Saturday, 13 September 2014

Fruit and flowers

I very much enjoyed and appreciated your comments on the issue of names - mine, yours, and that of your cats. It's one of those subjects about which everyone has experience and opinions. We all have names, right? Although whether we like them or not is another matter.

I think I value blogging most of all when a post happens to strike a chord and gets people talking; so thank you for that.

And now you are all pronouncing my name correctly, even if it's only in your head!

We're having sharply chilly autumnal mornings followed by last gasps of warm summer weather, so I am finding that my customary mix of a short-sleeved maxi with a cardigan or denim jacket is just right.
That's lucky, since it's what I love to wear anyway. 

1970s maxi dress - vintage market
Necklace, bangles, shoes and denim jacket - charity shopped

There are little splashes of colour left in the garden.

I have no idea how I got this photo (my photography skills extend no further than point and press) but I really like it.

And I like this too;

a Mexican vinyl shopping bag, spotted and snapped up for a fiver on Chesterfield flea market.

I'm not sure of its age, I just liked the quirky fruit folk, and its useful size and sturdiness.

Other finds;

Fabric - £2 a piece
1960s English-made Lythos steel and abalone shell pendant - £1

And a 1980-90s Sport Missoni sweater, a crazy bargain at £1.49.

Too small for me, and round neck sweaters are not my thing, but I couldn't leave Missoni behind, could I? I'll find it a home.

I have noticed this beautiful woman at the flea market before, it's impossible to miss her incredible style.

We found ourselves browsing at the same stall this week, and got chatting. She agreed to a photo, told me she is 80, has a large hat collection, and has been collecting and wearing 1940s clothes nearly all her adult life.

Clearly she has no intention of sacrificing her style and her visibility with age.
 Good for her.

(Incidentally, that long purple dress hanging up on the left is Biba. Lovely, but too plain and too pricey for me.)

Oops, hem coming down...
It's fixed now.

Charlie likes to join me for a photo shoot.

Sir Bubble, with what the kids call his lucky freckle on his nose.

A quiet weekend here, but none the worse for that.

How about you? What are you up to?



Connie said...

How do you do it? One pretty dress after another. Your hair is perfect. Your cat is beautiful. Your photography skills astound. I'm saying your name out loud! And I love the gorgeous lady at the market. So inspirational!

Connie said...

Hey am I first? Perhaps I am getting my blogging on!

mondoagogo said...

That happy accident photo is amazing, would make a great card. That old lady is pretty great too. And your dress and cats and...

Funny thing about names, I've been thinking more about that lately because I want to rename my blog/online identity and I've been trying a few new things out but nothing has quite clicked yet.

Elizabeth Rebecca said...

You look so stunning in these pictures - I agree with Connie: how do you do it?

Lizzie's Daily Blog

Ivy Black said...

Gorgeous photos, petal. Love the ladybird pic...looks like its all moving. That could be the rum I've just thrown back though.
That lady is an inspiration. I've just finished reading Germaine Greer's book on the menopause which I found was mostly out of date and irrelevant to me but she talks of the invisible female of a certain age. Not so wonderful ladies like this.
A quiet weekend here too I hope after the week at work I've had! Some sewing, eating and painting.
Have a good one, lovely.

Kezzie said...

Hello!! Looking lovely. Hurrah for floral maxis. I love that woman. She sounds and looks fab!! Hats hats hats!!!
Charlie is a dear_!! X

Natalia Lialina said...

What a great necklace on you! And back to denim jackets and cardis we are. You look beautiful in your trade mark angel sleeves dress and your well-loved jacket emphasizing your curves so perfectly. The photo of a lady bug is very artistic and definitely looks intentional. What did you do? Just remember that next time you want to create a masterpiece, even if it's purely intuitive. :)

The lady looks gorgeous - that's a true passion for life. Maybe you could interview her one of these days and take photos of her other outfits. That would be awesome.

Love the portrait of Charlie! And your garden looks immaculate and very pretty.

Let's see what I am up to... It's sunny here. We plan to stay in today, maybe just do a few errands like grocery shopping, and go out tomorrow. And that is all I can tell you now. ;) xxxx

PinkCheetahVintage said...

You look amazing. I LOVE the vinyl bag. That ladybug pic is insanely awesome.

Patti said...

The fruit tote is marvelous, Curtise! And you have truly made my day with the pic of the 80-year-old woman looking great. I wonder if she wears her *own* 1940's clothes? Charlie is so handsome, and you look pretty terrific yourself, young woman. xox

Hippy At Heart said...

that little freckle on the nose is so cute! And what a stylish granny on the market! wishing we would have a similar second hand clothes scene here, but it's good that easy and ebay exist. love your maxi dress and the tower shoots!

beate grigutsch said...

don´t put your light under a bucked (like we say here) - you´r a great photographer! flowers, cats, cool old ladies, flea market finds or you in a beautiful maxi - all very gorgeous banned on a chip! (film sounds better but i assume there was none involved)
i have to come to sheffield to find such great "modern" jewelry too. its a style i really like.
we´r going hiking tomorrow - have a lovely sunday! xxxx

Miss Magpie said...

Here's hoping we are all so sprightly at 80!

Your ladybird picture is beautiful.

Mother of Reinvention said...

Wow, you have such a cool wardrobe, and cats and fabulous market finds. That lovely old lady is very stylish and I am loving your ladybird shot. I really like the fabrics that you bought. Are they big enough to make dresses? Xxxx

Mrs Bertimus said...

I hope I'm rocking my look when I'm eighty! She is a inspiration!
And so are you, loving your dress, as always x

Asparagus Pea said...

Hurray for highly visible older ladies - I'm always looking for the way forward, including alternate reality scenarios like 'if i was 6" and black I would shave all my hair off and wear gimormous earrings". That's in between 'I could be a ship's captain, You could be a carpet fitter' career audits with Mr Asparagus-Pea xxx

Asparagus Pea said...

6" or 6' can never remember which is which - 1.8m anyway"

Goody said...

I was going to say I hope I'm that stylish at 80, but really, I wish I were that stylish now. What a marvelous woman, so glad she permitted you a photo.

Ooooh, you got swell fabric. The peacock pattern would make a nice cushion. The tote bag is hilarious. The avocado looks like I did pregnant, right down to the awkwardly crossed legs. Love it.

Angels have Red Hair said...

Most of my favourite photos are happy accidents ;0)

Fiona said...

Your sedum and ladybird snap is a stunner and you are underrating your photography skills Mrs.
That lady at the market is amazing, it cheers me up no end when I meet an elderly person who is still interested in style and not dressed in the ubiquitous greige, usually the are great fun too.
Great finds, loving the fruity bag and fabric. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. xxxxx

diaryofapennypincher said...

I love your new acquaintance, such a stylish lady, hope you get to meet and photograph her again, could turn into a series! Your photos are always lovely, seems you have a natural knack there. Great outfits as usual, love the new purchases, so you, but what are you going to do with all those bits of fabric?!

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Curtise,

We love your friend of the flea market. Such style and grace. She would certainly be invited here for tea or dinner as we would be sure that she would have such interesting tales to tell. Why not ask her one day?

The days are certainly chillier here too although afternoons can warm up quite a lot. Clearly, you are finding the same so layered pieces are definitely the answer. Your denim floral combination looks perfect, especially with all your jazzy bangles.

A quiet day here after a mammoth session of Art Gallery visiting yesterday. Gallery Weekend Budapest.....perfect but one day and nine galleries was enough of a weekend for us!

Ladan Ladanu said...

Good Grief Alive! That's lady's suit is so cool. She looks amazing, and the gloves and the basket! Please do take more pics of her. If only she had a blog. She could go on the Advanced Style one. Chesterfield Market v New York!

Diane said...

I love the lady at the market - she is so beautiful!! I'm going to use a days holiday and pop to Chez Market in October some time x

Melanie said...

So many delicious bits here, Curtise. First, you dazzle in your maxi, and Charlie thought you would need a proper gentleman escort for your photo. The woman in the market is impeccably dressed, beautiful, right down to the lacy gloves. Missoni, Biba, my head spins. Great deals on your pieces. You say point and press about the photo but I know you spent hours setting up the lighting, developing the image in the dark room... You are too modest, my friend. This is ART.

Forest City Fashionista said...

You definitely could not leave that Missoni sweater. Wow, you can't get anything for $1.49 at the thrift shops here! The woman you met at the market looks so elegant and put-together, from head to toe. I love her suit.

The ladybug shot really is stellar, whether it was was well-planned or a happy accident.

Laurie Duncan said...

I love that stylish lady you met, she is adorable! You can't go wrong with a jean jacket can you, it looks so great with your dress! I wore mine too, yesterday. :)

Sheila said...

That maxi dress is fabulous - love the colours on you. I am gaga over the steel jewelry you find - it's just amazing. Aw, I love the cat pictures.

Helga said...

Besotted with that darling lady, what a styley bird! Gives me hope and inspiration everytime I see an older lady still being wonderful! I always compliment any I see.
This frock is super pretty, love the print and the sleeves. Sp perfect on you! And your sweet little DJ!
The Mexican bag is fabularse!!! They call them "bolsas", I think. Something like that.

Kylie said...

What are you going to make with that lovely fabric Curtise? Cushion covers? Back and front in each would look fabulous. Flip 'em over when the mood takes you...
That gorgeous stylish lady at the flea market is how I picture you in my mind in another thirty years or so.
Also I love that pendant.

Lesley Extance said...

Hello Curties, what great outfit, you have some amazing dresses, fell in love with your bag ( you know me and bags Lol ).
What a wonderful older lady she is very inspiring !!!, have a good week xxx

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

That lady at the market is my hero! So glad you managed to snap a photo of her.

Looking lovely in blue and purple. It suits you and your hair so well.


Krista Gassib said...

So of the best kids are happy accidents and this photo is just as fab! You look beautiful in all these shades of violet and blue and I was wondering how do you make your garden grow? I love your garden Curtise!

The woman at market made me smile and the sun isn't even up yet, she's my sunshine today. I can see a lil of each of us in her and now I wanna picnic basket as a purse!
Love you

Vix said...

It is a bit chilly first thing which isn't making me too enthusiastic for camping this weekend.
A glorious maxi, it fits you so perfectly along with the signature denim jacket and a bit of groovy Sheffield Steel. Fabulous!
That photo is amazing, you need to enter that in the Country Files calendar comp (if they still do it.)
Love the Mexi bag and Charlie's bubble.
Got to love a lady who doesn't resort to Hotters and M&S as soon as she hits 70.
Love you! xxxxxxxxxx

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Love that fabulous lady. Did she ask to take your photo? X

Shawna McComber said...

That is one of my favourite dresses on you. I really like the blues/mauves and the denim together and they suit you so well.

If you had a blog with a title that came sooner in the alphabet I might not use up all my intelligent thoughts by the time I get to yours. I'll just send hugs instead.

peaches mcginty said...

Oh, isn't the lady you met magnificent! I just think she's so wonderful, elegant and exquisite, her gloves and basket too! I'm so glad she allowed herself to be photographed and you asked her - your ladybird photo is incredible, it's moving! and your Mexican vinyl bag is awesome, what a find! and you are divine, of course you are!! gorgeous maxi and denim jacket, I'm still boiling, it doesn't feel much colder here, I'm ready for tights, shaving legs once a week is far too much hassle hahaha! x x x

Jan Graham-McMillen said...

So pretty, as always! I'm especially loving your hair today ... is it a deeper red than usual? A little flippier?
Anyway, looking fabulous in your dress and you must have made that lady's day. So chic, both of you.
Names? I'm going back to see what's what about that ....

Jazzy Jack said...

Your photos as always are exquisite. Looove the ladybird one! Your bracelets have lovely patterns, and i love your blue dress against the red brick.
That lady has pizzazz, and I love your cat's freckle!

Fran said...

Such lovely bangles and flowers but my favorite is your cat. So pretty, I miss not having a cat. An owl plucked mine off our roof, did not see it happen, but I know that is what happened. :(

freckleface said...

Oh that lady is fabulous! My grandmother used to dress up every day, into her 80s, with full make up, even when she was going to see nobody. It lifted her spirits. I love the Mexican bag, so jolly. That photo is fab, it's a bit like a holograph with such pretty colours. Keep up the good work David Bailey! Xxxxxxx

Sue said...

I love blogging too, it has opened a new part of the world to me. I remember having a pen pal when I was young so now through blogging I feel like I have heaps. We have similar flowers in our gardens, cool aye??!! The lady bird photo is brilliant, and the best pics are always the point and press jobbies. Gorgeous cat, of course he needs to photo bomb, he has to show off his gorgeousness to us all. You are looking lovely as usual Curtise with an E!!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Know what? I land on here when I feel shite and I immediately feel fabulous again. I've decided it's a healthy dose of seeing you looking so colourful, gorgeous and simply being yourself, mixed with your chazza/market treasures, your beautiful garden and pussy pics (ha! I'm so funny!). The gentlewoman in her 1940s garb ... sigh, what I would give ... don't you just love her elasticated basket cover? So sweet! Big hugs my lovely xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Francesca said...

I can't believe its autumn everywhere! It's so hot here!!


Jean at said...

I love your default style!! A maxi and denim jacket...perfect!!! Your friend is a joy, and your eye is impeccable. Plus, any pics of adorable kitties are a bonus. LOVE YOU!!!!!

The Style Crone said...

So happy that I know how to pronounce your name correctly! AND, I love your photo of the woman with hat, browsing with you at flea market. How I would love to take a look at her hat collection.

Your maxi dress is as beautiful as the flowers in your photos.

Porcelina said...

Your photographs are smashing in this post, and I am so pleased you got a snap of that glamorous and impeccably dressed lady! You're not looking too shabby yourself in that gorgeous coloured maxi. P x

Catherine said...

gosh i hope we can all look like that lovely lady when we are 80. baby doll dresses and block heels transcend age don't you think? And random Biba and Missoni in the markets! Jeepers, id be lucky to find anything remotely cool like that in Sydney. Its severely over shopped

Trees said...

What a great post - I love your maxi and as for that lovely lady in the! She's just wonderful isn't she :D

Anonymous said...

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