless of what the employers thought?

As I rarely go to concerts here, I live vicariously through your wonderful music experiences. I still listen to Fleetwood Mac's Tusk album occasionally (yes, on my turntable)

Beth Waltz said...

Your interview outfit would certainly have impressed me, Curtise, with your taste and thrift. Aside from wearing vintage with the tags hanging from each item, what more could you have done to demonstrate what the kids call 'street creds'. I'm hoping you get the job and that it's what you want it to be.

The Miss Mary radiate happy energy. Here in the States it would be ideal for a July 4th celebration.

The illustrations in the old book are worth saving. In my family there'd be a discussion among the world travelers -- and zoo patrons -- about where one could actually ride a Bactrian camel. My brother insists they smell worse than the Dromedaries, and he should know...

peaches mcginty said...

You would be such an asset! they have to take you because you are a money raising, knowledgeable, impeccably dresses gorgeous legend, I love your outfits and finds, Miss Mary of Sweden dresses? didn't even know? could do with a Miss Mary girdle tho, probably very good for posture - it's aquick one, going in a couple of hours to London and I am an unshowered un finished packing genius, ha! x x x

Lesley Extance said...

Dear Curtise I will keep all my fingers crossed for you and sending all my best wishes , what can I say gorgeous outfits , gorgeous pictures as always ,have a good week best wishes x

The Style Crone said...

I can relate to absenteeism! I have been having a difficult time keeping up. I am sending my good wishes and hopes for a positive outcome, and that the job will be yours. I can't imagine that your skills and talents would not be treasured!

The polka dot maxi skirt looks divine on you. Your emerging spring garden is the perfect background.

The Fleetwood Mac concert looks like an outrageously wonderful good time!

The Vintage Knitter said...

Oh yes - Fleetwood Mac - now you're talking. Lucky you, I bet that'll be a great gig and we'll be expecting a full report.

Your interview outfit looked great and was very apt too - fingers crossed that it all goes well for you :-D xxx

Trees said...

I'm crossing my fingers for the job, but you just NEVER know! I've been to job interviews where I've thought its been a complete disaster and shortly after they are ringing for my referees! I LOVE that poka dot maxi and that book is really from a different time. Although I wouldn't mind going to a ball occasionally ;)

Jan Graham-McMillen said...

Really hope you get the gig if you want it... otherwise, another-better and soon. You have the chops, undoubtedly, and looked wonderful. Very summery, very chic, very polished and very pretty!
You are so right, the red dress is a keeper. Will you and wear it?
Your spring flowers are lovely ... no wonder your kittehs stay close to home in such a pretty place with such genteel hunting grounds.
Good job saving the little book. Someone is sure to love it again someday, via you.
I'm feeling somewhat perkier ... cars are in working order, the sun may shine this week sometimes and I'm anxious to get out and about tomorrow. Yeay!

Carina Rosenholm said...

Love that miss Mary dress , cute . I've got a few of them myself but dont really know anything about the brand . But its still an active brand .

Tine Jensen said...

If you don't get the job, which is very unlikely! - couldn't you start your own business? Maybe part time for starters? You have such an eye for beautiful clothes and incredible handbags! as well as all sorts of retro stuff. I'm sure you would have fun and success!

The interview outfit is so lovely - the jacket is one of my favourite of yours... Sounds wrong, my favourite, but your jacket... Probably your favourite too :-D

Miss Mary of Sweden was actually sold in many shops in Denmark during the 70s. I think my mom and aunt considered them a bit on the frumpy side, but then they were very young at the time. I seem to remember they were a bit pricey, and also of quite good quality. Fun to see one of them now!

Melanie said...

Ah, since I'm commenting backwards, I already know what happened with the job.
But what counts is you're shining bright, oh yes, those polka-dots look dazzling on you with the yellow cardi and that huge bag. Love it all!
Who wrote that chidren's book?! It's as bad (good) as some of the old Valentine's. Heh.
I'm glad you have a concert to look forward to and wonder what you'll wear and how you'll celebrate pre- and post-show.

Indigo Violet said...

Fleetwood Mac are coming to Dunedin, but the 20,000 tickets sold out in a couple of hours, I suspect to scalpers. So I missed out.